Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 9: I'm Your Doll

Twigs watched Seth and Simone head her way. Nervous, couldn’t begin to describe how she was feeling. If her whole body wasn’t frozen like a statue where she stood, she’d be hopping around all high strung, shaking our her limbs like an eager pro wrestler getting ready for a fight as she tried to talk herself down from having a heart attack in front of the guy she liked. My god, was he always this sexy or was it the full moon, she wondered as they came closer? The longer it took for them to arrive, the more Twigs knew she was going to make a fool out of herself. He’s gonna step up to her all perfect and godlike and she’ll just mess it all up by peeing her pants from the butterflies morphed into torpedoes banging around in her stomach. Twigs bit her lower lip as they weaved their way through the less clusters crowd since the music had died down several minutes ago. Wait, the music ended? That meant-

“Twigs, you’re up right now! Why are you hanging by the bar?” Adrien, the club owner’s son reminded Twigs of her upcoming performance. She was only planning on singing one song tonight but it was still a big deal for her. She was trying to get use to the stage and having everyone look up at her with expectations in their eyes that she won’t suck. If Twigs really wanted to be an amazing performer, she had to get use to the stage and all its grandeur first, and not get distracted by hot rich guys and their impossible sexiness.

“Oh, of course! I’m sorry I got a little distracted.” Twigs took a quick look behind her to see Simone and Seth already passed the halfway point to her location. She could no longer kid herself, she wasn’t strong enough to face him right now. She was critically nervous. She’d rather perform for the entire world than be stuck in a room singing only to him at this point. She had to run.

“Let’s go!” Twigs exclaim loudly, grabbing Adrien’s hand and practically dragged him behind her towards the stairs that led to the center stage.

“Hmm, I wonder where Twigs has gone off to.” Simone wonder out loud as she tapped a finger against her chin in thought. She had finally found Twigs’s crush and brought him all the way over here so they can renew their love and she wasn’t even there! Knowing her, she’s hiding from us, Simone thought as she took a seat by the bar. This wouldn’t be the first time she hid from a crush, but this was the first time she successfully DISAPPEARED. Twigs would hide around the corner, or linger in hallways. In all the time Simone has known her, she has never NOT been able to find her.

Seth, on the other hand, stood there looking defeated as he searched all around him for his pixie. Where had she gone? He came all this way to see her, she couldn’t have just left! Did he scare her? My god, did he look that bad? Was he too creepy? If Seth Macfarlane wasn’t in the company of a young woman he probably would’ve started biting his nails right off his fingers in self-hate. Fortunately for him, he was about to have some company of equally beautiful young women.

“Seth Macfarlane!”

“You made it!?”

Seth turned to see Neon Jungle come up behind him with excited smiles on their faces. They had finished up their performance a while ago and had all decided to stay to support their friend Twigs and spend some time with Simone. Seth had to let this whole Twigs thing go for now. He didn’t want these ladies seeing him have a mini meltdown over their lost friend.

“Yeah and I’m glad I did. You guys were pretty amazing! “Seth complimented them, sticking his hand into his pockets as he flashed him his billion dollar smile.

“Thanks!” Shereen, Jess and Asami all gushed, loving the fact that he enjoyed their show. This man was Seth Macfarlane and HE liked their show! What else can make their night?

Amira looked at Simone, who gave her a congratulating smile, “Where is Twigs?”

Simone shrugged, “She was here when I left, and now she’s gone.”

“She’s probably up getting ready to perform.” Shereen reminded them, stealing a twizzler from Jess’s freshly opened candy box, and earning a smack on the shoulder.

Simone and Amira both nodded, now remembering that that was in fact why Twigs was gone. Their friend was schedule to perform a song right after them.

“She’s performing tonight?” Seth asked, completely caught off guard. He had no idea that Twigs was set to perform this very night, nor what was to be expected from his little pixie.

“Yeah, but it’s just one song that she was working on with some music producers she met. We got her some friends to play as her band. Pretty cool guys, if memory serves.” Simone recalled.

“Oh.” Was all Seth could say as he immediately looked towards the stage as two young men and two young women appeared and headed for their instruments? Seth wasn’t close enough with the dimmed lighting to be able to identify them. Just how close were these guys to his pixie? Was their relationship professional or something more?

“Let’s hurry up guys, before the crowd starts moving towards the stage.” Amira warned the group before she and Simone started to swiftly maneuver through the crowd. Seth felt a push from behind him by Shereen, and two pulls by his arms by Asami and Jess. Seth didn’t mind since he was planning on stalking them to get a better look at Twigs’s performance anyway.

Twigs was nervous as she peeked from behind the thick black curtain and saw not just the crowd, but her best friends AND her crush standing in the front row. Oh my god, Twigs whimpered to herself as she closed the curtains. Any second now, the band will start playing and she would have to step out and sing to the crowd…and Seth. What in world was she going to do? She could run out the back door, but she couldn’t pass this opportunity up for anything. Her parents worked so damn hard to help get her to this point! She was not going to leave this for any circumstances. No, she was going to suck this up, and do what she and the others had worked hard to get her to. Twigs’s grip tightened on the microphone before she slowly stepped out on the stage.

The stage was completely black before the slow song began to play from her band members and the stage light turn purple, shining down on them. The crowd couldn’t completely see her in detail, but they could see her. For a second Twigs froze until she saw her friends in the front row blowing her kisses and cheering in support. What she didn’t expect was Seth’s involvement in their cheer as well. The second her eyes met his though, they stayed and did not move throughout the whole performance. She was so lucky the crowd couldn’t see that because they would probably think she wasn’t a great performer if she was only staring at one person. Twigs started out by sitting on a small stool placed in the center of the stage for her by Adrien. Slowly, she lifted up the microphone just as a white stage light began to flicker onto her, and began to sing a song she wrote called ‘I’m Your Doll.’

Stop playing with those other girls
It makes me jealous baby
I want to be the only one?
The only one
The only one

Stop playing with those other girls
You know it drives me crazy
I'm feeling like a loaded gun
And when it's done I'm the only one.

Tahliah sang, from her stool, moving a little here and there, occasionally brushing her hand over her chest and legs.

I'm your doll
Wind me up
I'm your doll
Dress me up
I'm your doll
Love me rough
I'm your doll
I'm your doll

Twigs spread her legs wide open, causing the crowd to erupt in excitement at her erotic display. Seth’s heart damn near stopped at that action alone, not because it was incredibly inviting but because she was looking at him the whole time. Twigs swayed her hips so seductively that he couldn’t help but visibly gulp. Seth saw, heard, and yearned for nothing but her as the crowded erupted into applauds and wolf whistles.