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To Caress My Day

Chapter 87: Confrontation

Twigs let out a sharp gasp, and instantly jumped back several steps from the person standing in her hallway. The man’s hand was raised as if he intended to knock on the door before she had answered, but she had beaten him to it instead, and so all he could do was stand there like a statue with wide eyes full of surprise upon seeing her again. Twigs could only gaped at him for a long time since she was struck completely and utterly speechless by the mere sight of him. He too stared right back at her as if he couldn’t believe that he had found her standing on the other side of her apartment door, but it soon changed into an expression of deep remorse for what had transpired between them just three days ago. To keep himself from reaching out to her the way he’s used to doing, he lowered both of his hands to his side and clenched them into tight fists in order to keep them there. He didn’t want to scare her away, and so he had to use all the strength he had to keep himself well-behaved, and refrain from acting on his own emotions.

Naturally of course, Twigs had expected her tears to start falling in a situation like this, however she had no idea how heavily they would spill. Quickly, she wiped away as much as she could of them so that her visitor wouldn’t be able to see her vulnerability, but alas she couldn’t keep up with the countless droplets. Spinning around so that her back was to him, she continued to wipe at her face with the sleeve of her coat before clearing her throat so that her voice wouldn’t come out as broken as she obviously appeared to be. “S-Seth, what are you doing here?”

Seth reached up to awkwardly rub the back of his neck, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her tiny slender form trembling. He shuffle from leaning on one foot than the other as he struggled to find the right words to say that wouldn’t cause them to fight like they had the last time they saw each other. “I uh…I thought I would give you some time before we talked again. It’s been three days, and well…now, I think it might be a good time to have that talk.”

Twigs didn’t wait to reject his offer with a quick frantic shake of her head. She refused to turn around to speak to him face to face, because she was certain she wasn’t ready for that kind of confrontation. If she dared to do it then she’d surely drop dead right there and then just from the sheer pain alone of seeing him again. “N-No! N-No, no I’m not sure right now is a good time.”

Unknowingly taking a step forward, Seth now stood in the doorway with a look of pain written all over his face and both of his hands held out towards her in desperation as he shook his head. “No, Tahliah, it’s a good time as any!” Lowering the desperation in his tone, Seth spoke more calmly. “Please Tahliah, will just you let me in? This shit between us isn’t over yet, you know that as well as I do. We could walk away from each other right now with the intention of never looking back, and insanely enough 10 years from now accidently end up in another café in London! And guess what, it still wouldn’t be over then.”

Squeezing her eyes shut in denial, Twigs knew deep down inside that he was right. She could cross oceans, and climb over dozens of mountains, and it would STILL would not be over between the both of them. No, they’re relationship wasn’t an ordinary simple one. Over time, they had developed an unshakable bond that could only be severed face to face in order to officially cut the ties that held them so tightly together. Holding back an agonizing whine of defeat, Twigs reluctantly allowed him entrance into her home by grabbing ahold of the door knob, and quickly yanking her front door wide enough for him to enter. She refused to look at any inch of him, including the tip of his shoelaces. She also refused to say a word to him as she closed the door behind him, and locked it. As much as it appeared as if she were trying to ignore his very existence, it was truly impossible for her to do so. She could literally feel him from across the room, and could tell that he was waiting for her to lead them to another room where they would have their final talk before she ended it all…wait, end it all? Was that what I was planning to do after all this time, Twigs wondered to herself in surprise?

Reluctantly turning around, Twigs kept her eyes on the floor as she walked past him to lead him to her living room. She felt him follow her close behind. Upon entering the living room, she waited for him to take a seat first before they begin, but he stubbornly insisted on standing. Regaining back her manners, Twigs cleared her throat again before addressing him in what sounded like a distant voice. “Would you like something to drink? Perhaps a glass of water?”

Seth shook his head at her before remembering that she still wouldn’t look at him and so wouldn’t have seen his answer. “No, but thank you for the offer.” He took a seat on the big couch while she lowered herself to the loveseat. He hadn’t noticed before that air around them had become so full of tension that was so thick he could have sworn it was manifesting itself in a fog that was heavily misting up the room. Hoping to lighten the mood with a small joke, and get a smile out of her, Seth broke into grin that was only a shadow of his infamous billion dollar smile that he was famously known for. “I’m actually not all that thirsty for water, if you get my drift.”

Twigs let out scoff at his remark and rolled her eyes before turning her head away to glare at the wall next to her. Normally she’d find his inappropriate jokes funny, and would either laugh herself to tears or play along with it, but considering the horrific events that recently took place between them she wasn’t in the least bit of mood for a joke right now. Her lips parted with the intention of reprimanding him for making such a dirty joke at a time like this after what she had just caught him doing three days ago, but she never got the chance to.

“Tahliah, I’m in love with you.” Seth boldly confessed while staring directly at her, watching the many emotions transition over her face. “I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a long time now.”

Shooting back up onto her feet, Twigs crossed her arms over her chest and addressed him in an angry tight voice that hinted that she was trying to hold back the red hot fury she truly felt towards him. This time she had to try really hard not to look at him, because she knew that if she did she’d explode and most likely kill the man with her bare hands. “Wow, do you honestly think I’m really gonna fall for that bullshit after walking in on you trying to fuck your little college girlfriend!?”

Seth had to quickly look away from her at that point. His jaw tightened at the reminder of what she truly believed he had done with Rebecca, and it was honestly pissing him off that she still refused to listen to him. However, he knew he had to calm his temper down. He had come there with the intention of being peaceful, not aggressive. But when he spoke, the same tightness in her tone was also blatantly in his. “Tahliah, I’ve told you many times before and I’ll tell you again, what you saw in that room did NOT happen.”

For the first time since she opened the door and saw his face Twigs finally lifted her eyes to look at him, and her brown orbs were on fire. She was the maddest he had ever seen her and hoped to ever see her again. She took several steps towards him, her chest heaving in anger and her eyes pouring with endless amount of heartbreaking tears, as pointed an accusing finger in his direction, recalling exactly what she saw that very night. “You wanna know what the fuck I saw?! I saw that good-for-nothing bitch on HER knees on YOUR bed in nothing but HER bra and underwear, and YOU standing at the end of YOUR bed ready to get YOUR dick sucked by a fucking child. That’s what hell I fucking saw, Seth!”

This time, Seth jumps to his feet to defend himself, and all his worries about having a peaceful approach towards her was completely gone. His eyes spit fire that equally burned as bright as hers, and beneath all those flames were two broken hearts in need of each other to feel whole again. “BUT YOU DIDN’T SEE ME FUCKING HER! YOU DIDN’T SEE ME FUCKING OR KISSING HER! ALL YOU SAW WHEN YOU WALKED IN WAS REBECCA’S DRUNKEN ASS TRYING TO SEDUCE ME!” Seth tried his hardest to lower his voice back down, but it came out more as a mumble. “And failing miserably at it, by the way.”

Twigs abruptly turned away so that her back was once again to him, the memories flashes of that night becoming too painfully bearable to stand while looking at him at the same time. Her shoulder quivered as she began to cry, but she fought back her tears back, not wanting him to see that he could still affect her this effectively. Unfortunately, that was losing battle, and in a split second her cries turned into sobs. Pressing her fist against her mouth and biting down on it, she once again tried to prevent the sounds of her sobbing from being heard.

Taking a couple of deep breathes, Seth forced himself to calm back down and wave the white flag of surrender. Rubbing his hands over his face and letting out a deep burdened sigh, he dropped his hands to his sides and looked at her trembling back. He didn’t need to be rocket scientist to be able to see that the woman he loved was crying. Wanting to do nothing more but comfort her, Seth took a step forward while simultaneously reaching out for her. “Tahliah, please don’t cry. I love you so much, Pixie, I don’t ever want to see you cry or in any kind of pain. You know this…”

Spinning back around to smack his hand away, she tried evade him by walking around him while simultaneously yelling at him. “WOULD YOU STOP SAYING THAT!?”

Clearly taken aback by surprise by her outburst and finding her rejection of his love totally offensive, Seth gritted his fists and clenched his fist out of frustrations. “I WILL NOT! I CAN’T!” He lifted a finger to point it at her. “Need I remind you I’ve been holding that back for what feels like a lifetime already and now that it’s out in the open I refuse to stop fucking saying just to ease your own dan conscious when it’s the goddamn fucking truth!”

“Oh, please!” Twigs spat back at him as she turned to face him now that she felt there was a safe enough distant between them. “You’re only saying that shit because your ass got caught trying to fuck your maid’s daughter!”


Twigs broke down into tears again, but quickly covered her face as she cried into her hands. She shook her head as her cries became muffled by the lack of free space. She didn’t want to do this anymore. She didn’t want to hear his crap anymore. She didn’t know how much more she could take from him anymore.
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