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To Caress My Day

Chapter 59: Champagne

Seth was typing away on his laptop on the lounger outside in the backyard while his girlfriend, Twigs was reading a book next to him. Well, she was reading a book a few minutes ago. Right now, she was staring off into space thinking about her friends that how she hadn’t seen since she came back to the UK. Simone had been visiting family when she came back and Neon Jungle had joined her on her trip to perform at her family’s gathering, so no one was there to greet her when she returned, but Derek, her driver. Twigs didn’t mind at all that her friends weren’t there the moment she stepped off the plane because she knew they had their own things going on. Instead of moping about it at the time, she just decided to spend a few days with her boyfriend, but now that those days had passed, she found herself missing her friends.

Twig’s eyes turned to watch her boyfriend type away on his laptop, his brows furrowed in concentration behind his glasses. A smile slowly curved her lips as she stared at him with adoration. As much as she wanted to see her girls, she didn’t want to have to leave his side to do it. Sure, they can all meet up for dinner somewhere but it wasn’t the same. She couldn’t acknowledge Seth as her beloved boyfriend and sitting next to him or across from him would be too much of a temptation to reach out and touch him in some way. Biting her lip, Twigs began to wonder if Seth could make an exception for her friends and allow them to come over and hang out at his house. There was only one way to find out.

Twigs slowly got up and stepped around to his lounger to take a seat by his feet. Seth looked up only to raise an eyebrow at the mischievous glint in her eyes before continuing on with his work. Twigs smiled and began to crawl up towards him and then reached out to lightly trail a teasing finger over his soft member hidden beneath his pants, causing it to immediately harden into a semi erection. Seth jolted in his seat before looking past his laptop screen to give her an incredulous look of surprise. “Pixie, what are you up to down there?”

“Oh nothing.” Twig’s shrugged and batted her eyelashes innocently before leaning down to press a few kisses against his crotch area.

Seth let out a groan, and put his laptop aside so that he could thrust his fingers into her dark curls to push her head back so that he could look at her with a smirk. “Pixie seriously, what are trying to get started here?”

Twigs grinned up at him before sitting up. “Do you think it would be okay if I invited my friends over to your house to hang out? I haven’t seen them in a while, and I miss them.”

Seth took his glasses off and thought it over. “I think it should be up to you.

“Up to me?” Twigs asked him incredulously. She didn’t think she had a saying in who was allowed to come over to his house or not.

Seth nodded with an assuring smile. “Yes, you. You know them better than I do. Are they trustworthy enough to keep our relationship a secret from their favorite gossip magazines throwing money at their feet?”

Twigs immediately nodded to confirm their loyalty. “They are, I swear my life on it.”

“Well, then you have my answer. If you trust them, then I trust them too.” Seth encouraged her, excited when she crawled onto his lap to give him a big kiss on the mouth as a reward. After a few deep passionate kisses died down to slow and soft kisses, Twigs helped herself to taking almost half of the space on his lounger to cuddle up against him. Seth smiled down at her as he held her close to his side, occasionally blessing her with a kiss to her forehead.


Later that evening, long after dinner had been served, Seth and Twigs had taken a bottle of champagne from his fridge and sipped it while cuddling before his roaring fireplace. They decided on doing this with the intention of it leading to sex. Two seconds after their second glass the mood was already set and sizzling. They went from staring at the fire and making small talk to staring at each other while taking suggestive sips from their glasses.

Seth was obsesses with the way the firelight make her skin look golden and erotic, her lips a succulent red, and her big brown eyes an abyss of hidden magic. She was everything he could want and more in a woman. He wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one for him. Having Tahliah Barnett Debrett as his wife would be the biggest honor that could ever be bestowed on him. Seth took a sip of his champagne as he stared into her eyes and she stared right back. When she leaned over to give him what he thought would be a kiss but instead flicked her tongue over his lips, he could feel his cock twitch in anticipation of what was to come.

“Mmm, you know for a $1,000 bottle, this crystal glass doesn’t do its flavor any justice. I prefer its taste off of your lips instead.” Twigs commented, giving him a seductive look.

Seth’s eyebrows raised in mutual attraction. “Oh yeah?”

Twigs nodded. “Oh yeah.”

“Well, I can’t personally agree with that statement, but I do have a place in mind where I KNOW it’ll taste $10,000 better.” Seth shared with her, a smug smirk on his face.

“Oh? And where is that?” Twigs asked him, raising an eyebrow.

Seth shook his head and wagged his finger at her. “Na uh uh, you’re gonna have to guess where just like the rest of the class has to.”

Twigs narrowed her eyes at his stupid smug smile as he sipped away his champagne like he had already won the battle. Luckily for her, an idea came to her just in time to spare her from playing along with his little game. Placing her glass down on the stone in front of the fire, Twigs went to work on the buttons of his shirt that she decided to wear for tonight’s sexual adventure. She tried not to smile in victory herself when that smug smile fell off his face and his eyes became glued to her every move. When she had unbuttoned it halfway down, she stopped to pull back the left side of his shirt to expose in full view, one of her breasts. Seth choked on his drink as he stared at the already harden nipple, seducing him with its size and its dusky color. Seth let out a tormented groan behind his cup as he continued to watch. She watched his eyes fade into pure lust before grabbing ahold of her drink and gently pouring a little of the cold $1,000 liquid over her breast. Breaking her gaze from his to close her eyes, Twigs let out a sharp gasp at the freezing sensation before letting out some soft moans to entice him even further.

It worked. The moment Twigs had put her glass back down, Seth was already on her. Latching his mouth over her nipples, Seth sucked on the champagne flavored nub with a possessive hunger. Twigs arched her back as she cried out his name, her fingers running through his hair and over his scalp with her own kind of possessive claim. She let him have a few second more to taste her before reaching for her glass once more, making sure not to disturb him, even when he ripped the rest of the shirt open to run his hands over her flat stomach. Purposely Twigs pushed him back once she had her drink in her hand, and then, with a mischievous smile, she tipped the glass over to spill right onto the crotch area of his pants.

“Shit, that’s fucking cold!” Seth curse in shock before looking back at her all offended.

“Oh I’m sorry. Here let me help you. You must be freezing down there.” Twigs apologized with a playful smile before reaching over to unbutton and unzip his pants, Seth grabbed both sides of her face to raise her lips to meet his. She let out a moan as their tongues began their epic battle of dominance against one another, but before either of them could win, she broke the kiss. She turned her focus back to where it was originally and reached into his pants to pull his erection out. Seth let out a groan in her hair, his eyes closed in anticipation. With warm gentle hands, Twigs stroked his member. “There does that feel any better, baby?”

Seth let out another, but more tortured sounded groan in her hair. “Tahliah…”

“Oh but I’ve still made a mess.” Twigs pouted, her hands using his pre-cum to easily slide over the skin of his member.

Seth was on the borderline of losing both his mind and his self-control. She had to do something quick or she wouldn’t get another word out before he had her screaming for mercy. “Then clean the mess up with your mouth.”
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