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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

Best There Ever Was

Vic ~
I threw Kellin onto the bed, laughing as his body bounced on the mattress violently. “Come here,” Kellin ordered. I cocked and eyebrow at him, resting my weight to one side. “And who said that you were in charge?” I asked.
He shrugged and smiled at me cutely. “I just wanted to kiss you and that requires you to be over here,”
I smiled a little at him. “Well, I am in charge. So take your clothes off and move back on the bed.” Kellin’s eyes darkened a fraction, the color deepening with lust. “And what if I don’t?” he challenged, always trying willing to misbehave.
“Then I’ll punish you,” I replied and turned on my heel to get a tie from my closet. I found one easily and then returned to the end of the bed, Kellin disobediently sitting in his boxers with his head on the pillow.
I thought I asked you to get naked?” I said, asserting my authority. He shrugged again. “Are you going to tie me up?” he asked cheekily and smiled at me. “Yes,” I answered curtly before straddling his chest.
He let me take a hold of each of his wrists and tie them to the poles in my headboard. “Wait here,” I said and left him helplessly on the bed.
I came back with a rectangle of tape and put it over Kellin’s mouth before he could protest. “Okay?” I asked, making sure he was alright with this. I received a small nod as I got back on the bed.
Kellin watched me with lusty eyes as I moved to kiss from his collar bones to his hips, my mouth shying just above the waistband of his little briefs.
I glanced up at him, a smirk on my lips as I saw him already watching me in anticipation. “What do you want baby?” I teased and earned a little glare from Kellin.
I mouthed at the outline of his cock, a muffled moan leaving his mouth. “Hush. I don’t want to hear a peep from you,” I scolded and nipped his waist.
Kellin wigged his hips under me, desperate for attention. I smiled and kissed him through the wetted fabric of his briefs and then roughly yanked them off of him.
His breath caught in his throat as he fought to make another sound. I smirked up at him and then started kissing everywhere but the place he wanted it most. My lips brushed over his inner thighs, peppering little kisses to his skin and teasing him more.
I nipped up to the crease between his thigh and hip and then finally licked from his base up to his tip.
Kellin moaned again, the sound blocked by the tape. I looked up at him and tsked. “You’re going to be punished,” I said, both of us knowing it was an empty threat; Kellin hated to be spanked, and I wasn’t going to hurt him.
I would tease him however.
I licked and kissed up and down his shaft, sliding my tongue over the vein in the underside of his cock. Kellin moaned shamelessly, not even glancing at me as he did.
I rolled my eyes and then sucked on his tip lightly. He watched me as swirled my tongue over it, licking his slit and the spot just beneath the head.
Kellin made a little noise of complaint and bucked his hips up to try and get more of him in my mouth.
“Naughty Kellin,” I reprimanded and pulled off of him. I sat up and the leaned over him to get the lube and a condom from my bedside table.
“Um…do mind if we go without a condom? I forgot to buy more,” I said and smiled sheepishly at Kellin.
He shook his head and then continued to watch me as I moved between his legs again.
He watched me squeeze some of the lube into my hand and then touch a finger to his hole. “Ready?” I teased and circled his entrance a few times.
He nodded and spread his legs for me more. I pushed two fingers into him, scissoring them gently. Kellin just lay there, watching me as I opened him up, and waiting for more.
I kept going until he wasn’t expecting it, and then added a third finger.
I brushed them against his prostate, Kellin moaning and jerking in response. “Like that?” I asked tauntingly and trusted my fingers in and out of him quickly.
Kellin was getting closer and closer as I continued to fuck him, and then glared at me when I pulled them out suddenly.
I moved up to his face and tapped his nose with my other hand. He looked up at me with wide, pleading eyes and tugged on the tie holding his wrists in place.
“Uh-uh, you’re not getting out,” I said and kissed the tape covering his mouth.
I got a little glare for that, Kellin looking displeased and frustrated. I smirked and then got off of the bed to get a small box out of the bottom of my closet.
I made sure that Kellin couldn’t see as I grabbed the pink vibrator out of it and moved between his legs again. I showed it to him as I turned it on the second setting and then ran it along his inner thigh.
He shivered as I moved the vibrator over his lower stomach. “Does that feel nice?” I asked and touched it against his dick. He made a muffled sound and rocked his hips against it.
I spread lube over it and then slid it between his legs, touching the tip to his entrance.
Kellin moaned and arched his back as I slammed it into him, the vibrations rippling through him.
I turned it up to 4/5 and started thrusting it in and out of him quickly, little hushed moans coming through the tape on his mouth.
Kellin moved his hips in time with me, pushing himself backwards every time I slid the dildo back into him. I watched him as he got closer to his climax, Kellin pretending that he wasn’t about to come.
I smirked and pulled it out of him quickly, Kellin's eyes flashing to mine. He looked at me with pleading eyes. “What do you want?” I asked.
He just whimpered at me and wiggled his hips. I turned the vibrator off and dropped it to the floor before picking up the lube again to spread it onto myself.
Kellin glared at me as I moaned and stroked myself in front of him. “Oh, Kellin, ah…. Fuck, baby, it f-feels so good,” I moaned and brushed my thumb over my tip.
He nudged my thigh with his knee, silently begging me to get in him. I smirked and then lifted his legs up onto my thighs and touched the very tip of my dick to his ass.
Kellin whined and tried to wiggle back onto me, glaring at me when I held his hips still. “What? What do you want honey?” I teased.
He whimpered and wriggled in my hands again.
I grinned and rubbed my tip against his entrance to tease him again. I pushed the head in and then slid it back out, repeating it until he whined again.
I finally pushed all the way into him, moaning as his tight heat surrounded me. “You feel so fucking good Kellin,”
I pulled out and then slammed back into him, both of us moaning. Kellin pulled on his restraint, probably rubbing his wrists raw, and rolled back on me.
I let him do what he wanted, little noises leaving my lips as he massaged my dick inside of himself. I pushed in deeper and then slid back to start thrusting.
Kellin made muffled little sounds every time I pushed in, his oversensitive body responding with each thrust. I angled my hips, making sure to hit his prostate every time.
His ass clenched every time I brushed it, tightening around perfectly.
I could feel myself getting closer with every thrust, and I knew Kellin was. I thrusted a few more times before reaching between us to stroke his dick in time with my thrusts.
We were both panting as we got closer, and with one more thrust, Kellin came, his scream of ecstasy muffled by the tape covering his mouth.
I continued to snap my hips into him as he pulled on the tie, his eyes scrunched shut in pleasure. Kellin’s body shook as he came over his stomach.
I thrusted into him a few more times before I was coming too; a cry of his name on my lips as I spilled into him.
Kellin panted underneath me as I came down from my high, his erratic breath in my ear.
“O-one second…,” I mumbled and gingerly pulled out of him. I rested my weight on shaky knees and tried to peel the tape off his mouth as gently as I could.
He let his heavy breath out of his mouth and then sighed, perfectly content to just lie there.
“Don’t you want this off?” I asked and hooked a finger into a loop in my tie.
He nodded lazily and watched as I undid it for him. I dropped the tie to the floor and inspected both of his wrists to make sure he hadn’t pulled too hard and made them bleed. They were an angry shade of red, but not too bad.
“Okay?” I asked, receiving a small nod. “Cool,” I fell back onto the bed then, tired, and looked at Kellin as he stretched his arms out.
“I think I’ll be able to walk just fine,” he said cockily, mocking my words from earlier.
“Who said I was done with you?” Kellin laughed and moved close to kiss me gently.
“What did you have in mind?” he asked as we both calmed down. “I don’t know. But give me a minute to get hard okay?” He laughed again and nodded, knowing we’d both need a little to get worked up again.
I moved over Kellin, lying on top of him sideways to get a cigarette out. He watched me as I lit it and the relaxed back onto the bed, a smug look on his face.
“Yeah, yeah, cliché, I don’t care,” He giggled and rested his head on my chest, his hand drawing little patterns on my stomach.
“I didn’t know you had sex toys,” Kellin teased, not looking at me. “Do you use that on yourself?” I breathed heavily through my nose before answering.
“No, I have not used it on myself…or anyone else. I’ve never used it actually. I do have other things though, if you ‘d like to play with those.”
He turned around to look at me, a little smirk on his lips. “Oh yeah? Like what?” I took a breath off of my cigarette and then blew it out towards the ceiling.
“Like butt plugs and dildos,” I said mockingly. Kellin giggled and kissed my chest. “Well…I don’t know about those, I’ve never actually used one before, but I could ride you again,” I smirked and cocked an eyebrow at him.
“You want to ride me?” He nodded kind of eagerly. “Mmkay, whatever you want.” Kellin blushed but smiled.
“Then what? I want to do something you want,” I shrugged, smiling at him.
“But I like when you ride me. You know it does feel kinda nice,” He rolled his eyes at me. “I meant something that you pick. Every time we have sex you try to make me feel good; it’s your turn,” I sighed softly and breathed in some more smoke.
“Okay Kellin…we can…we can do it in the shower. And you have to behave,” He suppressed a grin and nodded, leaning forward to kiss me.
“I could suck you too…” he trailed off and moved to sit between my legs. I propped up on my elbows and watched him as he started stroking my flaccid cock.
“Enjoying yourself?” I teased. He rolled his eyes and continued to rub my dick, biting his lips.
“Does that even feel good?” he asked, kind of deflated. “Yeah…I’m just not really excited? Maybe you should dance for me again,” Kellin shot me a glare. “That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” he asked.
I grinned at him and nodded, putting my cigarette out on the pack. “Well?” I asked.
“But then I’ll have to put clothes back on,” Kellin whined. “Not necessarily. I don’t mind if you grind on me while naked,”
I got another glare for that, Kellin adorably getting off of the bed then, pouting the entire time he pulled his clothes on. He only put on his boxers, the button down I had put on before going to the club, and my tie.
He looked sexy though, in that bedraggled kind of way. “You look hot,” I said, intently watching as he got my phone and picked whatever music he wanted.
He set it on the bed next to me and then pulled me to the edge of the mattress and hit play.
I laughed at his song choice, Kellin immediately going into dancer mode as ‘Something in Your Mouth’ started playing. Kellin swayed his hips in ways he hadn’t earlier, gyrating them in little, practiced circles.
I watched him in awe as he moved; impressed by the control he had over his body while dancing.
He spun around slowly still moving his hips in filthy circular motions as he did, his movements not even faltering.
Kellin dipped in front of me and rubbed his hands up my thighs, his sultry gaze sending shivers through me. He looked incredible as he slowly moved back up, his body moving sensually in front of me.
I was getting hard just watching him, and he had just started. Kellin started undoing the tie then, dropping it to the floor. His fingers slowly unbuttoned my shirt as he moved in lithely.
I watched him ruck it up, exposing his sharp hipbones and the v of his waist, along with half of his chest.
Kellin combed his fingers through his hair, his mouth falling open at the same time and his neck arching as his hand moved.
He looked really fucking hot as he danced, teasingly removing my shirt and then pushing his briefs down to expose more of his pale flesh.
He took my hands, placing them on his hips as he gyrated and spun around again, closer this time. His ass swayed a few inches from me, dipping every so often so that he could push it towards me.
I was nearly rock-hard under the thin sheet covering me as Kellin faced me again before slowly sinking to his knees.
I met his eyes, biting back a groan as he licked his parted lips in the sexiest way I had ever seen.
He slid his hand under the sheet to stroke me, a moan escaping me at the touch.
Kellin pushed me back onto the bed, shoving the sheet away and loomed over me as he squeezed more lube onto my cock. I shuddered as the cold liquid touched me, quickly warmed by Kellin's hand.
I hadn’t noticed that the song changed, now playing ‘Ain’t it Fun’ through the speakers as Kellin pushed his little briefs off. I watched him crawl on top of me and then sink down, both of us moaning as I filled him.
Kellin slowly moved up and down, my cock sliding out as he went up, and then disappearing inside of him again.
He rocked his hips, fucking himself on top of me to the beat of the song.
Our moans mixed in with the music as my cock dragged in and out of him torturously slow.
“P-please, Kell, faster,” He actually did as I asked for once, probably just as antsy as I was.
He bounced up and down, abandoning his perfect rhythm to get himself closer.
“More,” I pleaded as I rolled my hips up to meet his every time he sank down. Kellin put his hands on my chest for support as he fucked, long moans leaving both of us.
He slowed little to stroke his cock above me and then he was coming, pushing me over the edge too as ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark’ played.
“Vic,” Kellin moaned and convulsed on top of me, shooting white on my chest.
I gasped repeatedly, trying to catch my breath as we both came down. “Oh my god,” Kellin breathed and fell on top of me.
I moved to gently pull out of him, a smirk forming on my lips.
“I’ve never cum to Fall Out Boy song before,” I said and turned the music off.
Kellin laughed and kissed my chest softly. “A new first,” he teased. We both laughed and then lay there, trying to even our breathing.
“I’m going to need a minute before round three,” he mumbled and closed his eyes….
“Are you going to sleep?” I teased Kellin after half an hour of cuddling. “No, I’m resting. Why, are you already aching for me?” he teased and grinned at me.
I laughed and slid out of bed before going around to the other side to get Kellin up. He went easily, letting me lead him into my shower, and turned the water on for me.
I smiled and pressed him against the wall, my lips devouring his in hungry kisses. He tasted like sex, if that was even a flavor, but somehow it made it hotter.
“You didn’t dance like that at the club,” I stated, having enjoyed that second one immensely. He nodded a little a pushed his now wet hair from his eyes. I wasn’t really trying hard earlier.”
I nodded a little and moved my lips to his neck, biting his skin. “Well I enjoyed it,” I said and roamed my hands over his body, sliding them from his shoulders to his hips and down his thighs.
Kellin shivered and tilted his head back against the shower wall, exposing his neck to me.
I made sure to leave marks along his throat and over his collar bones. He made a little noise as I sucked one of his soft spots, sure to leave another purple bruise on his milky skin.
I smirked and then moved away, enjoying the little pout that crossed his lips.
He slammed me against the other wall, apparently very horny already. “Hi,” I teased and kissed his nose. “You’re a tease,” Kellin mumbled and pressed his body against mine.
“Mhm, so are you,” He nodded a tiny bit and then crushed his lips against mine. I let him take control, his warm lips forcing apart to taste the inside of my mouth.
My hands circled his wrists as he kissed me, taking him by surprise as I pinned him against the wall again. He gasped as I held his wrists behind his back and moved close to whisper in his ear.
“Behave,” I breathed seductively and nipped the shell of his ear. Kellin gave me a tiny little nod. I released his hands, only to move them flat against the wall on either side of his body.
I kissed his shoulder blades, massaging all over his back and waist as I did, trying to work him up again.
I pressed my body against his, knowing he could feel my semi against his ass as I reached around him to stroke his hard-on. Kellin gasped again and leant his forehead against the tile as I rubbed him.
“You’re already so hard for me,” I whispered and kissed his throat. My thumb brushed over his tip gently, earning a little breathy moan.
“P-please,” he breathed. I smirked and let go of him and then reached down to press my tip to his entrance, teasingly rubbing it against him.
“Vic,” he whined and pushed his ass back against me uselessly. I pressed a grin and nipped at his shoulder in reprimand. “I thought I told you to behave?” I asked and then slammed into him.
He made a strangled little noise, his body recoiling from the flare of pain, and then adjusting to me again.
“Okay?” I asked, even as I slid out of him. He nodded, his little mouth open as I slowly pushed back in. I kept the same, easy pace, teasing us both as I moved languidly.
I looked down between us and bit back a groan as I watched my cock disappear into him. “Harder,” Kellin pleaded. I smirked at the request and picked up the pace, rocking in and out of him leisurely.
Kellin moaned and pushed his ass back against me with every push in. My breathing hitched as I sped up again, desperate for more of his tight heat.
“What do you want?” I asked, snapping my hips forward. “D-deeper, please, Vic…more,” Kellin begged, his hands balled into fists against the wall.
I obliged, moaning as I pushed all the way into him with each thrust. Kellin wiggled around on me, trying to force me against that bundle of nerves inside of him.
“Vic,” he mumbled, just as desperately as I felt. I rolled my hips and then brushed against his spot, a loud moan leaving his lips. “Fuck, yes, r-right there,”
I slid my hand up his torso and grabbed a fistful of his wet hair, yanking his head back against my shoulder. “Ah,” he whined as my arm snaked around his stomach.
I slammed into him harder, both of us letting out breathless little moans as we got closer.
“T-tell me what you want,” I said, each word enunciated with a thrust. “Ah…c-come in me,” I moaned and made sure to hit his prostate as I fucked him harder.
“Touch…touch yourself,” I told him, too close to do it myself. I watched him curl his delicate fingers around his cock, a moan escaping his lips as they moved slickly.
“V-Vic, deeper, p-please,” Kellin begged, desperate for release. I gave him what he wanted, slamming into his prostate over and over again until his body was convulsing with the strength of his orgasm.
“Kellin,” I moaned as he finished and leaned his weight against the tiled wall. I pulled out of him then, spinning him around in my arms.
I didn’t even have to ask, Kellin sliding to his knees in front of me and sucking. I moaned, tipping my head back in pleasure. Kellin sucked on my tip, his tongue gliding expertly over me as I stroked myself into his mouth.
“K-Kellin,” I moaned. He pulled off of me and just held his mouth open in front of me as I came, shooting into his mouth and on his cheek.
I nearly collapsed, Kellin catching me until I steadied myself. “Holy hell,” I breathed and watched him lick my cum into his mouth. He swallowed all of it and then grinned at me.
“That was fun,” he teased as I tried to catch my breath. “Mhm,” Kellin turned the water off, not even caring that we hadn’t showered at all, and led me back out to my bed.
I fell onto it, pulling him with me, and then grinned at him. “Still think you’ll be able to walk?” I teased and kissed his damp hair.
“Maybe…you’ll just have to find out,” he said back, a cheeky smile on his lips.
He couldn’t possibly want more….

Kellin ~
I groaned and arched my back as I stretched, Vic mumbling next to me. “Go back to sleep,” he whined and hid his face in his pillow.
I rolled my eyes and moved to lie on top of him, wincing as a flare of pain ran through me. “Vic, wake the fuck up,” I said and shook him until he rolled over to glare at me.
“Why? Why do I have to wake up; I’m tired he complained. “Because my ass hurts,” Vic gave me a smug look and then kissed my shoulder.
“That’s your fault. I distinctly remember you begging for me to go harder and then deeper, over and over again,” I blushed a little, remembering.
“No I didn’t,” I lied. “Oh, really? You don’t remember how you wanted me to fuck you so hard you screamed? Or that you wanted more as soon as we were finished?”
I pressed my lips together. “Okay, fine,” I mumbled and pouted. “Don’t be embarrassed; you’re the best I’ve ever had,” I blushed at the comment, enjoying the way Vic nuzzled my neck. “You too,” I whispered honestly.
Vic was so incredible in bed…. “Mhm…I’m still tired,” he said and pressed a kiss to my throat. “Don’t go back to sleep,” I whined and moved to wrap my arms around him tightly.
He groaned and buried his face in my neck, his warm breath sending shivers through me.
“Vic,” I whined. I wanted him to stay up with me, I had to work later. “Mff,” I pouted, waiting until he looked up at me.
“Stop that. How am I supposed to deny that?”
I grinned in triumph and kissed his lips before getting out of his bed. “Don’t go back to sleep,” I ordered and went to take a shower.
“No promises,” Vic called back and probably went right to sleep again. ~
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title- "The Best There Ever Was" Sleeping With Sirens