Royal Flush



“You promise that you’ll be on your best behavior?”

“For the millionth time, yes. I promise to be on my best behavior.”

“That includes not telling any stories tat may embarrass me.”

“You’re already embarrassing enough on your own. You don’t need my help.”

“Patrick! That’s exactly the kind of behavior that I’m talking about. If you aren’t going to take this seriously, I have no problem telling Brandon to turn the car around and take you home.”

Groaning loudly, Patrick buried his face in his hands. It had been like this ever since Jonny had picked him up. Every five minutes, like clockwork, Jonny would ask him if he planned to be on his best behavior. Patrick would reply that he would. Jonny would remind him of something that he shouldn’t do and Patrick would reply with a snide comment, which would send Jonny off on some tangent. Patrick was seriously thinking about going home if Jonny was going to be this uptight.

“I promise I’m taking this seriously,” Patrick stated as he pulled his hands away from his face. “But you need to stop reminding me every five minutes that I need to be on my best behavior. I’m not going to do anything to fuck this up. You really need to have more faith in me.”

Jonny slumped down in his seat, letting out a heavy sigh. “I know and I’m sorry. I’m just nervous about this meeting.”

“Why? You’re just meeting her roommate.”

“Yeah, but I think her roommate means a lot to her and I don’t want to screw things up by pissing her roommate off or something.”

“I’m sure that you’ll be fine. Just turn on that Canadian charm that you have and the roommate will be eating out of the palm of your hand.”

Jonny narrowed his eyes slightly. “I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not.”

“It’s a good thing. Hell, you could charm the pants off just about anyone. It’s one of the reasons that so many people like you.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Now stop worrying because if you don’t I’m probably going to end up punching you. And then I’ll be the better looking one and both girls will fall in love with me and you’ll be alone for the rest of your life.”

Jonny rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. “That would never happen in a million years.”

“You don’t have enough faith in me. When I really want something, I get it.”

“Yeah, but you don’t want either of these girls.”

“You don’t know that for sure. Maybe when I seem them I’ll fall in love with them.”

“What about the girl you’re pining after?”

“Firstly, I am Patrick Kane and I do not pine. Secondly, I could figure something out. Maybe I could get my own show like that one about the guy who has all of those wives.”

Jonny groaned, rubbing a hand over his face. “I knew that bringing you along was a bad idea.”

Patrick grinned widely as he slung an arm over Jonny’s shoulders. “That’s a lie! This is an amazing idea. Plus, I’m going to have to meet the girl that you’re going to be marrying sooner or later. If you waited until later, I would totally end up embarrassing you then.”

Jonny glared at Patrick, shaking his head. “Brandon, how much longer until we get there?”

“We’re actually here now,” Brandon replied as he stopped the car, quickly climbing out to go open the door for Jonny.

“Thank god,” Jonny mumbled, shoving Patrick’s arm off his shoulders so that he could get out of the car.

Patrick chuckled softly, climbing out of the car after Jonny, patting Brandon on the shoulder once he was all the way out. “Thanks for the ride, Saader.”

Jonny rolled his eyes, glancing at Brandon. “I don’t know how long we’ll be here. If you want to go out and grab something to eat, go ahead. I’ll call you when we’re ready to leave.”

“Sounds good, Prince Jonathan. Have fun,” Brandon stated, grinning widely as he climbed back into the car, driving off.

“I like that kid,” Patrick commented.

“Whatever you’re thinking, stop it right now. I don’t want you hanging around him. He’s a good kid and I don’t want you corrupting,” Jonny snapped before walking up to the front door.

“I’m hurt that you would actually think that I would corrupt him,” Patrick murmured, placing a hand over his heart as he followed after Jonny.

“I’m sure you are,” he mumbled as he pushed the button that would ring up to the apartment that they needed.

There was the sound of static before someone was speaking. “Hello?”

“Um, hello. This is Prince Jona-“ Jonny started, but was quickly cut off by the sound of a buzzer. He raised an eyebrow slightly as he glanced back at Patrick, pulling the door open.

“Weird,” Patrick said as he followed Jonny into the building.

“That was probably the roommate.”

“So than I’m right to be saying weird.”

“Don’t be an asshole,” Jonny warned, jabbing the up button for the elevator.

“I’m sorry, but form the brief information that you gave me on the roommate, she sounds pretty weird.”

“I know, but that’s why we’re here. Or at least that’s why I’m here. To find out if the roommate is really as weird as I’ve been lead to believe she is.”

“I sure hope you know what you’re getting yourself into,” Patrick commented as they stepped into the elevator. “The roommate could end up being some crazy serial killer and we could be walking right into her trap.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“I’m just saying. Maybe you should have brought Duncs and Seabs along as protection.”

“I don’t need protection from anyone other than maybe you. Now shut up and play nice,” Jonny stated as he stepped out of the elevator, looking for the right apartment.

Patrick sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Fine, fine. I’ll be nice. But don’t say that I didn’t warn you. I’m too old to break in a new best friend.”

Jonny stopped in front of the right door, rolling his eyes. “Duly noted. Now look like you’re actually happy to be here,” he mumbled as he raised a hand to knock on the door.

A minute or so passed before the door slowly opened, revealing a petite brunette standing in the doorway.

“Hi,” Jonny started, smiling lightly at the female. “I’m Jonathan and th-“

“I-I know wh-ho you are. You c-can come in,” the female stuttered softly, stepping out of the way.

Patrick raised an eyebrow and Jonny just shrugged before they were both walking into the apartment.

“I’m Patrick Kane,” he introduced, holding his hand out to the female.

She slowly blinked her eyes, staring at Patrick’s hand like it was some foreign object. “Victoria!” she yelled as she took a step away from the two men.

“Okay than,” Patrick muttered, dropping his hand back to his side as he looked over at Jonny. Hearing the female say the name Victoria reminded him that he hadn’t even told Jonny the name of his mystery girl. And how weird it was that they had found girls that they liked that had the same name. “Dude, I totally forgot to tell you the name of the girl I met the other night. It’s Vic-“ Patrick cut himself off midsentence when a familiar brunette came walking into the room.

Patrick wanted to ask what Victoria was doing here. If they had another roommate that was named Victoria that was hiding out. Because there was no way that his Victoria here was the same woman that was going to end up being his best friend’s future wife.

But as he watched Jonny walk over to Victoria and hug her, he new that there wasn’t another roommate somewhere. That his Victoria also happened to be Jonny’s Victoria as well. He didn’t really know how to feel about that. Part of him was angry. He felt like he had been led on. Victoria shouldn’t have been flirting with him that night of the ball if she had any idea that her and Jonny were going to end up getting together. Another part of him was sad because he knew that whatever he and Victoria could have had was now gone. It wasn’t like he could ask Jonny to let Victoria go. In all the years that he had known the other male, he had never seen him this nervous about anything. And he knew that Jonny had to meet with some pretty intimidating people. So to see him this nervous over a girl meant that this was a big deal. And he honestly didn’t want to ruin things for Jonny. That wasn’t what friends did. But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be hurt.

He had lost Victoria before he had even had her.


As the minutes ticked by, the more nervous Victoria got. She was starting to wonder if this was even a good idea. Maybe having Jonathan meet Colette right now was too soon. Maybe she should be easing them both into this whole meeting. She didn’t want to freak either of them out. She especially didn’t want to freak Colette out.

But it was too late to cancel now. Jonathan and Colette were going to meet even if Victoria wasn’t really ready for them to meet. She didn’t think that anything really bad was going to happen, but there were still a lot of things that could go wrong. This meeting needed to go off without a hitch or all the plans that had been made would be ruined.

Hearing Colette call her name, Victoria took a deep breath to calm herself down. Jonathan was here now and she needed to be cool. If Colette saw that Victoria was freaking out, the other female would probably start freaking out herself. She just had to keep telling herself that things were going to be okay. Everything was going to be fine.

“Here goes nothing,” she mumbled to herself, running her fingers through her hair before she was walking out of her room and into the living room.

She opened her mouth to speak when she stepped into the living room, but she quickly closed her mouth when she saw a familiar male standing next to Jonathan.

“No, no, no,” she thought to herself, trying to keep calm as she watched Jonathan walk over to her. “This isn’t actually happening.”

“Victoria, it’s good to see you,” Jonathan stated, smiling happily as he gave her a quick hug.

“Y-You too,” she stuttered out, her eyes never leaving the blond.

Jonathan pulled back, moving to stand next to Patrick. “This is Patrick, my best friend, the guy that I was telling you about.”

Victoria swallowed hard, forcing a weak smile to her face. “It’s really nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too,” Patrick mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Um, this is my friend, Colette,” Victoria stated as she pointed to where Colette was standing.

“It’s really nice to meet you,” Jonathan stated as smiled over at her.

“It’s ni-ice to m-meet you too,” Colette mumbled, staring down at her feet.

Victoria let out a breath that she didn’t know she had been holding, glad that introductions were over with and hadn’t gone horribly. Of course, they could have probably gone a lot better, but she was going to take what she could get. Especially since she was stuck on the fact that Patrick was standing in her living room.

“Jonathan and Colette: why don’t you two go sit down and make yourselves at home. Patrick, could you come into the kitchen with me? I have some snacks and could really use some help carrying them out,” she stated before she was turning around and heading to the kitchen, not waiting to see if Patrick would follow her or not.

Once she was in the kitchen she was leaning back against the counter, taking deep breaths to calm herself down. How could she have not figured out that the Patrick that she had talked to at the ball was Prince Jonathan’s best friend? But now that he was there in her apartment, it was like all the pieces had started to fall into place.

Patrick had been drunk and rambling on about what an ass Jonathan was. He had mentioned that he had known Jonathan for years. He had even said that he was best friends with Jonathan. He had fucking called Jonathan ‘Prince Jonathan’. She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t put the pieces together when Jonathan had suggested that she meet his best friend. She suddenly felt like the world’s biggest idiot.

“So…” Patrick mumbled as he stepped into the kitchen, arms still crossed over his chest.

“I didn’t know!” Victoria blurted out the first thing that popped into her mind.

“You didn’t know?” Patrick scoffed, shaking his head. “We spent three out of the five minutes that we talked talking about Jonathan. How could you not know?”

Victoria rubbed her hands over her face as she started to pace back and forth. “I honestly didn’t think about it. Jonathan just asked if I wanted to meet his best friend and I didn’t really remember most of the conversation that we had had that night. I’m so, so sorry.”

Patrick let out a heavy sigh, dropping his arms to his sides. “I guess it’s fine. I just…I really liked you and to find out that you’re going to end up marrying my best friend, well, it really sucks.”

Victoria stopped pacing, studying Patrick’s face for a moment. “Can I trust you with a secret?” she asked quietly.

“I guess…” Patrick muttered hesitantly.

“Good,” Victoria stated with a small smile. “I can’t tell you the secret right now, but I promise that I will soon.”

“Why can’t you tell me it now?”

“It’s not the right time. But I can assure you that we can be together.”

“What about Jonny?”

Victoria sighed softly. “It’s complicated, but you just have to trust me, okay? I’ll tell you everything as soon as I can. Just know that we can be together, if that’s what you want. But for right now, I need to go back out there and pretend that I’m excited about marrying Prince Jonathan.”

Patrick was silent for a moment before he was smiling lightly. “I do trust you.”

“Thank you,” Victoria stated as smiled back at Patrick. “Now grab that tray of drinks so that we can go back in there and make sure things aren’t too awkward.”

“Just one question first.”

“Okay, ask away.”

“Are you really not excited about marrying Jonny?”

Victoria hummed softly, tapping a finger against her chin. “Well, it’s sort of complicated. I’m not excited, but at the same time I’m not not excited, if you know what I mean. Plus, I could do a lot worse than marrying a good-looking prince like Jonathan,” she replied with a wink.

“Hey!” Patrick pouted, reaching out to loop an arm around Victoria’s waist, pulling her close. “That’s not nice.”

Victoria giggled, resting her hands against Patrick’s chest. “I’m so sorry. Do you think you’ll ever be able to forgive me?” she questioned, batting her eyelashes.

“Well, I guess I could find it in myself to forgive a pretty girl like you,” Patrick whispered, smiling as he leaned down to press a soft kiss against Victoria’s lips.

“Lucky me,” Victoria murmured, eyes fluttering shut as she kissed Patrick back.


Colette watched as Victoria and Patrick walked into the kitchen, fingers curl into fists. She couldn’t be alone with the Prince. There was no way it would end well. She was bound to say something stupid and Prince Jonathan would decide he didn’t want to marry Victoria and it would be all her fault. But if she didn’t say anything Prince Jonathan would think that she was weird and he wouldn’t want to marry the girl with the weird bet friend. It was a no-win situation, but she had to do something. They couldn’t just stand there and wait for Victoria to come back.

“We, uh, should sit down,” she suggested softly, gesturing to the couch.

“Great idea,” Jonathan murmured as he moved to sit down on the couch.

Colette followed after him, sitting down in a chair next to the couch, resting her hands in her lap, looking everywhere but at Prince Jonathan. She had never been good at small talk and she had no idea what to talk about. Did they talk about the weather? Sports? She had no idea where to even begin.

“So…” Jonathan started slowly, rubbing his hands together. “Victoria’s told me a little about you.”

Colette slowly looked over at Prince Jonathan, a bitter smile turning up the corners of her lips. “And you probably think I’m a huge weirdo, right?”

“What? No!” Jonathan exclaimed as he quickly shook his head. “I don’t think that you’re a huge weirdo. I actually think that you seem pretty interesting.”

“People saying I’m interesting is usually a w-way for them to make it seem like they don’t think I’m weird, but they really do,” Colette commented with a shrug. “So it’s okay if you think I’m weird.”

“How about this, you tell me about yourself and then I’ll tell you if you’re weird or not.”

That didn’t exactly sound like the best idea to Colette, but she wasn’t about to say no to the prince. “I-I guess I could do that. I don’t really know where to begin though.”

“At the beginning would be a good start.”

“Alright,” Colette murmured with a nod. “Well, Victoria and I grew up together. We lived next door to each other, were in the same classes in school, and did the same after school activities. But Victoria was always more popular than me. She knew how to talk to people and people always seemed to be drawn to her. Everyone wanted to be friends with her, including me.”

“But we never did become friends. Or at least not until we were older. I was the shy girl who always sat up front in classes. I had some close friends, but I liked being alone. Sometimes I think I preferred being alone back then. Some kids could be so mean and there was always so much drama. It was easier to be by myself than to deal with all of that.”

“So growing up we were never friends, but that all changed once we went away to college. We ended up going to the same college and were put together as roommates. I thought that things would be like they had been before. We would be friendly to each other, but that would be it. I was wrong. Victoria and I got really close and she became one of the best friends that I had ever head. She helped me open up more and I did things that I would have never done before. Our freshman year was probably the greatest year of my life and I’m so grateful that I got to have that one good year before everything changed.”

Colette paused, taking a deep breath. Everything that she had just told Prince Jonathan was the easy part. She could tell that story over and over again. The hard part was going to be telling him what happened next. The only person who knew the whole story was Victoria. She wasn’t too sure that she wanted to continue, but she was already halfway through the story, she couldn’t stop now. Plus, she hoped that it might make her feel better if someone else knew the story. So she continued.

“A few weeks before our sophomore year started, my parents were killed. They had one out of a walk and were hit by a drunk driver. Thankfully Victoria was there when the cops showed up to deliver the news because I don’t know what I would have done if she hadn’t been. After that, I was complete mess. I barely left my room and I hardly ate. The only people I would even talk to were my aunt and Victoria. Everyone was really worried about me and thought that it would be best if I didn’t go back to school right away. But I didn’t want that. I wanted things to feel normal again and I thought going back to school would help me feel that way.”

“So Victoria and I went back to school and things were fine for about the first month. I went to classes, hung out with friends, and tried to act normal. I really thought that it was working to. I still missed my parents, but I wasn’t such a mess. I really thought things were getting back to normal. But that all changed one night. I was working on a project with some classmates and it went late. When I left the library it was already dark out, but it wasn’t really a long walk back to my dorm room. I thought I would be fine. But with every step I took, I just kept picturing my parents. I saw them in the dark and how scared they must have been. The next thing I know I’m sitting on a bench, sobbing while a security guard tries to calm me down. I must have told him to go find Victoria because it wasn’t long before she came over and helped me back to our room.”

“After that, it all went down hill. I refused to speak for a whole year and I quit going to classes. Eventually I had to drop out of school. I was planning on moving back here by myself, but Victoria told me that she was going to drop out too and move back with me. I tried to get her to change her mind, but she wouldn’t do it. So we packed up our stuff and moved back home. Victoria’s parents helped us with our first apartment, paying six months rent so we could settle in without worrying about finding jobs right away.”

“When it was time to find jobs, Victoria went out and got two jobs to help support us because I wasn’t ready to leave the apartment yet. So Victoria worked her butt off to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We could have always asked her parents to help us out if we needed it, but I think that Victoria wanted to be independent and asking her parents for help would have ruined that. So she kept working two jobs and I eventually enrolled in an on-line school when I was starting to feel better. I figured I could get some basic degree and find an office job to start doing my part so that Victoria wouldn’t have to continue to support me.”

“I finally got my degree almost two and a half years later because Victoria told me not to rush myself. She said she didn’t mind supporting me while I was taking classes. As soon as I graduated, I found an office job where I didn’t have to deal with many people on a regular basis. It’s pretty boring, but it pays well and that’s all that really matters. Once I got my job, Victoria was able to quit her waitressing job and went back to school. When we were first going to school she had no idea what she wanted to even major in, but now she’s working on her degree in child psychology. She wants to work with children who have lost parents. She’s an amazing person and I know that I’ll never be able to repay her for all the stuff that she’s done for me.”

“That’s why I’m so happy she met you. She deserves only good things in the world and I know that you can give her that,” Colette finished, smiling lightly at Prince Jonathan, proud that she hadn’t stuttered once through the whole story.

“Wow,” Jonathan whispered, shaking his head.

“Shows you just how weird I am, huh?”

“You aren’t weird. I’m sure that if anyone went through what you did, they would react the same way. It shows that you’re human.”

Colette blushed lightly, ducking her head. “T-Thank you.”

“Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions?”

“Okay. I’ll try to answer them the best I can.”

“Do you really have a phone from 2000?”

Colette laughed softly, shaking her head. “No, my phone isn’t from 2000. Victoria tends to exaggerate. While my phone isn’t some fancy smartphone, it is two years old. It works for what I need.”

“That does sound a lot better than what Victoria told me,” Jonathan stated with a smile. “So you really aren’t on any social media sites?”

“Nope, I-I don’t see the point. The only people I care about I can call or have come over whenever I want. I’m not interested in finding people I went to school with because m-most of them know bits and pi-pieces of the story I just told you and have already labeled me the crazy girl with the d-dead parents. Kind of Harry Potter, but not as cool.”

Jonathan barked out a sharp laugh, eyes widening slightly. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh.”

“It’s fine,” Colette assured him. “I used to laugh the first several times that I used that line before. I think people thought I was even more crazy than they did before.”

Jonathan smiled lightly, rubbing his hands over his thighs. “Laughter can be the best medicine sometimes. Especially if you haven’t laughed in a while.”

“I’m slowly learning that,” Colette said more to herself than to Jonathan. “Are there any other questions?”

“Victoria told me that you don’t watch the news or read the newspaper. Is that true?”

“It is t-true. Back when my parents first died, their story was always on the news or in the paper. I got sick of re-reading about it and remembering what happened. So I just stopped watching the news and reading the newspaper. Plus, most of the stories that are reported are depressing. I-If I need to know anything important, all I have to do is ask Victoria.”

“That’s good,” Jonathan mumbled absent-mindly, nodding. “What about when Victoria was in Greece? How was that?”

“I had to talk her into even going to Greece. I had only been at my job for a few months and was still nervous about being alone, but I wanted her to go. She had already done so much for me and I didn’t want to hold her back anymore than I had.”

“You aren’t holding her back,” Jonathan stated as he leaned forward, placing a hand on Colette’s knee. “From what I can tell, Victoria loves you like a sister and would do anything for you. You’re lucky to have someone like her in your life.”

Colette stared down at the hand that was on her knee, swallowing hard. “Th-Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Jonathan stated, giving Colette’s knee a gentle squeeze before he was pulling his hand back.

Luckily Colette was saved from having to speak by Victoria and Patrick walking back into the living room because Colette was sure she wouldn’t be able to speak. All she could do was stare at the spot where Prince Jonathan’s hand had just been. She suddenly had a very bad feeling about all of this.


When Jonathan had woken up that day he had been nervous about how this whole meeting was going to go. The way Victoria had described her best friend worried him. He didn’t want to judge her before he had even met her, but he had to admit that Victoria didn’t make her best friend seem very normal. And even though Victoria promised her best friend wouldn’t ruin things for them, he couldn’t be too careful. If the media got wind of the deception, his family would probably be run out of the country.

But as he climbed into the back of his car after spending almost three hours with Colette and Victoria, he wasn’t worried anymore. While Colette wasn’t exactly normal, he wasn’t worried that she was going to ruin things for him and Victoria. In fact, he had even liked spending time with Colette. She was fun to talk to, even if she didn’t really say all that much.

“Today went really well, don’t you think?” Jonathan asked as he looked over at Patrick.

Patrick hummed softly. “I guess.”

“What does that mean? Do you think things went badly?”

Patrick sighed, shaking his head. “No, I don’t think that things went badly. Today went really well.”

“Okay, good,” Jonathan stated with a smile as he slumped down in his seat. “And what do you think of Colette?”

“She seemed fine. Maybe a little quiet, but she wasn’t as weird as I thought she would be.”

“Be nice,” Jonathan scolded as he punched Patrick on the arm. “You don’t know her whole story.”

“Ouch!” Patrick mumbled, rubbing his arm. “Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sure that she’s a lovely girl once you get to really know her.”

“She is. She’s bee through a lot and Victoria’s been there very step of the way. I think that I made a good choice in picking Victoria.”

“Right,” Patrick grumbled.

Jonathan frowned as he studied Patrick’s face. “Don’t you like her?”

“Does it matter if I like her?”

“Of course it does. You’re my best friend and I want you to like my future wife. The two of you will probably have to spend a lot of time together.”

Patrick groaned softly, closing his eyes. “Alright, fine. Victoria’s perfect. She’s gorgeous and smart and funny. She seems like she going to make a fine princess one day.”

Jonathan chewed on his bottom lip, staring down at his lap. He should be happy to hear Patrick say those words. But the way that Patrick said them, with such sadness, worried him. How did he know that Patrick wasn’t just telling him what he wanted to hear? What if Patrick had seen a different side of Victoria while they had been in the kitchen?”

“Dude,” Patrick stated, snapping Jonathan out of his thoughts. “I meant everything that I just said. You are a lucky guy to have a girl like Victoria. I’m just upset because I’m sort of having troubles with the girl that I met at the ball the other night.”

Jonathan held in a sigh of relief, turning concerned eyes to the other male. Now was not the time for him to be rubbing his happiness in Patrick’s face. If his friend was having trouble with his love life, Jonathan wanted to be a supportive friend.

“Want to talk about it?”

Patrick shrugged, staring out the window. “Not much to talk about, really. I found out that she might be seeing another guy. She says that it isn’t serious, but I don’t know. She’s amazing and the other guy would be an idiot to give her up.”

“Listen here,” Jonathan started. “You are an amazing guy who deserves to be happy. If that girl can’t see that, than fuck her. You deserve someone that isn’t going to lead you on. You deserve someone that is always going to be there for you and is going to support you.”

Patrick was quiet for a moment before he burst out laughing. “Oh my god! When did you turn into such a fucking sap!?”

“Shut up,” Jonathan grumbled as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I was just trying to make you feel better.”

Patrick hiccupped, smiling lightly at Jonathan. “I’m sorry. That was really nice of you to say. I guess I just have to pray that I turn out to be the guy that she wants.”

“And if all else fails, I can totally set you up with Colette.”

“I’m sure that she’s a great person and everything, but no,” Patrick stated with a shake of his head.

“Oh come on!” Jonathan stated excitedly as he sat up in his seat. “It would actually be perfect if the two of you started dating. Colette’s a sweet girl that deserves someone who will treat her right. You’d be able to do that. You’re an amazing guy that deserves someone who would treat you like you’re all that mattered. Colette would be able to do that. Then you two and Victoria and I could go on dou-“

“Jonny, dude, shut the fuck up,” Patrick spoke up once he had slapped a hand over Jonathan’s mouth to stop him from continuing. “I appreciate you trying to help me out and be a matchmaker, but maybe we shouldn’t be jumping the gun. I don’t know what’s going to happen with my girl yet. So let’s see how things go with that before you run off and start planning my wedding to Colette.”

Jonathan huffed out a sigh, peeling Patrick’s hand off his mouth. “Fine. But if things don’t work out with you and this mystery girl, I’m setting you and Colette up on a date.”

Patrick rolled his eyes, but nodded. “Alright, you have yourself a deal.”

Jonathan grinned, turning his head to stare out the window. He honestly didn’t think of why he hadn’t thought of this before. It would be the perfect plan: getting Colette and Patrick together. While they didn’t seem like they would fit together, Jonathan was sure that they would. It might take a little pushing and prodding, but he could get them there. He was sure that Colette was a better option for his best friend than some mystery girl from a ball. He just needed to come up with a definite plan to get the two together. Maybe he would get Abby to help him plan it. Or Victoria. She would definitely think his idea was perfect.
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Jonathan's part in this is short, but this was getting long so I kind of rushed it. :( I know I keep saying it, but things will start to get clearer in the next chapter. Also, I'm not sure exactly how everything is going to pan out, but I have a couple of ideas so we'll see how it goes!