Status: In Time

To Caress My Day

Chapter 96: Lying in Dormant

After two weeks of phone calls and video chats with his girlfriend, Twigs had finally made it back to California to be with him again. Seth couldn’t be more excited to be with the woman he loved again, and kiss her lips a dozen times more than he did last time. Also mixed in with all his excitement was anxiety that mainly pertained to the fact that they had been away from each other physically for so long her feelings for him might not be the same way anymore. It’s a known fact by everyone that knew they were a proper couple that they had more sex with each other than decent conversations so far. What if for her that’s what their relationship is mainly built off of, and now that two weeks have passed her feelings had changed towards him because of the lack of sex? What if she wasn’t coming here to be with him, but instead to tell him it was officially over?

Seth shook his head and stepped away from one of his many huge front windows that were all draped with heavy curtains to keep others from outside from seeing in. He stuck his hands in his pockets as his mind began to brood over the possibility that the moment she walked into his house their relationship could all be over in the blink of an eye. Letting out a heavy sigh, Seth plopped himself onto his couch and leaned his head back, closing his brown eyes. Why was his mind always in a panic like this every damn they see each other, it didn’t make sense? Whenever she was coming to California to see him, or he was going across the ocean to see her he’d always be filled with the horror that their love and passion for each other had faded during their time apart. Seth had never felt this much anxiety for a woman before, but then again he’s never done this kind of long distant relationship before either.

He had succumbed to twiddling his thumbs and biting his lip when he heard a car pull up his driveway, followed by the electric garage door beginning to open. Jumping up from his seat, Seth could feel himself begin to sweat as he closed the distance between him and his garage. It didn’t take a genius to know who had currently helped himself to his home. Taking a deep breathe, Seth reached out for the door knob, twisted it and pulled it open to reveal the familiar black Chrysler 300 that he knew oh so well, and the woman most beautiful woman in the world stepping out of it. It didn’t even take a full minute for him to feel the quick rush of obsessive love, and red hot passion he always had for his FKA Twigs. The same amount of intense feelings he’s always had for her were still there, it was just lying in dormant waiting for her to return to him, or for him to return to her.

Twigs had just closed the car door when she turned around and saw him. Instantly she lost all control of her body. In seconds, the two were earnestly lunging at each other much like they would in the privacy of their own home, not exactly in front of one of their close friends, Derek, who could only playfully roll his eyes at the inappropriate scene developing in front of him. The couple completely ignored Derek as they wrapped their arms around each other, Twigs hoisting herself up to also wrap her legs around him too. Her fingers dived into his hair as she whined into his ear. “Oh, baby! I’ve missed you so damn much.”

“God, you have no fucking idea, Pixie!” Seth groaned from where he buried his face in her neck, his fingers digging into her back. He turned them both around and headed straight through the doorway that led into his house, and then down a hallway.

Derek went ahead and removed Twig’s suitcases from the trunk of the car before leaning into the open doorway to place her luggage off to the side. Once that was done he hopped back into his car, reopened the garage door with a device he kept hooked on his sun visors, and then reversed his car back out of the driveway with the intentions to return to his wife who was relaxing at a resort overlooking to ocean.

Twigs lifted her head up once she heard Derek’s car drive down the driveway, and let out a moan as she looked down at him in sexual hunger. Her nails were digging into his scalp as her hips lightly grinded against him. “Baby, please, I need you touch me, right now. I-I need to feel your hands on me again, it’s been too damn long since I have.”

Taken aback by her animalistic growl, Seth stumbled a bit down the hall before groaning to himself at how sexy she sounded when she was begging for his attention. He didn’t need to be asked a second time and got to work taking off of her clothes along the way to the living room. He yanked off her jumper pretty quick before reaching behind him to help remove her sneakers and socks. It didn’t matter to him where her clothes landed when he dropped them to the floor, all he care about was having her bare flesh against his again. He littered as much kisses as he could over every exposed piece of her flesh and when he had worked her bra off, he lifted her higher up against him so he could take one of her small brown nipples into his mouth. “Fuck, Seth!” He listened to her cry out in pleasure while her fingers gripped tighter onto his hair as they entered the living room.

Twigs had loosened her hold on him as they came close to the couch, which was both of their destination in mind. With Seth’s protective hands, she slid down his body until her feet touched the floor, but pushed his shirt upwards immediately afterwards, wanting it to be gone. “Baby, please…”

Yanking his shirt over his head, Seth dipped his head down to capture her lips into a drugging kiss that neither of them wanted to end as their hands simultaneously reached for his zipper. They fought hard together to remove his jeans. “Seth, please, hurry up! I need you now!”

“Well, if you didn’t come here wearing fucking clothes then this wouldn’t be such an ordeal!” Seth growled against her lips in response. He easily pushed her long shorts and tiny underwear down at the same time before kicking off his own briefs that were then pulled down by Twigs. Seth kicked off his shoes, not remembering why he put them on and decided to pass on removing his socks because it would only take up even more of their time.

“There we go.” Seth breathed out before he grabbed ahold of Twig’s hips and lowered her down onto their strewn clothes that now littered the living room floor. The couch was barely a foot away, and yet Seth couldn’t be bothered to make it there. He was hard as an iron rod and was leaking like a faucet for her. Another second spent unsatisfied would be too much pain to bear.

“God, I’ve been missing this.” Twigs moaned as she spread her legs for him and reached up to hold onto his broad shoulders for the explosive amount of pleasure that was about to spasm through her body any minute now.

Reaching down, Seth grabbed ahold of his dick and aligned it with her entrance. He circled the head of his cock around in her juices that accumulated around there, and deeply groaned at the hot slickness of it, his eyes gently falling shut. “Y-You’re not alone there.” With that, he began to push himself into her tight walls, making them stretch around his girth. “Fuck, Tahliah!”

“Oh my god!” Twigs cried out and arched her back as Seth let out a loud moan that showed his appreciation of her body as well. Her hands had slid down from his shoulders, and over his chest where they turned to slide up and down his sides. But the moment he entered her her nails dug into the sensitive skin there and held on tight. Her legs hooked around him with lightning speed and urged his hips to thrust deeper into her body. “F-Feels so damn good already, baby, f-feels so damn good…”

“I-It’s like an addiction, I know.” Seth agreed as he lowered his naked body onto hers before pulling his hips back only to thrust into her again, his hips setting a slow pace that would quickly increase into a pounding later on.

“Seth, oh god, Seth...” Twigs chanted to him as her hands crawled further up his back to find a place to dig her nails into. She lifted her hips in tune with his thrusts, receiving his cock over and over again to the point where she couldn’t keep her mouth shut, and was forced to allow her moans to spill out all over the living room.

Seth leaned down to slam his lips onto hers, silencing her moans to passionately mate their lips and tongue together into a familiar dance that was engraved within their souls. They kissed and kissed even passed the point of their red lips feeling bruised from it all. “Missed this.” Seth breathlessly whispered between long deep kisses. “Missed you so fucking much, Pixie. Fuck, I love you so damn much, you know that right?” Seth groaned before angling their kiss to deepen it even further.

Tears of happiness were spilling out of the corners of her closed eyes, but Twigs didn’t care. The joy in her heart was too immense to focus on anything else, but the man she love’s very existence. She sniffled to herself as she whimpered. “Oh Seth, m-my love, of course I know that. I-I love you too…more t-than you’ll ever know.”

Seth saw her tears through heavy lidded eyes, and stilled above her. He reached up with both hands to cup the sides of her face, using his thumbs to wipe the wet trails from sight. “Hey. Shh baby, it’s okay.” He leaned forward to kiss her forehead before resting his own down on top of hers, closing his eyes. “I’m here now….we’re here together, now.”

Twigs reached her hands up to cup the back of his head gently, but tightened her grip when she felt him move into her again, but this time much faster than before. Her lips parted but no words or sound could come out, because just that quick she was cumming all around him. She forces herself to swallow so she could breathe, and luckily it worked. A choked gasp burst from her lips followed by a scream of Seth’s name as she threw her head back and tightened around him. “SETH!”

Taking the opportunity of seeing her neck exposed, Seth dipped his face down to kiss the sensitive skin along the column of her neck, the sensation of his own orgasm warming his belly. His fingers lifted from her cheeks to curls into fists in her dark curls as he lets out a soft moan. “B-Baby I’m close.”

Twigs nodded in exhaustion, her eyes still closed and her body glistening in sweat that wasn’t only hers. She pants heavily as her hands slowly slide down towards the floor from within his hair. “Yes, baby…cum inside me. Fill me up until I can’t breathe.”

As if following her orders, Seth spilled his seeds into her warm welcoming body. Twigs purposely tightened her inner muscles around him, selfishly wanting to milk his body dry of every last drop. She’s never found semen to be anything other than semen, but Seth’s changed her mind. To her it was like a creamy liquid silk caressing the insides of her body like a lover’s touch.

Seth continued to thrust into her until there was nothing left for him to give. Carefully, he lowered his body onto hers, panting heavily as the sunlight through the curtains caught in the droplet of sweat on his body. Twigs leaned up and kiss the top of his head, her hands sweeping over his bare back. After a while of this, she felt him turn his head a bit to kiss up along her jawline until he reached her chin. She couldn’t help but smile, even when he kissed upwards to her cover her mouth with his and pull her into another deep but slow drugging kiss.
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