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To Caress My Day

Chapter 75: You Came Early

Twigs didn’t want to hear Seth’s apology anymore, especially when it wasn’t at all necessary, and he hadn’t really done anything wrong. Lifting her hand to place her fingers over his lips, she silenced him before he could finish. Seth flinched in surprise beneath her finger tips, and then reached up to cover her hand with his. He turned her hand over to press a soft lingering kiss to the center of her palm. Twig’s brown eyes drifted up to his and stared deeply with a love that he still didn’t know existed. “Seth, I meant what I said before. I do understand, I really do. I’m not upset that you’re so busy with a career that you worked so hard to build that is now worth billions of dollar. I just…I’m just going to miss you so damn much when you’re gone. Too damn much, if you ask me. No longer being able to be in yours arms anymore, and not having the feeling your lips against mine...” Twig’s eyes drifted down to his lips and then returned to his brown eyes with a new spark of sexual desire. Seth’s lips parted as her voice lowered into a sexy husk that spoke directly to his dick. “…not having your body between my legs anymore, and probably the worst of it all, not having you inside me as often as I’d prefer it.”

“Shit.” Seth cursed as he felt his pants strain against his aching hard-on. He forced himself to look away from his seductive girlfriend to help cool his stampeding desire to shove her down on the couch and thrust himself into her, and instead, stared into the flickering flames of the fireplace.

Twigs giggled in amusement before getting right back to what she was saying before she drifted off to tease him. “Baby, it’s selfish of me to say this to you, but I feel like I have to. I honestly want you to be around me all the time. In fact, if I had it my way you would be.”

Seth nodded in agreement as he continued to stare into the flames. In his own frustration, he ran his fingers through his short dark hair. “I know, Pixie. Trust me, I know. I feel the exact same way about you too, probably even more so. I swear I would be so much happier if I had you cuffed to my wrist every minute of every damn day!”

Wanting him to look at her again, Twigs reached over to place her palm against his cheek and gently turned his face to back to hers. “BUT I also understand that that can’t happen, and as hard as it is for me to hear it, I must learn to accept it. Seth, I know how important your career is to you simply because of how mine is to me. I knew that if it were the other way around, you would never ask me to choose between my career and you. You’re very different that way than most people I’ve met, which is why I refuse to make you choose between me and your career either. It’s not fair of me to ask you to do something that you wouldn’t ask in return.”

Seth was speechless by her speech and was staring at her in complete awe. He couldn’t believe what she had said to him. She wasn’t going to make him choose between his career that he’s worked so hard to accomplish, or her, the woman who currently had his heart, his everything, the very air he breathed. It was hard for him to believe that this woman wasn’t following the same script that his many exes had rehearsed to him in the same exact situation that they were in right now. No…wait a minute. Of course Twigs wouldn’t do that. His pixie was different than the rest of them, and she had proven that many times in the past. She wouldn’t just read the script like a mindless machine, she would look within herself, into the innocent purity that made up her heart. Seth was grinning and graciously placed dozens of kisses to the palm of her hand. “Thank you….and I mean that, thank you! Jesus Christ, you have no idea how much this means to me, Tahliah! So many times I’ve been here before, and each time…each time they made me choose. But not you, never you…right?”

Twigs gave him a sincere smile that lit up the room and literally chased away any remaining doubts that tried to hide within his mind. “Right baby, I’ll never put you in that kind of situation where you have to choose, I promise.” Her brown eyes caught the sight of Seth’s erection threatening to bust right through the zipper of his pants before drifting back up to his eyes. “Now, seeing that I acted so irrationally earlier and stressed my poor baby out…I think the least I can do is to help you relax again.”

Seth tilted his head in curiosity. “Oh yeah, and how are you gonna do that, by giving me a back massage?”

Twigs shook her head before pointing towards the couch behind them. “Have a seat on the couch first.”

Not thinking much of it, Seth stood up and plopped down onto the middle of the couch. “Okay, here I am. What’s next?”

Standing up, Twigs walked over to him in her flowy slightly sheer dress and stopped right in front of him. Seth raised an eyebrow in interest, while she simply stood there smiling down at him. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when she showed him what was underneath her dress. Reaching down, she pulled the end of her dress high enough to reveal his surprise. She watched as lust exploded into fireworks deep in his brown eyes as his jaw dropped. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Oh shit…” Seth mumbled to himself before his hands shot down to his button and zipper where he began to wrestle the confinements loose. Twigs couldn’t help herself from laughing at how ridiculous he looked bouncing around on the couch frantically trying to pull his erection out of his pants. By the time he was finally able to he was already out of breathe.

Twigs laughed again and shook her head at his silliness before she placed her knees down onto the couch and began to climb up onto his lap. Seth straighten himself back up and eagerly placed his hands on her hips to help guide her to him. Twigs leaned down to press a soft kiss to his lips. “Shhh now, just relax and let me take care of everything else, okay?” When she received an obedient nod in return, she wrapped her hands around his thick length and led him to her glistening entrance. Gently, she lowered herself down onto him. They both let out a long moan of pleasure as he pushed through her tight muscles. They stayed that way together for a bit until he leaned his head back against the couch in complete surrender. Slowly, Twigs started out at a smooth pace so that they could both savor the sensations their bodies felt from being locked together so intimately. “Mmm, Seth, just like that. It feels like it’s been so long…almost forgot how good it felt to have you inside me again.”

Seth’s face twisted in pleasure at her first attempted at talking dirty to him during sex. It wasn’t something they had ever done before together, but he had with other woman in the past. He could honestly say with absolute certainty that those women had never been able to affect him so intensely like Twigs was able to do. The way her body gripped his, the sexy tone of her voice, her undeniable beauty and just the power she had over him in general increased in tenfolds with every naughty word and it was literally sucking the life out of him. His breathe caught in his throat when her pace began to pick up and her bouncing began to increase. Twigs gripped his shoulders as she tilted her head back and arched her slender frame in pleasure. “Fuck, you’re so fucking thick. Jesus, it’s almost too much for me to take, baby. I can feel you…mmm everywhere. Your cock is touching all of me. Tell me you can feel it too? Is it just as good for you as it is for me, baby?”

Seth urgently nodded as he gritted his teeth. He was trying to hold himself together, because he could already feel the familiar warmth rising in his stomach. It didn’t make sense to him since he usually lasted longer than this with Twigs, but then again she never spoke dirty to him until now. Could that be the reason why he was close to blowing his load after a mere few minutes? It had to be. He couldn’t think of any other reason why.

“I want to hear you tell me how good I feel around your cock? Am I tight enough? Are you covered in my juices, Seth? Please, tell me.” Twigs begged him as she furiously bounced herself down onto his lap, taking him into her heat and back out again. Her hot breath blew over his neck as she wrapped her arms around it, and pushed her breasts wantonly against his chest.

“T-Tahliah…p-lease baby, d-don’t.” Seth stammered, struggling to form a complete sentence as he held back his load.

“Don’t what? Tell me, Seth….mmm tell me before I cum.” Twigs urged as she bit her lower lip and tightened her grip around him.

“F-Fuck! I-I can’t! SHIIIT!” Seth cried out as he blew the biggest load he’s ever had inside of her tight body, his body spasming a bit as he emptied himself.

Twigs would have pulled away in shock if her own orgasm hadn’t come at that exact moment. Greedily, she rode it out as long as she could before collapsing down against Seth, who caught her in time. Enveloped in the comfort of his arm, Twigs caught her breathe before she asked him what had had happened. “S-Seth?”

“Yeah, Pixie?” Seth mumbled out sleepily.

Twigs lifted herself back up to stare down at him with a look of amusement. “You came early.”

“That I did.” Seth admitted with a chuckle that hid his embarrassment well.

“That’s a pity. I wanted another orgasm.” Twigs pouted.

Seth smirked up at her and shrugged. “Go ahead, I won’t stop you. You might wanna hurry though. I’m growing soft.”

“Oh yeah?” Twigs raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Well, we’ll see about that now, won’t we?”

“Hold on! Just do me one small favor before you start.” Seth interjected, a serious look on his face.

Twigs frowned in concern. “Yeah sure, what is it? What’s wrong?”

“Never talk dirty to me again. That was NOT a good idea.” Seth advised her with a playful smirk.

Twigs burst out laughing so hard she had to cover her mouth with her hand. “What!? Why?”

“Because I’ll end up cumming early like I did just now, and let me tell you something, that does not make me a happy Seth, okay?” Seth clarified for her while pointing to his chest offensively.

Twigs nodded in agreement. “In that case, I promise to you my darling that I will never talk dirty to you ever again from this moment forward.”
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