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To Caress My Day

Chapter 90: Watch The Storm

Twigs threw her head back and let out a cry from the sensation of Seth rejoining her body again after what felt like weeks without him. After being used to having constant sex in their relationship, it felt severely odd to not have both sex and him around at the same time. Fortunately, they were back together, and all the familiarity of their relationship would fall back into place including sex. Licking her lips, Twigs snaked both of her arms and legs around him just as he lowered himself down onto her soft delicate body. The moment she had sunk her fingers into his short dark hair and tugged his lips down onto hers, Seth took that opportunity to jerk his hips forward so she would receive a particularly hard thrust, earning a sharp cry from her.

Seth didn’t want it slow, and savoring right now. He had needed his fix for so long, and now he finally had her back in his arms. Still, he wanted to race to the finish line just so she could blow his mind the way only she could do, and show him just how much power she had over him with that majestic body of hers. He wanted to fuck as if it would be his last time with her ever again. Deciding not to give Twigs any warnings, Seth slammed his hips repeatedly down onto hers, forcing more of himself into her in the process, and immediately finding her spot.

Twig broke their kiss to tilt her head back and squeezed her eyes shut with a series of moans. She felt Seth dive down towards her neck to smother open mouth kisses alongside it. “Oh fuck, Seth! O-Oh please…g-go faster! Much f-faster!”

Seth groaned in response, and upon lifting his hands up on either side of her head, he gripped tightly onto her bedsheets as he began to pound into her with incredibly speed. Twigs let out a small shaky scream in his ear in surprise by his velocity, and began to trail her finger nails down his sweaty back then slowly sinking them into his skin. She softly cried in his ear. “Oh Seth, oh baby, baby baby, yes, yes Seth yes!”

Reaching down with one hand, Seth grabbed ahold of her hair into a tight grip and turned her head back to face him so that he could capture her lips into an endless kiss, smothering her cries of his name. They savagely shared a kiss as she speared her own fingers into his hair and grips on tightly to his scalp. They couple refused to give each other any space, whether it was by breaking the kiss or shifting their positions so certain areas of their body wasn’t pressed against each other. When it came time for her third orgasm to come, Twigs tried to break the kiss to warn him, but he quickly connected their lips back together again with a deep growl that made her whole body shiver in delight. Still intent on warning him, she was forced to speak against his lips and hope that she didn’t soound too incoherent due to her words being muffled. “B-Baby I-I…g-gonna cum.”

Seth frantically nodded and finally pulled his lips away to assure her that he understood as he looked down at her through heavy lidded eyes. “I-I know. I-I am too.”

Twigs looked up at him with glistening brown eyes that were filled with happiness. “I-I fucking love you so mu-much, baby.”

Seth grinned down at her as he continued to thrust into her at the same amazing speed as before. “Ditto, Pixie. Ditto.” He then watched as the woman he loved fell apart in his arm and screamed his name out in ecstasy. Her inner muscles tightened around, trying to force his seed to spill but he wouldn’t allow it until she rode out the rest of hers. It was a hard battle, and he barely made it, but soon he too finally let go. Twigs was there to hold him to her while he rode out his orgasm and then after when he completely collapsed on top of her. She listened to him pant for air in the cook of her neck for a minute before he carefully lifted himself up and threw himself down onto the space beside her. Instinctually, Twigs turned towards him and curled against his body just like she had in the past.

Seth relaxed with his eyes closed and was catching his breathe when he felt her cuddle against his side. Smiling to himself, he opened his eyes and looked down to see one of her legs draped over one of his, her arm around his waist and her head resting on his shoulder. Her eyes too were closed as she panted for air. Giving them both some time to breathe, Seth draped his arm around her and rested for a minute. When he felt motivated enough to move, he gently pulled away from her to reach out towards the end of the bed for an extra blanket that she kept draped across it. Unfolding the small material, Seth carefully draped it over Twig’s naked body before providing a pillow under her head. Twigs smiled at him for trying to make her more comfortable, but she was too tired to open her eyes at the moment. “Thank you, baby.”

Even though she couldn’t see it, Seth gave her a smile as he reached out for her tissue box and pulled a few of them out. “You’re welcome, my love.” He used the soft tissues to thoroughly wipe their bodily fluids from his cock. “I’m gonna go throw my tissues into your toilet, I’ll be right back.”

Twigs waved for him to stay there instead of going out into the hall where her bathroom that she shared with Simone was. “No, just toss them in my wastebasket near my desk. I don’t mind.”

Seth gave her a nod even though her eyes were still closed. “Thanks, love.” He quickly left the bed to toss his tissues, and then returned back to pull out even more tissues with the intentions of wiping her down too. “Lift the blanket up and spread your legs for me, love.” He was surprised when she didn’t ask why and instead did what he said. He took a moment to admire the sight of his cum leaking from her entrance and onto her bed. For some reason it brought a smile of pride to his face, and made him feel even more macho for being able to claim his woman this way. Leaning forward with the tissues in hand, he carefully wiped away his cum to prevent it from leaking any more on her bed. He selfishly took his time admiring the shades of pinks and light browns that made up her womanhood, and how he almost lost this forever not too long ago. The fear made his stomach clench.

“Thank you, baby. You’re so thoughtful.” Twigs mumbled with that same smile on her face as he pulled away to return to the bathroom, giving her time to stretch out her limbs.

This time when Seth returned to the bed, he didn’t leave. Cradling her against him, Seth lovingly caressed the hair stuck to her cheeks and gazed down at her with a soft smile filled with peace. “I love you, my beautiful Tahliah.”

Twigs finally opened her eyes to look up at him and flashed him an adorable smile as she ran a hand up his chest. “And I love you too, baby. So much.” Propping herself up, she leaned over him to give him a slow passionate kiss, so slow in fact, she had time to remember that her accepting his love for her was his first out of TWO favors. She still owed him a second one. Breaking the kiss too soon for Seth’s liking, Twigs pulled back to arch one of her thick eyebrows at him. “So wait, what was your second favor that you wanted me to do?”

Seth stared back up at her with his face now scrunched in confusion. He had no idea what she was talking about for a minute before his memory of earlier came flooding back to him again. His eyes lit up for a second before it dimmed with hesitation. He didn’t have a second favor for her yet. He was too preoccupied at the time to think of one. Even now he was unable to come up with one on the spot, and so he shrugged it off. “I can’t remember what it was…” He looked up at her from where she leaned over him. “How about I’ll ask you another time, maybe when you come back to my place in California?”

Twigs looked hesitate, but nodded. “Just so long as you don’t go making me do something outlandish and stupid, then yes, you can save your favor for later.”

“Good, then come here.” Seth smiled at her as he pulled her forward against his chest and rolled them both over so that he’s leaning over her this time, making her giggle. He leaned back to look her over, and caressed what little hair had found its way back onto her face again as he whispered down to her. “God, you’re a fucking gorgeous woman, you know that right? I never knew a man could love a woman this deeply. I mean, I thought I knew love before you, but it had never felt this intense, and consuming. I just love you so damn much it’s…it’s gotta be out of this world.”

It was a strong enough confession that would make any woman shed a tear, but Twigs tried hard to resist and instead place her hand against his cheek and looked so deeply into his eyes it was physically impossible for him to look away. “I know, Seth, trust me I know. I’ve been experiencing in the same feelings. It can be truly wonderful at times, but then it can be so intense it’s unreal. You want to allow yourself to drown in the undertow of it all, but at the same time you’re intimidated by the power of it, and wonder if you should just run from it instead.” She gives him a soft loving smile. “I know exactly how you feel, baby. I love you so fucking much too, even if you never know how much I truly do.”

Seth leaned down and parted his lips before they met hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth to explore the delicious cavern that was Twig’s mouth with a lazy savoring desperation. The kiss was so deepening, and bone melting it caused them both to sink back down into the bed, and when the sensation all began to level out evenly, their lips parted and their eyes closed. Wrapped in each other’s arm, they both fell into a satisfying sleep that were filled with dreams of happiness, love and each other.

The sleep was cut short into a nap when a storm woke Twigs up with a gasp that proceeded to wake Seth up. Seth pulled her body to closer to his to comfort her, and tried to convince her to go back to sleep, but she refused. She found herself fascinated by the storm outside her window that dimmed the sun’s light into a dark grey day. She wanted to watch it, and had sat up with interest, the blankets slipping past her waist and exposing her breast to Seth’s view. His eyes immediately rose to her small nipples, and remained there. He could feel the lust within him building up, and when Twig’s turned her head to look at him, she saw it too. Her nipples hardened beneath his gave, and before she knew it, Seth had seduced her into his arms and up against the wall where he was currently slamming her behind into with his hips, thrusting his member deep into her again.

Twigs had wanted to watch the storm, and Seth had thoughtfully kept that in mind. From over his shoulder she could clearly watch the storm to her heart’s content, but she found it difficult when he was assaulting her g-spot repeatedly over and over again. Her blinds were pulled up and her curtains parted earlier that day to allow the sunshine in, now everyone in the building across from them could see her getting shagged up against the wall by some unknown lover whose bare naked behind was staring back at them. Twig’s nails were sunk into his shoulders while his gripped her bottom. Her legs were wrapped around his waist while his was holding the both of them up. Her eyes fluttered open and closed constantly as she fought to watch the storm and not give in to the man that was had her up against her wall and was pounding into her possessively. In the end, he won, and she lost. She gave into him completely with a breathless cry that was muffled by the thunder outside.