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To Caress My Day

Chapter 79: Keep Your Mouth Shut

Not being able to shake the romantic yet hallucinated idea from her head, Rebecca couldn’t help but act on it. She threw her body against Seth, and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Oh t-thank you! Thank you so much, Mr. MacFarlane. I-I don’t know how I can ever repay y-you for this!”

Seth was taken aback when she flung herself at him so swiftly, but he returned her hug anyways with a lazy pat on her back. “Yeah yeah, you’re welcome. If you really want to help repay me for lying to your mother, than you better not put me in this position ever again, you hear me?”

Rebecca clung to him as she nuzzled her face against his chest in a way that could easily be mistaken as a simple shake of her head. In reality, her gesture meant something else entirely, something far from platonic. “I swear on m-my family’s life I will n-never ask you to do anything like this ever again!”

“Uh huh.” Gently easing her off him, Seth led her inside, and straight into his living room. He kept one hand on her shoulder, because of how often she drifted from left to right and stumbled over her own two feet. He let her go once they were close enough to the couches. “Have a seat anywhere you’d like.”

Rebecca plopped herself down on the nearest couch and quickly aimed her dreamy gaze at Seth, following his every move with a flirtatious yet goofy smile on her face. Seth took that smile as her just being intoxicated, and possibly even high on something else. All he was focused on at the moment was helping her get sober as soon as possible, or else he’d have to follow her around his mansion all night to make sure she didn’t hurt herself or get lost in one of the many rooms. “I want you to sit here, and relax for a minute while I go get you a glass of water, ok? I mean it, DON’T move from this spot.”

Rebecca was too enthralled by him to take his warning seriously as she slowly nodded with that same goofy smile on her face. “O-Okay…”

Seth shook his head at her odd, but drunk behavior as he left his living room to fetch her a glass of water from the kitchen. Rebecca was finally left all alone to collect all the crazy ideas that were currently bouncing around in her head pertaining to Seth. She couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. Yeah true, she was drunk, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t see what was clearly going on before her very eyes! Seth was being super nice to her, as in more so than usual. He’s willing to go as far as to keep a secret for her from her own mother, who is someone he also held dear to his heart. He’s also allowing her to stay in his house with him, AND he’s fetching glasses of water for her too! A few a minutes ago, Rebecca kept asking herself why he was doing these things for her when he could just as easily just rat her out to her mother, but now that she was alone she was able to finally concentrate and has successfully discovered the truth for herself. Could Seth MacFarlane possibly…like her? Like, Like LIKE her like her? Could she be the only woman Seth has seen since his relationship with Avery fell apart that he’s been attracted to, and now wants her all to himself?

“Well, of course he does.” Rebecca said to herself quite confidently. She wasn’t foolish like most girls her age that go about most of their lives not knowing that they were a true beauty. Rebecca always known that she was a beautiful young woman, and it was clear to her now that Seth had finally become aware of it too, and was romantically interested in her.

A few seconds later, Seth finally returned from the kitchen with a glass of water and held it out for her to take. “Here you go, drink it all up. It’ll help hydrate you again.”

“Thank you…Seth.” Rebecca whispered his name with a seductive smile on her face before she drank some of the water down. Her speech was finally becoming more coherent and not so slurred and stuttered.

Seth still wasn’t taking her strange behavior seriously, and continued to chalk it up as a result of her being drunk. He waited patiently with his hands in his pocket for her to finish, and when she had swallowed the last drop, he took the glass from her. He smiled at her, and gave her a congratulatory nod. “Thatta good girl. I’ll throw it into the dishwasher real quick, be back in a minute.”

Rebecca watched as Seth left her alone once again, but this time she fought to take off her coat so that she cool her rising body temperature back down to it’s normal temperature. My god, is he effecting my body already, Rebecca wondered to herself as she quickly fixed up her hair so she could look decent upon his arrival. She thought back to him calling her a’ good girl’ before he left. Was that really how he saw her? Or did he mean to say ‘naughty girl’? Rebecca blushed at his failed attempt at dirty talking her, for that had to be what he was doing, there was no other explanation she could think of. An abrupt giggle burst from her lips, but she quickly muffled it with her hand before he could hear it. She wouldn’t know how to explain to him what had amused her if he had indeed overheard her laughing. What could she tell him other than the fact that she now knew of his secret infatuation for her? I mean, it’s not like he was going about trying to make it not obvious to her!

The sound of his footsteps were drawing near from the hallway, and despite the fact that she was still kind of drunk she attempted to straighten herself back up in her seat so that she would look more presentable for him. Seth walked around the corner to see her sitting on the loveseat in her the red party dress she decided to wear tonight. He didn’t pay much mind to its lace crochet texture as he took a seat next to her. He analyzed her drunken state over as she twirled a long piece of her black hair around her finger while grinning back at him with that same ridiculous smile. Her hair was slightly tousled up from her probably running her hands through it several times during the night. Her face was flushed, her lids were becoming too heavy to keep open, and her smile kept faltering and shifting, all the results of drinking. Seth could agree that she looked like a hot mess, and shook his head at her in disappointment. What was he going to do with her now that she was here in his house?

Rebecca let out a small giggle that caught Seth’s attention. Her eyes were roaming over his body, clearly checking him out. Seth frowned to himself at this, but figured that she must be so drunk she must have thought he was Channing Tatum or something. Whatever the hell was going through her mind at the moment that included him wasn’t ever going to happen, not just because her mother was his maid, but also because he had Twigs, and she was the only woman he’d ever need. He wasn’t out here looking for any other woman to share his time with, but Twigs. When he sent her a sad pitiful smile, it was pretty obvious that the poor girl took it as a sexually teasing smirk, because she started leaning closer to him. Refusing to play her game, Seth lifted his arm to point it to the stairs to distract her. “Hey, why don’t you go upstairs, and pick out whichever bedroom you’d like to sleep in for the night. You look like you could use some rest, and trust me, from my personal experience, you shouldn’t fight it. The sooner you’re sober, the easier it’ll be to hide your secret from your mother when she comes in in the morning.”

Rebecca’s brows furrowed in confusion. Was he trying to hint at her to come, and visits him in his room later that night to continue what she was going to start, or was she imagining it? She couldn’t be sure…but there was only one for sure way to find out, and since the alcohol in her system was still there she’d imagine it would give her the courage she needed to do what had to be done. “What am I supposed to tell her when she sees me here?”

“I’ll tell her that you came home late. You didn’t want to wake the family up by coming inside in the late hours so you came over here because you saw one of my lights on in the window, and I let you stay in the guest bedroom.” Seth explained, giving her a tale he had already spun during both of his trips to the kitchen. Lifting a finger in her direction, he pointed at her with a firm look in his eyes. “But it’s up to you to come up with the reason why you were late. I’ve already thought up most of the lying here.”

Oh yes, he totally wants me, Rebecca thought to herself as she grinned back at him. Getting up from the loveseat they shared, she leaned over him, and placed a hand on his arm of the chair. “Oh don’t worry about a thing, Seth. I GET it.”

Seth nodded, and let out a sarcastic chuckle. “Sure, says the drunken noob.” Moving her arm out of the way, he got to his feet, and gestured towards the stairs. “Let’s get you up to bed, shall we?”

She was about to take a step forward when she recalled that she was still kind of drunk, and that she could now use it to her advantage. Placing the back of her hand on her forehead, Rebecca pretended to buckle under the spell of the alcohol that was still in her system, and fell back onto the loveseat. “Oh my, I-I don’t think I can get back up. I must still be drunk or something.”

Seth was quickly at her side, his eyes filled with concern. “Are you okay, Rebecca?”

Rebecca nodded. “I just need some help getting up those stairs. I don’t think I can do it on my own.”

“Yeah sure, no problem. I’ll think of something.” Seth assured her before an idea popped into his head. He reached his hand out to her. “Here, take my hand.”

She did, and was pulled up to her feet only to purposely ‘fall’ against him with an innocent laugh. Seth let out a more sarcastic laugh before he wrapped an arm around her waist and hook his other arm underneath her legs to lift her up in his arms. “There we go, now let’s get you into bed before you puke all over me.”

Rebecca let out a flirty giggle as she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold onto him more securely as he placed his foot on the first step. “I like your hair.” She complimented him, before she reached up to run her fingers through his hair. “It’s so silky and soft.”

Seth frowned in displeasure at her for touching him so boldly. “Rebecca, I’m gonna ask you nicely not to be putting your hands in my hair, please.”

“Oh, sorry.” Rebecca played along with his game of playing hard to get. She reached over once again to caress his cheek this time with the back of her hand. “Your stubbles are coming in.”

“Rebecca.” Seth warned in a stern voice, almost tempted to drop her, and let her fall down the stairs.

“Has anyone ever told you you have a very nice smile, and an even sexier voice?” Rebecca asked him, completely ignoring his tone.

Seth visibly cringed. It wasn’t the young girl’s fault she was talking like a mad woman, she was just drunk. As uncomfortable as he was, however, he wasn’t about to let her climb up the stairs alone. This was his maid’s beloved daughter, and so he had to make sure she wouldn’t break her neck trying to climb up those many steps on her own. With a heavy sigh, Seth sarcastically replied. “Look, thank you for all of your many compliments, but it’s not necessary at all. Just do me a favor and keep your mouth shut.”
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