Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 58: Vengeful Bubbles

The next morning when Seth woke up, he was alone. A frown scrunched his face a bit as he looked around his room for any sign of his girlfriend, Twigs. The thought that she might have left him earlier on in the morning to go back home to her apartment hadn’t crossed his mind until a few minutes after his brain cells were starting to kick back up into gear. A disappointed ache began to pulsate in his chest at the possibility of her abruptly leaving him without a goodbye. That ache disappeared within seconds when the sound of falling water could be heard coming from his bathroom. The frown on his face turned into a full blown grin as he got out of his bed and started heading towards his bathroom, wearing nothing but the skin on his body.

Pushing open the cracked door, he found his girlfriend sitting naked in his bathtub watching the water pour out of the facet with a soft relaxed smile on her face. “Good morning, my beautiful Pixie.”

Twigs jumped in surprise before glancing in his direction to see him standing at the doorway naked and with an excited grin on his face. She returned his smile just as big. “Good morning, baby! How was your sleep?”

Seth raised a mischievous eyebrow in her direction before walking to his sink to brush his teeth. Grabbing ahold of his tooth brush and toothpaste, he generously skirted some paste on the bristles, before turning on the sink. “What, don’t you know?”

A blush crossed her face as she let out a giggle in response. She did know how his sleep went, or lack thereof. During the night she randomly kept waking up and would roused him out of his dreams so that they could have sex again. Her grin slightly diminished at that word: sex. Anyone would label what she and Seth do as just sex, but to her it didn’t seem that way anymore. Deep down in a secret part of her heart, she knew that what she and Seth did when they joined together couldn’t be easily labeled as just sex if someone were to really LOOK at everything they did to each other. The term, making love described what they did so much better than the word: sex. Sex was two people having sex without the attachments of strong emotions, and feelings, but making love was so much more detailed, and powerful yet also vulnerable, and emotional at the same time. There was so much impact to making love and she knew this because it was what they had whenever they made love…but what she wasn’t so sure about was that if the two people making love have to be in love in order for it to be called making love. Was it the word love that differentiate sex and making love? If so, their love making could most likely be one sided.

Twig’s brown orbs trailed up Seth’s naked body from his feet to the top of his head as he brushed his teeth just like she had a few minutes ago before taking a bath. When it came to love and Seth, her mind couldn’t make up its mind. One minute she could literally feel the love she had for him coursing through her blood stream and pumping her heart with a new purpose in life, yet in the next minute her mind was telling her that she was overreacting about her feelings for him. There were some moments she only had to look at him to feel the volcanic rush of love that was desperate to be declared out loud to him, but then a voice in her head would berate her for thinking like a young naïve girl and believing that what she felt for him could possibly be true love. Biting her lower lip in thought, Twigs couldn’t seem to figure out what she should feel towards Seth and which of her feelings are sincere or not. In that moment as she watched him brush his teeth, she knew this was one of those many moments where she was certain that it was the truest kind of love that she felt for him. It made her ask herself what could possibly be wrong with being in love with Seth? As long as she kept her mouth shut on the subject, she could continue to feel as in love with him as much as she wanted to. It’s not like he could reject her love for him when he didn’t even know about it.

Seth had just finished brushing his teeth when an idea crept into his mind. With a playful smirk on his face, he turned around and grabbed an expensive bubble bath bottle that Avery had left behind when she left him. It was placed in a decorative basket with many other assorted bubble scents that sat beside the tub. He picked a random one and unscrewed the top, his idea making his mischievous smirk spread into a full blown grin now. Twigs couldn’t resist mirroring his grin and even though she had no idea what the man was up to. Without her permission, he flipped the bottle upside and emptied the entire scented liquid into the tub with her.

Letting out a squeal, Twigs covered her mouth to muffle her giggles. “Oh my god what the hell are you doing, Seth! That’s too much!”

Seth didn’t answer, instead he chucked away the empty bottle and picked up another product to empty into the bath too. The bubbles began to form a white foamy cloud the minute they made contact with a pouring faucet water and had started to rise higher and grow in size. Once that bottle was empty, Seth chucked it over his shoulder and stepped into the bubbled bath to join her. Twigs was now positioned on her knees to try and avoid breathing in the rising bubbles, but was forced to shift when Seth protectively pulled her up and onto his lap so she’d be able to avoid the bubbles from an even high perch. Twig’s wrapped her arms around his neck at the same time her nose recognized the two perfumed scents, which prompted a chuckle from her.

Seth smiled up at her. “And what are you laughing about, woman? Is it because of how reckless I am for defying the recommended amount directed on the back of the bottles, and instead decided to just start pouring two of them into our bath without an ounce of regret because I’m that much of a badass that doesn’t play by the rules?”

Twigs chuckles turned into laughter as she lightly smacked her hand across his chest. “NO, you idiot! I’m laughing because I’m shocked that you know me so well.”

Seth was kind of confused. “Wait, what do you mean by that? Is hanging out in a tub filled hallway with water and the other half filled with bubbles a secret fantasy of yours that I should know about?”

Twigs gave him a weird look. “No Seth, that’s not it. I was talking about the scents you picked out.”

“The scents?” Seth asked, not able to recall the names of the two bottles he had picked up at random. He wasn’t thinking about which scents to choose from when the idea came to him. He just picked two and emptied them into the tub without a care.

“Jasmine and Patchouli.” Twigs answered in hopes of helping the poor man out.

Seth still wasn’t quite getting where she was going with this. “Oh right, of course. What about them?”

Twigs rolled her eyes. “They’re my two favorite scents. I was going to ask how you knew that about me, but I can now clearly see that you didn’t.”

Seth was a bit surprised that he just so happened to have pick two of her favorite scents out of a basketful of assorted bubble baths. What were the odds that he had picked her favorites, and not any of the others? Seth shrugged his shoulder before leaning up to give her a kiss. “Well, I guess it was fate then…or maybe just good old fashion luck. I mean, whichever way you’d prefer to see it.”

“I prefer fate, it sounds more romantic that way, and it turns me on at the idea of you being romantic.” Twigs whispered against his lip before her hands cupped the sides of his neck. Her lips smashed down onto his with the intention to conquer. By the desperation and hunger that forced his mouth opened beneath her, he could tell that she was challenging him to de-throne her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, Seth let out a groan as he rolled them over so that he was on top of her. Twigs wasn’t about to give up so easily, and slipped out from under him to roll them over so that she was on top of him instead.

By this time the bubbles were completely surrounding them like a foamy walls, and had already fallen over the rim of the tub and across the floor. The scent was almost overpowering but the couple weren’t bothered by that because of how occupied they were with making out with each other. A cow could fly past their window and they wouldn’t think nothing of it. In that moment they forgot about the whole silly decision to dump two bottles of bubble bath soap into their bath, and what they should be expecting as a result of such a careless act. They were both too caught up in the whirlwind of passion that seemed to always take over their systems whenever their lips met. Their gentle light touches only fed that passion in a small teasing amount which hypnotized and dazed their senses. Their bold and rough touches fed into their passion like gasoline to a fire and completely sought to destroy any of the self-control they had left in them. Their mutual moans and cries excited them like fireworks and gave them the strength and adrenaline to keep going.

After a while of their tongue and lips mating together, the air between them began to run low, which unfortunately prompt them to break their kiss. Twigs pulled away first, and before she could open her eyes, a small army of vengeful bubbles were sucked into her gasp for air and traveled down her throat leaving behind a trail of a bitter chemical taste that caused her to gag . At that exact same time, Seth had opened his eyes on his own awaiting army of vengeful bubbles that flung themselves into his eyes and burned the hell out of them.

“OH GOD! FUCK SHIT THEY’RE IN MY EYES!” Seth exclaimed in pain as his hands came up to rub the stinging sensation out of his eyes. He fell back against the wall of bubbles, as Twigs placed her hands on her throat and started hacking away the disgusting taste in her throat, causing drool to spill down her chin. Despite the unwelcomed chemical taste in her mouth, she couldn’t stop herself from laughing between her coughs, even when her stomach became nauseous.

“JESUS CHRIST, BABY I’M SORRY! I’M SO SORRY I’M THE REASON WE’RE ABOUT TO DIE BY THESE GODDAMN THIN TRANSPARANT FLOATING SPHERES CREATED BY SOAP AND WATER!” Seth shouted out to his beloved girlfriend as he struggled to find a way out of the world of bubbles with only his impaired vision, and the memory of his bathroom blueprint layout to guide him.

Twigs couldn’t assure her boyfriend that she wasn’t at all mad at him as she continued to cough while simultaneously trying to escape the growing number of bubbles. She almost managed to slide out of the tub but ended up falling backwards and back down underneath the water. Seth was the only one that made it out of the tub, only to fall over the edge and onto the floor where there was even more bubbles waiting for him. As soon as he found the nearest towel, he rubbed the soap out of his eyes before making himself a protective head gear out of a few more so that he could go rush back into the ever growing soap to save his girlfriend.