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To Caress My Day

Chapter 73: Most Perfected Creature

After Mila Kunis had left his office, Seth had turned around to see his beloved girlfriend looking forlorn from where she sat in front of his office desk. “What’s wrong, Pixie? You look upset about something all of a sudden.”

Twigs jumped a little in her seat, having been lost in her own deep thoughts. She hadn’t meant for Seth to see the desolate look on her face, but she couldn’t help keep it to herself. Competition like Mila Kunis was something Twigs had never come across before. Twigs didn’t have the kind of low self-esteem that would cause her to lose her mind whenever her man spoke to the opposite sex, but she also didn’t confidently believe that she was the most beautiful woman in the world that every man would want to be with. Twigs only ever saw herself as ordinary simple Twigs, nothing more than that, but right now she felt like a naïve teenage girl that was jealous because her boyfriend had been talking to a girl that was much prettier than herself. It wasn’t like her to feel that kind of way, she was too grown for all that drama, so then why was it she was feeling this way? Twigs wasn’t sure, but she didn’t want Seth knowing the truth of it…yet. “Oh it’s nothing, I was just spacing out, you know? Your friend Mila is very beautiful, quite literally one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, if I must be honest.”

“Have you never looked in a mirror before?” Seth asked her with a teasing smile, and earning an eye roll in response.

“I’m being serious, right now.” Twigs told him, raising an eyebrow at him. She was trying to hide how she truly felt about being inadequate, in terms of her beauty being compared to Mila’s beauty, but she couldn’t keep herself form hiding it from him. Seth was able to see through some of it, and was shocked that she would feel that lowly about herself. In his eyes, Twigs was the most perfectly crafted woman on the entire face of the planet, no competition! He always figured she saw herself the same way he did, but clearly that wasn’t the case. Seth was going to need to approach this subject differently.

He had a look of disapproval on his face as he frowned. “Well, I can agree that she is a pretty young lady, but I personally wouldn’t say that she is THE sexiest or MOST beautiful woman alive.”

“Are you serious?” Twigs wasn’t surprised that he found Mila pretty, because who wouldn’t? No, she was more surprised that he claimed Mila wasn’t the most desirable woman in his own eyes. She was certain he would have. Again, what man wouldn’t? “You don’t seriously believe that she isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world?”

Seth walked over to the front of his desk and leaned against it with his arms crossed over his chest, facing his doubtful girlfriend. Her last question bugged him a bit, simply because it was an easy question that was expected to be answered with an honest yes. Unfortunately for her, he was about to disappoint. If he were to say yes now, it would still be a down right lie. Mila Kunis is probably the kind of woman he would’ve dated before in the past, especially if she was a blonde. She was considered a Hollywood Starlet after all, and Seth was known for dating a large amount of them in his time as the Billion Dollar Man. Of course, those kinds of relationships never really lasted long for him, except with Avery, who he thought was going to be the one that would end up having his last name, but evidently he was wrong there. Twigs definitely didn’t fit the bill when it came to being compared to his many former Starlet girlfriends, but something told him that’s what he liked about her most. She was something real.

“Yeah. Yeah, I am being serious.” Seth told her with a confident smile, before pushing himself off his desk and returning back to his seat.

Twigs was now staring at him like he had two heads. “I can’t believe this. How could you not see her as the most beautiful woman ever? This doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Seth was leaning back in his chair with ease. “It’s because Mila can’t ever measure up to the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world, it’s as simple as that. Believe it or not, I’ve already had the honor of meeting that incredibly special woman.”

He watched as his girlfriend shifted to the edge of her seat, and leaned forward towards his desk, completely intrigue by his story. “You have? When? Where did you meet her?”

Seth’s eyes trailed up towards his ceiling as he pretended to recall when he met God’s most perfected creation. “Let’s see, I believe it was a few months ago in a café in London, England.”

Twig’s tilted her head to the side uncertainly. She had met Seth in a café a few months ago in London. Was he talking about their encounter together, or was he talking of another encounter with another woman? She couldn’t be 100% sure, and so she decided to dig a little further to find out who this woman was. “Oh, you did, did you? What did she look like? Did you speak to her?”

Seth leaned forward in his chair to rest his arms on his desk and linked his fingers together. “Well, this perfect being was encased in flawless tanned skin that I’m sure felt softer than silk at the touch. Her hair wasn’t a bone straight beach blonde, or a mermaid waves brunette like I’m used to seeing, in fact it’s naturally curly and as black as the deepest abyss of the darkest ebony stone. Her eyebrows are just as thick and dark too, it actually quite sexy to me since most of the women I date have these thin sticklike eyebrows.” His eyes began to daze off as he relived the first time he saw her in the cafe. Twigs watched as he subconsciously left the room to travel back in time to find the old her again instead of the disguise that sat in front of him. She was too touched by the emotions on his face to want to pull him back to her and so she sat and stared. “She has the world’s most cutest and perfect little nose I’ve ever seen, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of sculpted ones, and I’m totally talking about a roomful of what the world would believe to be the perfect nose. There’s also this septum ring she wears that I’ve always wanted to touch, but I don’t want to freak her out if I ever did. I usually don’t find those types of piercings all that flattering, nor the many ones she has on her ears but…on her? They are just perfect, they were made for her. I wouldn’t change it even if I had the power to. She also has these big brown pixie eyes that can stop a heart from across the room, much like she did mine in that moment. She didn’t even know it. And her lips, Jesus Christ don’t get me started on those lips. They are literally the most luscious lips ever! They are constantly begging to be kissed, and I bet in doing so they’ve stolen many breathes before. It didn’t help me much that her mouth was painted a bold red color when I first saw her. With a mouth like that she’d be able to take over the world with just a simple smile.” Twigs continued to watch him as he continue to warm her heart and then begin to ache with her unspoken love for him. “She has an accent too of course, you know because she lives in the UK, but she also has this lisp too that I find so obsessively harmonious, that I’m pretty certain it’s become a quality that I now find to be a must-have if I ever date again.”

“Seth.” Twigs softly called to him, catching his attention simply with the sound of her voice. “I’m here, baby. You don’t have to go and search for me. I’m right here underneath this disguise.”

Seth was confused at first before remembering that he had drifted off into his own world and left his girlfriend behind so that he could remember her at a time before she was even his. “Oh shit, I’m sorry!” He laughed and rubbed his face in embarrassment. “I can’t believe I rambled away like that. I didn’t mean to go off and completely ignore you, Pixie.”

Twigs brushed it off without a care. “It’s alright, Mr. MacFarlane, I understand. This beautiful mystery woman has captivated you with her perfect features, so I think she’s the one to blame, not you.”

“Tahliah.” Seth mumbled as he gazed at her with his own unspoken love for her.

“What?” Twigs asked him softly, giving him a heart racing smile.

“The mystery woman. Her name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett...just in case you didn’t catch on before.” Seth repeated to her with a cocky smirk on his lips.

Twigs couldn’t help but blush, despite the fact that she already knew he was describing her as the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world to him. Still, hearing his speech about it helped to solidify it for her and chase away her doubts about Mila. Seth smiled right back at her before an idea popped into his mind. “I have an idea. How about before you go, you can come down with me to the booth and watch me work my magic?”

Her brown eyes lit up with excitement. “Are you serious? Oh my god Seth, that sounds amazing. I would be so honored to see you work!”

“Good, it’s settled.” Seth declared before his office door opened to reveal Mike Henry with two paper plates packed with lunch from the receptionist area, where there turned out to not be cake, much to his dismay. He placed the two plates onto Seth’s desk, and nodded as the couple each gave him an appreciative thanks. Just to be funny, Mike bowed to the both of them like a waiter would and gesture to their meal as he put on his Herbert the Pervert voice. “Enjoy your lunches now yall, mmmmmm.”

The couple burst out laughing as Mike closed the door behind him and headed back to work. After finishing up their meals and ending their flirtatious lunch conversations, Seth escorted his girlfriend back to the booth where he dropped a few lines down while sending her a smile every now and then. Twigs sat in the recording room with the two other guys. She was also given a copy of the script to read along to, and from what she could tell Peter and Brian were trying to fix television in general after Peter ruined it and made everyone hate him for it, including his best friends Joe and Quagmire.

“We’re sunk now, Peter. There goes your one chance to get TV back to the way it was.” Seth said as Brian Griffin, who, according to the script, was standing beside the couch next to Peter, who was slumped on it in defeat.

“Wait a minute. Maybe not, Brian. I think I just got an idea.” Seth flashed Twigs a quick smile before he continued on reading the next line when a light bulb that was levitating over Peter’s head was shattered when Peter stood up from his chair, causing his face to bleed from being imbedded with shards of glass. “Aah! I got glass in my face! Oh, crap. Now I forgot what it was.”

Peter had sat back down in the script in deep thought, until his previous idea came right back to him along with a brand new light bulb over his head. “I got it!” Seth let out another cry as Peter stood right back up again and shattered the light bulb with his head, once again getting wounded. “Aah! Son of a bitch!”

Seth stopped there for a minute and looked up to see his girlfriend nearly falling out of her chair in laughter while the other two men in the recording room were clutching their stomachs. He couldn’t help himself from laughing too.
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