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To Caress My Day

Chapter 57: On the Stairs

Twigs loved the idea of impressing her boyfriend, Seth, who was currently playing the piano and simultaneously watching her dance to his music. It didn’t take a scientist to see that he was clearly entranced by her flexibility, and it only fueled her confidence all the more. With one hand in the air and the other one resting beneath her chin, Twigs leaned herself backwards until her outstretched hand made contact with the floorboard behind her. Naturally, she had to bend her knees at the last minute, or she’d end up falling and embarrassing herself in front of Seth, which she wasn’t going to allow to happen. Continuing on with her performance, Twigs turned her body over to face the mirror by placing both hands on the floor and stretching out her left leg. With her right leg, she swung it over her left leg, and stretched it towards her head as her body turned so that her back was now facing the mirror, and slowly lowered herself down into a split before leaning herself backwards once again with her hand returning back to rest under her chin.

Seth’s fingers stumbled over the keys as his eyes became blinded with the familiar storm clouds of lust. The melody he was playing sounded off for a second before he hurriedly regathered himself and corrected his mistake. Twigs didn’t seem to notice how affected he was by her performance, and quickly shed herself of her black stockings so she was now in her matching lacy bra and underwear set. She began to hum to the beat as she became enthralled in her own performance and concentrated solely on matching her moves with the familiar tune that her boyfriend was playing. Unfortunately she was brought out of her daze when all of sudden the piano stopped creating its beautiful symphony. Her brown eyes shifted in the mirror to see he had stepped away from the piano and was now heading straight for her. She straightened herself back up the second she was able to recognize the strain in his body and the desire in his eyes as a sign that she had aroused him with her graceful performance…or maybe it was because she had done it in her undergarments instead. Anyway, she tried to hide the smile that was itching to stretch across her lips at how easily she affected him, as he came up to tower behind her much smaller frame. Turning around to face him, Twigs patiently waited for his lips to lower themselves onto hers to begin a dance they both knew only too well.

Seth looked over features as if she were his most prized possession that only he was allowed to look upon, and no one else. That look alone made her whimper in surrender, and her eyes darken with a mutual form of lust for him. As he began to lean in to stake claim over her lips, a playful idea had come to her that had her giggling. Before he could ask her why she was laughing, she had disappeared from his sight. Seth’s eye widen and blinked several times before he looked down to see that Twigs had dropped to the floor in a split and had scurried away from him to then jump to her own feet and began to walk towards the exit of her dance studio, all the while giggling. Letting out a chuckle at her playful disappearing trick, Seth smirked at her from behind quite competitively, before rushing up behind her seconds before her hand could touch the stair rail, and pulled her small frame back against his taller frame.

Twigs let out a sharp gasp of surprise before grinning at the feeling of his hard body molding against her soft curves. Seth leaned down to hide a mischievous smile in the crook of her neck, before sneaking his fingers up her shoulders so that he could completely yank her bra down all the way down to her hips before she could stop him. Twigs let out a sharp squeal as her exposed nipples hardened against the cool rushing air of her new dance studio. Leaning her head back against his chest with a teasing grin on her face, she decided to torture him some more by letting out a submissive moan and some pleadings for his sexual attention. “Touch me, Seth. P-Please just touch me. I need to feel your hands all over me.”

Seth let out a tormented whine in the crook of her neck as he breathed her scent into his lung with a deep inhale through his nose. His hands slid up her torso from her waist, over her flat stomach, and finally to her small breasts that he greedily cupped in his big hands so that he could knead them beneath his fingers. He listened to her soft whimpered ‘yes’ while massaging her soft flesh and occasionally when he would rub her sensitive nubs between his fingers. The gentle pressure of her behind grinding against his hard on increased with the rise and fall of her chest. Seth let out a growl against the skin of her neck when it all became too much for him to handle, and so he swiftly pulled away to turn her around to face him. Twigs had the same idea in mind as she launched herself onto him with the help of his supportive arms keeping her off the ground. Seth lifted his lips in time to meet hers, and together they fell into their familiar dance of the lips and tongues. Twigs cupped his face as she tried to dominate his mouth just as possessively as he did when he was always in control. Seth fought back valiantly, but eventually decided to give her the opportunity to win their make out battles for once.

As much as she wanted to break the kiss to rub it in his face that she had won the fight, she also didn’t want to lose the taste of his lips on her tongue by separating their lips, not even for a second to rub it in his face. In fact, when she felt him begin to step forward, she didn’t care to stop kissing just to ask him where he was taking them. It didn’t matter to her just so long their lips didn’t have to separate.
Seth struggled to get her to the master bedroom so that he could lay her down on their bed. He wondered if it was because his mind was so preoccupied with the movement of her lips against his and the sounds that she was making in pleasure. At some point, he accidently made the mistake of walking down one of the staircases before realizing that he had indeed passed his bedroom. Pulling his lips from hers was the last thing he wanted to do, but he did it, and made her let out a long whine from the loss of constant between them. “Damnit, I must have taken the wrong turn somewhere. Let me get us to the bedroom first before we continue on, okay baby?”

Twigs defiantly shook her head, knowing that she couldn’t wait that long with how big his house was. “No no no, I can’t wait that long. Fuck Seth, I need you right now, right here, on the stairs. Please!”

Seth’s eyes widen up at her wide desperate brown orbs. “Right here? On the stairs? Where anyone that walks in will totally see us here out in the open having sex?”

Twigs nodded without a care in the world and without a doubt in mind. “Yes baby, please! Right here.”

Seth didn’t care to give it much thought as he dropped himself down onto the stairs with her safely on his lap. Twigs pulled away to literally rip open his shirt, causing buttons to shoot off in random directions and bounce down the stairs. Seth didn’t give a damn about the damaged she had done to his shirt, as he ripped her bra off and chucked it over the railing of the staircase carelessly. The couple then both joined together at his pants and fought to unbutton and unzip it. Once that was complete, Twigs stood up to yank the denim material and his briefs off his lower torso and discard it down the stairs before kicking off her own underwear to go and join his on the stairs somewhere. Seth reached up to grab ahold of her waist to help guide her back to straddling him again.

“Please Seth, I ca-“

Seth cut her off with a frantic nod. “I know I know, baby. Just guide me to you, and then you can call the shots from there on out.”

“O-Okay baby.” Twigs eagerly nodded, as she reached down to grab ahold of his erection and lead it towards her dripping hot entrance. Seth out a desperate groan as he felt her juices coat the head of his cock, and trail down his thick shaft. Leaning himself back far enough Seth lowered his eyes just so he could watch as he disappeared within her over and over again. At that moment, she threw her head back with his name a cry on her lips. Their skin was already glistening with sweat when he’d sat up to wrap his arms around her tightly and held her possessively to his chest. Twigs let out a delicious sigh as she held him back just as tightly to her too.

“After all this time…it stills feels like the first. You’re just as tight, just as responsive and just as unbelievable irresistible as before. Tell me, how is that possible?” Seth breathed out, his eyes closed against their harsh reality so he could instead live in a world that they could only create for just the two of them to exist in.

Twigs slowly shook her head as she nuzzled her face in his hair, the strands gently caressing over her eyelids and cheeks. “I don’t know, Seth. All I can hope us that that you will continue to make my body come alive the way you can only do. Whether it’s by something as amazing as having your head between my legs, or something as simple as you glancing in my direction, it doesn’t matter really matter to me. What we have…I don’t ever want to lose it.”

Seth pulled himself back to cup her beautiful face in his hands as he gently shushed those negative thoughts away. “Shh baby, it’s not gonna happen. What we have isn’t going anywhere. I promise.”

Twigs smiled gently at him as her fingers came up to gently run over his lips. “Can you really promise that?”

Seth smiled back and kissed her fingers. “Of course I can, Tahliah.”

Twig’s smile spread into a grin before she lifted her hips up and back down again, causing him to choke out a groan. Placing his hands on her ass, he helped to lift her up before pulling her back down onto his lap again. He wished he could watch her slide up and down on his shaft and repeatedly recoat him in her juices, but he couldn’t, not without pulling away from her quivering first, and he didn’t particularly feel like doing that.

Twig’s hand reached out to hold onto the stair rail as the pleasure began to rise towards their upcoming orgasms. She bounced faster onto his lap, eager to be reunited with the explosive showdown that she only ever felt when she was with Seth like this. Opening her eyes a little, Twigs watched Seth let out a string of moans as his stomach muscles tightened beneath her. In that moment, she truly felt like a dominating Goddess that was only visiting earth to seduce this mere mortal that had caught her eyes from above.

She continued to ride him publicly on the stairwell where anyone that decided to walk in would clearly see them. For once, the fear of being discovered didn’t stop her from letting go of all her inhibitions. The media, the gossip magazines and the paparazzi weren’t able to cross her stubborn mind when Seth’s glistening muscles was flexing beneath her hands and his hips were thrusting up to meet hers. In minutes, he had her throwing her head back to belt out his name in a scream as her orgasm came rushing over her like a tsunami and hitting her just as hard. Her reaction fueled him to hold back his own release so that he could give her yet another one. Tightening his hold on her hips, Seth quickly lifted her up and down onto his lap in a rough and desperate rhythm. He clenched his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut as his orgasm attempted to rush to the forefront, but he wouldn’t allow it bloom. Twig’s growing high pitched cries and moans assure him that it wouldn’t be long until she came again. When it finally happened and she let out another scream because of her second blinding orgasm, Seth finally let go and welcomed his intense and powerful climax. Wrapping his arm around her and pulling himself up, he buried his face in the valley of her sweaty breasts as the euphoric feelings almost caused him to black out. “FUCK, baby, fuck!”

Twigs didn’t have any strength left in her body to do anything other than run her fingers through his slightly sweaty hair. She panted heavily with her eyes still heavily closed, as if she was still trapped in the throes of her orgasm still. Then again, her sense of awareness wasn’t all there either, because when she finally opened her eyes, Seth was carrying her to the bedroom. She turned her head to look up into his handsome face and saw that the lust was still there and that it was still growing behind his brown eyes as well as a hint of some other emotion that she couldn’t quite place.
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