Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 94: His Little Sister Rachel

Seth opened the door to Derek’s Chrysler 300 for his believed girlfriend Twigs in the parking garage of the airport in London. He had to head back to his life in California, and in the process leave his heart there in the UK across the sea. It was both a relief to get back to work and a burden. In all his life, he’s never been so torn between two things he loved the most. It was the craziest thing.

Twigs looks up at him with eyes shining with love and her full lips stretched into a gracious smile. “Thank you, baby. You’re so sweet to me.” She took a seat in the backseat of the car as her brown eyes roamed over his face like she was certain this would be the last time together. Her smile slowly fell and her eyes became sad. “I’ll miss you…you know that right?”

Seth smiled as he leaned down into the car so he was at the same level as her. “I’ll miss you too, Pixie. More than you’ll know.” He leaned in to give her a kiss that quickly escalated into a heavy loud make out session of teeth, tongue and lips.

“Alright you guys, knock that off.” Derek called to them from the driver’s seat, feeling awkward hearing them make out in his backseat. The couple didn’t seem to have heard him, so he tried again, this time turning around in his seat to glance over at them to see if they’d hear him better this time. “HEY, I said knock it off!” Once again, they weren’t listening. Derek let out an impatient sigh. “Goddamnit Seth, you’re gonna miss your flight if you don’t stop sucking on each other’s teeth!”

Both Twigs and Seth let out a soft sigh of pleasure within their kiss until they were both hit with a spray of water. Twigs let out a squeal and held her hands up in the direction of the attack. “HEY! HEY!” Seth exclaimed as he followed that same direction with his eyes to see his employee, Derek, holding up a travel size spray bottle filled with water while Odette was reapplying her lipstick in the visor mirror. Reaching out, Seth knocked the bottle out of Derek’s hand and demanded to know what on earth he was trying to do. “What the fuck, Derek!? Why the hell are you spraying us with a spray bottle for!?”

“Look, it ain’t my fault y-” Derek caught off at the sound of something coming from afar. He couldn’t make it out at first, but soon took a guess as to compare the sound to a stampede of footsteps. Wait, footsteps?! Twisting around in his seat to look every direction, Derek searched for the creators of the sound while shouting out a warning to Seth. “Boss, someone’s coming!”

Frowning, Seth straightened back up out of the car and followed the sound over his shoulders where a stampede of wild paparazzi’s had spotted him. His heart stopped in his chest and his eyes widened in horror at the sight of them closing in. Leaning back down into the car, Seth looked Derek right in the eyes and shouted his orders. “QUICK, HIDE HER, AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, NOW!”

Derek whipped around in his seat and commenced to starting his car as Seth slammed the back door shut and took off for his own so he could help keep the paparazzi occupied. In seconds, Seth’s car and the ones encompassing his, including Derek’s car, were surrounded by bodies and flashing lights. This wasn’t something Seth wasn’t use to so normally he was fine with being bombarded by the vultures, but knowing that the woman he loved was hiding in the backseat of his employee’s vehicle right in front of his own made him feel more on edge that usual. He kept glancing in their direction over the many heads in his way, trying to make sure that the others were still safe. It took a million tries but finally, Seth could see that one of the paparazzi was standing toe to toe with Derek who had gotten out of his car because they had blocked it and wouldn’t move aside. He was arguing with them to get back so he could leave but they insisted on taking photos of both him, his wife, AND his car. Seth couldn’t see from there, but Twigs was lying along the seat hiding underneath Odette’s long fancy faux fur coat, Derek’s suit jacket, and her own that had been piled on top of her to protect her identity from being discovered.

Unaware that her identification was still protected, Seth dived straight into panic mode and immediately acted out on his instincts to protect his woman from the swarms of paparazzi. Turning around, he hopped onto the hood of the car next to him, and began to shout and wave his arm like a lunatic to get everyone in that parking garage’s attention. “HEY, OVER HERE!! IT’S ME, SETH MACFARLANE! YOU KNOW, THE CREATOR OF FAMILY GUY! COME ON OVER HERE EVERYBODY! LET’S GO! THAT’S IT!”

It didn’t take long for the fishes to take the bait and to flock to him in seconds. Seth watched as the area around the car he stood on became tighter and tighter with the many flashing cameras and random questions being thrown at him about his love life with Avery Jenkins coming to a sudden end and his successful TV shows. The whole parking lot was erupted into flashing lights, and as people came walking to or from their cars, they too became very curious as to what was going on. Hurrying on over, they all recognized the Billion Dollar Man and made the crowd around Seth even tighter than before. Other passersby that immediately recognized him took off in a run towards him, screaming his name. Seth didn’t care that there was growing sea of people at his feet calling his name, all he cared about was Twigs safety.

He watched as Derek, who had dived back into his car when the crowd had dispersed, back his car out of the parking lot and stomped on the gas, heading towards the exit of the parking garage, all the while with Twigs hidden in the backseat. Desperately missing her man already, Twigs quickly sat up far enough to peek out the window to see Seth stepping down from the car’s hood next to his and entering into the sea of the crowd, swallowed completely whole. Her eyes widen in fear for his safety as a team of security guards came running out of the airport towards the crowd, their hands on their batons. All Twigs could think at that moment was if Seth was going to be alright.


Back in California, Seth was on the phone with Twigs who had been worried about him since they saw each other last. They’re recalling the night in the parking lot when the paparazzi had found them and almost snapped a picture of her. Seth was relieved she had been well hidden during that time they were snapping pictures of Derek’s car. Twigs was currently expressing how worried she was about him the moment she lost sight of him after they left the garage. “You have no idea how scared I was for you, Seth. I was halfway tempted to jump out of the car mid-drive to go back and fish you out of that sea of people myself!”

Seth chuckled from where he sat on his couch in his living room, feeling flattered that she had almost been inclined to revealing her identity to the media, and as a result ruin her normal everyday privacy for his sake. “Pixie, I was alright, I promise you. All that mattered to me in that moment was your safety, and the protection of your identity remaining unknown to the public eye.”

Twigs let out a soft moan over the phone. “God, I love you, Seth, and I miss you like crazy right now! I just want you back here with me in the UK again.”

Letting out a sigh of complaint himself, Seth leaned his head back against the couch and frowned to himself as he stared up at the ceiling. “I know, Pixie I love you and miss you too. I wish you can be over here with me right now so I can reach out and feel your skin against mine again.” He lifted his head up and smiled to himself. “What do you say I pay for an airline ticket for you to come and see me, huh?”

She let out an adorable giggle that tugged on his heart. “No, I’m too busy to come see you now, baby. But I do hope to see you soon in the future just not anytime soon.”

“Yeah, okay.” Seth grumbled in agreement before he heard his front door open and close, and voice call out to him from within his house.


He smiled to himself as he recognized the voice of his little sister, Rachel. In no time, she had turned the corner with her three year old daughter Bella’s hand in hers and flashed him a greeting smile. “Hey, you!”

Seth gave her a lazy wave, but a brilliant smile. His attention was now torn between the only two women in his life left since his mother died.

He watched his sister help herself to sitting comfortably on his couch on the opposite end. She glanced at him curiously. “So, what you’ve been up to lately? I feel like you’re always on the go a lot these days…well, you’ve always been on the go in general, but I mean even more so these days than usual.” She lifted her daughter Bella up and onto the open space in-between her and her brother.

From over the phone, Twigs could hear another’s woman voice, and it immediately put a damper on her good mood. Who else was in Seth’s house but himself? As far as she knew he didn’t have any females’ friends close enough to be coming over to his place. Suddenly, the horrible images of Seth ‘cheating’ on her with Rebecca flooded into her mind causing her to become paranoid and anxious. She felt a panic grip around her heart. Trying to keep the sound of worry from being heard within her voice, Twigs decided to ask him this time what was going on instead of jumping to conclusions. “Seth, who is that?”

Twigs wasn’t all that successful, because clearly Seth could hear the paranoia in her voice. He sought to reassure her that everything was okay in fear she might jump to another outcome like last time, though last time made perfect sense as to why she believe what she believed. But at the same time, he couldn’t talk all openly and romantic too her in front of his sister who still didn’t know about him and Twigs…yet. “Oh, it’s just my baby sister, Rachel, paying me a visit with my little niece Bella.”

Twigs couldn’t help, but sigh in relief, a smile spreading across her face. “Oh, okay… in that case would you like to call me back some other time so you can spend some time with your family?”

Seth nodded although she couldn’t see him. “Yeah, sure. I’ll call you back tomorrow.”

“Okay…” She hesitated on saying what she really wanted to say, but decided it should be fine to express it since no one else could hear her. “I love you.”

Now Seth was the one hesitating. He wanted to tell her he loved her too, but his sister was right there and would surely hound him to death on who the mystery woman was because everyone else knew he and Avery were no longer together. Letting out a friendly laugh, Seth decided to go with the guy friend approach. “Ha, I love you too, man, you crazy lunatic” He was relieved to see his sister was too busy with Bella to be suspicious of his ‘platonic’ confession of love.

From across the sea in the United Kingdoms, Twigs broke into a smile of understanding, getting the romantic underlining message quite clearly.