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To Caress My Day

Chapter 92: Yay, UK!

“I love you, Tahliah.” Seth mumble from where he laid on his back staring up at her ceiling while twirling one of her dark curls around his finger.

Twigs smiled warmly at his response from where she laid her head on his stomach. It felt so nice to finally be able to express her feelings to him and not have to hide it in fear of losing him. Slightly turning her face into his stomach, she pressed a loving kiss there. “I love you too, Seth.”

Seth smiled at hearing her say it back, something he thought would never happen in his lifetime. Unfortunately for them they only had a short time to enjoy each other’s company before he had to get back on a plane back to the United States. He didn’t want to leave without her, but what else could he do? Throw out his dream and all his hard work? “Do you think you can find some time in your busy schedule to take a trip over to California to come see me?” He lifted his head a bit to look down at her beautiful face. With her curl still trapped between his fingers, he gently cupped her cheek and lovingly caressed the soft skin there with his thumb. “I don’t think I’ll be able to stand being apart from you now that I’ve finally told you I’m in love with you.”

Her smile now turning to a grin, she could remember how elated she was to find out that he felt the same exact way about her that she did for him. Eagerly trying to envision her schedule in her mind, Twigs was ecstatic to recall that she should be free to go to California soon…that was until she remembered the amount of money currently sitting in her bank account, and her happiness deflated with her grin. She lowered her head down on his stomach and let out a disappointed sigh. “I’m sorry, baby. I was going to say maybe I could make my way down there soon, but…” She shrugged and turned her sad eyes to his. “I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it.”

Seth frowns before propping himself on his elbows to look down at her with hopeful eyes that were brought on by a quick idea. “Wait, how about I pay for your flight instead!? That way you can still come see me.”

Twigs lifted her head and shook it, declining his offer without a second thought. “No way, I am not going to let you pay my way! That’s not what this relationship is going to become, Seth.”

Sighing with annoyance, Seth rolls his eyes. “No, Pixie, that’s not what I’m saying…though of course you should know by now that I wouldn’t mind it anyway if I had to pay for everything just so long as your love for me is true. With the way I see it now, I need you to be around me more often than I need to take my next breath, especially because you now know that I love you. I don’t view you as a sad defenseless woman that needs me to pay for everything for her. I see you as a natural resource for my survival, and therefore I will pay for your flight.”

Twigs couldn’t help but laugh at being compared to natural resources so passionately. “Seriously, Seth, natural resources?”

“You know what I mean, woman.” Seth winked down at her before his voice got all soft again. “Please? Let me pay for you to come to California! I promise I won’t make this a habit of doing. I just NEED this right now more than ever before, because for the first time I’m about to leave you all alone right after we just confessed our love for each other. It wouldn’t be right to be apart for so long after that.”

She couldn’t argue with that point. Naturally, she didn’t want him to pay her way, and yet she too needed to be closer to him than apart now that they both felt the same for each other. She sighed in defeat and playfully rolled her eyes at him. “Oh alright, I’ll excuse it for now…” She points a stern finger towards him, holding his attention. “…but this will NOT become a thing, mister! You understand?”

Seth fully sat himself up so he could holds his hands up in surrender. “Yes ma’am, anything you say will be followed accordingly.” He gave her a salute at the end.

They let another minute or two pass before they each tried to convince each other to get out of her bed to take a shower and get dressed for the day. It took a lot of immature whining and pouting, but they both managed to get the job done without their usual sexual distractions, and exit her bedroom to head into the living room. Simone and Neon Jungle were huddled around the TV eating pizza while surrounded by pillows. They were so enthralled by the horror movie they had rented they all jumped when two dark figures came out of the hallway. If it hadn’t been for the light in the kitchen illuminating their unwanted visitors and revealing their identity, the girls would have each chucked their pizzas at the dark figures and screamed bloody murder. Letting out laughs in reliefs, they all immediately began a celebratory clap for the much beloved couple having gotten back together, according to their linked hands. Naturally, of course, Twigs got all shy on them and tried to hide her blushing face behind Seth’s arm while he was taking it all in and even went as far as to bow in thanks.

“Jesus Christ, you guys! You scared us for a minute there.” Asami whined even though she couldn’t wipe the smile from her face at seeing Twigs happy again. Though Neon Jungle had been gone a lot lately promoting their band, they knew that their friend was suffering from a heart break and was walking around like zombie back at home, according to Simone.

“Yeah!” Shereen agreed before dismissing the subject completely with a wave of her hand. “But enough about that. What happened between you guys anyway?”

Jess nodded in agreement, not even thinking about how nosy she and Shereen were being. “Yeah, why did you guys break up in the first place?”

Seth visibly paled at their intrusive questions as to why they had broken up and left each other miserable. He honestly didn’t want to have to explain everything to them because of how terrible the beginning of his story would sound, and how it would make him look. The last thing he wanted was to be taken down in a cat fight with Twig’s friends. He was relieved when she noticed how uncomfortable he was and swooped in to rescue him from said beat down. “We don’t have time to worry about all that negative stuff now ladies. If you really want to know what happened, I’ll tell you guys later.” She gave Seth a reassuring wink, which told him that she was most likely going to change up the story a bit so as not make him look so bad. He was relieved at that.

“Oh, absolutely!” Amira nodded, cutting her friends off as she too took notice of how tense Seth became. “We totally understand, honey. Whenever yalls comfortable and ready.”

Simone nodded too and decided to change the subject as to why they were all dressed and headed out the door. “So, where are you two lovebirds headed, out to eat? If so, we got plenty of pizza to share among the seven of us.”

“No, actually Seth has to get back to the airport to go home to the States.” Twigs pouted as she leaned her head on Seth’s arm and looked up at him with a sad puppy dog face.

“What!? California?” Asami cried in mocking distaste at the state.

Shereen displayed two thumbs down. “Booo, California sucks!”

“Yeah, stay here in the UK with us! Yay, UK!” Amira cheered with her thumbs up.

Seth couldn’t help but laugh at their immature cheers. “Need I remind you ladies I have a job back at home?”

Simone and Neon Jungle all joined in on the booing before they broke down into laughter. Twigs tugged Seth towards the door, signaling it was time for them to leave. He agreed and they each gave warm goodbye to the ladies before leaving the apartment. They were just beginning to head down the hallway of her floor, hand in hand, when Seth suddenly came to a stop and cursed to himself. “Oh, FUCK!”

Twigs looked up at him with concern with his sudden mood change. “What’s wrong, baby? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah it’s just…” Seth sighed as he pulled his hand out of hers and rubbed the back of his neck with it. “I forgot that I had come over in my car and that we might have some unwanted attention waiting for us outside of your apartment building.”

Disappointed, Twigs frowned, and her shoulder slumped in defeat. She had been hell-bent on keeping their relationship a secret from the public’s eye from day one, and yet here she was openly walking out of her apartment with her hand in the same man for everyone to see. It was lucky for her that they didn’t live in a heavily booked apartment building or else they would’ve surely been caught by now.

“I’m sorry about all this, Pixie.” Seth said as he fully turned to her and stuffed his hands in his pant pockets. “I mean, if you want I can call Derek for you and he can help us out.”

By ‘help us out’ Twigs figured he meant drive her the rest of the way to the airport where she would be allowed one short goodbye with the man she loved. The idea was disappointing because she wanted to spend as much time as she could with Seth. “Can’t he just meet you somewhere and I can hop into your car instead? I really want to be able to see you off tonight.”

Seth smiled at her sweet thought and agreed. “Of course, Pixie. I’ll call Derek right now and tell him where to meet me.” He quickly looked both ways down the hall before leaning down to smash his lips over hers in a passionate kiss. He heard her gasp as he cupped her small face in his hands and delved his tongue deep into her mouth, savoring her taste with a soft groan. She eagerly kissed him back by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down further. Unfortunately he had to end the kiss sooner than they both would have wanted, and pull himself away from her, leaving both of them breathless. “I love you, Tahliah.”

“I love you too, Seth.” Twigs smiled at him with pink lips bruised from his rough kissing.

Seth gave her his signature billion dollar smile as he headed down the hall towards his car, while simultaneously dialing Derek on his phone.