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To Caress My Day

Chapter 7: My Only Solution

For the first time in what felt like days, Seth and Avery spent a relaxing day together. They had lunch together at home, watched a movie, and did some work on their separate laptops outside by the pool together. Throughout the day all Avery could think about was seeing Clinten again in their new apartment. Sure it wasn’t a luxurious space, but the amount of love Avery felt for Clinten completely erased that.

On the opposite lounge across from her, Seth was trying to focus on his work too but his mind kept wandering back to the brown eyed Pixie at the coffee shop. It was probably wrong of him to think about her, but he really wanted to see her again. How would he ever find her though?

Tahliah wasn’t a famous model or actress so he couldn’t easily get a hold of her. He did remember her friends being in a band though. If he found them, would he find her too? It was worth a try.

Biting his lower lip, Seth opened the internet on his laptop and did some research. In a few minutes, he found out they were having another small gig at the same underground night club that very night. What were the odds they would be performing in the same place he was invited to attend before? Maybe it’s fate trying to tell him something.

But what about Avery? He couldn't just leave her here. Since he didn't mention her existence before to the girls in the coffee shop, he kind of owes her on that, even if Avery didn't know about it. Seth felt his spirit dissipate at the thought of introducing Avery to Twigs as his girlfriend.

Seth looked over at Avery, noticing a soft smile on her face as she stared off towards the pool. What was she so happy about? “What are you smiling about over there, Ave?”

Avery looked at Seth, the smile disappearing fast. “What?”

“I asked why you were smiling. Did you find something funny on the internet?”

Avery blushed a little as she remembered what she was thinking about before he said her name. “Um, no I was looking for a gown for the charity ball. Did you find yourself a tux?”

“Yes, I did.” Seth sighed, not interested in attending another boring ball.

“Send me photos of it, so I can make sure we compliment each other at the ball.” Avery told him.

Seth nodded, hesitating on asking her to join him to the nightclub as he sent her the photos via email.

A small part of him hoped she would say yes so he can stop feeling like an unfaithful dog. Seth knew it would look that way if anyone witness it, but that hadn’t been his intention at all. The second he met his pixie, Avery no longer existed in his thoughts or memory. That fact alone was a little scary to him but more intriguing because a young woman that he met for about an hour could take over his mind in a matter of minutes and make him forget about a four year relationship that was his everything. On the other hand, a large part of him was hoping she’d refuse to come so he can be alone with his pixie. He could speak with her without having to worry about Avery calling the shots as to how long they stay or who they talk to. He could get to know his pixie without interruptions to fetch Avery something to drink or eat. And if he was lucky, he could hear his pixie sing without having to hear Avery’s complaints about how uncivilized the younger generations look these days. Unfortunately, Seth knew what he had to do.

“Avery, would you like to go out to a small club to listen to some local music?” Seth had no idea why he was doing this. What the hell was he hoping to accomplish? Not feeling like an unfaithful scumbag anymore?

Avery raised an eyebrow, her eyes glued on her laptop screen. “What are you talking about, Seth?”

Seth sat up, putting his laptop aside. “I met a band at the coffee shop awhile back. They invited me out to a gig, but I couldn’t make it. They’re performing there again tonight, and I thought you might want to go.”

“No, I have to get up early tomorrow to go over the dinner menu for the charity. Sorry.” Avery looked up for a second to flash him a fake apologetic smile before continuing back to ‘work’.

Seth nodded, expecting that answer already. “No problem. I understand, this charity is a huge event and I totally get that. We can spend some time together tomorrow, maybe?”

Avery nodded, not really listening as she continues to read a love letter that was sent to her email by Clinten unbeknownst to her boyfriend.


Naturally when Avery refused an invitation out, Seth always stayed home with her. This time, however, Seth was finding it extremely difficult to even think of going to sleep. Avery was sitting next to him, still looking at ballroom gowns next to him in bed on her laptop. Seth usually fell asleep by now, but he was feeling too restless.

Avery let out a soft sigh as Seth once against adjusted his laying position in their bed for the millionth time. She looked down at him to see him laying on his back with one arm behind his head and the other over his stomach, his fingers tapping against his flat stomach. Avery recognized this act as Seth being horny and is trying to give her a hint to start something. In the old days she would, but right now Avery only wanted to touch Clinten's dick. Unfortunately, she and Clinten aren't in a relationship together so she has to continue to do her girlfriend duties unless she wants Seth to get suspicious of her rejections. Seth has a lot of money, which makes Avery worried that he'll be able to discover her affair if he was suspecting it.

Avery reached under the sheets, into Seth's boxers and wraps her hand around his deflated cock. Seth sat up a little in shock. What was she doing, Seth thought. Normally he'd enjoy being touched like this by his girlfriend, but with the brown eyes and red lips of his pixie haunting his thoughts, it didn't feel like it should be something he should find pleasure in. Seth tried to move away, so Avery stopped.

"Do you want this or not?" Avery irritably complain, before she took his silence as a yes. She continues moving her hand up and down. Seth felt himself get hard, but his facial expression would've told anyone that he wasn't at all into it. It felt like forever for Seth to finally try and get into it, but the only woman that kept flashing behind his closed eyelids was Twigs. Seth's lips parted as he let out a soft groan, trying to imagine those red lips moving down his body. That thought alone was enough to make him cum if Avery's hand had not detached itself from his aching cock. Seth's eyes shot open to see his girlfriend closing her laptop, placing it on the nightstand, and laying down in bed, facing away from him.

"I'm tired." She whispered groggily.

Seth stared at the back of her head, getting over the shock that Twigs wasn't here and that it was Avery that was touching him. Guilt and anger started to corrode his mind, so he quickly went into the bathroom, leaving Avery to stare at the wall across from her, tears in her eyes. Seth turned on the light, staring at himself. He was thinking of another woman while with his girlfriend. Why would he do that? Why was that girl invading his every thought? He found himself thinking about her when he's taking out the trash or blowing his nose. How weird is that?

Seth decided then and there that he was going to go to that concert alone. If he saw Twigs (which is what he is praying for) maybe being around her will get him to stop thinking about her. Seth could get to know her and hopefully find out something terrible about her that will finally end his constant day dreams of her. If he's lucky, she'll be into some crazy shit, like swimming in cow manure or being a runaway serial killer...well maybe not that last one. Seth got dressed, typed in the address to the club in his GPS, and quickly hurried out the door.

"Goddamnit, Seth what are you doing? You have a perfectly good woman at home. You don't need to go out looking for another." Seth mumbled to himself, his hands turning white on the steering wheel of his black Maserati as he followed the directions of his GPS.

"I'm not going to just fall into bed with her. I just want to see her, that's all. I want to see her, and talk to her maybe." Seth defensively explained to himself out loud, trying to justify his secret journey.

"Yeah right, which is why she has no idea that you are dating a Fashion Designer, and your girlfriend doesn't know you're lusting after a young dancing tutor for a youth club." Seth reminded himself of the information he had held back from the two women he was currently having a mental battle over on his way to the club.

"I meant to tell Avery! I just...couldn't find the right moment. I mean, it's not like I'm cheating, I've crossed no lines. I just have a tiny interest in a much younger lady. I won't cheat, I just want...I want her to stop being the center of everything I think about. I don't even know the girl yet I'm..." Seth trailed off, searching for the right word.

"Enchanted." Seth answered himself.

"Yeah, exactly. I just want it to be me and Avery again. Seeing, Twigs is my only solution now." Seth intimately shared, shrugging his shoulder.

That's what Seth was supposed to want, what any man who struggled against their desire for another woman should want...but he didn't. Seth wanted to see Twigs for reasons he wasn't certain were true or not. He just knew he had to see her. He had to know what she had done to him. He had to somehow break her spell over him, because he could no longer go about living in a fantasy.
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