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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

I'd Do Anything to Hold Your Hand

I woke up wrapped in Vic’s arms and so warm. My whole body was enveloped in his warmth and it was so comforting to wake up to. I looked back at him, smiling softly at his sleeping face. He looked so cute when he slept.
I gently slid out of his grasp and went to shower. What the hell was I going to do? I couldn’t tell him; he’d never want to see me again if I did. But I couldn’t break it off either. I would miss him too much….
I’m so fucked. “Kellin?” I whipped around, startled by the voice behind me. “Hey, you scared me,” I said and smiled.
“I see that. Mind if I join you?” he asked. “Since when do you ask my permission?” Vic shrugged and got into the shower with me, a smile on my lips.
“What were you thinking so hard about?” he asked and tapped my nose. Nothing important,” just that I’m in love with you. “Are you sure?” I nodded fakely and opened my shampoo bottle.
Vic watched me suspiciously as we both got cleaned; apparently he didn’t believe me. “Do you want to come over tonight?” he asked and rinsed his hair quickly.
“Okay. When?” He chewed his lip as he thought about it. “Um…six?” I nodded and smiled at him. “I have to work today,” he explained and kissed my shoulder.
“So you’re leaving?” He nodded slowly and moved his lips to my neck. “Okay,” I felt him smile against my skin. “I’ll see you tonight,” ~

I walked up to Vic’s door and then pulled the little folded note off it.

The door’s unlocked; I had to go somewhere.
I’ll be back soon, so just wait here.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door, closing it behind myself. It was strange being in his apartment without him. It was so quiet.
I sighed to myself and set his note down on the table before falling onto his couch.
I turned the tv on and watched re-runs of Scrubs, waiting for him to get back.
I didn’t know why, but I felt so uneasy. Like something bad as going to happen and I just didn’t know what.
I needed him here. ~

The door opened, only it wasn’t Vic. “Austin?” I asked, confused. He looked at me the same way and then shook his head before turning around.
“Hurry up,” he said to whoever was behind him. I nervously as he helped two people carry Vic into the room….
My heart raced as I realized that he was unconscious and oh god…he was bleeding.
The whole left side of his shirt was soaked in dark blood, along with the top of his jeans. I jumped up, going to run over to him when Austin caught me. “No,” he said sternly and held me against him while two other men carried him to his room. “What’s going on?” I asked in horror and struggled to free myself. “Kellin, just relax. You shouldn’t even be here,” I thrashed around in his grasp, Austin only holding me tighter. “Tell me what happened,” I ordered.
“He didn’t tell you, did he?” he asked, only confusing me more. “Vic leads one of the deadliest gangs in San Diego. One of our guys went rogue, and Vic was trying to fix it, but he got shot,” I let his words sink in, Austin sighing as I disregarded everything he said.
“Kellin, stop it, stop, Kellin.” I had to see him. “No, I need him,” I said and tried to get free again.
Someone else walked through the door then, carrying a huge, black bag with him. He walked right past us and into Vic’s room with ease. “Let me see him,” I ordered.
“You can’t, Kellin. He could die,” That only made me thrash harder, desperately trying to get to Vic.
“Stop it,” Austin said harshly and held me tight against his chest. I didn’t though.
“Ugh, Kellin, I didn’t want to have to do this to you,” he said, and before I could react there was a thick cloth over my mouth and nose.
I struggled in his arms until I couldn’t feel anything…until I passed out….

I groaned and blinked awake, fighting past the fog in my head. “Kellin?” Austin’s voice asked. I looked around until my eyes met his, and then glared at him.
“He’s asking for you,” All animosity left my face as I quickly got up and went to his room.
He had to be okay. “Vic?” I asked softly, seeing him on the bed. His hair was sticking to his face, and he looked so pale. There was a huge bandage around his stomach, blood already seeping through it.
I gently eased onto the bed and stroked his cheek. His breathing was shallow, and his eyes looked so tired as they met mine. “Hey,” he whispered and half smiled at me.
“Hi,” Vic swallowed dryly, wincing in pain as he did. “I—wanted to s-say goodbye,” he breathed.
I shook my head quickly, refusing to accept that. “You can’t. You-you can’t die,” I said, tears filling my eyes. “I don’t think you…get to decide that,” he said back.
“You can’t. I need you,” He shook his head slowly. “You’ll be fine,” I was shaking my head the second he started talking. “No I won’t. I need you here with me. You can’t leave me,” I pleaded. “You—you have to go to a hospital. Please,” He shook his head again.
“I c-can’t. I’m sorry,” I let the tears drip down my cheeks as he spoke. “You can’t leave me,” I said and rubbed some of the tears away.
“Why?” he mumbled. I bit my lip, deciding whether or not I should tell him. He couldn’t die.
“Because I love you,” I sobbed. Vic sucked his breath in sharply. “W-what?” Austin came back into the room then before I could say anything else, and pulled me off of the bed.
“No,” He didn’t listen to me as I tried to stay in the room, and roughly dragged me out of the apartment.
“Let go of me,” I ordered as he pulled me towards his car. “What are you doing?” he asked me, stopping by the passenger side. “What do you mean?” I asked back, irritated with him.
“Confessing your love for him? What the hell were you thinking? I mean, seriously Kellin; he could die. How do you think stressing him out is going to help?”
I flinched and pulled my arm out of his grasp. “I thought—“No, you didn’t think. You are so fucking selfish,” he scolded and opened the door, staring down at me coldly.
“Get in,” I did as he said silently and stared down at my lap. I felt him getting into the driver’s seat, and then turned it on. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry.
It would be my fault if Vic died; honestly…I wanted to die too. ~
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title- "I Don't Care If You're Contagious" Pierce the Veil