Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 86: Voicemails

Three days had past when Twigs was finally feeling a bit more emotionally stable, and less erratic. She no longer feel like tossing Simone or herself out the window anymore which was a definite improvement in her case since she came close to doing it twice. But more importantly, she was now a full rational human being, which meant she was now ready to have that talk with Simone she’s been putting off because her fragile feelings and emotions had left her too irrationally to hold a decent conversation. Twigs was grateful to have an understanding friend like Simone who didn’t ever try to push her to open up to her, and instead left her alone to patiently wait until she was ready to talk.

For the past few nights since she’s returned to her apartment physically broken and emotionally destroyed, Twigs had been repeatedly listening to her voicemails that had specifically came from Seth. They were new voicemails that had been sent to her after they broke up…well, sort of broke up.

Hidden in the dark underneath her comforters, Twigs would listen to the sound of Seth’s voice as she cried nonstop after each voicemail. On the very first day she had spent back in her apartment, Seth had sent her millions of voicemail messages, but at some time on the second day they had completely stopped coming in, and all else was quiet again. At first, Twigs had no interest in listening to a single one of them, and yet couldn’t bring herself to delete them from existence either. So she kept them in her phone, ignored and neglected, until the day came where her curiosity got the best of her and the need to hear his voice again became too overwhelming.

Every single night after, she would listen to his voicemails repeatedly and sob heavily over each one. It became a kind of ritual for her, an almost tormenting one at that. She couldn’t go a night without listening to him before she went to sleep, but then at the same exact time she couldn’t go to sleep with how heavy her heart had become with the pain she’d been going through without him. One particular night, however, while exploring her text messages inbox she ended up discovering the very one that Seth had mentioned that he sent on the night that she caught him in bed with Rebecca, his maid’s daughter. It pertained to him informing her that Rebecca would be sleeping in one of his guest rooms because she was drunk and to, of course, not tell Mrs. Guadalupe, her mother, about it. Twigs didn’t think much of it at the time, she honestly didn’t have the strength too. The only strength she had left went into listening to his voicemails, and sobbing herself to the point of throwing up.

Sitting at the kitchen table now on the third day, Twigs founds herself aching to listen to those same darn voicemails again just so she could listen to the sound of the voice that she missed so damn much. Picking her phone off the small kitchen table, she searched through her voicemail, and then clicked on one out of a dozens that were sent by him. Seth’s sexy strong voice belted out openly from the speaker of her phone as she stared off into space at a spot on the table.

Tahliah, it’s me…of course….you probably already know that by now. I’m sure you’ve never received this many voicemails in your life, huh? Seth let out a short weak laugh that quickly died out just as soon as it began. Yeah, I’m sorry about all those, but I just…I just have to talk to you, you know? I just have to…to keep talking to you as if you’re still here. It kind of…makes me feel a little better. I don’t mean to harass you I just…I-I’m too scared to stop. It hurts to much put the phone down for longer than ten minutes, and trust me, Derek keeps telling me to...

Simone wandered into the kitchen from her morning shower with her dreads wrapped up into a towel and her pajamas still on, but froze in place when she heard the sound of Seth’s voice. Her eyes snapped towards Twigs to see her listening to a voicemails from her phone while also looking like a heartbroken zombie, if there had ever been one before. Simone’s mood instantly went down as she looked her friend over with pity written all over her face. She hated that Twigs had to go through something as awful as this, and wished more than anything that there was something she could do to make the pain’s squeezing grip completely disappear from around her friend’s heart. As she walked by her broken friend to get to the fridge, Simone made sure to lean down to press a comforting kiss to the top of her head, before pouring them a glass of orange juice.

I uh…I just wanted to tell you that I-I miss you, and I…I still love you, Tahliah. I’m so sorry that you had to…to walk into that room when you did. I’m so sorry that you had to feel that kind of hurt, but…please. I know it’s asking too much, trust me, I know, but I just need you answer me, baby. I need you to answer the phone and just let me expl-

Looking over her shoulder, Simone watched Twigs put her phone down after she cut the voicemail short and continued to sit in silence lost in her own miserable world. Picking up the glasses of orange juices, Simone placed one in front of Twigs before taking a seat in the chair next to her and reaching a comforting hand out to place over the one that still remained on the phone. “Morning, sweetheart. How are you feeling today? Any better?”

Twigs nodded silently, but wouldn’t break her gaze from the spot on the table. The two slipped into silence as they began to drink their orange juices. Twigs was too busy fighting back her tears to take anything more than tiny sips from her glass. Simone was still trying to be patient and considerate of her roommate’s feelings by not demanding answers on what was going on with her since she caught her boyfriend cheating on her and what she was gonna do next. And so she just sat there drinking her orange juice and making sure to keep her mouth shut and not try to pry. While deep in her thoughts, Twigs surprised both herself and Simone when she finally blurted out her first sentence after spending two to three days in complete silence. “I miss him…”

Simone’s heart instantly broke for her friend, and once again she reached out to take her hand in hers. “Oh honey, I know that you miss him.”

Wiping a tear that managed to escape from the corner of her eye and trail down her cheek, Twigs gave her what she hoped would appear as a strong nod. It truly felt nice to talk to another human being again, and so she continued to speak in hopes that it would help ease the pain in her heart and make it fade away a little more with every word. “I…I want to…to see his face again, but…at the same time I-I don’t think I can bring myself to face him again.”

Simone nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I hear you honey. But you know, there are other ways you two can hash this whole thing out if that’s what you really want to do. You can text him, or call him if that’ll help you get through this pain. You don’t have to face him if you don’t want to.”

Twigs nods uncertainly. “I might try texting him maybe, but honestly…I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Simone’s eyes quickly strayed towards the kitchen clock to check the time. She could see that she was going to be late with meeting up with Neon Jungle if she didn’t get herself ready soon. As much as she wanted to stay there with her roommate and comfort her, Twigs refused to allow her to stay and fuss over her. She demanded that Simone go. “Honey, it’s getting pretty late, and I gotta go meet up with the girls. Are you sure you don’t want to try and join us? It might help, you know, getting out and distracting yourself with good people. Or you know what, better yet I can always invite them over and we can all hang together just like we use to.”

Twigs shook her head and gave her a small weak but gracious smile. “No thank you, I’m not up for that much company today. I just need some more time to figure things out on my own, if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course it is, honey.” Simone got up to press another kiss to her head. “But if you change your mind, call me okay? I’ll come running, you know I will.”

“I will. You be have fun now.” Twigs called after her as she left the kitchen to get dressed. Now sitting alone, she was left with nothing but her own thoughts and the pain reverberating in her heart. Letting out a sigh that ended up coming out as more of a whimper, Twigs tried her hardest to keep herself emotionally together until Simone was out the door. She didn’t want to go crying her eyes out, because if she did, Simone would drop everything in a heartbeat and stay. So she waited until Simone came back into the kitchen to kiss her goodbye before lowering her head onto the table top, and then waited to hear the front door to close before she let the tears start pouring. She sobbed herself to death at that kitchen table, and when she was done, she was too damn drained and exhausted to get up and go back to bed, so instead she sunk down onto the kitchen floor, and fell asleep there.

Around the afternoon, Twigs woke up to the sun shining on her from the window. Letting out a whine, she stretched her limps out and got up to take a shower. It was around that moment she asked herself how long she was going to be withering away in misery? How long was it going to take until she could feel like a live human being with a red beating heart in her chest again? Tomorrow, next week? The endless waiting for her pain to suddenly disappear was becoming too much for her to take day by day. She hadn’t even been to the dance studio in what felt like years, and that was a definite disgrace!

This behavior wasn’t like her. Since when did she feel like she was going to die after a breakup with some guy? Never, that’s when! She wasn’t the kind of naïve woman that lived for love and only for love. She had her music video gigs and her music that she was just starting out. Hell, she was planning to release her first EP at the end of the year. She did not have time to want to throw herself out the window for some guy!

Only, he wasn’t just some guy. He was Seth MacFarlane the billionaire with a heart catching billionaire smile that stole millions of women’s hearts, and that incredibly sexy voice that drench billions of Victoria Secret panties.

Turning off the shower faucets with a groan, Twigs shook her mind from those negative thoughts to focus on just herself and ONLY herself. She didn’t need to be thinking about him. He only made her sad, and today she was going to make her first attempt at rejoining the real world with everyday people. First, she got herself dressed, did her makeup and lastly fixed her hair. Today won’t just be another day of misery. No, today she was going to make an actual effort.

Today, she was going to grab a bite to eat at the nearby bakery, then take a walk in a nearby park to force herself to enjoy nature and then head over to the dance studio to practice some moves to her own songs. Packing up some dance clothes in a bag, Twigs then headed for the front door with nothing, but confidence and determination in her mind to get through this day as best as she could. However, that all disappeared the moment she opened the front door.