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To Caress My Day

Chapter 65: Love Won't Let You Get Away

Twigs got up off the couch when her friends had left to go sleep in the guestrooms upstairs, and turned to face her boyfriend with a smile of adoration for him. “So are you ready for bed too, Mr. MacFarlane?”

Seth was just about to answer her when an interesting request popped into his head. This evening was still thriving with music, even when his piano keys sat neglected and his girlfriend’s friends had were no longer in the room with them. Tonight, he had listened to her friends perform a song for them after he had played his piano, and Simone was there to strum the melody to life. The only one he hadn’t heard music from tonight was his girlfriend, who was full of impressive talents. In fact, he couldn’t remember how long ago he had last heard her sing to him, and he was starting to believe that it was high time that she did. “Yeah, I’m definitely ready for some sleep. How about you sing me a little song on our way to bed?”

Twigs looked surprised that he was asking her to sing to him because she couldn’t quite remember the last time he had asked her to. “Really? Okay, what song would like me to sing to you then?”

Seth shrugged it off as to her decision before grabbing her delicate hand in his and gently tugged her along behind him out of the living room. “I don’t know. Pick anything you want, I just want to hear your voice.”

A dozens of songs jumbled into Twig’s brain at once as they walked down the long hallway towards the stairs. She looked each song option over carefully before discarding them all in the end until she discovered a particular one that had her smiling to herself at how appropriate of a choice it was. Picking up her speed, Twigs moved past him so that she was walking ahead of him a few steps, and then finally let his hand go to begin singing the first words to one of his song. “We quarreled and we spatted, from morning until night. We use to think it’s funny, but now it isn’t quite…” Twigs slowly turned around to look at him with amusement in her eyes, and slowly raise her arm up to point down the hall that would eventually lead to the front door if you continued to followed it down the second hallway. “…the laugh it was before. So if you’ll open the door. I’ll bother you no more.”

Seth broke out into a grin of surprise that she chose one of the songs off his album called ‘Love Won’t Let You Get Away.’ He wanted to ask her if she was seriously going to sing with him on this song by replacing his good friend Sara Bareilles off the album, but she had already read the question on his face and answered it with a strong confirming nod. Shoving his hands into his pants pockets with a sexy smirk now spreading across his lips, Seth strolled over to her with a dominant male cockiness. “My little chickadee, you may say that you’re through with me. You’ll have no more to do with me. You’re all through with me and good day.” When Seth had her backed up against the wall, he leaned over her with his arm resting on the wall above her head and stared deeply into her eyes with a smug look on his face combined with male interest. “But you’ll find that love won’t let you get away.”

Twigs desperately wanted to jump up and kiss him because of the short distance between their lips, but it wasn’t yet the perfect time, and so she slipped away from him to warn him with a stern finger. “I’ll find an area, more remote than Bavaria”

Seth shrugged off her empty threat, and followed close behind her, making sure to keep a comfortable distant. “I’ll still get in the hair of you, in Bavaria or Bombay. And you’ll find that love won’t let you get away.”

Twigs dismissed his promise with a wave of her hand. “It’s finny and done with.”

Seth caught up with her to lean over her shoulder. “Who will you have fun with?”

Twigs rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “You’re no laughs to be with.”

“Who’ll you watch TV with?” Seth asked her but she continued to avoid giving him an answer to any of his questions.

“You’re no one to pine for.” Twigs insulted.

“Who’ll you chill the wine for?”

“This is too-da-loo!” Twigs twirled around to sweep a hand between him to banish him away. “We’re through!”

Seth pretended to act as if he had finally accepted defeat and threw his arms up. “Just leave no trace at all. Hide your heart any place at all.”

Twigs crossed her arms over her chest and turned her back to him. “I won’t miss your embrace at all, or that face at all. Come what may!”

Seth didn’t believe her lies and wanted to rub it in. “Darling girl, I hope this won’t upset ya. But I’d like to bet ya. Love won’t let you get away.”

Twigs remembered the instrumental break in this point of the song, and began to twirl about the room, swaying this way and that while shaking her hips. Seth watched, completely entranced while trying to keep himself from getting an erection. The way she moved when she danced was captivating to him and so hypnotic, Seth didn’t know how anyone could not entranced by this woman of his. Twigs made sure to move closer to him before it was time for them to start singing the last part. She knew she had his undivided attention and that his eyes were tracking her every move. She placed her hands on his chest at the same time his arms wrapped around her waist, and closed her eyes as if in pleasure as she bent herself backwards. Seth let out a groan as his hands shifted to hold onto her waist to claim her against him. When she came back up, she flashed him an adoring smile that stole his breath before she gently pulled herself away from his arms to sing. “Darling, you astound me.”

Seth stepped forward with a pleading look. “Put your arms around me.”

Twigs gave him a weird look before reminding him. “But we’re through completely.”

“But you kiss so sweetly.” Seth complained, giving her an irresistible pout.

Twigs blushed at his compliment. “Must you always flatter?”

Seth strode over to her. “Must you always chatter at a time like this?” He yanked her up against his body and leaned down so that his lips brushed hers. “Let’s kiss.”

Twigs smiled as they sang together for the first time with their eyes glued to each other as they slowly swayed. “Well, here we go again. Caught in love’s undertow again. Latching onto that glow again. Here we go again. Hip hurray!”

Twigs slipped her arms up around his neck as Seth sang to her. “Let the cynics laugh, and try to bet us.”

“Their doubt won’t upset us.” Twigs assured him with a confident nod.

Seth pulled away to grab her hands and lead her up the stairs, all the while keeping his eyes on her as they sang together. “Love won’t let us get away.” As they got to the landing, he wrapped his arms around her waist and they began to walk together. “Love. Won’t. Let. Us. Get. Away.”

Now that the song was done, Twigs broke away from his hold, still humming the tune to herself as she danced down the hallway towards the bedroom. Seth followed with both love and pride in his heart as he watched her move, the material of her dress flying up around her legs when she twirled. As soon as she reached his bedroom door, she stopped dancing to push the door open and stroll on inside. Seth stayed behind to lean against the doorway to watch her some more. “Don’t…Don’t stop.”

Twigs looked up to see the familiar lust in both his eyes and the bulge in his pants. She bit back a smile and continued on with her dancing, but this time making it more slow and seductive. She made sure to keep eye contact with him as she ran her hands over her slender frame and flawless skin. Seth was immediately affect by her seduction performance and stepped further into the room so that he could capture her small face in his hand to press a loving kiss to her soft and eager lips. She let out a moan as her hands came up to cups his much bigger head in her dainty hands. Seth groaned and tilted his head so that he could slant his lips over hers to deepen the kiss, their tongues sliding over each other’s.

Seth pulled away to whisper hotly against her lips. “I love the sound of your voice, Pixie. It sounds so beautiful to me, thank you for singing it and giving me a lullaby to play over and over in my dreams.”

Twigs smiled up at him as her fingers found the buttons of his shirt and began to unbutton them. Seth let out a chuckle of relief that she hadn’t forgotten about how turned on he was watching her dance for him. She reached up and pressed a soft kiss to his lips as she whispered softly against his lips. “We have to be quiet. We don’t know which out of the thirty rooms in this house they’re sleeping in.”

Seth eagerly nodded. “Yeah yeah of course, that’s a good idea.” Letting her pull his shirt off, Seth gathered her up in his arms and took her to the bed where they struggled to have quiet sex. It wasn’t easy for either of them. When she got too loud he would have to stop and remind her to keep quiet, and when he got too loud she’d stop and remind him to quiet. They struggled to keep eye contact and to keep the pace slow, and let the pleasure drawn out. Twigs desperately wanted him to pound her into the mattress, and Seth severely wanted to hear her screaming into one of his pillows, but as they continued on with their slow kisses and touches, they found themselves becoming heavily affect by their slow lovemaking. The word ‘Love’ kept popping up in their minds whenever they’d kiss. Twigs couldn’t count the many times she had almost told him that she was in love with him whenever her lips were free of his. It was like being tortured to keep herself from admitting to him what she had been feeling for so long, and after they had both reached their climax, she had waited for him to fall asleep with her in his arms before she allowed a single tear to fall into her pillow.
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