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To Caress My Day

Chapter 72: Inadequate

Mike Henry pointed down one of the many hall while Twigs and Seth lingered behind him, ‘accidently’ brushing their fingers over each other as they walked side by side. “Hey, how bout we show her some of the rough animations in here, Seth?” Mike smiled at Twigs. “This is where it all first starts to take motion, Melissa.”

“Oh really, that sounds amazing.” Twigs gushed with excitement as she eagerly followed in behind him, but in those last seconds before she stepped completely into room she had to abruptly bite down on her tongue to prevent herself from letting out a squeal at the sensation of her ass being grabbed from behind her by her sneaky boyfriend.

“This is James Pardom, one of our Art directors, and Andy Talky our animatic specialist.” Mike introduced the two men sitting behind the computers as they each reached out to shake her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you two.” Twigs said before noticing a familiar dog on their computer screens. “What are you working on over there, is that Brian Griffin, the family dog?”

“Could you play something for her, so she can get a sense on what you losers do in here all day?” Seth encouraged them in hopes of distracting himself from staring at his girlfriend’s behind so openly.

“Oh, ha ha ha, Seth." Andy sarcastically laughed before flipping him off with a playful smirk. Everyone else laughed at their silly banter.

“Yeah sure, why not? Let’s see how the episode is shaping up so far.” James nodded as he and Andy stepped aside from the computers so that she could see the animation better. They tapped a few keys on the keyboard to get the animation started.

The scene had the unpainted Griffin family on the couch in the living room with Stewie sitting on Lois’s lap and Brian sitting by their side of the couch on the floor. Brian Griffin, the family dog, started talking to the whole family, but it was in a slight jerky motion rather than the smooth motion every fan was familiar with by now. “You know, guys, this is a real opportunity to promote quality programming. I think we should watch PBS.”

Stewie didn’t look too supportive of his best friend as he narrowed his eyes at the dog. “Yeah, you’re real passionate about PBS. You donated once five years ago and they sent you a mug. And now the mugs so old that the ‘P’ has been worn off so that it just says B.S.” Stewie crossed his arms in distaste as he grumbled. “It’s libtards like you that are screwing up our country.”

Twigs covered her mouth as she laughed as her skin shivered with goosebumps at the sound of her boyfriend’s voice coming from the speakers as the voice of Brian Griffin. She couldn’t have been more proud of him in that moment even if the animation wasn’t yet perfect. “Oh my god! This show is too silly.”

“Yeah, we spend our workdays constantly laughing over this ridiculous crap.” Seth said as he ushered her and Mike out of the room before waving goodbye to his employees. As they headed down the hall they came across Seth Green stuffing his face with a huge hamburger. He couldn’t say much considering that his mouth was full of fast food, but he did manage to muffle out a ‘hi’ and give her a quick wave before he rushed towards the booth to record his Chris Griffin’s scene.

After that quick drive-by greeting, Twigs was introduced to some of the other artists that drew the characters of the show; Eddie Acosta, and Mick Cassidy who allowed her to see the sketches they were currently working on. Mike urged them to draw Melissa as a Family Guy character before she departs in a few hours. The two artist agreed to it when their employer, Seth, voiced that it would be a good present for her to remember this experience bye when she returns to her home town. Twigs was thrilled at the idea, but couldn’t stay long as they had to move on to their next destination. Mike lingered in the doorway to whisper to the artist to draw their employer in the picture with her.

Finally, they made it to Seth’s office, and he couldn’t be more than happy to see it again. He was mentally trying to figure out a way to get Mike to leave him alone with ‘Melissa’ when his good friend jerked his thumb at Seth’s office door. “Well, I better get going. I’ve been hearing whispers about cake being in the receptionist area and I need to get there before it’s all gone. You know how greedy these miscreants can be. I’ll see you two later.”

The couple big him farewell as Mike closed the behind him on his way out. Once he was out of sight, Seth strode forward to snap close all the blinds in his office so that no one would be able to peek in and see what he was about to do to ‘Melissa’. When the couple were completely hidden from prying eyes, Seth wrapped his arms around Twig’s tiny waist and lifted her right off her feet and right onto his desk with ease. She let out a sharp gasp of surprise, and opened her mouth to say something, but was silenced by the bruising pressure of his lips smashing down onto hers. Her mind was completely wiped clean of everything but the slick of his tongue, the warmth of his lips, and the hotness of his breath before his lips pulled away from hers to rain kisses all over her face and down her neck. Twigs eyes fell shut as she arched her back and tilted her head up to surrender more of her neck to him. Her hands were reaching out for something to grab onto on his desk, but only ended up knocking his pencil holder over and spilling the utensils inside all over his desk. “S-Seth…w-we can’t!”

“I know. I know, baby, I know.” Seth whispered hotly in her ear before his hands came up to cup her small delicate face and descend his lips back down onto hers again. “But God, I want to so badly!”

Twigs let out a soft moan as they panted heavily against each other’s lips in-between their kisses. “Oh please…d-don’t put that th-thought into m-my head.”

Seth slightly smirked before their lips connected again and their bodies began to eagerly push up against each other’s. She could feel his erection growing between the volcanic heat between her legs and she wanted nothing more at that moment than to throw her clothes off and have him inside her right there ontop of his desk, blinds or no blinds. Their lips were heavily glued together until four soft knocks on his door caused them to pull apart and look toward the direction of the sound with wide eyes. Twigs hopped off the desk and fell into the nearest chair, while Seth hurried over to his own chair on the other side of his desk just in time for his office door to swing open. Twigs was just thinking about how relieved she was that she didn’t wear her signature red lipstick today when she looked up to see one of the most beautiful women in the world come walking in, Mila Kunis. Twigs stares at her with wide surprised eyes as the beautiful brunette flashed her a quick smile before heading over to Seth’s side of the desk. Twigs watched as her boyfriend flashed Mila his billion dollar smile before getting up to give her a warm hug. “Oh hey Mila, it’s nice to see you today.”

“Likewise!” Mila exclaimed in excitement, moving a small box in her hand aside so that their bodies wouldn’t crush the cardboard material.

Twigs stared at the two of them, her previous happiness diminishing by the seconds that ticked by as the two continued to hold each other. She couldn’t help but feel a wave of inadequacy overcome her at the sight of the beautiful employee that worked for her boyfriend. If someone were to put her next to Mila, there wouldn’t be a beauty contest at all. She didn’t stand a chance against a woman like her, in fact, the woman who voiced Meg Griffin looked like she was more Seth’s type than Twigs was! Twig’s heart dropped down to her stomach when realized that herself.

Mile pulled away from Seth to open the box of goodies that she brought in with her. “I was wondering if you wanted a cookie. I ended up getting extras for everybody since I’ve been wandering around here waiting for my turn in the booth. I figured to pass the time I’ll just feed every person I see, I guess.”

Seth chuckled. “Yeah sure, thanks.” He reached in, grabbed a pumpkin shaped cookie and took a greedy bite out of it. “Mmm, that’s a good pumpkin.”

Mila then retreated back towards Twigs and held out her goody box to offer her some too. “Hello, my name is Mila Kunis. I’m sorry I just came barging in here like that, I’m just really bored wandering around with nothing to do until it’s my turn to do my voiceovers. Since I have these extra cookies, would you like some too? You can take as many as you’d like.”

Twigs declined with a shake of her head. “No, thank you.”

Seth came around his desk, and gesture with his hand to his girlfriend. “Mila, this is Melissa, a cousin of a friend I had in school back in my hometown. She’s inspired to follow into my footsteps so I’m showing her the ropes. Melissa this is Mila, she does the voice of Meg Griffin.”

Milla held out her small delicate hand to shake Twig’s equally tiny feminine hand. “It’s so nice to meet you. Again sorry for barging in.”

Twigs waved it off with a strained smile. “Oh no, please it’s no big deal. It’s nice to meet you too.”

Just as Seth was about to open his mouth, Seth Green popped his head between the opening of Seth’s office door in search for Kunis and upon spotting her, whistled to grab her attention. “Hey Mila, it’s your turn in the booth. Better get a move on or you’ll slow production down because of your lazy ass.”

“You sonofa-” Mila threw a small cookie crumb at him but Seth Green had already disappeared from sight. She turned back to the couple and flashed them a smile. “Well, I better get going. Got work to do.”

As she got close to the door, Seth Green reappeared to snatch a cookie from her box before taking off down the hall again. Mila gasped and jumped in surprised before glaring after him. “Screw you, asshole!” She gave the couple a friendly wave. “Anyway, see you two later. I hope you enjoy your stay here Melissa, and listen carefully to this guy, he knows what he’s talking about.”

Twigs gave her a firm nod, and was relieved when Mila finally left. Seth walked over to completely close the door, before turning around to see his girlfriend looking a bit forlorn.
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