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To Caress My Day

Chapter 68: Day Moon

“And THIS marvelous room is my dance studio!” Twigs exclaimed with pride, a full blown grin on her face.

Odette could tell that this room was Twig’s favorite as she stepped down the short stair onto the hardwood dance floor. “The same dance studio Seth had built for you not too long ago, right?”

Twigs nodded eagerly, as her eyes floated over the room. “Yup, that exact one. Oh I can’t tell you how much I love this room! I mean, I can honestly say that it’s my favorite room in the house.”

“Oh trust me, I can tell. It’s finely crafted, I mean the hardwood floors, the walls and those couches over there look perfectly divine. He really went all out for you.” Odette observed as she studied everything with a close eye.

Twigs raised an eyebrow at her, wondering if what she spoke was the truth. Had Seth never done this for his past girlfriends before, she thought to herself? “You really think so?”

Odette nodded. “Oh, for sure. I bet you he didn’t even glance once at what the total amount of all this work would cost him and probably just threw his money at everybody’s face. He’s done it before.”

Twigs was a bit taken aback by surprise by what Odette so nonchalantly admitted. Seth had carelessly spent money before on another woman? Was it on a former lover? “On another woman, perhaps?”

Odette hesitated before flashing her a reassuring smile to cover up her lie. “Not really, no, at least not like this.”

Sighing with relief, Twigs pushed aside her jealousy. “Oh, okay.”

“You know, you guys make a really cute couple together.” Odette said, recalling the two of them sitting together on the lounger earlier sharing a secret kiss with their friends only distant away.

Twig’s cheeks warmed up in a blush, and her hands came up to hide them with an embarrassed giggle. “Oh, thank you, that’s so nice of you to say.”

“No need to thank me, Tahliah. Anyone would think you two were good together. Hell they’d probably think you two were madly in love with one each other with how captivated you lovebirds seem to be.” Odette confessed with honesty before regretting what she had said the minute she saw Twig’s entire body tense up. Quickly turning the other way, Twigs began to walk away as if she were trying to avoid the topic.

Odette covered her mouth in remorse. “Oh goodness honey, I apologized if what I said offended you. Forgive me, I’m just prattling away a bunch of nonsense, really. I’m one of those women that don’t ever seem to get out much, as you can probably tell by my big mouth.”

“You’re right.” Twigs mumbled beneath her breathe as she wrapped her arms around herself in support.

Not catching what Twigs had whispered, Odette took a few steps towards her to hear her better. “I’m sorry, did you say something? I couldn’t hear you properly.”

Taking a deep shaky breathe, Twigs turned around to face Odette. She couldn’t hold it in anymore, her feeling for Seth COULDN’T be held back anymore. She had to say out loud, if only this one time. She had to let it out. Odette was spot on about the way they acted around each other and how it seemed like they were both in love, well, at least she was right where Twigs was concerned. Now that someone was finally mentioning Seth and the word ‘love’ in the same sentence, she could feel her stubborn protective barriers give way to allow her heart to sing a song that was only meant for the man she loved, Seth. “I said…you were right.”

Odette was still confused on what Twigs was trying to say, but before she could ask her to elaborate, the poor girl covered her face and took a seat on the expensive custom-made couch her boyfriend had ordered for her dance studio. Odette hurried over to her and took a seat beside her, her eyes filled with concerned for the young girl. “Tahliah, what is it? What’s wrong? Was it something I said?”

“Not it’s just…” Twigs dropped her hands from her tear glazed eyes to look into Odette’s ocean blue ones. She let out a shaky breath as her hands curled into anxious fists. “I’m in love with Seth.”

Odette was taken aback for a minute. She had already suspected that the young talented dancer was in love with her husband’s employer so it wasn’t her confession that surprised her. No, what shocked her was how upset Tahliah was over being in love with her boyfriend. It didn’t make sense to Odette at all, which only made her wonder if she had missed something else during their discussion. “I’m sorry, but could you repeat that again?”

Twigs closed her eyes and gave her a reluctant nod as she clarified. “I, Tahliah Debrett Barnett, am completely, madly, hopelessly, and passionately in love with Seth MacFarlane, the billionaire your husband, Derek, works for.”

Odette’s brow furrow as she still had yet to figure out why Twigs was so upset with being in love with Seth. When a single tear fallen down the Twig’s cheek it had Odette jumping into compassionate mode and scooting her slender frame close enough, she placed one of Tahliah’s hands in between hers. “Oh no honey, don’t cry. Being in love is a good thing, not a bad thing. Trust me, it’s nothing to cry about, unless it’s tears of joy, of course.”

Twigs shook her head as she internally fought to hold back anymore of her betraying tears from falling from her eyes. “No, you don’t understand. When we first started dating…no wait, that’s not right, it was further back than that. It was actually when we first started being intimate together that I had always hoped that I wouldn’t ever like him enough to ever WANT to throw caution to the wind for him and give up my private life to embrace the dark world of being by a rich man’s woman. But sometimes I think even back then…I knew that this would end up happening, and yet knowing that I STILL took the risk! I played it off like I was just innocent naïve girl that had never expected him to become the very air I breathe, the sips that I drink, the food I eat, or even perhaps…my purpose in life, but…I think I’ve always known it would come to this.”

Odette already informed about Tahliah’s and Seth’s relationship from her husband, and truly felt bad for love-struck girl. Reaching over, she pulled the tiny woman into a friendly hug. “It’s going to be ok, you hear me Tahliah? It won’t be like this forever. When the time comes you will figure this out and know what you must do, trust me on this.”

Twigs nodded her head as she wiped two stray tears. She pulled away to give Odette a reassuring smile that she was going to be okay. “Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I’m sorry for getting all emotional on you I just…I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.” She decided to forget about her recent confession to Odette and instead think of a way to thank the blonde woman for being a shoulder of strength to cry on in her time of need, even if they were still kind of strangers to each other. “You know what? I have an idea. How about you let me make it up to you for being so kind to me.”

Before Odette could say anything Twigs jumped off of the couch to stand a few feet in front of her. Twigs cleared her throat before she opened her mouth to give Odette a gift of appreciation by doing something for her she wasn’t comfortable doing earlier.

Gravity holds me close.
Under your gaze, feel your pull.
Every night my waves grow.
Crushing past the rocky view.

Day moon - I am your tide,
Your light gives me life.
Day moon, day moon.

Gravity holds me close,
Way past the shore.
Every night my waves grow.
Crushing past the view.

Day moon - I am your tide,
Your light gives me life.
Day moon, day moon.

Twigs didn’t bother to make her performance even more impactful and intense by dancing. By the look on Odette’s face, she could already tell she had impressed her greatly by simply singing alone. Odette flew off the couch and began to frantically clap her hands in an uproar once Twigs was finished. “Oh my god, that was incredible! That was…I can’t even…oh my god, do it again!”

“Okay, but ONLY if you promise not to tell Seth about everything I just said to you about being in love with him. I want to tell him on my own when the time is right.” Twigs asked her. She needed Odette to understand how uncomfortable she would be if Seth were to know about how she felt about him. It was important that he didn’t know yet and Twigs could only hope that Odette kept quiet about it in the meantime.

“I promise Tahliah, I won’t say a word to him.” Odette swore, crossing her heart with her finger. Twigs nodded in acceptance before she cleared her throat to sing again.
♠ ♠ ♠