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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

I Won't Apologize

I brought my drink to my lips, scanning the bar for anyone worth taking home with me as I sipped. I found no one, sighing in defeat and finished the rest of my drink. I didn’t really want to go home yet; Justin would still be there, and I didn’t feel like arguing with him like I knew I would. He always found the most mundane things to argue over, like forgetting to hang my towel up after I shower, or leaving the door unlocked when I went to bed.
That one in particular pissed me off. I always left the door unlocked for him at night, because he was usually out late and had a habit of forgetting his keys. But of course, he neglects the fact that I was trying to do something nice for him and not have to get up at two in the fucking morning to let him in. Instead of just locking the door after he gets back, he’ll shout at me about how unsafe it is to leave the door unlocked, and that I’m basically asking intruders to come get me.
I could handle myself, and he knew it. I think that’s what he hated the most. That he couldn’t always take care of me like some little housewife that’s supposed to have dinner ready every night when he got home.
I was honestly sick of it; sick of waiting all day to see him, and then have him yell at me for little things that didn’t really matter.
I also missed sex. Justin had barely glanced at me in almost two months, and I was desperate for some sort of affection, from anyone.
That brings me to why I’m here tonight. I hadn’t originally planned on sleeping with someone tonight, but I was hurt, and I wanted some comfort. Even if that was in the form of sex. I missed feeling wanted, in any way, so I had actually made dinner for Justin and me for our two year anniversary; setting up the table and lighting candles, all of it. I was trying so hard all day to make everything perfect so that there would be nothing for us to argue about and then he got home and said that he was going to go out with Jesse and Gabe. He completely disregarded all of the effort I had put into making a nice evening for the two of us and then said that it shouldn’t be a big deal if he wanted to go out with his friends for once. He said that we were always together and that we could have dinner ‘some other night’. So fuck him.

“Hi,” I looked over my shoulder, searching for the voice that had spoken behind me. There was a short, brown-haired man with pretty tan skin and the most alluring smile standing there. “Hi,” I copied, still very obviously checking him out. “You look upset,” he said; his lovely, chocolate eyes on mine.
“I am. But you don’t have to worry about that,” He smiled and looked me over thoroughly.
“And what can I worry about?” he asked as his eyes traveled back up to meet mine. “You tell me,” He smirked, biting his lip in the sexiest way.
“I’m Vic,” he said. The name suited him; short and alluring. “Kellin,” I said back, both of smiling in that flirty way. “I like that. But how come you’re here tonight? You don’t look like someone who goes out drinking all by themselves,” I chuckled a little and stood up very close to him, resting my hand on his hip. “Is that really what you came over here to ask me?” I asked seductively.
“No, it’s not. I came over to hit on you, although you knew that,” I nodded, smirking back at him and shivering as he whispered close to my ear.
“Your place or mine?” he asked silkily. “Yours. Definitely yours,”

Vic slammed me up against his door, his body pressing against mine, and his hands resting on my hips. They slid up my body as our mouths connected, pulling my shirt up my chest.
Vic let his hands explore my bare skin as I forced his lips apart, tasting his mouth. His tongue glided over mine, licking into my mouth, and taking over the kiss as he continued to feel me up, his rough hands moving to pull my shirt off.
I let him yank it over my head and toss it away, neither of us caring where it landed. We were too lost in each other.
He kissed me again, immediately taking control, and licked along my bottom lip. I started unbuttoning his shirt sloppily, only getting through two of the buttons before he let go of me and ripped it off. One of the buttons popped off, clattering to the floor carelessly. “You’re fucking sexy,” I said and pulled him back to me, kissing him roughly. My hand tangled into his hair, the other grabbing his ass and pulling his crotch against mine.
He rolled his hips, creating a lovely friction between us, and making me moan unexpectedly. “Wait,” Vic mumbled into my mouth and pulled away to lift me up. I wrapped my legs around him tightly and ground into him. “Fuck,” he groaned and crushed me against the door again. I gasped and continued to roll my hips forward desperately. He copied my movements, grinding against me wonderfully. “Ugh,” I kissed him again, swirling my tongue in his hot mouth. I heard Vic kick his shoes off, and did the same letting them drop to the floor behind him. He carried me towards his bedroom, roughly elbowing the door open and tossed me onto the bed. My body bounced lightly on the huge mattress until Vic leaned over me and stopped the springs moving with his hand. He kissed me sloppily as he unbuttoned his jeans. I reached forward to do it for him, my fingers brushing against him and sending shivers through him. I yanked them down his legs, Vic kicking them off and moving to take mine off.
I lifted my hips and let him tug my jeans from my legs, carelessly tossing them to floor behind him. “Move back,” he ordered, nodding his head towards the pillows. I obediently moved up his bed, loving how dominant he was with me. He followed, spreading my legs, and situated himself between them. Our eyes met, and he leaned forward to kiss me once before his lips moved to my neck, sucking biting at my skin. I moaned at the feeling, not caring about the marks I would surly regret tomorrow. “Vic,” I whined, pushing my hips up against his needily. He continued to kiss down my chest, a little smirk on his lips when he glanced up at me. “What Kellin? What do you want?” he asked in that same, sultry tone.
Fuck, he was one of those. He flicked my nipple with his tongue, earning a little strangled noise and continued down to my waist.
He grinned cockily and snapped the elastic of my boxers against my skin. “Vic,” I pleaded again, desperate for him to do something, anything. “Say it,” he goaded, a cocky smirk on his face.
“Hurry up and fuck me,” I demanded. Vic grinned and nodded, pulling my boxers down my hips and off. He eyed my dick and then looked up at me, pleasantly surprised. “Impressed?” I teased, knowing he probably expected me to be smaller. “Mhm, a bit,” he said and leaned down to kiss my tip. I gasped and pushed my hips eagerly, smearing my pre-cum across his lips. “Naughty, Kellin. You wouldn’t want me to punish you,” he said and then ran his tongue over the head.
I whimpered, urging him to do something. “Alright, alright,” He got off of the bed and went to the table next to me, pulling out a condom and a bottle of lube.
“Do you need prep?” he asked, smiling when I shook my head quickly. I was eager to get this started. Vic set the stuff down and shoved his boxers off.
He was bigger than me, and the smirk on his lips suggested he knew it. “Impressed?” he copied me and climbed back on the bed. I didn’t answer, but intently watched him roll the condom on and lube himself up. It was really fucking hot watching him touch himself, a moan leaving his perfect lips as he stroked it. “R-ready?” he asked and moved between my legs again. “Mhm,” I mumbled back.
I felt his tip against my entrance, and then he slowly pushed in, watching my face scrunch up. I knew I should have let him prep me, but I didn’t want to. He was a lot bigger than Justin, and it fucking hurt. “Are you okay?” Vic asked; a sweetly concerned look on his face. My eyes were closed, and I was biting my lip viciously, tightly gripping the sheets beneath me. “Kellin?” he asked worriedly.
I nodded a tiny bit and finally opened my eyes, meeting his brown ones. “You can move,” I said quietly, hissing as he moved out and back in again. The pain slowly faded as I adjusted, Vic still moving at the same, slow pace. “Better?” I nodded and touched his thigh, letting him know he could go faster. His pace increased a bit, dick sliding in and out at different angles until he found what he was looking for. I moaned loudly, curling my hands into the sheets again. “Ha, found it,” he said, smirking and started thrusting into me roughly.
I pulled him down to kiss me as we fucked, our mouths slotting together kind of sloppily. “Ah, Vic, h-harder,” I moaned. He lifted my hips up, holding them at the perfect angle as he thrusted hard, hitting that spot dead on with every push in. “You’re s-so tight,” he groaned, gripping my hips hard enough to leave bruises.
I could feel my pleasure mounting as he slammed into me harder and harder. “Fuck, V-Vic…ah, m’gonna cum,” I moaned, tugging on his hair violently as he wrapped his arm around my small body to hold me up at the same angle and the other to pump me in time with his thrusts. “Vic,” I screamed and arched my back as I shot over his hand and my chest. “Oh,” his hips faltered a bit and then he was stilling inside me, spilling into the condom. “Kellin,” he moaned and collapsed on top of me.
We both just lay there, trying to steady our breathing.
“That was…fantastic…” I said and Vic nodded silently. That was honestly the best sex of my life.
“We should clean up,” he said slowly. We were both exhausted though, and neither of us moved to do that.
After a few minutes, Vic leaned over the side of the bed, his body still mostly on mine and grabbed some tissues. “Here,” he said and handed me a few. I propped myself up on my elbow and wiped the mess off my chest. “That really was great,” he said and kissed my lips once. I smiled at him and got out of his bed, standing on shaky legs. Vic watched me dress, smirking, and pulled a carton of cigarettes out of the bedside table. “Really Vic? Sex and then a cigarette? How cliché,” I teased him. He laughed and put one between his lips anyways, lighting it up immediately after.
“You didn’t want me to stay did you?” I asked, still without my shoes and shirt. Vic shrugged and blew smoke out of his lips sexily. “Don’t you have to get back to your boyfriend?” he asked lazily. I froze and looked at him curiously. “How did you--?”
Vic chuckled and took another long breath off his cigarette. “You don’t look like someone who stays single for long Kellin. And definitely not someone who goes out drinking alone. But can I ask you something?” I nodded. “If you have a boyfriend, why did you come home with me? You’re not a cheater,”
I frowned sadly and looked down at Vic’s floor.
“He’s…different now. We fight over every little thing, and today…today was our anniversary and he blew me off to get drunk with his friends,” I said. Vic stood up and took my chin in his hand, tilting it upwards.
“Well then I hope I really fucked up your relationship because he doesn’t deserve you,” I smiled a tiny bit and kissed him. “Goodnight Vic,” I said and turned to get my clothes from the living room. “Goodnight Kellin,” ~

“Where the fuck have you been?” Justin asked when I walked into my apartment. “Out,” I said, “Where have you been?” Justin glared and blocked my way to our bedroom. “Tell me where you were Kellin,” he ordered.
“No,” I said in the same angry tone as him. “Did you cheat on me?” he asked. “Why did you immediately jump to the conclusion that I cheated?” I asked, kind of hurt that he thought that so quickly; even if it was true. “Did you?” I glared, making a silent decision.
“Yeah, I did. And he fucks way better than you do,” Justin’s face fell for a second and then hardened again. “Why would you do that?!” he shouted. “Because you never would! You always tell me ‘not now’ or ‘stop it Kellin’, and I miss it! I miss actually feeling like you give a fuck about me Justin!” He pressed his lips together and then started shouting again. He knew it was true. “That doesn’t give you a reason to cheat on me!” he yelled. “Do you know what today is?” I asked calmly and refused to cry. “What?”
I looked up at him, meeting his eyes. “It’s our anniversary. We’ve been together for two years and you blew me off to go get drunk with Jesse,” I said. Justin’s face froze, his eyes wide. “What? N-no, it’s—,” I shook my head, pointing to the abandoned dinner I hade made. “But…” I rolled my eyes and walked passed him, tossing my jacket on the floor of our bedroom. “Don’t walk away from me Kellin,” he said, following after me.
“I want to break up,” I said, fighting back tears. “We’re not working anymore Justin, and we haven’t for a while. You don’t have to leave tonight, but soon please,” I choked.
“What? Kellin, don’t do this. Please, we can work through this baby, please,” he suddenly begged. “But I don’t want to. Be honest Justin, do you? Do you really want to come home every night and argue and then go to bad angry with each other?” His face contorted sadly, but he shook his head.
“Can I at least have a goodbye kiss? Just one last kiss?” I nodded and walked over to him, cupping his face gently.
His lips pressed to mine softly, kissing very, very gently. “Bye Kellin,” he said sadly. I gave him a tiny smile and hugged my arms around myself. ~
All of Justin’s stuff was gone when I woke up. ~

I went back to the same bar two nights later, and was sitting at the very end of it with my back against the wall. I had a vodka and coke sitting next to me on the bar, and my phone in my lap. “Hey hot stuff,” some gross guy said. I looked up at him, trying not to make a face. He looked to be in his mid-thirties, with short-cropped blonde hair and beady brown eyes that were so dark they looked black. “What’s your name baby?” I rolled my eyes at the pet name. “None of your business, I’m not interested. “Aw, come on, you’re so cute. I just wanna talk,” he lied. This guy gave me the creeps. ~
Vic ~
“Hey, Vic? Isn’t that the boy you took home on Thursday?” Jaime said, nodding towards the end of the bar. I looked over, my eyes landing on Kellin sitting in one stool with his feet on another across from him, and some creepy guy hanging all over him. “Yeah, so?” I kind liked Kellin, but it really wasn’t my business if he wanted to have sex with someone.
“Well you should go over there,” he said. “No thanks Hime. He’s already with someone,”
He didn’t look like he wanted to be though. I saw the guy lean over Kellin, his hand close to where his drink was sitting out of Kellin’s view. His hand tipped over it, and although I couldn’t see what it was, I knew what he was doing. Kellin pushed him out of the way, an irritated look on his face.
Jaime was looking at me as I stood up and walked over to them. ~
Kellin ~
“Hiya babe,” someone said and rested their hand on my thigh. It was Vic, my savior. “Hi,” I sad and smiled at him. He leaned close to me and let me rest my arm on his shoulder. “Who the fuck is this?” the guy, Brad, asked and sneered at Vic.
“I told you I had a boyfriend,” I said. “So fuck off,” Vic added and leaned in to kiss me. I willingly kissed him back, enjoying the feel of his lips on mine again. “Whatever,” the guy said and actually fucked off.
Vic pulled away and moved his lips to my ear, talking quietly. “He slipped something into your drink,” he whispered and kissed my neck. “Thank you,” He smiled at me. “Of course. No one deserves to get raped,” he said. “Did I fuck up your relationship?” he asked; a flirtatious smile on his lips. “No, I did that,” I said honestly.
“Do you regret it?” Vic asked me, his warm hand still on my thigh, just under where my legs were crossed. “Actually, no. I feel…free? It’s kind of nice not to be in a relationship for once,” Vic laughed and moved his mouth close to mine. “So you enjoyed yourself?” I grinned and nodded, my mouth open an inch from his.
“Would you want to do it again?” he asked seductively. “Hm, why don’t you find out?” His lips pressed to mine again, his hot tongue sliding between them. “Wanna come back with me?” I nodded and slid off of the stool, watching Vic go over to who I guessed were his friends. He said something to them and grabbed his coat before meeting me back over at the bar. “Ready?” I grinned and leaned into him as he slid an arm around my shoulders. ~
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