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To Caress My Day

Chapter 70: Melissa

Two weeks later, after Twig’s video gig was pushed back another week, the couple had finally entered the ever so famous California state and immediately got started on their own separate work schedules so they could make some time to spend together later on. Derek and Odette were also invited to join them on their trip, and they took full advantage of it to vacation themselves. Every morning, Seth went straight to his studios while Twigs went off to practice her moves for the music video with the other dancers that had already touched down. The couple kissed each other goodbye in the mornings before they went their separate ways, and then later in the night, would sleep in each other’s arms. Derek and his wife were practically on vacation while Twigs was on set, and were kind enough to never complain whenever they had to end their time together to come and pick her up. For the first week, Twigs was all about the music video, and completing her scenes to the best of her ability. When the second week rolled around and she had finished filming her parts in the music video, she was finally set free. On her first day off, she was quickly whisked away by Derek to visit her boyfriend at FOX studios. To say that she was nervous was an understatement. She knew Seth was going to introduce her as the niece of a high school friend of his and that she was simply interested in animated television much like him, but that still didn’t help to calm her nerves. Deciding on the last second to go the extra mile to protect her identity, she bought herself a long fake ombre wig with side bangs to disguise herself with, and also removed her signature red lips, her septum ring, and her various earrings. Before they had left the house, Twigs begged Odette to help her do her makeup in a more natural way. She finished off her disguise with a pair of big black oval glasses, but now that they were on the road getting closer to FOX studios she was beginning to wonder whether or not she looked ridiculous.

“Derek, how do think I look, and be honest about it?” Twigs desperately called to him from where she sat in the backseat nervously tousling her new hairdo while simultaneously checking on her makeup in a small compact mirror that Odette let her borrow.

He quickly glanced through the rearview mirror at her changed appearance before looking back to the road. “You look different than you usual, that’s for sure.”

Twigs sighed impatiently and rolled her eyes. “Well yeah, that’s the point. What I’m asking you is if you think I might look unrecognizable from the music videos I’ve participated in in the past.”

Derek shrugged. “Yeah, I guess so. I mean, if they’ve watched the music videos you’ve been in before they’d probably be able to recognize your dark curly hair and pixie-like features that Seth goes on and on about whenever you’re brought up in a conversation. But I can tell from here by your clever disguise that you don’t look anything like that girl Twigs.”

She nodded uncertainly, still in doubt about her disguise. “Do you think I should have at least changed into something more professional, like a suit maybe?”

“Let it go, Tahliah. What matters is you don’t look anything like FKA Twigs anymore, so you’re good.” Derek assured her, hoping she’d calm herself down before she became too anxious and suddenly decided to call off this meeting with her boyfriend out of fear.

“You’re right. I just…I just need to calm down and keep it together.” Twigs agreed after taking a deep breathe to help calm her frazzled nerves.

Derek nodded. “Exactly. Just sit back and relax, just think about Seth or something that might help.”

The mere mention of her boyfriend’s name had her grinning with so much love it was making her cheeks flush with a rosy tint. She remembered last night when he had tried to seduce her into having sex with him in the kitchen by using his Glenn Quagmire voice, and how hard she had laughed even when her body was going through the throes of multiple orgasms. That experience alone was the most hilarious and outrageous moment she had ever had in her life. Even now, Twigs found herself giggling in the backseat over the things he had said before and after he was inside her. Derek could tell by her blushing in his rear view mirror that he shouldn’t pry into why she was giggling to herself. He could tell it was something totally inappropriate and he did not want to know. Rather, Derek continued to focus on the road, until they had finally reached their destination at FOX studios. He spoke to the guard outside of the small guard shack outside of the gated studio and mentioned to him that Mr. MacFarlane was expecting them. The guard stepped into his box to confirm it with him over the phone before granting Derek access inside by pressing a red button. Twigs kept silent in the backseat while Derek found a parking space before getting out of the car to open her door for her. “And here we are, Miss Melissa, the Family Guy Studios.”

Hesitantly, Twigs stepped out of the car, feeling completely out of place and confused as to why he called her by another name. “Um…why did you just call me Melissa?”

“Mr. MacFarlane’s new name for you while you’re here. He doesn’t want anyone researching your real name or anything like that, just in case they’re curious and end up finding something they shouldn’t.” Derek informed her as he closed the car door and locked it.

“Oh, okay.” She whispered as she tried not to wring her fingers nervously.

Derek placed a gentle hand on her back to urge her to walk with him. “Follow me, I’ll take you to the reception desk.”

Twigs nodded and allowed him to lead her through the front door of one of the many buildings in the surrounding area, and then to where the receptionist was located. Seth had been leaning against the receptionist’s desk since he’d received the call about walk-in visitors, and was hoping to be the first person his girlfriend would see when she walked in. However, he was a little confused when the person that walked in behind his friend Derek didn’t look at all like the woman he was secretly in love with. He stepped forward to give Derek a confused yet irritated look. “Uh, Derek my friend, what’s going on here? Where is our guest, Melissa, the one you were supposed to be bring here?”

The woman boldly stepped forward and pushed her heavy side bangs out of her eyes so that he could see her face more clearly. Though her makeup was applied to what the younger generation was wearing, Seth could still see that she was the woman he loved in disguise. He broke out into his famous smile as he internally reined himself back from wrapping her up in his arms in front of his co-workers that were passing them by. “Oh my god, it’s you! Jesus Christ, I almost didn’t recognize you. What’s with the wig and the makeup? Did you…did you take your septum out?”

Twigs grinned right back at him. “It was a last minute decision in case someone might recognize me from any of the music videos I’ve been in.”

Seth was so love-struck at the moment. “I get it. I just…damn, I just wish I could kiss you right now.”

“Me too.” Twigs admitted with a cute pout.

Derek noisily cleared his throat to interrupt their romantic reunion before whispering among them. “You guys, you need to stay in character, remember?”

Seth snapped right back to reality and pulled her into a friendly hug. “MELISSA! It’s been so long since I’ve seen old quarterback Jordan, how is he?”

“O-Oh he’s…uh fine, of course! He misses seeing you around town, and hopes you’ll pay him a visit next time you come down for a visit.” Twigs played along.

Seth pulled away and smiled down at her. “Tell him I will definitely drop by the next time I roll into town.”

Now that the two were back into character, Derek felt it was safe enough for him to wander off to greet some of the staff members that he’d become familiar with while under the employment of Seth MacFarlane without having to worry about the couple. Neither of them noticed Derek leave as Seth leaned down a bit to whisper to her. “Your name is Melissa and you are the cousin of a guy I use to go to high school with by the name of Jordan, just in case Derek didn’t fill you in.”

Twigs nodded now that she got more information on her new identity as Melissa. “Don’t worry, I got it.”

Seth smiled down at her with pride and with a secret love that she didn’t know existed. “Of course you do, my Pixie. You’ve got everything right.” He gave her a wink before turning around to gesture over to the receptionist desk where a lady sat typing away on her computer. “This is the receptionist area.” The walls and ceiling were all white except for the random illuminating blue light that was designed to peak out of the ceiling above the main entrance and the reception area. People were walking here and there, giving Seth a nod or a wave as he led her through the left hallway that led into the hang out area which consisted of couches, ping pong table and a TV among other things. “And this is where everyone comes to take a break, and be lazy, you know.”

Twigs nodded as she clasped her hands together to keep from reaching out to hold his hand. “Wow, this is a big room.”

Seth stuck his hands in his pockets to keep himself from touching her as well. “Yeah well, there’s a lot of people that work here and they need all the room they can get right?”

“Hey Seth, who you got there?” A familiar voice called from the couch.

The couple turned around to see an older man wearing dark shades propping his feet on the coffee table. He had a huge smile on his face, but it was his voice that sounded familiar in her head. Leaning close to her boyfriend, Twigs whispered beneath her breathe. “Who’s that?”

Seth smiled and waved at him. “Oh, him? That’s Adam West.”
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