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To Caress My Day

Chapter 89: 69

Twigs began to start crying again, but this time it wasn’t out of agony and sadness. This time she cried out of pure happiness, and love. Everything she had ever wanted and more was returned to her when she was so certain she would never see it again. Yet, here he was, the only man she had every love with every breath in her body. She felt Seth wipe her tears with his thumb as he continued to lay his forehead against hers. She was certain he was looking down at her in hopes that she would respond to the first of two favors she was meant to complete in order to win his love back in full again. It was her request to do so after not believing him after all.

Until she was able to form a sentence, Twigs merely gave him a nod as her hands came up to grip onto the back of his. Seth smiled down at her, and that smile of exhilaration was the trick that did it. Finally, she was able to open her mouth and speak. Opening her eyes, she lifted them to his, forcing him to lift his forehead from her so he could look down at her without going cross eyed. “I’ll cherish it, Seth. I promise you I will cherish your love forever, baby. Every second of every day from this moment on, whether we are together or apart.” She watched him flash her his billion dollar smile and lean down once again with the intention to kiss her, but she stopped him before he could by placing her hand over his lips. Seth froze and pulls back with a frown of confusion and a hint of hurt. Twigs gave him a smile of assurance before she braced herself to confess to him the one secret she’s been dying to share with him for what felt like a lifetime. “Seth, I…I’m in love with you too.”

Seth’s eyes suddenly widen as he began to loosen his arms around her body. “Wait, are…are you serious? Or are you just saying this because I did, be-”

Smiling, Twigs shook her head and interrupted him before he could finish, knowing he’d appreciate it in the long run. “No, you handsome idiot! I’ve been in love with you since the first moment I saw you too in that café. I’ll admit it sounds too cliché to be real, but I swear to you that it is. I would never lie to you about something like this, trust me.” She assured him, before she smirked at him. “And if you think about it this way, I saw you first so technically I fell in love with you before you fell in love with me.”

Seth didn’t care to argue who loved the other the most, instead he laughed at the strange coincidence of them falling in love at nearly the exact same time, and cupped the back of her head to pull her into a kiss. Twigs tilted her head to eagerly receive it, and parted her lips before they were crushed beneath his. Instantly she let out a moan as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pushing her body up against his. Seth was too caught up in the kiss to tell her about the second favor that she owed him. Instead, he wrapped one arm around her tiny waist to pull her closer against him and reached down with his other hand to grab her behind so he could push her hips forward to meet his neglected erection that’s been fiercely missing her.

The couple kisses passionately, shoving each other’s tongues down their throats, and bruising their lips together from the brutality of their kiss. Wishing to lay her down on a proper bed, but not wanting to break the kiss, Seth leaned down a bit to sweep Twigs off her feet and carry her in the direction of her room. Luckily her door was cracked open, making it easier for them to make their way inside. Seth kicked the door closed before he gently lowered her back onto her feet, still refusing to break their kiss. Twigs was just as determined to keep their mouths together as they both began to take their clothes off, but naturally when it came to their tops, they had no choice but to separate. Giving in, they broke the kiss for five seconds before rejoining again just as fiercely with their hands tangles into each other’s hair. Once he got his fingers back out of her tangled hair, Seth got to work on unhooking her bra while Twigs removed his belt. The sound of lips smacking and heavy breathing is all that can be heard in her bedroom.

Seth tossed Twig’s bra aside without a care and quickly reached out to grab her waist and lift her up into the air so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. Desperately, his lips searched for small brown nipples and drew it into the warmth of his mouth, pulling a sharp gasp from her lips. Twigs dived her fingers into his short dark hair and tilted her head back to let out a moan, her eyes slipping shut. She felt Seth’s hands grope the cheeks of her behind as he began to move towards her bed. Letting out a squeal when she felt him slap her left cheek, Twigs broke into a fit of giggles and playfully slapped him back on his shoulder. When he was bent over her bed, she loosened her hold around him and gently lowered to the mattress then watched him straighten back up to rid her of her bottoms and shoes. She waited patiently until he was done and she was completely naked before she motioned for him to come back to her. “Come here.” She smiled at him when he silently obeyed and stepped closer to the bed until he stood in-between her legs. Pushing herself back up, Twigs got to work undoing his pants and helping him to get rid of the unwanted garment. Seth kicked his own shoes off on his own as she got to work on his briefs to reveal what she already knew what would be inside. A grin came to her face as his cock sprang free from its confinement. Her eyes stared in wonder as she admired the length and girth of him before she reached out to grab ahold of his shaft, making him shudder. Without permission, Twigs leaned over to take him into her mouth with a moan and closed her eyes in pleasure at the familiar delicious taste of him on her tongue.

Already beginning to sweat, Seth closed his eyes too and tilted his head back as he let out a moan. One hand tangled itself into her hair, while the other searched lower and came across one of her small breasts. Greedily it began to grope the small mound and make the nipple harden from it’s rough touch. Lifting his head back up, Seth lowered his gaze to the area that went beyond her breast and lied between her legs. Letting out another moan, Seth carefully bent himself to the side so his fingers could reach her folds. Softly moaning, Twigs continued on sucking on his cock even when she felt his fingers prying her already soaking wet folds apart so it dive into her ocean of juices. Seth let out a deep groan at the amount of wetness that his explorative fingers were finding, and wishing to quench his own thirst with it, he nuzzled his nose against her soft curls and murmured to her. “Want to taste you.”

Letting out a whine, Twigs reluctantly pulls his delicious cock from her mouth to pout up at him. “Oh alright, Mr. Greedy. You can have your way.” Pushing herself back onto the bed, Twigs rotated herself around do that her back was to him before lying on the bed. She looked up at him seductively, hoping he’s get the message that she was insinuating a 69 position.

The smirk forming on his lips told her that he did, but when he took a seat beside her head, she began to wonder if she was wrong. She lifted her head to say something, but ended up squealing when Seth reached out to lift her off the bed and flip her on top of him instead. If they were going to 69, he preferred her to be on top since she was so tiny and delicate. The last thing he wanted to do after getting her back, and hearing her confession of love was to break her in half during sex. Twigs let out a giggle before she guided his cock back into her mouth at the same time that he buried his face between her legs. They both let out a moan simultaneously as they both experienced pleasure. Seth thrusted his tongue into her entrance as his hands slid over her naked back and back down again. Twig purrs with appreciation and decided to reward him by taking more of length deeper into her mouth and down her throat. “Fuck” Seth groaned deeply as he accidently jerked his hip up and abruptly forced more of himself into her throat. Surprised by the intrusion, Twigs didn’t try to fight it by pulling back, instead she took it, and in an act of revenge, she began to grind herself down on Seth’s face with the intention of suffocating him too. Seth welcomes her assault, and urges her to continue to dominate him the way she was by cupping her behind, pushing it back down and keeping it there.

They continued to feed from each other until Seth took notice that her moans was beginning to hitch higher, signaling that she was about to cum. Now racing against time, Seth hurriedly reposition herself by lifting her hips up, shifting himself, and then lowering her back down so that her clit was easier to get to. Violently, and without a thought as to how it would affect her, Seth sucked the sensitive nub into his mouth and ran his tongue over it. Twigs head lurched back enough so that his cock was no longer shoved down her throat when she screamed from her instant orgasm. “AHHH!” Seth helped her ride out her orgasm until she was left panting for air with his cock still in her mouth. At this point, Seth’s had lowered the intensity of his suckling on her clit, and instead focused on forcing two of his long thick fingers through the muscles of her inner walls. Twigs let out weak cry in response but didn’t say anything.

“C’mon Pixie, keep going. Put my dick back in your pretty mouth and keep going. I’ll make it worth your while, I promise.” Seth whispered huskily to her against her clit, causing her whole body to violently shudder. As kind as it was for him to obey her command before, Twigs felt like she could at least return the favor. Giving him an obedient nod, she grabbed ahold of the base of his cock and began to suck on his head and what was left of her drool that didn’t trail all the way down his length. As soon as Seth felt her sucking on his pulsating cock, he began to repeatedly thrust his fingers into her until he heard her moans turn high pitch again signaling her second orgasm. Without warning, he increased the intensity of his sucking on her clit and once again brought her orgasm crashing over again and a tightening grip around his fingers.

Twigs let out another scream, this one being sharper as she slipped his cock completely out of her mouth. She focused on riding out her own orgasm this time by grinding herself against his face, getting off on him. When the pleasure died down, she collapsed with her head resting on his hip. She heard Seth let out a groan before he gently picked her up and laid her back down on her back again next to him. Twig’s eyes scrambled for the man she loved and as she lifted her head up, she caught him getting off the bed. “Baby.” She couldn’t help, but whine even though it came out a little hoarse due to her screaming.

“Shhh.” Seth shushed her with a smile as he walked around the bed to stand before her. Leaning down, he spread her legs a little further apart, and pressed a hot open mouth kiss to her still glistening entrance, using stuck his tongue to trace the rim of it while moaning softly.

Twigs arched her back and let out a moan. “Seth baby, please! I want more than that! I need more! Please.”

Seth flicked his tongue over her overly sensitive clit and smiled when her hips jerked up off the bed as a result. Straightening up, he crawled onto the bed until he was situated between her legs. Grabbing ahold of his cock, Seth looked down at her and gave her reassurance. “I know, baby. I can’t wait any longer either.”

Twigs gives him a frantic nod of understanding as she stared up at him with desperate eyes, her brows a bit furrowed.

Seth lines himself up with her entrance before eagerly jerking his hips forward to thrust himself into her.
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