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To Caress My Day

Chapter 69: The Entire World

By the time Twigs had finished giving Odette the tour of Seth’s mansion it was getting late. As they descended the stairs, the two men appeared from down the hallway to greet them.

“There’s my angel! Did you enjoy the tour?” Derek called up to his wife.

Odette nodded, her eyes shining in wonder. “Oh yes, this place is beautiful. You should check it out, honey.”

“Maybe some other time. Right now, we gotta head home. It’s getting late.” Derek informed her, checking his wrist watch.

“Oh alright.” Odette replied back as she wrapped her arms around his waist and gave his jawline a kiss. “Let’s start heading out then.”

The couple looked over at Seth who opened his arms when he saw Twigs coming over to him and enveloped her in. “Thanks for having us over, Seth. It’s was a lot of fun. We should do it again sometime, except maybe next time we’ll treat you two instead for lunch or dinner. Aw hell, we might as well book you two to entertain the rest of us with a duet.”

Twigs covered her face shyly and whined. “Oh no, you guys.”

Everyone laughed at her before they all shared their heartfelt goodbyes. Seth and Twigs watched the married couple drive off into the night until they could no longer see their car and then retreated back into the empty mansion together. As soon as Seth had flipped the lock and turned around, Twigs was right on him. His back hit the wall as she threw her tiny frame onto his and wrapped her limbs around him. His lips parted only to allow her mischievous tongue to invade his mouth, causing him to let out a surrendering moan and give in to her assault. Twigs ran her fingers through his short dark strands as their lips passionately moved over each other’s. Once they ran out of air they were reluctantly forced to separate. Twigs rested her foreheads against his as they calmed their breathing down, their eyes still from the effects of their drug induced kisses.

“I take it you missed my lips, huh?” Seth panted out with a grin on his face.

Twig’s lips curled into a smile. “Your lips aren’t the only things that I missed about you.”

Seth’s eyes snapped open to stare at her in surprise. “Oh you mean…”

“Uh huh.” Twigs nodded as she slowly opened her seductive eyes to stare into his hopeful ones. In a flash, Twigs was abruptly shifted in his arms, causing her to let out a sharp squeal in surprise and tighten her hold around him. Seth was climbing up the stairs two at a time to get to the bedroom as quick as he could. She couldn’t help but giggle at his eagerness before it turned into a scream when he threw her off of him and onto his king size bed. The wind was almost taken out of her lungs, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was Seth as he looked over her like hungry predator from where he stood at the foot of his bed.

He leaned over the bed to crawl over her slender body, but she stopped him by raising her foot and pressing it into his chest to hold him back. “Na uh, take my clothes off first…and then you can have your way with me.”

Seth raised an eyebrow at her as he straightened himself back up. “Getting kind of bossy now, are we?”

Twigs giggled as she seductively placed the tip of her index finger between her full lips. “Maybe.”

Seth got started on taking off her clothes. “So are you excited that we’ll be going to California together?”

He watched as she eagerly nodded and lifted her hips off the bed so he could loosen her sarong and pull it off. “So excited. I get to wake up next to you and then go to bed with you all the while getting this stupid gig finished so I can finally be able to spend quality time with you.”

“Maybe on your breaks I can take you down to my studios and show you around. Hell, maybe if you’re really good you get to see what goes on behind the scenes.” Seth grinned down at her as he unlaced the strings of his swimming trunks. Twigs quickly scooted herself to the foot of his bed so that he was standing between her legs with her lips a few inches only from his flat stomach. She heard him let out a gasp as his muscles clench with anticipation of how close her lips were to him. Slowly trailing her eyes up his chest until they met his eyes, Twigs gave him a sexy little smirk before leaning over to place her lips against his pale skin. Seth let out a groan as his hands shot out to tangle themselves into her messy bun of curls. “Oh fuck, baby…”

“But I’m always a good girl.” Twigs mouthed against his skin as her hands roamed his bare torso with eager fingers.

“Oh I know you are.” Seth whispered hotly to her as he pulled her back by her hair and tilted her head up so that she was looking at him. Giving his eyes a few minutes to take her in, he lowered his head to crush her lips beneath his with a ravaging kiss. Twigs let out a moan and spears her fingers through his short silky strands and clung to him. The ache between her legs was making her needy and desperate for him to slide himself back into her and make her scream his name once again. Pulling her fingers out of his hair and down to his swimming trunks, she hurriedly tried to peel the material back so she could get her fingers to grip onto the elastic band. She helped him tug the damp material down his legs before he helped her pull her entire one piece off of her body and tossed it away with his.

Wrapping an arm around her tiny waist, Seth carried her up the bed with him and then lowered her head down onto the nearest pillow. He grabbed ahold of his erection and positioned himself to enter her when her hand came down to cover her entrance. “Wait a minute, Seth. Wait a minute.”

Seth let out a growl. “What, Pixie? Can’t you see I’m hard here?”

Twigs ignored him. “Did you say that you were going to take me to your studios? The same studios where your animated shows are created?”

Seth nodded frantically. “Yes yes, that place! Now can we move on?”

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Twigs asked him uncertainly, continuing to ignore his suffering.

Letting out a heavy overdramatic sigh, Seth plopped himself down next to her on the bed before turning his head to look at her. “What do you mean, Pixie?”

Twigs chewed on her lips nervously. “Well, can you trust the people that you work with to keep our relationship a secret when they see us together? Can you trust them NOT go to the media with pictures or stories about us?”

Seth thought about it for a minute, his eyes wandering up to the ceiling as a frown slowly began to form on his face. “Ah…I see your point now. You got me there, baby. I can’t say without a doubt that I trust EVERYBODY in my studios 100% even after the many years they’ve been under my employment.”

Twigs didn’t like the look of uncertainty on his face, and so she cuddled closer against him to press a dozen comforting kisses on his cheeks to ward them away. “Oh baby, it’s okay. I’m sure I can come see your studio one day. Don’t worry too much about it right now and just forget about it.”

Seth turned his head just in time to capture one of her comforting kisses with his lips. She boldly slid her tongue into his, instantly re-hardening his erection to completion as one of her hands began to slide down his bare chest to gently take hold of him. Seth sucked in a breath before pulling his lips from hers so that he could soak in her undeniable beauty while she touched him. “You are so beautiful, baby…how I wish sometimes I could just show you off to the world, and I mean the entire WORLD, Tahliah, not just our friends and family.”

Twigs smiled down at him, wishing she could just say those three words that couldn’t be said just yet. “Oh Seth, you know we can’t.”

Seth nods and hides his pain behind his billion dollar smile. “I know, Pixie, I know. It’s just a wish, that’s all. A wish that I can…” An idea suddenly came to him that had him bolting up. “Oh my god, I got it!”

“Got what?!” Twigs exclaimed, startled by his abrupt movement.

He looked down at her with shining eyes full of excitement. “An idea. We don’t have to tell anyone who you really are. We can call you by another name. You can be the cousin or the niece of a high school friend of mine that is interested in making her own animated series too. Your dad got in touch with me and asked me to show you the ropes. It’s that simple, I’ll just pass you off as someone I’m not about to go down on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”

“Wha-” Twigs let out a cry as Seth disappeared from sight to spread her legs apart and flick his tongue over her quivering clit. She arched her back and flailed her arms around until she found a pillow and then smothered herself with it as he latched himself onto the sensitive nub and suckled onto it. One of his hand gripped one of thigh while the other one slid up her stomach to claim one of her breasts. Twigs let out a sharp gasp before surrendering herself completely under his spell.
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