Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 64: Louder

Simone started strumming the guitar to the beats of Neon Jungle’s song Louder. The four girls listened closely to the rhythm as they waited for Asami to start the beginning verse first while gently taping in their feet in time with the familiar beat. “Stepping outside my head. I don’t want to hear what you say.”

Jess started singing the second line right after her from where she sat comfortably cross-legged on the other couch. “I don’t want to fall down flights of stairs. Trip wires everywhere.”

Asami had the lowest voice in the group, so Amira stepped in to help her strengthen the next line by adding a higher background voice that wouldn’t be strong enough to overpower Asami. “I’m climbing. Trying to get from under you.”

Asami flash her an appreciative smile before continuing on by herself. “If you ask me back, I’ll go. I need distractions.”

Amira and Jess joined in with Asami for the buildup and would lead into the chorus. “So pull every pin, from every grenade and blow it all up in my face.”

Amira started off the chorus with her powerful voice. “Make everything…”

“LOUDER!” Everyone belted off at once together. “Do it til my skin vibrates. Make everything LOUDER. Do it til my ear drums break.”

Everyone lowered their voices at once to give Shereen the spotlight with her soulful voice. “More volts in the system. Drown out the systems. Everything louder, louder! I don’t want to listen just want to feel it, feel it. LOUDER! LOUDER!”

Jess brought everything back down as they entered the next verse. “Put me in a soundproof room.”

Then Amira joined in much like she did for Asami in the first verse. “A million miles from you.”

“My ears would still be bleeding.” Asami sang.

Jess joined in for her next line with a wink to Asami. “Shots of noise.”

Asami tried not to giggle at Jess. “Still seeping through. I wish I couldn’t hear you.”

Amira nudged her elbow at Jess as they both joined their voices together for the buildup. “So pull every pin.”

Asami asserted herself in almost at the last minute. “From every grenade, and blow it all up in my face.”

Amira threw a small pillow at Asami before repeating the chorus again. “Make everything…”

The rest of them joined as they randomly began to throw pillows at each other, trying to make the other ones mess up their lines. “LOUDER! Do it til my skin vibrates. Make everything LOUDER. Do it til my ear drums break.”

Their voices began to break as they struggled to dodge the pillows while holding back their laughter, but it ultimately made their song suffer in the end. Twigs hid in Seth’s chest, who kept his arms up to shield her from the flying cushion. Simone was the only one who wasn’t amused by their mini pillow fight and sharply clapped her hands together to catch her friend’s attention. “Yo, what the hell are you guys doing? Can you take this shit seriously instead of acting like a bunch of kids? You got a gig coming up, and you need to sound like perfection. Now, start back where you fucked up again please.”

Feeling a bit guilty, Neon Jungle started back up again with Shereen taking the lead. “More volts in the system. Drown out the systems. Everything louder, louder! I don’t want to listen just want to feel it, feel it. LOUDER! LOUDER!”

Amira cleared her voice and tried to keep a straight face after their random pillow fight. “You got the power. You got the power. You know the words that work. You know the words that work on me.”

Jess, Shereen and Asami joined in. “You got the power.”

“You got the power!” Amira belted.

“You got the power.”

“You got the power!” Amira belted, throwing her head back.

“You know the words that work. You now the words that work on me.” Jess, Shereen and Asami sang while pointing at Amira, who smiled and stuck her tongue out at them.

“That work on me.” Amira softly sang, pointing to herself before belting out the start of the chorus again. “Make everything…”

“LOUDER! Do it til my skin vibrates. Make everything louder. I want to hear my eardrum break.”

Shereen picked up her voice amongst the others. “More volts in the system. Drown out the systems. Everything louder, louder! I don’t want to listen just want to feel it, feel it. LOUDER! LOUDER!”

Neon Jungle began to dance in their seat, with Amira and Shereen taking turns with showing off their beautiful talented voices by singing ‘Louder Louder’ while Jess and Asami repeated the word ‘Brea-Brea-Brea-Break yeah!’ in the background. When the song finally came down to a close, the singing died down so only Jess was left to slowly sing out the last few words of the song. “Put me in a soundproof room. A million miles from you…”

Simone strummed the last few strings and let the hum of the melody stretch and fade away on it’s own. Before anyone in the room could applaud their performance, a loud cheer erupted from outside one of the living room window that made everyone jumped in their seats. Everyone in the room turned around to see the Guadalupe teenagers clapping and whistling in celebration for their performance. Neon Jungle and Simone burst out laughing when they found out they had a secret audience watching from outside all this time. They stood up to face their much younger audience, linked their hands together, and bowed graciously to them. “Thank you, thank you, you all are too kind!”

Seth got up from the couch with a chuckle and waved the kids away from the window. “Alright alright, get the hell out of here you guys, before your mother finds out you snuck out again. Go on, scat!”

The teenagers all let out a collective groan, and turned around to jog back to their house in the back of the property. Neon jungle watched them go in dismay before congratulating each other on a good job performance while Simone checked her phone to see what time it was. “Oh damn. Well uh, you guys did a pretty good job minus the pillow fight, which was extremely unprofessional and immature of you guys to do by the way! Despite all that, it’s actually getting pretty late and you need to keep yourselves well rested for the performance because if we don’t win that karaoke contest I’m going to disown every last one of you! Good? Okay, let’s head upstairs to bed.”

Seth stuck his hands deep in his pocket before addressing them. “Feel free to pick whichever guest rooms you guys would like to stay in. They all come with their own closet and bathrooms, and everything. And also please don’t mind looking through the kitchen any time you guys are hungry or thirty. My home is completely at your disposals.”

“Aww, thank you!” Neon jungle gushed before closing in on him with an appreciative group hug. Seth looked at Twigs for help as he awkwardly lifted his arms up to keep from touching them in any way. She gave him an approving nod that she was fine with him giving them a hug and that she wasn’t the least bit jealous about it. Even with her approval Seth still didn’t want to risk anything by touching them just in case, and instead opted to lightly pat the very tops of their heads but even that didn’t do anything to ease his discomfort by their open affections. When they finally let go of him, they hurried over to Twigs to give her their very own special hug and kiss on the cheek before they took off in a race to the stairs to pick the best room in the house. Simone grabbed her guitar before giving Twigs a hug and a kiss and a wave goodnight to Seth and then headed up to bed after the others.