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To Caress My Day

Chapter 53: Olympic Swimmer

Seth reached up to cup her cheeks in his hands, his thumb gently stroking her soft skin. She literally was the most beautiful catch he’s ever had and unfortunately, will have. He didn’t need a psychic to tell him that, because he already knew that he would never find another woman like her every again. He already couldn’t believe his luck that she was still with him, standing on his lawn in California, and will soon be standing on his other lawn in the UK.

Twigs placed her hands on his shirt, bringing him back out of his thoughts to trail them up to his chest to then grip the material in her small fists. She was still so touched by his brutal honesty pertaining to her beauty, she wanted his lips on hers again. “Seth, please kiss me again.”

Seth’s eyes dropped down to her ruby lips and then back up to her eyes. He gave her an amused smile. “You’re wearing your red lipstick again.”

Twigs smiled back softly without a care in her eyes. “I don’t care.”

With her permission, Seth lowered his lips onto hers in a soft passionate kiss. It was slower than their usual kisses, as if he was trying to show or tell her something. He wrapped his arms around her waist as her hands came up to cup his face in between her small delicate hands. The kiss took them away from his home, away from California, and away from the world that didn’t know about their forbidden union. They were taken to a place where they could safely be together and no longer have to worry about a thing but being with each other. Their kiss held more power than they could ever understand unfortunately, considering they were in the early stages of their relationship.

When they pulled their lips from one another and studied each other’s faces, they both burst out laughing. Their mouths were both smudged with Twig’s red lipstick, and it was a hilarious sight. “I think I should stop wearing lipstick, because we always end up just smearing it all over each other.”

Seth nodded as he wiped his mouth on his black shirt. It was short sleeved so he had to lift it up off his stomach to wipe the red smudges off around his mouth. He then offered his shirt to Twigs so that she could clean around her mouth to, which she was grateful for since she was only wearing white. “Yeah we do make a mess of it, but it’s worth it to me. You always look unbelievably sexy in your red lipstick. It’s the biggest temptation I’ve ever had to fight in my whole life…other than cake.”

“Well, in that case…” Twigs stepped forward and stood up on her tippy toe to continue on with their kissing, that quickly turned into a deep make out session. They both pulled away once they started struggling for air and rested their foreheads against each other’s while they caught their breath.

“You know, it’s a refreshing day for a dip in the pool, wouldn’t you say?” Seth asked her, his eyes motioning to the pool behind her.

Twigs looked over her shoulder at the pool and gave him a nod. “Yeah I suppose it’s a good enough weather for a swim.”

“Good.” Seth grabbed her hand and started to pull her towards the opposite direction of his pool and into the house instead. Twigs was confused and pulled him back to help correct him. “Hold on, where are you going? Oh of course, we got to be wearing some swimsuits before we get into the pool! Duh.”

“True, but no that’s not why we’re in here. We’re in here to go swimming. I thought you agreed with me on that decision?” Seth questioned, giving her a weird look as he continued to pull her along down the hall.

“Seth, the pool is in the backyard, as in outside.” Twigs reminded him in a concerning tone. She was worried that something was wrong with him. Was he having a stroke or something? Was this even a sign of a person having a stroke?

“Yeah I know.” Seth assured her.

Twigs gave up and decided to let him take her wherever he was headed. She was still worried if there was something wrong with him when they came across two glass double doors. She could smell the chlorine in the air, and as he held the door open for her, she could now see that he had a small indoor pool as well as outdoor pool. However, the indoor pool trailed into a small cave for even more added privacy. Twigs couldn’t help but wonder if he had installed an indoor pool for her, or if he always had one. Before she could ask him about it, she heard a splash from inside the pool. Seth popped up to the surface of the water to flash her an inviting smile. “What are you waiting for Pixie, come join me!”

Twigs looked to the loungers by the side of the pool, and saw his clothes had been taken off and thrown onto the chairs before he must have slipped into his swimming trunks and jumped into the pool. “I can’t, I don’t have a bathing suit.”

Seth gave her another smile before gesturing behind her. “Look on the loungers behind you. I went out and got you little something right after our phone call, you know, when you agreed to come down here to my place after your music video gig.”

Twigs looked behind her to find a bikini top and bottom laid out for her already. Of course it had to be a swimsuit that showed off a lot of skin. Looking over her shoulder, Twigs gave him a knowing smirk and a raised eyebrow. “You better turn around, because I’m not dressing with you looking, Mister.”

Seth faked an offended gasp. “What? But I’ve already seen you naked!”

“Exactly. Turn around, please.” Twigs ordered, watching him roll his eyes in response and turn around. With a shake of her head, she got to undressing, then redressing. When she was done, she jumped as close as she could get to Seth without landing on him. Seth turned around after some water was splashed on him from behind and saw Twigs come up to the surface dripping wet and laughing. He found himself laughing too because her laughter was too infectious to resist. He grabbed ahold of her by her waist and silenced her laugh with a light kiss.

“I love your pool room.” Twigs told him as she wiped the water from her face.

“Thank you, that means a lot coming from you.” Seth replied before getting lost in her beauty. “How on earth could any God ever create something as beautiful as you? I don’t think I’ll ever know.”

Twigs smiled and brushed his compliment off with a shake of her head, but Seth was being genuine. “No, I’m being serious right now.”

“Answer me first how you became so sexy, and then maybe I’ll answer your question?” Twigs asked instead, turning the focus on him.

Seth gave her a ‘are you kidding me’ look. “Psh, because I invented it, that’s how.”

Twigs laughed much too loud for her liking, and caused an echo to bounce off the walls. She was about to apologize for her deafening laugh when out of nowhere she was lifted up in Seth’s arms. In the water she was weightless, but it wasn’t like she weighed much to begin with anyway. A giggle slipped past her lips as she wrapped her legs around his middle. Twigs slip her arms around his neck and held him close to her just as tightly as he did. They took that moment to just be together in each other’s arms and soak in the feeling of each other’s warmth and slicked skin. Seth stroked his fingers down her back, tracing along her spine to feel the bones beneath the flesh. Twigs pulled her head back from where it rested on the side of his head to press their foreheads together while her thumbs stroked over the short stubbles on his cheek. They took another moment to soak each other in before Seth broke the silence with his mumbling.

“Sorry to ruin the moment, but I just want you to know that I really like this …whatever it is you wanna call it.”

Twigs cracked a smile. “I’d like to call it ‘a moment’, but yeah, I agree with you. This feels right in every way possible.”

They continued to cling to each other before Twigs started to shift around in his hold. Seth thought she was just trying to get comfortable, but that wasn’t the case. Twigs pulled away from him completely, dived beneath the waters and began to swim away. Seth couldn’t help but feel a bit rejected by her exit, and stood there with a frown on his face. When she came up out of the water, she was right at the entrance of the cave built in the deeper end of the pool.

“Pixie, where are you going? I thought we were having a moment.” Seth called to her behind her back with a sudden smile on his face.

Twigs turned around to face him, but continued to move backwards toward the cave. The water was shallow near the entrance, giving her the perfect opportunity to tease him if she wanted to, which she did. “We are having a moment.” Reaching behind her, Twigs untied the ties that kept her bikini top securely tied, and she made sure her actions were pretty obvious about what she was doing.

Seth’s smile dropped as he stared wide eyed as a teasing smile crossed her face. She turned around with her back to him to show off her bare back before stepping into the cave and out of sight. Seth didn’t hesitate longer than any man that was insanely turned on and immediately took off after her, swimming with the speed of an Olympic swimmer.
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