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To Caress My Day

Chapter 55: Who is Avery?

By Saturday morning, Seth and Twigs arrived back in the United Kingdom and settled in his mansion. Twigs had surprised him with a magazine that had a photo shoot with her in it as well as her face on the front cover. She wanted to be honest with him and tell him about all of her accomplishments which included the ones she had made before they even started dating. Seth was overjoyed and had immediately got on the phone to order a custom made glass case to preserve it in to hang up in his room. Twigs was flattered by how much he cherished the booklet and even told him that it meant so much to her that he cared about her work that much. Seth had walked over to her to capture her lips beneath his to shush her words, causing them to slip into one their many make out sessions.

Seth’s maid, Mrs. Guadalupe had walked into his house to start preparing his dinner and had seen them wrapped in each other’s embrace in that exact moment. She could tell they were two seconds from taking their clothes off with how earnestly they were tugging on the materials covering their bodies. “Ahem, Mr. MacFarlane, sir.”

Seth pulled his lips off his girlfriend’s to see his maid standing in the entryway of his living room with her hands clasped in front of her. Her eyes were looking between him and Twigs. It all of sudden came to him that she had never properly met his pixie before. “Oh shit, uh Mrs. Guadalupe, this is Tahliah, the woman I’ve been telling you about. Pixie, this is my reliable maid and family member, Mrs. Guadalupe.”

Twigs nodded her head in the older lady’s direction with a shy and uncertain smile on her face. Mrs. Guadalupe wasn’t as shy and was about to stepped forward to properly greet the lady when she heard the front door open down the hall. She knew her oldest daughter Rebecca would be coming over to visit her and Seth, and probably stay for dinner. Her daughter didn’t know anything about Seth’s new love interest, because it wasn’t any of the Guadalupe’s business, so she kept that information strictly between herself and her husband.

“Oh my daughter is here. We’re going to start on dinner while you two spend some private time together.” Mrs. Guadalupe informed them before waving goodbye as she headed down the hall to meet up with her child.

Twigs looked up at Seth once she was gone. “Just what have you been telling her about me? Does she know we’re…together-together?”

Seth heard the worried tone in her voice and reached his hands up to cup her face as he looked down at her brown eyes. “No, no Pixie, I haven’t told her…yet. She only knows that I’ve had a crush on you, and of course that we’ve probably have had sex with how heavily I was groping you just now.”

Twigs blushed and raised an eyebrow in question. “Yet?”

Seth nodded. “Well yeah, she’s a pretty reliable person. Let me put it this way, I could murder the mailman right now and she wouldn’t call the cops on me. She’d help me hide the body and clean up all the evidence that could implicate me of the murder in case any cops start sniffing around this house.”

Twigs was impressed by her level of loyalty and just because her boyfriend clearly cared about the older woman so much, she decided to let this one slide. If Seth trusted her, then so should she. “Okay, I trust you, baby.”

Sometime afterwards while Mrs. Guadalupe was making dinner and her daughter was texting away on her phone, Seth stepped into the kitchen. Twigs was on the phone with her friends in the living room, when a cartoon idea came to him and he just had to doodle it down. Mrs. Guadalupe heard him coming before he arrived and had opened a drawer to place some paper and pencil on the counter for him. Seth found the material waiting for him as he went around the island counter to begin his work. He had a huge smile on his face that warmed Mrs. Guadalupe’s heart. She hadn’t seen that love-struck smile on him in such a long time.

“¿Novia?” She whispered to Seth as she passed by him to grab some plates. She didn’t want her daughter Rebecca to overhear her conversation with Seth about Tahliah, and so she asked in a low tone and kept it to a minimum.

Seth recognized the familiar word and turned his head to give her a full blow grin followed by an eager nod. He looked like a teenager that got the fast car of his dreams and was on Cloud 9 over it. Mrs. Guadalupe turned away to head back to the stove with a similar look of excitement. The Miss Tahliah was her employer’s girlfriend! It was such a relief to have happened when it did, especially how Seth had been acting lately. Finally, maybe this time around he will get the chance to have a happily ever after like everyone else.

Rebecca got up from the kitchen table to stand by Seth and watch his drawings unfold. Seth was lost in his work as she leaned in close to admire his talent, he didn’t even notice her standing next to him. He almost didn’t notice Twigs walking into the kitchen. Rebecca looked up first and noticed her standing there looking at her with a curious expression. Rebecca’s brow’s furrowed as she shot the stranger a confused look as to who the hell she was and why she was in Seth’s house. Was she an intruder or a crazed fan?

Mrs. Guadalupe was the second person to notice Twig’s arrival and was so overcome with emotions that she pulled the thin girl into a hug and patted her cheeks. She was so happy to meet the woman that had changed her employer’s depressive demeanor. He had finally won the woman that was driving him crazy, and now he was practically glowing with happiness. Seth turned around to see what she was so excited about and saw that it was his girlfriend. He flashed her his billion dollar smile which she reciprocated.

Twigs looks back at Rebecca to see her still staring at her. She decided to give the young lady a wave and a smile too. “Hello.”

Mrs. Guadalupe stepped back to put an arm around her daughter’s shoulders. Seth was looking at Rebecca with a surprise look on his face when he noticed her standing next to him all of a sudden. “This is Rebecca, my oldest daughter. Rebecca this is Tahliah, she is a singer and a dancer that is working with Mr. MacFarlane on a few episodes.”

Twigs and Seth had both went stiff when the introduction started out, but by the end they were relieved. Mrs. Guadalupe hadn’t exposed their relationship to her daughter, who could possibly be one of those young ladies that loved to gossip about everyone. Mrs. Guadalupe patted her daughter’s arm before ordering them all to set the table for dinner. They all obeyed, even Seth, who was her employer. By the time they were finished, dinner was already ready. Mrs. Guadalupe insisted that they all sit while she served them dinner. Once their plates were heaped with food, everyone began to dig in.

Rebecca was the first one to try and start a conversation at the table. Unfortunately her topic wasn’t a welcomed one. “So, Mr. MacFarlane, I haven’t seen Miss Avery around. How are you two doing?”

Seth choked on his drink, leaving only Mrs. Guadalupe available to save the day while he struggled to regain his even breathing back. “S-So my little college freshman, how is school work going? Have you met any boys you like yet? Good enough to bring home to meet your father?”

Twigs is confused by the sudden subject change and why it happened so suddenly. Who was Avery? She didn’t feel like it would be the appropriate time to ask Seth in front of Mrs. Guadalupe and Rebecca in case it turned out to be something awful and a dramatic argument broke out, so she decided to dropped it for now. Later on after dinner when the ladies have returned to their home, she was going to ask her boyfriend about the mysterious Avery woman.

“So far the boys are pretty lame, and not that all attractive enough for me.” Rebecca shrugged, before her eyes glided across the table to glance at Seth dreamingly for a few seconds before returning her eyes back to her plate. Twigs caught her staring at her man and recognized that look as her having a crush on him. As immature as it was, Twigs narrowed her eyes at the idea of Rebecca thinking she had a shot at being with Seth. I mean yeah, Rebecca was younger and much more beautiful than her, but…Seth wouldn’t do that. He wasn’t some sick pervert preying on young naïve freshmen girls in college.

The conversation with Avery wasn’t brought up again until after the Guadalupe’s women returned to their house out back. Mother and daughter were fast walking pretty quickly across the lawn due to Mrs. Guadalupe’s dragging Rebecca along beside her while whispering in the young girl’s ear. Twigs would’ve thought they were up to something hadn’t the name Avery kept popping up in her head, drawing her attention elsewhere.

While walking hand in hand with her boyfriend into the living room, Twigs decided to ask him about this Avery woman. “Seth, who is Avery?”

Seth was caught off guard, and it showed in his voice. “Huh?”

Twigs stopped and turned to face him. Looking up into his eyes, she could see a small hint of pain caused by her question. As much as she didn’t want to see him hurt in any way possible, she needed to know who Avery was. “Who is Avery? Please, tell me. I can tell in your eyes that she meant something to you.”

Seth let out a heavy sigh and looked away. His jaw tensed up in hurt and anger which both concerned her and made her feel a little horny. “She’s nothing. She’s just… ancient history that I don’t ever want to welcome back into my life ever again. I…I don’t want to say anything else on the matter right now. Just please believe me when I tell you to NOT ever worry about it, ok? Can you do that for me, baby? Can you trust me?”

His obvious pain on the subject was enough to convince her to let it go. Besides, she knew him better than that. He’d never lie to her, she just knew it in her heart. “Okay, I’ll try not to…I-I trust you.”
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