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To Caress My Day

Chapter 78: October 2012

In the beginning of October 2012, Seth had just returned to his mansion in the UK from his Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles, California. He was dropped off by his good friend and employee, Derek, who took time out of his day to come and pick him up since Twigs wasn’t able to get away from her own schedule to come greet him herself. After getting out of the car, he declined Derek’s offer to help carry his bags inside, and instead dismissed him so that he could hurry and retrieve his beloved Twigs and bring her back to him sooner rather than later.

“Are you sure, man? I don’t mind helping at all.” Derek asked him one last time as he stood outside the driver’s door of his car with his hand resting on the handle.

“Yes yes, I’m sure!” Seth waved away his offer and impatiently gestured for him to get in his car. “Now get the hell off my property and go get fucking my woman for me already. I ain’t got all night.”

Derek rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Yes, boss.” He then slipped into the driver’s seat, turned the car on and reversed it back off of his employer’s property, that had surprisingly yet to be discovered by the usually meddlesome paparazzi.

Seth watched him leave before heaving his bags over his shoulders and carrying them inside his empty mansion. He kicked the door closed behind himself, and then reached out to flip the door’s lock just in case. The eerie silence informed him that his maid, Mrs. Guadalupe, had returned to her home out back with her family before he had arrived, leaving him completely alone in his gigantic home, but of course not for long. Twigs had been celebrating a friend’s birthday at some club in town when his plane had touched down, and when he texted her to inform her he had arrived in the UK she was ready to drop everything and come running back home to him right then and there, but he implored her to stay and enjoy the rest of the party rather than ditching her friends. Seth wasn’t the only person in the UK that was coming and going on with only limited amount of time to visit. Neon Jungle’s music was gaining more popularity as the months seemed to pass which meant that they were becoming unavailable to reach sometimes too. It wouldn’t feel right for him to make her chose between him and her friends, and so instead he urged her to stay with them awhile longer. Twigs had thanked him profusely for his thoughtfulness, and then informed him that she wasn’t certain what time she’d come home, she hinted at it probably being around midnight. Seth accepted this and they simultaneously hung up. He couldn’t wait to see Twigs again after what felt like several months without her, when really it wasn’t. His insides were literally shivering with so much excitement he could hardly contain his happiness!

Forcing himself to calm down before he broke into an ridiculous celebratory cheer right in the center of his living room, Seth made his way for the kitchen in search of something to eat for dinner. Towards the late afternoon, he had decided to skip dinner on the plane so he could save up enough room for the banquet dinner his maid undoubtedly left in his fridge for him upon his return. Swinging the double door open, Seth broke into a full blown grin at the second sight of heaven in front of him, the first would be his girlfriend’s beautiful face walking through the front door.

Heating up two platefuls, he sat himself down in his dining room and scarfed everything clean. Once he was finished with that, he returned his plate to the kitchen, and settle the end of his evening off with some piano playing. The tune was a romantic one, and there was even a smile on his face that insisted on remaining as his fingers glided over the keys. He was deeply lost within the whimsical melody that he created when all of a sudden he was brought back to reality by the sound of his doorbell ringing. His fingers faltered, creating a sour note as he raised eyebrow towards one of the two entryways into the living room that was the closest to him. His heart began pounding at the invigorating idea of it being Twigs on the other side of the door. True, she did indeed have her own set of keys to his place so she could come and go whenever she pleased, and wouldn’t have to ring the doorbell all day long in wait, but perhaps this particular time she was trying to coax him to come to her instead of the other way around. With a wickedly wolfish grin, Seth jumped to his feet and raced to his front door to accept her teasing challenge. However, when he swung the front door open he was met with only disappointment.

Standing on his front steps was Rebecca Guadalupe, his maid’s daughter that was currently attending college overseas in the United States. She was leaning against the doorway with a hand over her mouth, as if she were trying to hold back a mouthful of vomit from coming up. Her eyes blinked a few times before she finally looked up at him through heavy lids and lowered her hand from her mouth. “H-Hello, Mr. Ma-MacFarlane.”

Seth raised an eyebrow in question at her strange random visit followed by her weird behavior. “Uh hey, Rebecca, what brings you over here at this time of night? Is there something you need?”

Rebecca covered her mouth again before clearing her throat. “I uh…y-yeah actually, there is something you can do for me. I’m sorry to be bothering you like this, but I uh, I like, need your help and stuff.”

A light gust of wind blew a familiar scent right into Seth’s direction, sparking a light of amusement in his eyes as he realized why she was behaving so oddly. “You’ve been drinking, haven’t you?”

Rebecca blinked a few times before her eyes squinted at him as if there was something tiny smudged on his face. “Whaaaaaat? No! W-Why would you….why would you say something like that?”

“No reason.” Seth shrugged. “You just look drunk to me, is all?”

Offended, Rebecca shook her head a little too forcefully, causing her long hair to smack her in the face. “W-Well I’m not! I-I don’t drink at parties, because al-alcohol is NOT good for you, mister! And I know that, because I’m in c-college! I’ve s-s-seen what it does to pe-people.” She weakly jabbed her finger into his chest, never hitting the same spot twice.

Seth didn’t buy her excuse, and raised an eyebrow at her to show that he still had his doubts after listening to her intoxicated slurred rant. Rebecca couldn’t stand her ground for much longer due to the alcohol, and in defeat, let out a long annoying whine as rolled her eyes dramatically. “Fiiiiine! YES, I’ve been drinking.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at how silly Rebecca was acting as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Young lady, does your mother know you drink?”

Rebecca shook her head as she too crossed her arms over her chest, except hers was done in shame, not amusement. “No, sh-she doesn’t. I uh…I didn’t intend to dri-drink tonight. I fell under p-peer pressure and well, you know the r-rest.”

Seth let out a sigh as he thought about how Mrs. Guadalupe would feel right now if she were standing in his shoes. “You know your mother isn’t going to like the fact that you’ve been drinking, right? You of all people should know how she detests alcohol especially after growing up in a house full of alcoholics.”

Rebecca let out another long regretful whine as she covered her face with hands for a few minutes. “I know, that’s wh-why I came to you inst-instead of going home. You see, m-my mother doesn’t really h-have to know about this.”

Seth let out an exasperated groan. “Goddamnit, please tell me you’re not about to ask me to keep this a secret from your mother, who also happens to be my cook and could totally poison my dinner for this!?”

Rebecca desperately nodded and clasped both of her hands in front of him to beg for her life. “Please Mr. MacFarlane, p-please! You c-can’t let my mother know ab-about this.” She could tell he wasn’t yet moved by her words, and so she pleaded a bit more in hopes that in the end he’d side with her. “Look, I-I know you’ve already done so much for m-me. You’ve paid for the many tr-trips I took from school, to the UK to visit my family, and b-back again. Thanks to you my parents co-could afford for me to go to the college of my dreams! But please, I n-need you to do this one thing for me, and I’ll never a-ask you for anything ever again, I s-swear!”

Narrowing his eyes at her, Seth leaned down a bit so they were looking at each other at the same height level. “Now you listen to me, Rebecca, and listen well. I don’t fucking like this kind of shit, okay? I especially do not like lying to your mother, or keeping a secret this serious like this from her. She deserves better than that after all she’s done for me, you know that right?”

Rebecca closed her eyes with guilt and nodded her head in understanding. “I know, Mr. MacFarlane, yes I know, b-b-but it would only be this ONE time! Just t-this once.”

Seth took a minute to think it over. He was a bit torn between betraying the woman that not only cleaned his house and kept it in tip top shape, but had also over the years became a dear friend to him, almost like a second mother since he lost his own two years ago. At the same time, he’d been a teenager himself once upon a time, and had made loads of stupid mistakes. His dad was pretty cool about it sometimes, and would let him off the hook every now and again. Seth knew Rebecca didn’t have that because her father was extremely protective of his daughters, and like his wife, was afraid to allow Rebecca to live her life and make any form of a mistake, in case it’d end up costing her life. Seth knew the poor girl just wanted to be free and have the kind of fun her parents usually wouldn’t allow, and that just made him have a soft spot for the teenager’s current dilemma. Rolling his eyes with a sigh, Seth decided to help the poor girl out, but just this once. The next time she’d be on her own. Stepping aside, he held the door open for her. “Come on inside then.”

Rebecca was literally blown away that Seth was deciding to take her side instead of her mother’s. While the seconds were ticking by while he had been mulling over his decision, she was certain he would end up side with her mother, and in all honestly she wouldn’t blame him for it. Her mother was not only her best friend, but also his as well. She took great care of him and her family all at the same time. She was THE real life Wonder Woman in the flesh.

Rebecca was currently having trouble trying to figure out why on earth he would side with her, instead of her mother. Yes, it was true she had known Seth since she was in high school, and had been attracted to him since, but it had never escalated from there. Their relationship wasn’t even all that close, but neither were they complete strangers to each other either. It just didn’t seem like she had enough pros on her side in this contest for him to being choosing to side with her, and so she was only left with the hallucinated answers the alcohol in her system was dishing out.

Because she had been drinking heavily that night the random thought decided to bubble up to the surface of her mind and caused her cheeks to turn red.

Was he…could he be…no, no he couldn’t, Rebecca thought to herself, or could he?
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