Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 93: Insanely Generous

Twigs watched her secret boyfriend walk down the hall to the door that led to her stairwell while talking on to the phone with his employee Derek. As he was walking down her hall, Mr. Williams, or Clinton, as no one else knows him to be, was walking up the hall to his apartment door. He was carrying a packet in his hand and is far to busy smiling over something to recognize THE Seth MacFarlane was walking past him in the SAME hallway as him. By the time Clinton, or Mr. Williams, had ended his daydreaming he had looked up to catch sight of another familiar face strolling down the hall. He reached out and gently stopped her with a brush of his fingers on her upper arm. “Hey, you’re a friend of Simone, right? The landlord’s daughter.”

Twigs nodded, studying his face to pinpoint who he was. “Uh, yeah I’m her roommate.”

Clinton gestured with a finger to her door. “Good, I was wondering if your friend Simone was in tonight. I wanted to ask her parents a question but I imagine they’re probably asleep in their beds judging by how late it is so I figured their daughter might have an answer for me too if she was still up.”

Nodding again, she also pointed to her door. “Oh yes, of course, she’s in right now.” She tilts her head to the side a little suspiciously as she looks him over. “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but aren’t you Mr. Williams?”

Clinton grins with pride at being Mr. Williams, boyfriend of Mrs. William, also known as Avery Jenkins. “In the flesh, yes.”

Twigs smiled in victory at getting his identity right. “Oh, that’s wonderful! How is your wife doing, I haven’t seen her in awhile?”

“Everything is great!” Clinton bragged, excited to be sharing this piece of news with someone that he was sure would be happy for him and Avery. “In fact, we just bought a brand new house together, and I asked her to marry me in the foyer at the end of the tour!”

Her eyes lit up with equal excitement. “Oh my god, that’s fascinating news, Mr…” Her smile faltered as her eyes suddenly turned suspicious. “Wait a minute, aren’t you two already married?”

The light died from Clinton’s eyes upon realizing he just about ruined his and Avery’s alternate lives, and so he had quickly had to salvage up at clever lie. “I-I mean renewing our vows, of course. Forgive me, I’m so excited I feel like it’s the first time all over again.”

“I see, well…congratulations anyway on renewing your vows!” Twigs cheered with a genuine smile, falling for the lie.

Clinton nodded in thanks. “Thank you. Well, I won’t keep you any longer. Looks like you were headed out anyway before I stopped you. Have a safe night, you hear?” He stepped aside to give her enough room to walk past him.

“Alright, I will. You two have a good ceremony and honeymoon together.” Twigs assured him over her shoulder as she walked down the halls towards the stairwell. She took her time descending down, wanting to give Derek enough time to get there so she wouldn’t have to wait around too long, and she wanted to give the paparazzi’s outside that were surely waiting for Seth time to disperse. Her hair was out and in a mess of curls, so on the way down the stairs she fixed her hair up into a messy bun. She used the camera on her phone to make sure her messy bun appeared like a more proper messy bun rather than a catastrophe mess before finally coming up to the first floor. Pushing the heavy door open, she walked down the hall towards the front door. She took time with her walk and listened out for any signs of a commotion that would naturally come from a group of paparazzi. When the front’s main door came into sight, she peeked through the glass to see Seth’s Maserati was gone, and that the last three paparazzi were running across the street to beat the traffic of cars coming their way. It was safe to say the coast was clear.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Twigs pushed open the door and stepped outside into the night. She walked down the stairs until she was halfway there, and decided to take a seat in wait for Derek. A few minutes later, the familiar Chrysler 300 pulled up along the curb and stopped in front of her. Twigs smiled and got up just as Derek rolled his window to reveal he and his wife dressed in formal attire. To her, it seemed like they had arrived from eating in some fancy restaurant and may have had their meals interrupted. Twigs immediately felt guilt for most likely being the reason. “Good evening, Tahliah. How are you?”

“Good, but…what were you guys out doing this evening?” Twigs asked them as she walked up to their window and bent down a little to see their faces. “You two looked like you were out on a date.”

“Actually yes, we were out having ourselves a romantic dinner at some fancy French restaurant I struggle to properly pronounce before Seth had called us midway in.” Derek lifted his arm to check his wrist watch for the time. “…and it looks like the place will already be closed by the time we get back from dropping you off.”

Twigs covered her mouth in shame but continued to talk behind it. “Really?! Oh my god, you guy, I am so sorry about all of this. If I had known I wouldn’t have had him call you to come pick me up.”

Odette waved Twigs apology off as if it wasn’t necessary and gave her a reassuring smile. “Oh, don’t worry darling, it’s okay. Seth already made a call to the owner of that restaurant and is paying him quite generously to keep himself and his staff back to serve us personally when we return. That way we’ll have the best drinks, seats, food, and entertainment in the house all to ourselves for free!”

Smiling in relief, Twigs couldn’t help but feel her heart swell at her boyfriend’s kindness to his employee. “I swear, that man is insanely generous.” She confessed in pride as she got into the back seat.

“Tell me about it.” Derek agreed as he got the car started and began to drive away to the meet up location with Seth that turned out to be in a shady looking alleyway. “Here we are. Seth should be here very soon to pick you up and we’ll all meet up at the airport parking garage, okay?”

Twigs didn’t like the look of the place, it was too dangerous and dark. “O-Okay.” Hesitantly, she got out of the car and quietly said her goodbyes. Derek and his wife drove off, leaving her in the mouth of the creepiest alley way she had ever seen. It was like out of a horror movie. Twigs waited as close to the opening as she could until she jumped at the sound of a car coming up behind her. Twirling around in fear, she recognized the Maserati and the man sitting behind the wheel of it. He flashed her his billion dollar smile and she matched it with her own adorable one. Hurrying over to the passenger side of his car, she hopped right in and closed the door at the same time he reached out to cup the back of her head and drag her lips over to his into a deep passionate kiss. Twigs lets out a soft moan of pleasure at the delicious feeling and taste of his lips again.

With a groan, Seth pulls his lips away from hers with a frown on his face. “Don’t do that, Pixie. I’m warning you now.”

Knowing that her single moan affected him tremendously, Twigs smiled quite smugly as Seth eased his car out into the opening of the alley. She decided to play coy with him. “Don’t do what, baby?”

Seth shot her a playful glare, the corner of his mouth curling up a bit as he drove out of the alley and into ongoing traffic. “Moan. It drives me crazy, especially in a situation where I know I can’t take your clothes off and slide between your legs like I usually do.” Reaching out, he grabbed onto her left thigh quite possessively, not that she mind in the slightest.

Twigs smiled at him and reached out to run both of her hands over his arm that decided to invade her space. They kept their talk innocent as they made their way to the airport and down into the parking garage there. Seth found a spot before easing his car in and cutting off the engine, enveloping them in a short silence that they spent mostly looking at each other from across their seats. His hand that had rested on her thigh most of the ride there began to sensuously massage the flesh up and down. Twig’s right hand had climbed up his arm, along his shoulder and over the expanse of his chest while the left stroked over his forearm. As normal for them both to feel, touching soon wasn’t enough for them. In seconds they were leaning towards each other for another passionate kiss that included the mating of their tongues. Twigs would let out soft moans as her hands dived into his short dark hair while Seth would struggled to hold his back as he cupped her face in his hands, angling his head differently to deepen the kiss and to gather as much of her taste as he could before they had to part. Twigs let him smother her as he brutally ravaged her mouth with his own, loving the desperation of it.

Seth was about to pull her onto his lap so he could unsnap her overalls off and then pull up her to expose her nipples for him to feast on, but the honk of a car horn cause them to jump back from each other into their own seats and look around for the witness that had caught them. “Jesus Fucking Christ!” Parked right across from Seth’s Maserati was Derek and his wife sitting in his Chrysler 300. Odette was trying to hide her giggles behind her hand while Derek was shaking his head at them in shame, a slight smile on his face. Seth let out a curse as he laughs, running his hands through his hair as he caught his breath. “Look, I know Derek is trying to look out for me by making sure I don’t miss my flight and everything but, I’m really starting to hate his ass for cock-blocking me all the time.”

Twigs, who was also catching her breath from all the heavy kissing, laughed at his remark.

Not being able to help himself but smile at the sound of her laughter, Seth got out of the car, walked around to her side to open the door for her. She smiled in thanks when he held his hand for her to take, and once he closed her door behind her for her, he held out his arm to escort her over to Derek’s car. Twigs stared up at him adoringly and hooked her arm through his, allowing him to lead the way.