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To Caress My Day

Chapter 56: Dance Studio

Seth gave Twigs a quick smile before cupping her face so he could give her a long thankful deep kiss. He was so relieved that she didn’t forced him to tell her more about his ex-girlfriend Avery Jenkins. He didn’t want to relive the useless memories that he had wasted being with Avery, and instead wanted to replace them with cherished memories with the woman who now had his heart, Tahliah. The way her ebony hair curled around his fingers, the way her skin turned gold beneath the sun and how innocent and alive her pixie eyes shined when she looked at him; those were the types of things that were worth remembering, not any memory that had anything to do with Avery Jenkins. Refusing to think about it anymore, Seth banished any trace of Avery to the back of his mind to put all his focus on the beautiful woman whose lips he had just pulled away from. Twig’s eyes were still closed in a soft daze, expecting his lips to come back to hers once more, but they hadn’t. Opening her eyes, Twigs realized that Seth wasn’t standing in front of her anymore, instead he had walked away from her to start playing on his piano. His fingers danced over the keys to create a slow, but romantic tune.

Seth’s full attention was on the keys that he played, so he hadn’t seen her take a seat on his couch to admire him from afar with a look of adoration written her face. He was such a talented man with a vast collection of skills that it truly amazed her. She never found that playing the piano could be so sexy and sophisticated at the same time. His fingers danced with such confidant familiarity to the melody, it was almost like he had created the piece himself. His dark brown eyes had faded into another place completely elsewhere from his living room, and it took his thoughts along with him. Twigs wondered, as he continued to play, where he went when he was lost in the music.

Feeling lonely, Twigs got up off the couch and walked over to him. She oddly missed his company even though he was only a few short feet away from her. When she was behind him, she placed her hands onto his shoulder and let them lightly rest there. Just like that, she felt her Seth come back to her and now with a smile on his lips, he continued to play on. Twigs could tell that he was smiling from where she stood behind him, and couldn’t resist smiling at him herself. Leaning down, she rested her head atop of his, and let her hands slide over his relaxed shoulders and down the muscles of his chest. Seth knew she was attempting to seduce him, but he wasn’t about to let her win so easily. Letting out a sharp exhale at the result of her roaming hands, Seth continued to play out the rest of the song, determined to finish it by not faltering beneath her spell.

Accepting the challenge with delight, Twigs leaned down to intimately nibble on his earlobe. Seth was ashamed that he already wanted to accept defeat so quickly, but he couldn’t resist the need to kiss her when her lips were in close proximity of his, it was pretty much both an invitation and a temptation all wrapped up into one. Seth grabbed a handful of her black curls in one of his hands and turned his head in time to capture her lips with his in a possessive claim. Twigs grabbed onto the side of his neck to pull him deeper into the kiss so that she could fight against his tongue for dominance. Seth won that battle easily when he reached around to grab a handful of her behind, and made her jump and lose her concentration.

With a victory smile, Seth broke the kiss to lay his head back against her shoulder. Their shimmery brown eyes stared into one another until he was able to see the golden flecks in her eyes and she was able to see what looked like silver in his.

“You, my beautiful girlfriend, are distracting.” Seth mumbled to her, as a mischievous smile spread across their faces.

Twigs tried to make a legitimate pout but she failed miserably. “I’m sorry baby. I couldn’t help myself. You so look so damn irresistible playing on your piano. So sexy and tempting.”

Seth rolled his eyes at her response, making her giggle before lifting his head off her shoulder. An appealing idea came to him that had him looking up at her with a serious look on his face. “Tahliah, would you like to dance with me, right here and now?”

Twig’s eyes widen in delight before her eyes scanned the room to see that there wasn’t much room to dance with him in, unless they wanted to risk accidently knocking something expensive over. “I would love to but, there isn’t that much room in here, not with all your fancy treasures being at risk.”

Seth frowned and looked around his living room, realizing that she was right. There wasn’t enough room for him to twirl her about without sacrificing the life of a vase or two. An excited smile burst across Seth’s lips, but was quickly extinguished like a flame, before she could see it as he cleared his throat and turned around in his seat to face her. “We can just find somewhere else to dance. There’s plenty of room elsewhere, like…upstairs, for example. Why don’t you go on ahead first and find a room for us? I actually have a couple of text messages that I have to send to my team back in California about the next episode we’re gonna start on.”

Twigs nodded. “Okay hon, I’ll be upstairs waiting for you when you’re done, so don’t take too long.”

With a flirty wave to her boyfriend, Twigs hurried up the stairs to find the perfect room where they could dance to their heart content. The first place in mind was the master bedroom where Seth slept, but something else had caught her eyes on the floor. There was a trail of rose petals that led further down the hall before the petal path made a right turn. Twig’s brows furrowed as she looked over her shoulders to see if Seth had caught up with her yet. Finding herself alone, she decided to follow the trail until she came across a door with a huge bow taped onto it. A slow smile crossed Twig’s face as she studied the door. She knew there was some kind of surprise on the other side simply by looking at the door. According to her memories, this door wasn’t here before she left, which meant it had been put up recently. Excited to see what the door could be hiding, she placed her hand on the doorknob, turned it, and then pushed it open. The room was pitch black so she wasn’t able to see anything, so she eagerly slid her hand along the wall to find the light switch. Once she located it, she flipped the switch on and nearly screamed with happiness. The new door hid a brand new dance studio with one wall made up of a huge mirror, freshly polished wooden floors, and a piano tucked in the corner of the room. Along the other wall was a couple of relaxing couches big enough to seat a large group of talented dancers if need be.

Tears watered her vision as she placed both of her hands over her mouth. She couldn’t believe it. Her boyfriend…had built her her very own dance studio in his house! This was such a huge thing for him to do for her so early on in their relationship, and she knew that, but right now she didn’t want to think about it. Instead, she wanted to appreciate his gift to her, and take it all in instead of second guessing it.

When Seth finally entered his newly ordered dance studio for his believed girlfriend, she was already down the four steps that led to the dance floor. She was checking out every inch of the place with a look of awe in her eyes. With a proud smile on his face, he stepped down the short staircase to join her. “I had it built while we were gone in the States as a surprise present for you. I didn’t have it interiorly decorated because I figured you might want to do it since it’s yours. If you ever do decide on a design thought, I have a list of the most talented and sought after interior designers in the world that we can hire to make whatever dream you have become a reality.”

Twigs lowered her hands from her mouth and turned around with glassy eyes. She was trying to smile properly so that he wouldn’t think she was upset or disappointed by his gift, but it was difficult to do because of her need to cry with joy. Seth’s smile fell the moment he saw her tears fall. “Oh shit, is this all ok, or d-did I not do enough? Goddamnit, I knew I should’ve asked Mrs. Guadalupe for advice on what to get you!”

Twigs didn’t want him getting the wrong idea in the first place, and yet he did. Not wanting to appear unappreciated any longer, she hurried over and jumped onto him, wrapping her arms and legs around him. Seth caught her easily and before he could say another word, she had silenced him with her lips. He couldn’t resist the dance of her lips over his, so he didn’t try. Rather, he hungrily kissed her back until their need for air became much too dire. Pulling away so that they could catch their breath, Seth let her leaned her forehead onto his with the biggest grin he had ever seen spread across her lips. “I can’t believe you did this for me…”

Seth pressed a short kiss to her already kissed-bruised lips. “Well, you better believe it Pixie, because I did it ONLY for you.”

Twigs shook her head and pulled away, completely dumbfounded. “But why-“

“Because you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life in the short time we’ve been together. I know this gift may look too big for only a few weeks of dating but…trust me, it’s pretty accurately sized in comparison to how happy you’ve made me in these past weeks. So please, don’t start questioning it.” Seth explained as best as he could before lowering her to her feet. By this time, Twig’s eyes were no longer blurred by her tears. “Now do me a favor and enjoy this for me. Go on ahead and give this room a try and see if it needs any changes or whatever. I’m not a dancer so I don’t know how picky you guys can be about your studios.”

Twigs gave him a gentle push away before turning around to face the mirrored wall. Stepping forward, she watched her movements in the glass before noticing what she was currently wearing. She usually didn’t dance in something so thick, and so she began to pull off her clothes to correct her mistake, but kept her stockings on. Seth let out a loud wolf whistle that echoed the room as he gravitated towards the piano in the corner of the room. He took a seat on the bench, opens the fall board to reveal the keys, and then begins to play a beautiful tune that he knew by heart so that he could watch her perform instead of having to stare down at the keys the whole time.

Twigs started off by bending herself over, with her arms dangling towards the floor with her. As the melody began to fill the room, she slowly lifted herself back up, along with her left leg as far up as she could get it, before stretching it outward and then lowering it back down onto the floor again. Reaching her right hand upward and her left hand outward, Twigs leaned her body to her left, before sliding both her left foot and her outstretch hand towards the mirrors. Seth watched her dance with adoration in his eyes and a cherished smile on his face. She was evidently a talented dancer, and he was ecstatic to call her his own, especially with the last move she did, which she knew would drive him crazy.
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