Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 62: Cake Tower

After having sex upstairs in both the shower and on the bed, Seth spent the rest of the day working on some episodes for American Dad, while Twigs began to practice on her dance routine for her quickly upcoming gig in her brand new studio. One of her friends that were also participating in the video had sent her a video of the dance routine through her email since they all were currently out of the country on a project together and couldn’t drop by to help her practice the moves. Without them, Twigs got right down to work on her own, completely confident in herself that she could master the routine to perfection just in time for filming. After two hours of trying to perfect the steps down to the last flick of her wrists, Seth had opened the door to her studio to check up on her. He patiently leaned against the doorway with sly smile on his face. She caught him watching her through the mirror and instantly froze in her step. She could tell by the smile on his face that he knew about something that she didn’t, and was feeling quite proud of it.

Twig’s eyes narrowed as she turned around and smirked. “And what are you smiling about over there, Mister MacFarlane?”

Seth shrugged like nothing was going on. “Oh you know, same old same old. Nothing much going on here other than the surprise I got for you, is all.”

Twig’s smile stretched into a full blown grin at the mention of another present. “A surprise? Well, what is it? Tell me!”

Seth lifted a finger, signaling for her to calm herself down before she overworked herself. “Uh uh, you’re gonna have to wait for it, first.”

Twig’s raised her eyebrow in confusion as they stood there in absolute silence, the dance video on her iPod ended long ago before he had stepped into the room. She tried to be patient and wait for something to happen, but she didn’t think she would last long. When it seemed like nothing was going to pop out and surprised her, Twigs opened her mouth to call him out on a lie, until the doorbell rang and intercepted her. Seth’s lips stretched into a grin as he stuck his hands in his pocket. “It’s here. Go ahead and check it out, Pixie.”

She was still confused as to what was going on, and gave him a look of uncertainty that prompt him to give her some reassurance. “Well go on. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe. It’s not a camera crew or anything like that, I swear.”

“Better not be.” Twigs warned him as she hurried up the studio’s stairs while pulling on a shirt she grabbed and gave him a quick kiss, before stepping past him to go downstairs to answer the front door. Seth casually followed behind her with that same smile on his face. He was excited to see her reaction when she saw her surprise, even now more that he could tell her mind was racing with different ideas as to what it could be. When her hand was finally on the door knob of the front door, she looked behind her to raise a questioning eyebrow at her boyfriend. He merely gesture towards the door for her to open it, and so after taking a deep breathe, she did. What was waiting for her on the other side was something she never would have suspected. Standing on the welcome mat was her roommate Simone and her friends Neon Jungle. They all literally screamed at once and threw themselves at each other in greeting. Seth smiled as he watched their celebrated reunion from a distant, before he headed off to the kitchen with an interesting idea in mind.

“Oh my god, honey! We missed you so much!” Simone squealed, holding Twigs tightly to her chest.

“I missed you guys too! Oh, I can’t believe this! I can’t believe you guys are actually here right now! Oh god how rude can I be? Please, come in you guys.” Twigs abruptly pulled away to step aside, and gestured for them to enter the mansion. Once she closed the door behind them she noticed that Seth had disappeared to somewhere.

“Dude, your boyfriend has got a nice place!” Shereen admired in awe as she looked around.

Jess gave her a weird look. “Shereen we’re only in the foyer. We haven’t even seen the rest of the inside of this place yet, and you’re already acting like everything is sprinkled in diamonds and gold.”

Shereen narrowed her eyes at her. “Well no shit we’re only in the foyer! I’m talking about what we’ve obviously already seen so far, which also include the front yard of this place. He lives in a fucking mansion, for crying out loud! Naturally it’s gonna be nice on the inside as it is on the outside. Name a mansion that doesn’t look incredible on the inside as it does on the outside. Exactly, nothing!”

“Where’s your boyfriend, Twigs?” Amira asked, changing the subject as she looked around for the familiar billionaire.

“I’m actually not sure, let’s see if we can find him throughout the house tour I’m about to give you guys.” Twigs announced excitedly and began leading the way through the many rooms in Seth’s house. Her friends were blown away, and touching everything with a childlike wonder. She had to take a swat at their hands too often than she wanted to count before they made it to the kitchen and located Seth who was leaning against the counter eating some chips from a small bowl. While they had been exploring the upstairs, he had located his maid, Mrs. Guadalupe, and gave her the day off as well as giving her permission to invite her family over to his outdoor pool while the weather was still warm.

He looked up with a smile when his girlfriend and her friends walked in. “Hello ladies, had fun checking out the place?”

“Oh my god yes! Your place is so beautiful and so big! We absolutely love it here.” Asami squealed in delight.

Seth nodded in appreciation. “Thank you, but I think you’ll like what I have in mind much better.”

The girls all gave each other a curious look, until Simone decided to be the one to open her mouth first. “It not an orgy is it?”

All the ladies jaws dropped just before they sent an immediate glare in her direction. Twigs covered her face in embarrassment. Simone flinched back from their harsh stares and gave them all an apologetic look. “What? I’m just making sure that’s not what he had in mind, is all!”

Seth quickly shook his head in objection to Simone’s suspicion and was still a bit taken aback by it. “Uh no, it’s not an orgy. I was actually gonna suggest we make as many cakes as we can to try to see how many it would take to make a cake tower before it falls over…and stuff...”

Twigs was too embarrassed to say anything while the girls all wondered why he would want to do something outlandish as make a cake tower. “Um, why would you want to do something like that?”

“Because it’s been something I’ve been curious about for years. I’ve bought endless boxes of cake batters for years with the intention of making my very own cake tower someday when I had the time to do it...and well, that time feels like now. With the help of 6 people, I’m sure it’ll get done much easier than if it was just me doing this. Besides, recruiting the Guadalupe kids would probably result in them eating up all the icing or something.” Seth explained nonchalantly, as if this was the kind of normal activity a group of people would surely thing of during a gathering.

Amira shared a look with her friends before nodding the idea off with a smile. “Sure, why the hell not? I’m kind of curious myself about how many cakes it would take, and it sounds like a pretty crazy delicious challenge full of…deliciousness.”

Seth slapped his hand on the counter, before quickly snapping his fingers, and pointed at them like they were the coolest group of girls ever. “Fuck yes, you guys are awesome! Okay, I’ll gather the ingredients. Neon Jungle, you’ll in charge of the baking when the time comes, while my baby, Simone and I are in charge of mixing the batter. We’ll be changing stations when it’s time to ice the cakes, but until then this is where we start. Now let’s get started.”

Seth hurried towards his second pantry to pull out the cake batters and the other ingredients they would need. The girls waited for everything to be placed on the counter before getting started on the challenge. Seth announced that he also had food coloring, and that they could mix and match as many colors as they wanted to. The girls were excited, and began experimenting with the random color combinations. Before they knew it they had baked their first orange cake, and was starting on their second. They were having a great time laughing, and sharing stories with each other. Whenever the ingredients were getting low, Seth would call for Derek to make a run to the grocery store. It began to happen too often because too many eggs would accidently fall to the floor or the bag of flour would tip over and spill off the counter and onto the floor, so Derek decided to cancel all his plans for the day and send his wife to a spa while he focused on his employer’s new strange obsession.

Eventually the kitchen became an absolute MESS, which Mrs. Guadalupe had already been informed to expect. Everyone was so lost in their tasks and conversations, they didn’t think to pick up after themselves along the way. They all found the art of making as many cakes as you can in a day to be a demanding and meticulous job. Seth barely even had time to plant kisses on Twigs in between his many jobs as the CEO of the Cake Tower, and every time he managed to give her a quick peck, there would a chorus of ‘awws’ from her friends. The teasing would make Twigs blush, and so to keep her them distracted from torturing his beloved girlfriend with their romantic remarks, Seth would quote lines from his animated television shows. Unfortunately that only resulted in both the kitchen and themselves getting in an even sloppier situation than before because of the girls constantly laughing and dropping whatever they had in their hands at the time onto the floor.

They had managed to get up to 8 layers of their Rainbow Cake Tower before everything started a turn for the worst.