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To Caress My Day

Chapter 80: Clearly, She Was Wrong

Rebecca had ignored Seth’s simple request about keeping her mouth shut, and continued to flirt with him as he carried her all the way up to the landing of his stairs. When he finally reached the very top, he let out a much needed sigh of relief as he carefully placing her back onto her feet. Originally, he had planned on assisting Rebecca all the way to her room out of the kindness of his heart, but since she insisted on making him uncomfortable by pushing her unwelcomed compliments onto him, he wanted nothing more than to be away from her as soon as possible. “Okay, we’re finally here. Now, how about you go on down the hall, and find yourself a room to sleep in for the night until morning.”

Taken aback by surprise of his dismissal, Rebecca frowned, and pointed a finger down the same hall he mentioned. “Wait, aren’t you coming with me?”

Seth shook his head while raising an eyebrow in confusion. “No, why would I need to go with you? You can walk from here on your own just fine. I’m going downstairs to play some music before I call it a night.”

Rebecca thought about his reply before giving him an approving nod even though her expression was one of perplex. Journeying alone, she began to trek down the long hallway, still mulling over his words in her intoxicated head. From the landing, Seth watched Rebecca closely to make sure she wouldn’t fall over, and continued to wait until she turned the corner, and disappeared from sight before deciding to move alone. He let out a heavy sigh as he shook his head in disappointment at her inappropriate behavior tonight. “Jesus, that girl is fucking drunk out of her mind.”

Shuddering in disgust at the flirty compliments she paid him, Seth headed back downstairs and tried to call Twigs on his cellphone. When it went straight to voicemail, he quickly sent her a text message instead, alerting her that Rebecca was staying in one of the guest room for the night, and that she was completely wasted from some party she went to, and that if Twigs saw her wandering around in the night like a zombie to not be afraid. Seth then returned to his piano to play an hour and half more of his music in silence. When it got to the point where he was struggling to stay awake, and Twigs still hadn’t walked through the door, Seth decided to call it a night, and head back upstairs to go take a shower before slipping into bed. He technically didn’t have to wait up to make sure the front door would be unlocked for Twigs since she had her own keys to let herself in, and so he didn’t bother and headed up the stairs. When he got to his bedroom, he stepped straight into his bathroom and took a quick hot shower. Once completely dried of water, he donned on some clean briefs, and dived down into his bed for a good night sleep that he hoped would be interrupted by his tired girlfriend snuggling up against him.


Seth was roused from his sleep by a feeling behind him that took him a second to identify as the mattress dipping beneath another person’s weight. He flinched in surprise at the idea of an intruder boldly welcoming themselves to taking a nap in his bed with him when the sudden but heartwarming thought that his girlfriend had finally arrived made a sleepy chuckled escaped from his lips. Twigs was finally home, and the familiar excitement and happiness he felt when he first got off the plane returned to assault his senses again. He nuzzled his face in his pillow as a sign of farewell before quickly turning over in the pitch darkness, and capturing her slender form in his arms. He continued to roll over until he was positioned on top of her where he finally let out a primal groan of sexual domination. However, the familiar strong scent of alcohol penetrated his sexually aroused mind like a lightning bolt, and shocked him wide awake, his eyes snapping open in dread to see nothing but the black darkness of his bedroom. Please, don’t let this be what I think it is, Seth whimpered to himself before a young girlish giggle underneath had him flailing his arms out for the nearest light switch. The moment the lamp clicked on and revealed the woman beneath him, Seth could feel his heart completely stop as he stared down in horror. Sadly, it wasn’t the good heart-stopping moment he was praying for.

Lying beneath him was the still drunk, and still crazy Rebecca Guadalupe squinting up at him while biting the tip of her index finger teasingly between her pearly whites. When her eyes finally adjusted to the sudden bright light in the room, her lids still continued to stay halfway down even as she ran one hand down over her small breasts in strapless bra that matched her underwear. Seth was frozen on top of her as he closed his eyes in disbelief. Please, let this just be a fucking bad dream, he cried to himself as he opened his eyes again only to see her still smiling up at him. She let out a second giggle that vaulted him off of her and chased him to the end of the bed in terror. Seth’s heart was pounding so loud in his ear he could no longer hear her unattractive giggles laced with vodka. He imagined his eyes were probably wide with fright, and that his jaw was hanging open in disbelief. Seth couldn’t believe that this was really happening to him, that Rebecca was currently lying in his bed with barely anything on! This was his employee’s daughter, the same daughter he watched grow from a freshman in high school to a freshman in college. How did she go from an innocent freshman to some drunk college whore overnight? No, not this can’t be happening, this ISN’T the Rebecca I know, Seth told himself as he raised his hands up to warn her to stay where she was. “Rebecca, what the fuck has gotten into you?! Why the fuck are you in my room half naked climbing into my bed like this!?”

Rebecca didn’t answer him right away, instead she lazily reached out for him with grabby hands in hopes that he would cut to chase and come to her now that she was here. When it was clear to her that he wasn’t about to move from where he sat shaking at the end of his bed until she gave him an answer, she simply gave him an effortless shrug to appease him. When THAT didn’t work, Rebecca became impatient. “Look, I don’t know, okay? I was just doing what you were telling me to do!” With her lips curving into a forgiving lopsided grin, Rebecca impatiently sat herself up, and attempted to crawl over to him since he wanted to play hard to get.

Seth saw her coming before she got far, and in seconds he was flying off the bed to stand by his side of it. He didn’t want to risk being touched by her invasive hands. Sure, she might be 18 years old now…or maybe 19, he wasn’t really sure since he never bothered to keep track. Either way, he wasn’t about to allow her to get ahold of him even if it was legal in the eyes of the law. His reasons weren’t only because he was in love with another, but also because he practically watch Rebecca grow into the woman she became today. It would be wrong of him to take advantage of her, not that he had ever wanted to. And yet what was this about her blaming him for her coming into his room half naked? How was that his fault? “Did you get into my fucking liquor cabinet or something while I was asleep, because you’re not making any sense, Rebecca? I never said ANYTHING about wanting you to come into my room like this!”

Rebecca let out a giggle that shook her entire body, and almost resulted in her falling face first onto his comforters. “YES, you did, you sexy tease. YOU told ME to pick whatever room I wanted in hopes I’d choose this one tonight, and so I did. I decided to pick your room, you want to know why? Because you wanted me to…because you WANT me, Seth.”

Seth had never been convinced until this moment that Rebecca had to be suffering from some form of dementia, because what she had done was more than twisted his own words. She literally put words he didn’t even say into his mouth and believed that they came from there! Scoffing in disbelief and frustration, Seth glared at her as he jabbed a stern finger in her direction, but still making sure to keep a good distance between them. “Now you listen to me, you little brat. I didn’t fucking tell you at any time during the night to come to MY fucking room, and slide underneath MY covers, do you hear me!? Whatever the fuck you think I said is the goddamn alcohol talking, NOT ME!”

Rebecca didn’t care to listen to him anymore, especially since he was deciding to stick to his ‘playing hard to get’ façade that was already becoming a bore to play along with. She would rather get to the point of his invitation and take their clothes off, starting with him. Crawling closer to his side of the bed, Rebecca launched her hand forward, and hooked a finger behind the elastic band of his briefs with every intention of getting a peek at his size, but her hand was painfully smacked away by Seth as he jumped back out of her reach again. “OW! Seth, that seriously hurt!”

Seth opened his mouth to tell her to keep her nasty hands off of him, and get the hell out of his room, when at the worse moment possible his bedroom door opened to reveal woman he had been waiting all night for. If Seth thought this couldn’t get any worse, he was wrong. Both of his lungs just about collapsed because of the inappropriate erotic scene that he and Rebecca clearly appeared to be displayed in. The whole thing undoubtedly showed, and told the story of a secret rendezvous of two forbidden lovers seeking each other’s embraces while one of their lovers were out, when in reality that was FAR from the truth. Seth was standing on the side of his bed in his brief, with a young half-naked girl on his bed with her ass proudly sticking up in the air for his girlfriend to see. The whole thing just looked awful, and Seth wished more than anything that the woman he loved wouldn’t jump to conclusions so soon, and instead give him a chance to explain everything.

But by the look on Twig’s face when she finally looked up and saw the scene before her, Seth could tell that his wish went unanswered. She stopped in her tracks as her eyes widened and filled with tears. Her heart physically and literally broke deep within her chest by the sight before her. Twigs thought she would be coming home to a sleeping boyfriend that she was madly in love with, but instead she came home to a cheating boyfriend that thought tonight would be the perfect time to rip their relationship into tiny pieces right in front of her. Twigs mouth open to let out a cry of pain as a result to the penetrating discomfort in her chest. Her small delicate hand even came up to lie over it as if to protect it from any further attack. Her eyes were blurred with unshed tears that she was too weak to keep back now that she had seen the heartbreaking sight before her. Twigs let out a choked gasp as her other hand came up to muffled any further sound from bursting from her quivering lips. A voice inside her head was telling her to be strong in this moment, to hold in her pain, and emotion until she was safe and far away from Seth MacFarlane. He didn’t deserve to see her this way. He didn’t deserve to relish in breaking her in the worst humanly way possible. She knew she was literally dying right in front of him, that her true self was turning into a pile of lifeless dust, leaving her with just a shell of her former self. Yes, he was slowly killing her from the inside out.

Seth watched in horror and agony as her slender body became almost crippled with pain, as she struggled to keep herself standing on her own two feet. If it wasn’t bad enough to see him in bed with another woman, his side chick just had to pick that opportunity to look over her shoulder and reveal her identity.

REBECCA!? Rebecca was the one her boyfriend was cheating on her with!?

Twigs couldn’t believe it.

Not only was the man she loved cheating on her, he was cheating on her with his maid’s daughter!

The same girl that was making google-eyes at Seth across the kitchen table not too long ago because she had a crush on him.

The same beautiful girl that Twigs truly believed to the depths of her soul that Seth wouldn’t ever touch.

Clearly, she was wrong.
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