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To Caress My Day

Chapter 60: Hallucinogen

Twigs bent over so that she was now face to face with Seth’s exposed and throbbing erection. Leaning closer, she teased him by giving him little cat licks from the base to the head of his cock, knowing that it would make him squirm impatiently. She was bent over with her behind in the air, torturing him with her delicate tongue and it was quickly working.

Seth was so sexually frustrated he was gritting his teeth. She already had him dangling on the edge of sanity, and to make matters worse, she wasn’t finished with teasing him yet. Seth couldn’t wait that long, nor could he patiently sit and wait for her to suck on him without finding another way to distract himself throughout the long wait. His eyes trailed up down her back to where her curvy behind was hidden beneath his button up shirt. An evil smile crept across his face as he leaned over to give her bottom a good hard smack at the exact time she was about to suck on his tip. Twigs jerked forward, taking in more of him than she intended to with a squeal of surprise. Seth chuckled at that before his fingers shoved her underwear aside so he could reach over and thrust his middle finger inside of her.

She let out a cry against his cock at the feeling of being slightly stretched. Closing her eyes, Twigs let him fuck her with his finger, as she fought to concentrate on pleasing his member with her mouth. Seth let out a groan from both the wetness on his dick and the wetness dripping down his fingers and onto the carpet. Easing out of her to add another finger, he shoved them back into her with so much force she almost choked on his cock when it slid down her throat. The short experience almost made her consider the risk of asphyxiating on his member just so he’ll keep fucking her with his fingers. In seconds she was pulling him out of her mouth and screaming as her orgasm overcame her.

Seth pulled his fingers out of her, and turned her around before she could collapse into a heap on the floor. “Keep your knees up for me, Pixie.”

She managed a nod as she caught her breath, while Seth adjusted her hips from behind, before ruthlessly tearing off her sheer underwear without a care. Shoving his pants down, Seth grabbed ahold of his cock and eased himself inside of her, listening to her moans and allowing the sound to fuel him with adrenaline. He started up a good pace, before eventually increasing his speed, and making her grip onto the short hairs of his carpet.

“Oh god Seth, yes! Oh yes!” Twigs moaned out, pushing her behind back against his hips.

“Mmm yeah baby, you feel so goddamn good.” Seth panted out with one hand on her hip and the other one pushing up the button less shirt she wore so that he could roam over her naked back.

“God, I love how this feels baby. Give me more! Please!” Twigs begged him, feeling the increase in speed against her lower region.

Seth leaned over to sample the taste of her skin against his tongue, being as rough with his teeth as he wanted to be. That simple action had her arching her back and letting out another scream. “Fuck fuck I’m cumming.”

He felt her tighten around him, and was prepared to fight against his own need to cum just to give her one more orgasm. He lets out a groan at her tight grip as his fingers slid over her glistening back to locate her clit. Once he found it, he teased her with light butterfly brushes at first before adding more pressure. Twig’s moans were becoming louder as his index finger touched her sensitive clit, and the next thing she knew she was being punched with a violent orgasm that visible shook her whole body.

“Jesus Christ, the music you make when you cum is impossible to imitate by any man-made instrument.” Seth growled against her back before he straightened himself back up to pound into her like a conqueror making his claim. Twig’s arms collapsed from all the orgasms that had drained her strength, but fought to keep herself on her elbows. She was panting heavily, her skin covered in sweat and some of her curls dampened from that perspiration. Seth was just as sweaty with droplets sliding down his chest and back.

The moment came when he felt the warmth in the pit of his stomach signaling his oncoming orgasm, and it had him snapping his hips forward to reach that goal. “Oh shit, baby!”

Twigs listened to his moans as he came inside her and then the soft moans when he rode out his orgasm. Once his tempo fell, he pulled out of her, and plopped down on the floor next to her. With his cum trailing down her leg, Twigs finally allowed her body to fully collapse onto the floor too. Seth smiled at her energetic display and wrapped his arm around her to pull her close to him.

“Goddamnit, Seth I love how you make me feel. It’s beyond anything a human being could handle.” Twigs panted out with a crooked smile on her face.

Seth chuckled in her hair where his head was buried into. “That’s great news to hear Pixie, because we’re about to do it again.”

Twig’s eyes snapped open. “You say what now?”

Seth laughed as he pushed himself up and onto his feet, the firelight illuminating every movement of muscle beneath his skin. Giving himself a second to make sure he steady on his feet, he then bent over to help her up too. Once she too was on her feet, she wrapped her arms around his neck until the strength returned back to her legs again. Twigs looked up at him with uncertainty on her face. “Did I hear you right, Mr. MacFarlane? You want to have sex again?”

Seth gave her a quick smirk as he looked down into her big brown eyes. “I don’t know. What do my eyes say?”

Twig’s eyes drifted from one eye and then the other, confirming her suspicion. Seth wanted her again. Now feeling the energy back in her legs, Twig’s trailed her hands down his chest, and then slipped each one into his hands. With a smile on her face, she escorted him towards the couch and then pushed him in its direction. Seth got the hint and took a seat on his couch with a smug grin on his face and, his erection as hard as a rock. Stepping towards the edge of the couch, Twigs helped herself to straddling his lap as he assisted her by aligning his cock to her entrance. With a soft moan on both of their lips, she lowered herself down onto him and didn’t hesitate to give them a moment to adjust. She kept the pace consistent, not too slow nor too fast, and Seth was fine with that. They both closed their eyes and held onto each other as she steadily bounced on his lap.

“You feel incredible, Tahliah. It’s almost….oh god…borderline scary how intense this is. You…mmm yeah… take me to a different world each time.” Seth whispered to her softly, feeling her shiver in response.

“I thought it was just me…oh yes right there baby…that felt this way. You take my breath away, and breathe new life into me, Seth It’s like I’m on some… mmm fuck…some kind of drug.” Twigs whimpered.

“It has to be. It has to…damn you’re so tight… be some hallucinogen in our system, because I think I’m watching the big bang happen right now. Oh would you lookie here, that’s how Earth was made. Huh, I guess that means there’s no god after all.” Seth joked, causing her to laugh and falter in her rhythm.

“Shut up, Seth. You’re distracting me.” Twigs ordered him as she struggled to concentrate. She could feel an orgasm in the distant, hurtling towards her. “Oh god, Seth please tell me you’re gonna be close soon!”

“Well, aren’t you the mind reader today.” Seth panted out as the warm feeling in his stomach came back, assuring him that he, too, was close.

They both came seconds apart. Seth groaned out her name and squeezed a handful of her behind in his hands. Twigs arched her back and screamed, her bouncing increasing to help them ride out their last orgasm. Once they were done, she collapsed against him with a soft whine. Seth caught her and pulled her down with him onto the couch where they laid together. She was already passed out the second her head hit the cushion, no longer able to fight back her exhaustion. Seth had a small bit of strength left in him to grab a throw blanket that was draped over the couch and fling it over their naked body. He didn’t have the energy to carry both her and him upstairs to bed without falling down the staircase a few times in the process, so he felt it was safer to spend the night right on the couch.

Nuzzling his face into her neck, Seth uttered the words he’s been dying to say to her for a long time, and now that she was asleep it made it easier to say it out loud knowing that he wouldn’t be rejected by her. “I…I love you, Tahliah.”

Naturally, Twigs didn’t responded to his confession, and softly snored away lost in sleep. Pulling her even closer, Seth fell asleep with her held securely in his arms, where he always knew she belonged.
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