Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 76: A Lullaby

A few weeks had passed with Seth and Twigs going back and forth between the UK, and LA to see each other whenever they could spare the time. It was difficult for them to be apart from each other still, and it was took them awhile at first to get use to their new schedules, but they were determined to adjust for the sake of their relationship. While Seth was away in the states, Twigs focused on her music, and being a video girl for successful rising artists. She jumped at every gig opportunity she could find that were being filmed close to California, and would often seek her boyfriend out throughout her free times. However when she was in the UK her free time was completely filled with her music, and perfecting her stage presence by volunteering to sing at small gatherings around town. Seth tried to make it easier for her giving her permission to stay in his mansion anytime she wanted to so that she can be surrounded by memorabilia’s of the happier times that they spent together, but it only helped for so long. On the other hand, while Seth was in California, he would focus completely on his work, but of course Twigs would pop up into his mind every minute of every day. He missed her terribly when she wasn’t around him, and she felt the exact same way. Their needs to increase their time with each other could only be sated through phone calls, text messages, and facetime. Their electronic communications were usually filled with simple conversations, and constant reminders of how much they missed each other, but one night in particular had their phone calls jumping into an entirely different direction. On that very night they tried something they had never thought to try before.

The first time it happened Seth was in his bed in LA, and Twigs was in her apartment that she shared with her roommate Simone. He was supposed to be asleep, but found that it was alluding him for reasons he didn’t know. His mind immediately went to the woman he was obsessing over, and how much he missed her warm naked body against his in times like these when they were apart. Completely forgetting what time it was across the ocean, Seth wondered if she was at all home, or if she was probably taking a nap. After a few seconds past, he became too eager to hear her voice again, even though he had just spoken to her thirty minutes prior. Reaching over to his nightstand, he picked up his phone, and then clicked on her contact name, Pixie. Holding his phone up to his ear, he listened to the dialing tone as he stared up at his ceiling in the dark.

From the UK, Twigs heard her phone ring on top of kitchen table from the living room. Her friends and roommate were all sitting on the floor with her amongst a pile of junk food and pillows and were talking about which musician they were crushing at the moment when they were interrupted by Twig’s phone ringing. She glanced over her shoulders towards the kitchen in wonder. “Oh damn, that must be my agent. It’s probably about another job.” She looked back at her friends with guilt on her face. “Do you guys mind if I take it? I mean, I can ignore it if you want me to. My agent will understand.”

Asami shook her head as she chewed on a mouthful of Doritos. “Oh no, girl. Feel free.”

Shereen shrugged it off as nothing too. “Doesn’t bother us none. We get it.”

Twigs nodded in thanks, but before she could get up, Simone held up a hand and stopped her. “Ah ah ah! First, you have to tell us which singer you’d wanna fuck.”

Rolling her eyes, Twigs let out a laugh. “Oh please, isn’t it obvious? My boyfriend, Seth MacFarlane, duh!” And with that, she scurried over to the kitchen with the sounds of her friend’s giggles in her ears. Twigs picked up her phone and pressed the green button to accept the call without checking to see the caller ID, and held it up to her ear. “Hello, this is Tahliah Barnett, how can I help you?”

“Mmm, you sound sexy even when you answer the phone.” Seth spoke to her in a low husky voice as he fought back a grin at hearing her voice again.

“Seth? Baby, I thought we just hung up a half an hour ago.” Twigs giggled, as she cradled the phone with adoration upon hearing her boyfriend’s voice again. “Or was that my imagination?”

He chuckled as he laid back down, and propped his head up by sliding his arm up under it. “I’m afraid so, Ms. Barnett. You’re suffering from an early case of dementia.”

Twigs laughed and rolled her eyes. “Of course, I am Doctor. Whatever shall I do?”

“You can take this call without questioning a man on why he phoned you, for starters, and be happy that he thought about you.” Seth suggested to her as he smiled up at his ceiling.

“Well, in that case, I’m flattered, and truly happy to hear from you again. You’ve also been on my mind, Seth. In fact, it literally feels like it’s been thirty minutes since we last spoke to each other.” Twigs teased again.

Seth rolled his eyes before changing the subject. “ANYWAY, what have you been up to since we last spoke?”

Twigs peeked out of the kitchen and saw that her friends were deep into their own conversations to overhear hers. “Right now, I’ve been hanging out with the girls. Simone and I invited them over for an all girl’s sleepover.”

He let out a laugh at that. “A cute little sleepover with girls in skimpy pajamas and pink bunny slippers with their hair in pigtails, eh? That’s harmless enough.”

“As oppose to?” Twigs drawled out.

“I don’t know, trekking across the North Pole maybe?” Seth suggested.

Twigs scoffed. “Are you kidding me? That’s way too cold! Trust me, you don’t ever have to worry about me doing anything like that! Sadly, I can’t say the same about you.”

“Honey, I’m right there with you! I mean, as far as I’ll go is to make an animation of me trekking up there, without actually doing it. I’m perfectly happy where I am right now in my warm bed…except the fact I’ve been having trouble sleeping so I thought, hey, why not call my girlfriend and see if she’s available to talk.” Seth said, explaining the reason why he called in the first place.

Twigs nodded to no one in particular. “Yeah, I’m available. Well, at least where leaving the apartment is concerned. We had just got back from a party when you called me earlier today in the car, and I honestly don’t feel like going out again for a second time tonight.”

Seth raised an eyebrow when he heard her say ‘party’. All the dangerous scenarios that had ever taken place at such parties came rushing through his mind, and was making him a little concerned, and a bit paranoid about the kind of party that his girlfriend attended that day. “A party? You went to a party? That early in the day?”

“Yeah, well, it was actually more of a get together kind of party, I suppose.” Twigs clarified.

His eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Oh. So uh…what happened at this party?”

Twigs could tell something was wrong by the tone in his voice. She hadn’t heard it before, and so she was caught off guard at first, but it only took her a few seconds to guess why he was speaking to her in that tone. Seth was suspicious, and jealous over her going to a party without him? Why? She had no idea, but she didn’t want him to waste another minute thinking that something awful must have happened when it hadn’t. “I sang with my friends to a small get together of people in the park nearby, nothing more than that, so you can calm yourself right down, Mr. Jealous Pants.”

Seth was taken aback that she read him so easily through a phone call, and couldn’t help but feel guilty for thinking that something inappropriate could have happened that involved his girlfriend. He had hoped that he didn’t come off as if he was suspicious of HER doing something with another guy, because that idea hadn’t ever crossed his mind at all. It was what other men could be doing to her that was getting to him. Seth let out a sigh and closed his eyes in shame. “Damn, Pixie, I’m sorry about that. I shouldn’t have asked you that. I wasn’t thinking that you were rubbing up on some guy, or something. I was actually paranoid that maybe someone was trying to rub up on you instead, I guess. I’m sorry, I should’ve known better. I mean, your friends were there with you, they wouldn’t have let something like that happen to you and I should know that by now. Can you forgive me?”

Twigs couldn’t help, but giggle. “Of course baby, it was nothing. But just so you know, you’re lucky that I found your jealousy totally cute, or else I’d probably be getting pissed at you for thinking that I would let another man touch me that wasn’t you.”

Seth let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks you baby, you’re too good to me.” Turning his head to the side, he caught a glimpse of how late it was on his digital clock. “Damn, I got a lot of work to do tomorrow. Pixie, can I ask you for a quick favor before we hang up?”

“Yeah sure, what is it baby?” Twigs asked him, willing to lend whatever aid he needed.

“Can you sing to me? I just can’t get sleep to come, you know? I figured a lullaby from my favorite artist would work.” Seth mumbled in the phone as he slowly stretched out his limps.

“Sure, I’d love to. What do you wanna hear? Rock-a-bye-baby, or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?” Twigs began to list out.

Seth shook his head. “No, no I wanna hear one of your songs. Something I haven’t heard yet.”

“A song you haven’t heard yet, huh?” Twigs said as she recalled the four songs that were gonna be on her first music debut extended play that she planned on releasing at the end of the year. Seth had already heard two of her songs out of the four, and so she had only two options left. A smile came to her face when she finally decided on a song while on her way to her bedroom. Her friends had caught her leaving, but gave her a nod of understanding when she lifted her index finger to tell them she needed a moment longer on her phone. “I’m going to sing my song, Breathe, to you, okay? It’s a song you haven’t heard yet.”