Be Not so Fearful

We take the little things in life for granted. All the quality time we could be spending with friends and family, but rather be online or alone. All the opportunities we never took in life, like that one attractive man that asked you on a date, but you said no because you feared he wouldn't like you for who you were. Or that time your friends asked you to go skydiving and you said no because you were too scared to try something new. Even the little things like food, water, warmth and security.

When the apocalypse hit, I never knew just how sacred those things were. And just how perfect my life really was. I had great friends, an amazing family and the convenience of life in general. But, everything I knew went to hell. I now know the meaning of, tomorrow is never promised. I have 8 people left in this world, that I know of. I don't have to only fight for my life, but theirs too.

We are a team, a wolf pack but most importantly a family. There is 9 of us but a surplus of them. The walkers.
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