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To Caress My Day

Chapter 54: Nymphomaniacs

Seth never swam so hard in his life. He was relieved when he finally reached the entrance of the cave where the water was shallow. He was worried he wouldn’t have made it alive with how fast his heart was pounding in his chest. It didn’t make sense why he still reacted to his girlfriend’s sexual invitations like it was their first time coming together like this. Thinking back, he couldn’t really count how many times they’ve had sex before and after they started dating, but he knew it had to be over five times by now. Yet and still his body reacted to her touch like it was the first time.

Her fingers gave him goosebumps whenever they’d skim over his skin with urgency. Her lips were even still an addiction to him even now, and he’s kissed them countless times already. When it came to her naked body he’d already memorized every curve and angle. Simply imagining her could erase his mind of any plans, or responsibilities that he had in that moment, making her the center of his attention. Her taste was like the taste of life, and combining it with how she fitted around him so tightly created a place that went far beyond heaven to him.

Seth’s thoughts drifted away as he walked into the cave through the shallow water in search for his half naked girlfriend. The lighting was dimmed inside the structure, but you could still see everything around you in a soft soothing light. Sitting on the pool steps waiting for him was Twigs, still holding her untied bikini top over her breasts. Seth’s lips curved in a soft smirk as he looked into her deep brown lust filled eyes; his own clouding into a smoke of desire in answer. Twigs bit her lower lip as he came closer and closer.

One of the strings on her bikini top floated above the water, and was stretched out towards Seth as if it was deliberately reaching out for him. Seth picked the end up and gently gave it a tug to warn Twigs on what he was about to do. She didn’t try and stop him as he began to pull harder on it and eventually allowed it to slip out of her hands with very little effort to stop it from happening. He thought she’d show him her breasts now that she couldn’t hide them from his eyes behind her bikini top, but now she kept them covered with her hands. Seth raised an eyebrow at her stubbornness before gathering her bikini in his fist and throwing it out of the pool where it plopped onto the floor. He didn’t want her to get any idea of trying to put it back on. They were way past that now.

Seth reached both his hands out to hook his fingers around the bands of her bikini bottom, before gently sliding the material down her legs without allowing his fingers to touch her skin. She allowed him to slip it off her feet and tossed it aside alongside her top, without so much as a defiant peep. She didn’t feel like playing hard to get at that moment. She just wanted to be joined with him again and to feel the pleasure only he has been able to give her.

Twigs watched him in anticipation as he placed his hands on both of her knees to slowly spread her legs apart so he could step in-between them. Two pairs of brown eyes met for a few moments until Seth decided to skim his lips down her chest and towards the valley between her breasts. Twigs wrapped her arms around his head and held him close to her, her fingers trailing down the slick skin of his back. The warmth of their bodies mingled together with the desire that was sizzling between them, to create two hungry bodies in need of closing the distance between them. Seth let out a low moan as his hands slid up on both of her thighs to cup her butt in his big hands. He gave them a possessive squeeze as he pulled her lower region against his hard on, eliciting a combination of a high moan and sharp gasp from her.

“Oh god, Seth I-“ Twig’s cut herself off when she realized what she was about to let slip past her lips. Once again she was going to say those three words to him. She was going to tell him she loved him after two weeks and two days of being labeled his girlfriend! That would be so naïve and stupid of her to say right now. Seth wasn’t her first ‘love’ and he wasn’t going to be her last…even though she wanted him to be. She couldn’t tell him she loved him right now, whether it was true or not. It was too early, much too early to confess something as penetrating and life-changing as those three words.

“What? Tell me baby.” Seth whispered hotly against her burning flesh as his hands came up to skim the pads of his fingers against her hard nipples.

“I-I want you. I want you again…even though we’ve already had sex three times today.” Twigs confessed while she began to grind her hips against his as best as she could.

Seth tensed up in surprise by her eager hips and just as desperately pushed his hips against hers as he pressed his lips against the soft sensitive skin between her breasts. “We’re just your…average everyday…nymphomaniacs, aren’t we?”

Twigs couldn’t help but let out a short laugh that accidently mixed in with a moan that Seth created by closing his lips over one of her nipple. Her back arched in response to his smooth tongue and rough lips against her sensitive nubs, pushing her breast further and further into his mouth. The man was driving her crazy with how easily he could affect her. He knew the right amount of pressure to use, where her sensitive areas were, and where he should touch her next. It was like this even in the beginning when they had first had sex together in the dance studio by her apartment. He touched her like they had done it all before. He was prepared for how responsive and desperate she’d be, and he met it with his more calculated and patient behavior. If sex was labelled a type of dance between two people, then that’s how their lovemaking would be described; as dancing. At least that’s how it felt to her. They moved together like two performers would after many days grueling over a routine.

Twigs shook her head frantically, causing some of her curls to fall down her chest. “No Seth, p-please. I need you NOW! Don’t make m-me wait anymore.”

Seth popped her nipple out from between his lips to trial his tongue over the soft flesh of her breast before swiftly lifting her up into his arms so he could switch places with her. He sat down on the stairs with her straddling his lap and surprised her with somehow removing his swimming trunks without her acknowledgement.

“Wait a minute, how did you do that?” Twigs asked him curiously, her voice sounding breathless.

Seth gave her a smug smirk with innocent eyes. “Do what?”

Twigs gently smacked her hand on his chest with a playful smile. “You know exactly what I’m talking about! How did you get your bottoms off without me noticing?”

Seth shrugged and tried to keep a straight face. “I have no idea how my shorts got off of me, but if I were to take a wild guess I would blame it on your hotness.”

“My hotness?” Twigs giggled, trying to sound doubtful about his belief.

Seth nodded. “Well yeah it makes sense. I mean, look at you right now.”

Twigs smiled slipped away as her tone became more serious. “What about the way I look?”

“You’re eyes are heavy lidded from being sexually aroused, your bottom lip is red from you biting on it to resist moaning too loud, your cheeks are slightly pink, your nipples look exhausted from the assault of my mouth and you’re naked straddling my lap.” Seth listed in a serious tone, but his eyes remained full of desire for her.

Twigs didn’t open her mouth to give him any objection or appreciation on how he saw her. Instead, she cupped his face in her hands and then slowly leaned over to passionately capture his lips in a heated kiss that turned into a lingering but heavy make out session. They both closed their eyes as their lips rubbed against each other’s and their tongues glided over one another’s. Seth ran his palms up and down her side as Twigs dipped one hand down to grab ahold of his hard cock beneath the water. Seth’s hips thrusted up towards her hand so his shaft could slide further into her hand, before sliding back out again in a hand job fashion. Twigs smiled against his lips before using her knees to lift herself up high enough to direct him towards her entrance. Seth’s breath hitched as the head of his cock touch her heated entrance in a teasing manner that had both of them shivering in anticipation.

Inching down back onto his lap, Twigs let out a gasp at the feeling of his hard cock pushing into her entrance. Seth let out a groan and placed his hands on her lowering hips until she was seated all the way back down. The couple let the sensation of being locked back together again sink into their minds, before Seth pulled her hips back up, and then back down, searching for the pleasure that came from their joining. Twigs let him guide her hips for a while until his arms came up to wrap around her waist tightly, letting her take back the control. She began by bouncing vigorously on his lap, making the water around them slosh around violently. Neither of them cared as they raced together towards the end.

Seth wanted her to reach as many multiple orgasms he could give her before he came close to his as well. Reaching down with determination, he got to work on rubbing her clit in the perfect rhythm and pressure he needed to achieve his goals. Once she had her first orgasm and her screams were echoing the walls of the cave, she was already drifting into her second one. By the time she got to her third, he could feel the warmth in his lower stomach rising to warn him that he was getting close.

“Fuck I’m gonna fucking cum baby. I’m gonna fucking cum.” Seth muffled against her lips right before she let out another scream as her fourth orgasm came crashing over her like a freak wave. Her response was enough to have him cumming inside of her with a loud deep groan and a gasp of her name on his lips.
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