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To Caress My Day

Chapter 6: The Apartment

In an old rundown motel in the more isolated area outside of town, sat naked Avery Jenkins in a queen size bed. She had woken up a few minutes ago and had fallen deep within her thoughts as she smoked a cigarette. Avery wasn’t a chain smoker, or even smoked regularly. Before all of this hiding, and secrets had become a part of her everyday life for the past two years, Avery had never smoked. At the time of her affair, her life had become so stressful that she didn’t know how to calm herself down some times. One day she helped herself to a pack of her lover’s cigarettes and ever since then she only smoked after they made love. Avery turned her head as the sound of the shower in the adjoining room shut off. As she waited for her lover, Avery began to wonder why on earth this felt so right for her to be doing. Where was the guilt that should be eating her brain alive like a deadly disease? What she was doing was wrong in any way you look at it, but for some reason she never felt that way before, during, and after. It is only when she returns home to Seth, that she feels guilty. My god what I have I gotten myself into, Avery questioned herself mentally before her lover stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but a small towel around his waist.

Clinten Hapsburg and Avery Jenkins have been having a secret affair for two years now, and it was only going to continue on. The two love birds had met when Avery was hired to design a dress for Clinten’s sister’s wedding. Miss Jenkins was one of the most sought out designers of the world so Mr. Hapsburg tracked her down as a wedding present for his sister. There was an instant attraction that quickly snuffed out the flames of Avery and Seth’s love. As much as she tried to deny it, she had fallen out of love with her boyfriend Seth, and had fallen madly in love with her client’s brother. None of it was planned, it all just happened. Mr. Hapsburg was the descendant of a long line of billionaires so he was filthy rich himself. Keeping their relationship hidden from the public’s eyes wasn’t too hard for him to accomplish for the next two years. The struggled he had to endure was that he could never walk up the steps to Seth’s mansion, knock on the door, and tell the Billion Dollar Man himself about the affair. Clinten hated how nasty the idea of an affair is to everybody. Their affair wasn’t like those distasteful ones. Their affair was always about love, never lust. In his eyes, there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. He just wished Seth Macfarlane could politely step out of the picture so he could marry Avery and spend the rest of his life with her. Clinten was certain that Avery Jenkins was his soulmate.

Clinten sat down on the bed beside his love as he watched her stare off into space, lost in her own thoughts. Whatever she was thinking must not have been good because she had a pitied look on her face.

“Darling, what is it? You look upset.” Avery shook her head at the sound of her lover’s voice as their eyes met.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just…I feel terrible, for NOT feeling terrible about our affair.”

Clinten sighed and took her hand in his, “We’re in love, it’s not like we’re TRYING to hurt anyone. We can’t deny what we feel for one another, which would be impossible and cruel of us to do.”

“No, it’s not about that. It’s about Seth. Out of everyone we could possibly be hurting with our affair, Seth is the only one that doesn’t deserve it.” Avery explained, stubbing her cigarette in the ashtray before moving closer to Clinten, placing her hand on his shoulders, running her fingers over his muscles.

Clinten nodded, as he placed his hands on Avery’s sides. No matter how much he tried he couldn’t get himself to despise Seth Macfarlane. Every time he’d try, he’d hear about all the sweet things Seth had done for Avery and other people. It would be easier to hate him if he was some abusive asshole, but he wasn’t. Clinten did envy him, though. Seth got to wake up every morning to Avery’s slumberous beauty and spend the day with her, and have her fall asleep in his arms at night. If Clinten was lucky, he could do that a few times out of the month. Seth gets every moment to do that freely because they were in a relationship together.

Clinten bit his lips before deciding to ask her something that’s been nagging at him. “Why can’t you just leave him?”

Avery let out an annoyed sigh as she laid her forehead on his shoulder, “I don’t want to hurt him. In every relationship I have ever been in, I was always too scared to end it because I didn’t want to be the type of girl that had vengeful ex-boyfriends. I’ve dated some amazing guys that, unfortunately, weren’t too happy with me when I ended the relationship. They spread so much lies about me to the world that it nearly destroyed my reputation and career. I’m scared Seth will become one of those men. If I can’t have his friendship then I’ll live, but if he turns against me, that could mean my life. I know, it’s stupid. ”

Avery shook her head, a tear falling from her eyes as she looked up at her lover. Clinten pulled her closer, shushing her as gently rocked her body against his. He understood what she was trying to tell him, but decided against suggesting that he could make sure Seth kept his mouth shut to the media about Avery. Seth wouldn’t be harmed, just bribed. If Clinten does indeed know Avery as much as he thinks he does, than he knows she would not approve of him going behind her back like that.

“I love you, Clinten Hapsburg. I don’t want you to ever doubt that, just because I struggle to end my relationship with Seth. It’s just me being a chicken. My god, you must be irritated with me!”

Clinton shushed her as he grabbed both sides of her face between his hands, making her look at him. “No, I don’t hate you. I strangely admire that about you. I know this is hard for you, and I will try and be patient but only on one condition.”

Avery raised one eyebrow, “What is it?”

“Promise me that we’ll stop meeting in hotels whenever we want to secretly meet one another. I’ll find us a one bedroom apartment, nothing too fancy. We will meet there whenever we want to be alone together, and I’ll even make sure it is far away from Seth’s reaches, ok?” Clinton requested, watching her eyes dance in happiness.

“Oh Clinten, that sounds perfect! Yes, I agree, let’s get our own apartment!” Avery cheered, throwing herself on top of him, laughing before their lips hungrily met in a joyous kiss.

Clinten had sent her the address to their new apartment to Avery’s phone a few days after their last rendezvous. Avery was so excited that she raced out the door in the casual clothes that she wore around the house, and without even saying a word of greeting or goodbye to her boyfriend. Seth had reached the front door just as she drove off, abandoning him to cancel their morning plans once again.

The apartments were far into town and because they didn’t look extravagant, they felt all the more cozy. Avery made sure to disguise herself with whatever she managed to grab on her way out of the mansion. Wait a minute…the mansion…Seth!

Avery halted in her step,” Oh shit, I forgot to say goodbye to Seth! Jesus, how can I forget that!?”

No matter, all she had to do was think of a good excuse as to why she left the way she did. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Avery shook Seth from her thoughts as an interesting looking young woman with long black braids came out of the building and approached Avery. It turned out, this young lady was the temporary landlady until her mother decides to come back from her very enjoyable vacation with her husband. After she quickly introduced herself as Simone, they headed inside and to the second floor.

“Don’t worry, my parents don’t tolerate loud obnoxious pets, so you won’t find yourself waking up to early hours in the morning to barking or anything like that. The kids are pretty well behaved also, and the nosy neighbors don’t exist here. You will have all your privacy and as much silence you could ask for. Is there anything else you need?” Simone asked as she pulled out her sets of apartment keys to unlock Avery’s front door.

“No no, I don’t believe I-“Avery jumped as a figure from her peripheral vision almost flew right into her.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!” a soft spoken voice apologized from behind her. Simone immediately looked behind Avery to see her friend and roommate stumbling out of their apartment and nearly knocking down their new tenant.

“Twigs, what is the matter with you? You could’ve hurt someone!” Simone replied from the now open doorway of Avery’s new apartment.

“My alarm didn’t go off so I’m running a bit late for the dance class at the youth center.” Twigs explained, her face makeup free except for the signature red lips. Her long black hair was placed in a messy bun on top of her head.

“Oh damn, that’s my fault!” Simone remembered, slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand.

“Exactly! I’m sorry new neighbor for almost knocking you down! So sorry!” The young lady called behind her as she ran down the hall and through the stairwell door in a rush.

“Sorry, Miss Williams that’s my roommate Twigs. She’s a dancer and a singer. Don’t worry, she’s can actually sing, not like one of those bad ones that think they can sing like on American Idol.” Simone assured her as Avery followed her into her empty apartment.

“Mr. Williams informed me that the moving trucks will be here in the afternoon to move all your furniture’s in here before tomorrow morning.” Simone informed her, watching her new tenant slowly walk through the place.

“It’s perfect. I have one question though, is that girls real name actually Twigs?” Avery asked Simone, who shook her head and smiled.

“We call her Twigs because of the way her joints snap when she dances, so no that’s not her name. Her real name is Tahliah Barnett and we both live together right across from you.”
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