Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 61: Her Agent

The next morning, Mrs. Guadalupe had entered her employer’s house to get started with her daily cleaning chores. As she walked by the living room towards the small closet in the kitchen where she kept her cleaning supplies, something in her peripheral vision caught her eye. Backtracking her steps slowly, Mrs. Guadalupe peeked around the corner into the living room to see her employer and his girlfriend lying on the couch beneath a thick blanket, naked. The young dancer was asleep, but Seth wasn’t. He had his arm over her, keeping her tightly close to his chest as he lightly kissed her bare shoulders with gentle kisses. He didn’t seem to notice Mrs. Guadalupe watching him with both joy and concern in her eyes. She knew him better that he thought she did, and could easily tell that he was in love with Tahliah. It wasn’t because they had obviously had sex the night before, but because of the way he took his time cherishing every inch of her shoulder with his lips and how he looked down at her as if he were afraid to wake her in case she’d fade away like dust in his arms. He had never done that to Avery, and Mrs. Guadalupe was certain about that. He had never stared at Avery the way he stared was currently staring at Tahliah, not even in the beginning of their relationship. Seth thought he was IN love with Avery but Mrs. Guadalupe could tell that he wasn’t. Seth simply loved Avery that was all.

Still, Mrs. Guadalupe couldn’t help but be worried about him. What if this Tahliah was just another Avery, or worse? She knew she shouldn’t judge Tahliah when she didn’t really know her, but there was no other way around it. She was scared that Seth would get hurt again, but this time by Tahliah’s hand. Whether she was sincere or not, Mrs. Guadalupe knew better than to step in between their love. She might find herself out of a job that paid her generously for the work that she did. There was too many mouths to feed in her family for her to find new work. She couldn’t risk this job by interfering on her employer’s love life, so she won’t. Instead she would leave her employer to look out for himself. Letting out a soft sigh, Mrs. Guadalupe continued on her way to the kitchen to get started on her day.


Twigs jumped out of her sleep at the sound of her phone ringing and blindly reached around for it to turn it off. Seth was already awake, and had reached over to grab it for her and then carefully placed it into her delicate hands. Twig mumbles a slurred thank you before pressing the answer button and holding it up to her ear. “Yes, this is Twigs speaking?”

Seth didn’t listen too much into her conversation, but from was little he heard he guessed the caller was her agent. He shut the rest of their talk out of his mind as he kissed along the back of her shoulder with the light butterfly touch of his lips. He didn’t want to eavesdrop any more than he had already, besides he had more important things to concentrate on. Waking up to Twigs in his arms was something he was still found himself grateful for and still appreciated from time to time. There was just something special about opening your eyes to start the day off, and then realize your significant other was lying right next to you in bed when they could be elsewhere. It was where Twigs obviously belonged, even though she had an apartment that she shared with a friend that she rarely stayed in. I wonder why I haven’t asked her to move in yet, Seth wondered to himself as his fingers trail up and down her naked back. Would it be a wise thing to do? Just because the paparazzi hadn’t yet discovered his location, didn’t mean that it wouldn’t ever happen in the future. If Twigs was officially living with him when the time came, what would they do? Could he distract them like he did before in California or would they see past his ruse? And what if she was here alone when they came barging through the door? How would he protect her then?

Twigs shivered from Seth’s light touches as she focused on the information her agents was giving her about another upcoming music video gig. When he had finished, she gave him a sigh followed by a short answer before saying goodbye. “Yeah I’ll do it. When is it, again? Oh okay, yeah I’ll be ready. I can do it, trust me. Alright I’ll see you later, have a good day. Okay, bye.”

Seth’s hands were sliding over her flat stomach when she placed her phone back where it was before. She smiled before reaching down to grab ahold of his hand and lead it up to her lips so she could give it a loving kiss. Seth smiled against the mass of curls caressing against his face as she stretched out his fingers to press individual kisses on each of his fingers. Once she was done, she turned herself around so they could see one another, and what they saw had them laughing at each other.

“Good morning, Seth. Just so you know the area around your mouth is red from my lipstick from last night.” Twigs giggled behind her hand.

Seth chuckled. “Yours are too. Damn your incredibly sexy lipstick. Why do you insist on wearing the stupid thing every time I want to kiss you?”

“Because it catches your attention to my lips, which provokes your mind to invent sexual little home videos about me in your head, thus making you want to reach out and touch me so that you can make those videos of yours a reality.” Twigs explained with a smug look on her face.

Seth couldn’t deny that she was right, and gave her a confirming nod. “You got me there, pixie. So what was the call about? I’m assuming it was about, and not one of your girlfriends.”

“Oh yeah. I have a gig coming up that I need to start getting prepared for in two days.” Twigs informed him.

“So you have only two days to get the routine down?” Seth asked incredulously, finding her task impossible to master in such a short span of time.

Twigs nodded. “Yeah, I was personally requested for the video by the artist and so I’m expected to get the routine down in two days. There’s no need to look so surprised, it’s not something I haven’t been asked to do before.”

Seth was even more surprised that this wasn’t the first time she had been asked to perform to perfection in such a short span of time, and he also wondered if she had succeeded before. “And? How did you do the last time you were requested on such short notice?”

Twigs thought back for a moment. “Um, I did pretty well, actually. It’s funny because I stressed myself over it day and night and yet I had performed in the video like I had spent a month practicing the routine like all the other dancers.”

Seth couldn’t be more than blown away by his girlfriend in that moment. He wished desperately that he could show off his talented lover to everyone and everything he knew, but he aware that he couldn’t, not yet anyway. “Incredible! So how long will you be gone this time? Two weeks?”

“A week.” Twigs assured him.

“Where?” He asked next, brushing her curls behind her ear, only to watch them defiantly spring back to where they were before.


Seth sat up to look down at her with excitement. “Really? You know what that means right? We can go California together! If you work close to Los Angeles than you can stay at my house with me again. I’ll work in my studios while you’re gone during the day.”

“Oh my god, that’s a wonderful idea!” Twigs agreed before sitting up and throwing her arms around him in a hug. The blanket that had shielded her naked body from his eyes before had slipped down her torso when she had sat up, and gave him a brief glimpse of her soft breasts and hardened nipples before she threw herself back down onto him. Seth let out a weak groan at the growing lust festering in his lower stomach as his arms tightly wrapped around her small frame to pull her closer to him. Twigs could feel his hands possessively slide over her back with a familiar need, and she too began to feel the desire take over her body much like his.

“We uh…we should take a shower…y-yeah, we definitely need to…mmm…shower now.” Seth muttered against the soft skin of her shoulder.

Twigs managed a dazed nod as she surrendered to the heavy weight of her lids and allowed them to shut the rest of the world out. “Seth…Seth p-please…”

Seth frantically nodded before he broke away from her hold to gather the throw blanket around her naked body to shield her from unwanted guests. She belonged to him and him only, so he didn’t want anyone else to lay their eyes on her on this particular morning. Once he was sure that the sheet wouldn’t fall away from her body, he lifted her up in his arms and carried her out of the room in route for the master bathroom.

“Seth…”Twigs softly moan in his ear as she held onto his neck and nibble on his ear lobe.

“Goddamn it woman, I know! Trust me, I know!” Seth impatiently assured her, as he fought against the tempting idea to take her right there on the stairs just like before.