Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 8: Don't You Like Him

The underground nightclub was an old place in a dark and shady looking part of London. The building stood in a complicated place that forced you to park your car elsewhere and walk to the establishment, which is what Seth was currently doing. It was around 11 at night, as Seth followed an excited group of youngsters down the same maze of sidewalks to this club. The comedian started to wonder whether this was a good idea or not as his heart beat began to quicken the closer he got to the club. All this just to get some closure so he could move on with his life, I mean is that worth going behind his girlfriend’s back? Seth let out a sigh as he followed the kids up some concrete steps, through a big metal door covered in concert posters, and into a darken hallway with dimmed lights. Seth felt uncomfortable instantly with his surroundings. The first thought that came into his mind when he walked in was 'there’s some kind of illegal drug ring in here'. The place honestly looked like the kind of spot drug lords would gather to go over drug money or something. The further he got, the more the place really began to scream some kind of underground illegal activity as he heard random laughs and loud voices from all around him in the dimmed hallways. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of his pixie being somehow involved in some kind of crime and that she could be in danger. As they came around a corner to a flight of stairs they could all of sudden hear the pounding of music and the cheers of people coming from down below. Once they had made their way down two flights of stone stairs, the group of kids and Seth realized they had finally entered the club.

The room was mostly dark with random colorful flashing lights coming from a small stage on the right. Seth could see the black forms of bodies jumping and dancing to the beat of the music. Up on stage stood Amira, Shereen, Asami and Jess belting out their lyrics to the pumped crowd and dancing around the stage having the ultimate fun. Seth couldn’t help but smile as he listened to them sing the chorus.

I don’t look for trouble, but trouble looks for me,
And it’s been waiting around corners since I was seventeen.
They say that you got so many sides. I’m a Gemini, but I
Don’t look for trouble, but trouble looks for me!

Yeah, this was definitely younger generation music compared to what Seth was into. Seth rubbed the back of his neck, suddenly feeling extremely old but he continued to watch and support his young friends as Jess stepped forward.

“Light up, let’s have a toke. Pour more whiskey in my coke. Never been one of the herd. Flipping everyone the bird!” Jess winked at the crowd before flipping them off. Amira stepped forward from her left.

“People say that I am heartless, I’ve just learned to use my heart less. I go hard cause I’m the hardest, and we ain’t even started!” Amira rapped before stepping back and singing with the rest of the girls.

Twigs stood by the bar as she and her roommate Simone watched their best friends perform on stage. Her eyes sparkled in pride just before the chorus began, until she felt that weird feeling again. Oh no, was all that Twigs could think before she allowed herself to follow that feeling that was beginning to tug on her heart. She remembered this sensation only because she’s never felt it before since the coffee shop and she was about to know why. Twigs’s brown eyes connect to a dark figure standing in the back of the dancing crowd. Before she could even see him, she knew he was there. The concert lights flashed across the fans, passing by none other than Seth Macfarlane. Twigs let out a small gasp, nearly falling out of her chair as she turned back around to face the bar to hide. Simone noticed her roommate hunching over her drink and was immediately concerned.

“Twigs, what are you doing?” Simone questioned her, turning her body towards her shy friend.

“Nothing, why?” Twigs said super-fast, not convincing her friend that she wasn’t bothered by anything.

“You’re hunched over your drink like it’s a dying campfire during a snow storm. Did you see my parents or something?” Simone turned around to give the room a careful inspection looking for a tall man following a short, angry woman. Her mother hates the idea of her daughter going to concerts and clubs.

“No, your parents aren’t here.” Twigs assured her friend, yet her brown eyes still held fear.

“Then tell me what’s going on!?” Simone sternly asked, crossing her arm to show Twigs that she means business.

Twigs sighed, biting her lower lip nervously, “Do you remember that guy I told you about from the coffee shop?”

“The rich guy? Yeah I remember him. OH MY GOD IS HE HERE!?” Simone turned around again, this time with a huge smile on her face as she searched for a guy that screamed money while holding her friend’s hand in excitement. There was no way her friend was going to be going home alone later tonight now that her sexy dream guy is in same club as them! After a few minutes, Simone couldn’t find anyone that resembled a Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Honey can you help me out here?” Simone politely requested, receiving a helpful pointed finger in the direction of the crowd in front of them. The guy that Twigs was pointing to didn’t look like no billionaire, but more like an ordinary guy, and a cute one at that. Twigs’s crush stood behind the heavy packed crowd with his hands in the pockets of his jeans, and a smile on his face as he watched Neon Jungle perform.

“Be right back.” Simone promised Twigs before getting off her stool to head on over him, but Twigs yanked her arm back.

“NO, Simone please don’t!” Twigs begged, tugging her back desperately.

“What’s wrong with you woman? Don’t you like him?” Simone questioned, memorizing where the mystery man stood as she looked back at her friend for a minute.

“You can’t do this Simone, he’s a billionaire! He probably lives with the entire Victoria Secret Models in his castle in France! Please don’t bring him over here. I don’t want him to see me like…” Twigs stopped talking, not wanting to reveal her insecurities right now, but Simone wasn’t having it.

“Like what, Twigs?”

Twigs sighed, “Like this. I don’t want him to look at me like I’m some sad little fan crush.”

“Fan? Wait a minute, what does he do for a living?”

“He’s the creator of Family Guy, as well as a million other things, and being so goddamn sexy.” Twigs mumbled the last part to herself as she secretly watched him scratch the back of his head.

“OH MY GOD, you hit the jack pot honey! That man is hilarious! I love Family Guy.” Simone laughed before venturing off into the crowd before Twigs could stop her. Twigs let out a small curse before leaning against her stool, gulping down her small water for strength like it was alcohol. Any minute now, Simone is going to come over with Mr. Macfarlane and Twigs wasn’t sure if she could properly speak around him. It was true that Twigs did have a huge crush on this guy already, but she wasn’t about to be overconfident and flirtatious to him when she barely even knew the guy. Hell, she never even saw his face before until that day at the coffee shop where she found out he was not just a wealthy man but THE genius behind Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland show, as well as several successful comedy films. For a strange little girl like her, he was WAY out of her league. She might as well forget this crush and move on to someone that was more touchable than the untouchable. If only that was an advise she could take. Ever since the coffee shop, she can’t seem to stop thinking about him. His face was always there behind her eyelids, and his voice has been ringing in her ears for days now. This has never happened to her. Saying that she should move on is one thing, but doing it requires a whole level of strength Twigs has never had to use before.

“Wassup, my name is Simone!” Seth jumped at the sound of someone shouting next to him and found a young beautiful woman next to him sticking her hand out to shake his. He’s never seen her before, but he wasn’t about to be impolite by not greeting her.

Seth took her small hand in his and shook it warmly. “Hello, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Seth.”

“I know. I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Money-Maker. How about you come on over to the bar and have a drink with me and my roommate.” Simone offered, watching him hesitate before looking over her shoulder at the only person facing their direction. Seth’s heart stopped, and his lips parted to reveal a disbelieving gasp. Simone watched the expressions of disbelief, relief, and happiness spread across his face as her roommate, who in turn bit her lower lip, and looked down at her feet as a blush spread out across her cheeks. Oh my god, this is just too cute, Simone gushed to herself as she sensed Seth beginning to follow close on her heel as she led him to the bar.