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To Caress My Day

Chapter 88: Two Favors

Once again Twig’s tears ripped Seth’s heart into pieces, bringing his temper back down into a more controllable level. Exhaling sharply through his nose, Seth places his hands on his hips and returned his eyes back to hers frail form. “I have never once thought about cheating on you, Tahliah. It didn’t matter if I was in California surrounded by millions of gorgeous Hollywood Starlets, or in the UK where the most beautiful woman in all the countries of the world lived. I NEVER wanted to cheat on you. What I did want was you, Tahliah Debrett Barnett. No one else has every had my attention more, has ever made me turn my head more, or made my heart beat this passionately before.”

“WELL THEN WHY THE HELL WAS REBECCA IN YOUR FUCKING BED, HUH? TELL ME THAT! WHY THE FUCK WAS THAT WHORE IN YOUR FUCKING BED, SETH!” Twigs screamed after dropping her hands from her face to reveal her red tear-drenched face. She was through with his lies, and just wished he would stop trying to make excuses for his actions when she already knew what had happened.

Making the mistake of rudely rolling eyes for having already explained this a million times to other people familiar with their relationship already, Seth let out an exasperated sigh as he grumbled to himself. “Oh my fucking, how many times do I have to explain myself?” Lifting his eyes back to her, he glared heatedly at her. “Look I’m only going to explain this one more goddamn time, the next time someone wants to hear the story I’m gonna plaster that shit all over every billboard in California so I don’t have to talk about this ever again, okay?!” He continued on without waiting for her reply. “Rebecca got drunk at some stupid fucking party somewhere and asked to crash at my place until the next morning so her mother wouldn’t find out that she had been drinking. Mrs. Guadalupe has had bad experience with people drinking alcohol and so she forbids her family from experimenting with that stuff while living under her roof.” Seth shook his head in disappointment at himself for being so stupid as to go against his employee’s wishes just to help her helpless daughter out. Sticking his hands in his pockets, he stared down at his feet with shame in his eyes. “It was a stupid decision, trust me I know that already. I shouldn’t have ever tried to help Rebecca, and betray her mother the way I did, but I did, and I can’t change that. I agreed to keep Rebecca’s secret this ONE time, and allowed her to stay in one of the guest bedrooms for the night.” Seth finally looked up at Twigs, his brows furrowed in remembrance. “As I seem to recall I texted you that night, and told you that she’d be staying the night, but you never replied back to me. Why was that?”

Twig’s eyes dropped to the floor in embarrassment as she stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest. “Well um….m-my phone had died sometime that night before I left. I didn’t get the chance to see your message until…afterwards.”

Seth let out a deep sigh of exhaustion. He was tired of fighting. He hadn’t come to her apartment with the intentions of fighting with her. As hurt and fragile and broken as he still was about the downfall of their relationship, he had come over today hoping he would find her in a stronger state than himself. He was hoping she’d be the more rational one that kept herself together, and remained a solid foundation for him to lean on because he felt as fragile as glass in this fight for their love. He couldn’t bring himself to be strong like the man he was supposed to be, and so he prayed that she could be instead. Somebody had to be strong one in all this, and yet neither of them were. Pulling his hands out of his pocket, Seth allowed his hands to hang limply at his side as he stared at her, pleading for her once again to give him mercy. “Look, Pixie I…” He hesitated for a minute and turned his gave elsewhere, before looking back into her eyes again. “If I had really and truly wanted to cheat on you that night with Rebecca, I wouldn’t have ever took the time to send you a text message telling you that she was at the house with me. I would have kept it a complete and utter secret from you and did whatever the fuck I wanted with her until I got word you were coming back.” Seth took a step forward, hoping that he could try and make her believe him. “After all this time, you can’t tell me that you actually believe I would be the type of cheater that would bring my mistress over RIGHT before the woman I’m in love with comes home just so she could catch me in the act and get her heart broken? Really? Tahliah I wouldn’t waste my time with all that drama bullshit! My life is a constant roller coaster ride of responsibilities and work that I have to deal with on a daily basis, why would I want to waste what little free time I have to play some kind of cheating soap opera scene like that? That’s not me, Tahliah. You have to know that deep down in your heart by now that if I were cheater, that kind of shit wouldn’t ever happen. Plus, cheatings too much fucking drama for me to deal with and with all the publicity that follows me around!? I don’t have time nor do I want to spare my precious time hiding an affair from you and the public, and on top of that hiding my relationship with you also!”

As much as Twigs wanted to deny it and call him a liar, she knew what he said was true. After they started dating and Twigs was away on one of her videos gigs, she would sometimes Google image her boyfriend’s name just to see a picture of him. She never dared to ever take one of him for herself because she was too afraid of what would happen if she had ever misplaced her phone and someone were to find it. One time, and only one time did her curiosity get the best of her, and she decided to actually search him up on Google. Unlike most celebrities, she couldn’t find a single negative post about him, only a few on his animated shows, and films among a billion of positive ones. There weren’t any stories of him cheating, or having an affair or anything of that sort. If he had not done that kind of awful stuff ever before, why would he do it now? Still, as much as his statement made total sense, she wasn’t about to openly agree with him just yet.

Seth sighed. “Tahliah, it was no secret to me, or for anyone else in that matter that Rebecca had a school girl crush on me growing up. I’ve known this for years, and yet I had never once tried to cross that line, never! Not even when she hit 18.” He rolled his eyes to himself at the thought of it. “Why would I now want to try and cheat on you with Rebecca when I could have just hooked up with her before and skipped all that dramatic bullshit completely? That makes absolutely no sense. What man would want to go on that kind of route? It’s a fucking headache.”

Twigs tried hard to think of reason as to why Seth would choose that route, but the only one that would come up was a pretty pathetic one. “W-Well, maybe because she was probably in the United States at the time we met, and so I was the closer option at the time…that could be why!”

Seth gave her a look of doubt, and raised one of his eyebrows in question. “Pixie, please. I’ve got money. At any time I could’ve easily flown her overseas to start an affair if I had really wanted to. But I never did, because I obviously never wanted one with her!”

“Shit.” Twigs muttered to herself in defeat as she covered her face with her hands. She couldn’t think of any reason to fight this battle anymore. That night, she walked in and saw something she was certain was an affair in the act, but…now, she wasn’t so sure anymore. He had an excuse and reason for everything that she saw that night, and it all sounded legit. Everything Seth was saying not only sounded sincere to her, but it also FELT sincere in her heart. She knew Seth MacFarlane, and the Seth MacFarlane that she loved wouldn’t have done that to her. She didn’t want to continue questioning herself, but she couldn’t stop after hearing everything he said. What if he was telling the truth? It’s true, she had walked in on Rebecca reaching out for HER man, but not the other way around. Seth had been standing at the end of the bed…wait, why was he standing at the end of the bed? Every time she had been even partially naked in front of Seth he would come running over and tackling her onto the nearest cushioned furniture. According to the display of his bedsheets on the bed that night, they both had been underneath those blankets at one point before she walked in, and yet for some reason he got out of the bed to stand at the end of it all the while not knowing when Twigs was coming home?

Oh, god.

Every second that Twigs took to respond to his comment made Seth more tranquil that she couldn’t find anything on him. If it all goes well and she continues up empty handed, she’d have to face to fact that he was completely innocent in all this, and that it was all just a misunderstanding on her part. Then they can go back to the way they were before like something had ever happened. Seth continued to wait, and wait, and wait for her to respond. When it began to look like she wasn’t going to give up and accept the truth any time soon, Seth’s shoulders drooped in defeat. He hung his head and ran both of his hands through his hair. What the hell was he going to do now to convince her not to give up on them?

“O-Oh, god!” Twigs sobbed as she slowly began to break down again, causing Seth to look up at her with eyes wide with concern by her sudden outburst. Her entire body began to shake from the force of her cry as she began to realize the truth for the first time. Slowly, she looked up at Seth, her eyes glistening in tears and her face a look of utter remorse. “Oh my god, I-I’m so sorry, baby….I-I can’t believe I...” Seth didn’t let her finish. He couldn’t. Letting out breathless laugh of joy, he quickly strode over to her as fast as he could and swept the woman he loved in his arm, tightly held her trembling body against his own. He selfishly buried his face in her hair for a few minutes, just enough time to breathe in her scent before he cupped her face in both of his hands and began to rain soft warm kisses all over her beautiful face. His lips didn’t stop Twigs from finishing her apology, however. “Oh Seth, I’m so sorry! I-I don’t know what came over me! I jus-”

Seth didn’t pull away from or halt his kisses. Instead he spoke between the meeting of her skin and his lips, refusing to let her go. “It’s okay…Pixie baby…it’s okay. You don’t…have to…apologize…I already…forgave you…long ago.”

Refusing to be forgiven so easily, Twigs shook her head and with both hands tugged his hands away from her face, halting his lips worshipping her face. Her eyes were still filled with tears as she looked up at him heartbroken and with an endless amount of her own self-loathing. “No, Seth…I-I don’t deserve your forgiveness as easily as that, not a-after the way I acted! I should be groveling for your forgiveness, not being given it without having made it up to you.”

Seth’s pink kissed lips curved into a forgiving smile as he looked down at her, and playfully shook his head. Once again, he reached out to cup her face in his hands and this time he had her undivided attention. “Okay, Pixie, okay. If you want to work harder to earn my forgiveness, then you can do that. Whatever you want at this point, you can have.”

“R-Really?” Twigs asked him, not believing that he’d allow her to actually earn his forgiveness back.

Seth nodded as his thumbs caressed the soft flesh of her cheeks. “Of course.”

Licking her lips nervously at what his request might possibly be, Twigs asked him. “Alright then…w-what can I do to earn your forgiveness?”

Pretending to think it over when really he already had an idea, Seth tilted his head to the side and looked up in thought. “How about…” His eyes lit up as they returned back to hers. “You have to do me two favors before I can forgive you.”

“Just two favors?” Twigs asked him incredulously, earning a nod of confirmation. Breaking into a smile, Twigs frantically nodded her head in acceptance and placed her hands over his that were still cupping her delicate face. “Then yes, of course. Name anything, I’ll do it!”

“Good.” Seth grinned before leaning his head down to lay his forehead against hers, their lips only a few centimeters apart. “My first favor is I want you to accept that you are the woman that I am deeply and madly in love with. Accept that you are also the woman who has my heart, my soul, and my everything. Can you do that for me, Pixie? Can you see yourself as being that woman?”
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