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To Caress My Day

Chapter 81: Escape

Even with her heart shattering into pieces, and her big elephant tears blurring her vision, Twigs caught the look on a half-naked Rebecca’s face. The little slut had the audacity to look at Twigs as if SHE was the one that was crudely intruding upon her and Seth’s sexual priacy when HE was in fact HER boyfriend. In seconds, after recognizing Tahliah’s identity in the doorway, Rebecca’s face shifted from a sneer to an expression of confusion as to why the dancer was even in there in the room with them. When she had previously been introduced to Tahliah she was told that the older woman was just a local British dancer that was aiding Seth in one of his animated television shows, and yet here she was walking up into his house like she lived there with him which as far as Rebecca was concerned, she didn’t. But then why is she here, and how on earth did she even get in, Rebecca wondered to herself.

Twigs could tell that the young girl’s sudden change of expression was of complete confusion as to why she was even in Seth’s bedroom, and more than anything she desperately wished that she could take a step forward and give Rebecca the answer to her question; that Seth was HER man…but she couldn’t do that anymore. Seth had been her boyfriend, her lover, the one who had captured her heart, but that had all changed the moment she walked into his bedroom, and saw him standing there in nothing but his underwear with his maid’s daughter half-naked on his bed. The sudden yet heartbreaking knowledge that Seth MacFarlane was no longer hers to claim was beginning to literally tear her apart from the inside out, and was visibly causing her whole body to shake with internal agony. The tears she had forgotten to hold back were pouring down her cheeks freely, and dampening them. Twigs didn’t want to accept the fact that she had abruptly lost the man that she loved in the blink of an eye, and without any warning whatsoever. It was especially difficult, because she was certain that he was the one that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Seth was it for her, and just as quickly as that information seemed to sink into her, he was gone just as fast. Her trembling fingers slowly curled into tight fists that clenched more with the anguish of her loss than the hatred for the man that had killed her, and the sweet love they had made together. Twigs could feel a pressure building up within her chest, and knew that it was warning to her that if she didn’t escape right that second, she was going to publicly explode in front of them and mostly likely cause a lot of damage. Twigs wasn’t the type of her person that would let her emotions get the better of her no matter what the situation was, but tonight, tonight she felt it would be an appropriate time for such a dangerous risk. Out of the corner of her eye, on Seth’s nightstand, were piles of paper decorated with black inked letters that she assumed was the scripts for his animated television shows that he would sometimes go over before bed. His everything was his career that he worked so hard on for since he was 5 years old…and Twigs was about to lash out on it. Lunging forward, she grabbed the tallest stack that had the title of American Dad typed on it in big bold letters, and furiously chucked it towards the half-naked couple. As the sheets separated from each other and rained down on the two, a drunk Rebecca let out a scream like she had instead been shot, and shielded herself with arms before losing her balance, and falling off the side of the bed.

Seth simply stood there staring at Twigs in agony, not caring that a part of his life’s works was now falling all around him into a pile of disarray. He looked at her through genuinely remorseful eyes as the pages danced around him, and occasionally brushed off of his shoulders. He didn’t show any signs of frustration towards her for rudely throwing his work in the air, and causing it to become a disorganized mess all over his bedroom floor. Even the length of time it would take for him to reorganize every single sheet of paper didn’t seem to register with him either. For Seth, nothing else mattered to him in that moment other than the woman that he was in love standing before him, who had just walked into his bedroom, and saw what clearly looked to be an unfaithful sight.

Twigs still wouldn’t say anything to Seth as she panted heavily in frustration, and glared at him with so much pain and hatred Seth could literally feel it radiating from her. More tears continued to pour from her eyes, and trail down her cheeks, but Twigs no longer wanted Seth to see her crying any more than he already has. He didn’t deserve to see that he could affect her like this, especially now that she can see him for the real scumbag that he truly is. No longer being able to stomach being in the same room as him and his whore without wanting to kill them with her bare hands, Twigs abruptly turned around and headed for the bedroom door, intending to make her way off of his property, and out of his life forever. Finally finding his voice throughout the ordeal, Seth called out to her desperately. “Pixie. No, Pixie! WAIT A MINUTE! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!”

Rebecca had finally gotten a hand on her balance, and was staring at the bedroom door in confusion. Her body might still be affected by the alcohol, but her mind was getting sharper with every passing minute. Out of the corner of her eye, Rebecca saw Seth launching forward to the bedroom door to go after his friend when they hadn’t even finished what they started yet. Reaching out, she grabbed ahold of his wrist, and tugged him back so he wouldn’t leave her. “Hold on, hold on! Where the hell do you think you’re going!? We’re not finished here!”

Seth ignored her, and ripped his arm away from her so that he could quickly tug on a pair of pants he had left on the floor when he came upstairs to shower. He had to get out of that room, not because he had to get to Twigs before she left the property, but also because he to get away from Rebecca or else he’d end up doing something he’d regret. Every second he spent near the half-naked girl, the faster his hatred for her was increasing to an alarming level. The last thing Seth wanted to do was strangle the girl to death, and so he had to get his mind together fast so that afterwards he’ll be able to deal with her too, and the trouble she had caused him. When his pants were finally zipped and button, Seth turned around to face Rebecca with the most lethal and menacing glare she had ever been put under before. She instantly shrink back against the bed to make herself seem smaller, and more harmless to him, but that didn’t stop Seth from striding over to her with a raging fire in his eyes, and a purpose in his step. “Look S-Seth, we can continue still. You don’t have to go after her. Trust me, you’ll have more fun with me than h-”

“STOP THIS, REBECCA, RIGHT NOW!” Seth yelled in her face so loudly she thought her eardrums had exploded. Rebecca immediately obeyed him out of shock and fear, and cowered even more into the sheets, her head nodding frantically in response. He looked like he was going to be beat her to death with his own two hands, and she was afraid that he honestly would. She had never seen this side of him before, and truly wished she wouldn’t have because it was so terrifying. Tears were pouring down her face, but Seth’s fury couldn’t be soothed. He pointed a menacing finger in her face that had her spine snapping straight as if she was being held at gunpoint. “I WANT YOU TO GET YOUR ASS DRESSED, AND THEN GO DOWNSTAIRS AND SIT IN THE FUCKING LIVING ROOM! AND THAT BETTER BE WHERE YOUR ASS REMAINS WHEN I GET BACK, YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?”

Rebecca frantically nodded as tears poured from her tightly closed eyes. Her palms had been raised up the second he started screaming at her in the first place, just in case he decided to start hitting on her she could try and stop him. When Seth was finally done yelling, she only heard empty silence for a long time. Slowly peeking her eyes open, she saw that he had suddenly disappeared out of the room, and had left her alone. Not wanting him to come back and see that she hadn’t followed his orders, Rebecca launched off the bed towards her room to gather her clothes that she had abandoned there. She bounced around her room trying to get her close back on, and then ran down the stairs to the living room where she planned to obediently sit and wait for Seth to return, just as he ordered her to do.


“TAHLIAH, WHERE ARE YOU!?” Seth was literally running like he was in the Olympics throughout every room in his house in search for Twigs, but alas couldn’t find her. He was cursing his oversized house, and its many rooms when he heard the sound of the front door slamming from a distance. He instantly took that as a hint as to where she had gone, and took off for the foyer. “Shit shit shit shit shit!”

Wrenching open the front door, Seth didn’t bother to poke his head outside to look for his lover, rather he leapt out and allowed his eyes to dart around his surroundings in search for her. He caught the familiar sight of his petite girlfriend stumbling over his lawn to get to the front gate surrounding his property, and couldn’t be happier that she hadn’t disappeared into the main road on her own. Twig’s steps had been quick, but he knew he’d be faster. Once again, he took off running, but this time it was outside into the chilly night air and with slick dewy grass beneath his bare feet. As he closed the distance between them, he could hear her sobs loud and clear, and it too was effecting his own racing heart. “Tahliah! Tahliah, wait! Baby please, stop and listen to me! You don’t understand!”

Twigs head snapped in his direction to see him rapidly coming up behind her. Her eyes widened in fear, and pain as she turned back around to keep ignoring him, and continue on walking. Her cellphone had unfortunately died sometime during the party she had attended that night, and so she had to use Seth’s house phone to call Derek to come, and pick her up. All that she had to do on her end was to make it pass the gate, and out onto the main road where she’ll walk towards town until Derek came along to pick her up, then and only then will she finally be able to escape the betrayal she had seen upstairs in her lover’s bedroom. Reaching up, she tried to wipe away every remnant that she could of her tears, but they were coming in too fast for her to keep up with.

“Tahliah, please, will you just listen to me! PLEASE!” Seth shouted to her from behind, but he knew she wasn’t going to slow her steps for him. He didn’t want to chase her down, and then forcibly hold her still to get her to hear the truth about what really happened upstairs between him and Rebecca, he wanted her to willingly listen to him, but that was probably asking too much at this point. Slowing his steps once he felt he was at a comfortable enough distance, Seth called out to her one last time. “PIXIE!”

Twigs let out a painful cry at the familiar pet name the man she loved had once given her, and instantly halted in her steps. She squeezed her eyes closed as she realized that she was about to do the very thing she was trying to avoid doing. She supposed when she really thought about it, there wouldn’t be a way of avoiding him. Seth wouldn’t ever make it easy for her to just get away from him even if she begged him to, and the last thing she wanted was for him to get arrested because he refused to stay away from her. The media would have a field’s day over that dramatic story, and in the end, it mostly likely wouldn’t faze him in the slightest. Seth would still follow her even after. Swallowing back her crying to try and compose herself, Twigs opened her somber eyes, and slowly turned around to face him with her head held high.

Seth had stopped a few feet away from her in nothing, but a pair of jeans. His muscles rose and fell due to his labored breathe, and his perspiration glistened underneath the moonlight, and even from the distant glow of the many exterior lights that illuminated his mansion. Seth was once again reminded from the dampness of Twig’s cheeks, and her bloodshot eyes of the devastation that he had caused her. His knees felt weak as he slightly raised a trembling hand out to her, wishing that she would allow him to touch her if only for a minute. He hated that the reason that those tears were only shed were because of him, and that his own pain was also a result from it too. Seth’s own heart was deeply breaking, and there was nothing he could do about it. He was pretty certain that he loathed himself the most between the two of them, and it truly felt like an uncomfortable burning sensation in his chest, like some kind of toxic substance. It was beginning to make his eyes water, which prompted him to take a step forward and raise his hand a bit higher out towards her, hoping she’d be merciful to him despite what her mind was telling her. “Pixie, please…”

With a sharp gasp, and wide tearful eyes staring at his hand in alarm, Twigs jumped back from him and raised her hands up to ward him away from her. “No no no no no no, DON’T you fucking touch me!”

“No baby, nothing happened, I swear! I didn’t do anything with her!” Seth tried to explain as he shook his head in denial and he reached his hand out once again. His mind couldn’t fathom the fact that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. He simply couldn’t accept her rejection to his touch, because of how much of a heavy weight of fear it put on his already fragile heart.

“I said don’t touch me!” Twigs screamed as she dodged his quick grabs until one finally caught up to her and wrapped around her delicate wrist. In that instant, she lost all of her strong defiant composure.
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