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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

I Need Your Love

I woke up to Vic talking on the phone. “What the hell were you thinking?” he asked.
“Well, you don’t have to protect me. Besides, it wasn’t safe. You know how unstable he is,” Vic said.
“Okay, but you shouldn’t have…. Alright, fine……. Yes, I’m fine Mike, relax. Yes, I’m with Kellin,” It was quiet for another minute before he spoke again.
“Um, I’ll ask him,” he said and then hung up. He turned around, jumping slightly when he saw that I was awake. “Uh, hi, I didn’t know you were awake,”
I giggled a little and sat up. “Sorry,” I said quietly, reaching for him. He got onto the bed with me, falling overtop of me. I made a little ‘oof’ noise and laughed.
“Babe, you’re squishing me,” I whined. “No I’m not you drama queen. Besides, you like it,”
I laughed and wrapped my arms around him too. “So,” he started and propped himself up over me. “So,” I copied, earning a less-than-pleased look.
“Mike wants to meet you,” he said. “You mean other than in a hospital bed?” Vic glared at me and nodded. “Yeah smartass,” I laughed and nodded a little.
“Okay…” Vic sighed. “What?” I shook me head, although he noticed the way I bit my lip. “Kellin,” I frowned and ran my fingers through his hair.
“I just…what if he doesn’t like me? I mean, not a lot of people would approve of the stripper boyfriend,” Vic laughed and kissed me.
“You do know that my brother is also in a gang, correct?” I nodded. “He has no reason not to like you. And honestly, I think he just wants to meet the guy I’m in love with?”
I smiled at him as he leant down to kiss my lips.
“Promise?” He nodded and kissed me again. “What were you talking about before?” I asked.
“Nothing……” He gave in after I stared for a minute. “We were talking about the guy who shot me,” he said slowly.
“What?” Vic pinned my wrists to the bed, straddling me to hold me down. “Before you freak out, it’s not a big deal. Mike and Austin went after him, which was stupid, but they did. And he’s not an issue anymore,”
I felt my eyes widen at his words. “Not like that. He’s out of the gang, and he’s no longer a threat,” I nodded slightly and wrapped my arms around his waist.
“Don’t scare me like that,” I said in reprimand. “Sorry, it just came out wrong,” he said and kissed my nose.
“I could make it up to you,” he offered. “Hm, maybe after breakfast. I’m starving,” Vic laughed at that, probably feeling my stomach growl.
“Sorry to tell you this, but I don’t know how to cook,” he said, making me laugh. “Me neither,” We both laughed then.
“Well then why don’t we go out?” he asked.
“Mm, I don’t wanna,” Vic laughed at my whining and nuzzled his face into my neck.
“I thought you were hungry?” he asked, grinning at me. “But I don’t want to get up,” I said. “I just want to lay in bed and have sex all day,”
Vic laughed at me again. “That could be arranged. Although, I am going to make you eat something,” I frowned as he lifted up my skinny arm.
“Come on,” he said and tried to slide me out of bed. I whined, making him laugh as he dragged me up.
I pulled on a pair of boxer briefs, Vic rolling his eyes at me. “What’s wrong with purple?” I asked and looked down at myself. He just shook his head and grabbed a black pair. “Come here,” I ordered and wrapped my arms around his neck. I clung to him until he lifted me up, his strong arms snaking around my waist.
“You’re cute,” he said and walked over to my dresser. He took one of the antibiotics I had put there. It was a smaller bottle than the one at his place, but had enough for if he stayed here. “Don’t you need water?” I asked as he set me on the dresser. He shook his head and then just swallowed it dry.
“Okay,” He scooped me up then and wrapped his arms around my waist again.
“You’re so light,” he said softly and kissed my neck. “No I’m not,” Vic rolled his eyes at that. “Please love, you barely weigh a thing.” I was actually reassured by that.
“So,” he said, opening the fridge. “Um…” I tilted my head backwards to see into my fridge, making him laugh. “You’re cute,” he said, still holding me up.
I ignored the comment as my cheeks heated up, and continued to look. “Open the freezer please,” I said and moved my head out of the way.
Vic opened it for me, chuckling as I shivered. “Um, what about frozen ravioli?” I asked.
“What kind?” I turned my head a funny way to look at it. “Cheese and spinach,” I said. “Okay,” Vic moved me out of the way and pulled the bag out before kicking it closed.
“How do you make these?” he asked.
“I’ll do it,” Vic set me down and just watched as I filled a pot with water. I set it on the stove to boil, and then went back to him.
He let me press him up against the counter and cage him there. “I hope you know you’re not going to be in control,” he said, even as I moved to kiss him.
“We’ll see,” mumbled and pressed my mouth to his. He reacted as soon as our lips met, parting his to let my tongue slide between them.
I smiled against him as he moaned and swirled his tongue with mine. I licked back, enjoying the taste of his mouth.
“Mhm,” he mumbled and pulled back. He flipped us around, slotting one of his legs between mine to grind against me as we kissed.
My fingers tangled into his hair, pulling lightly. He bit my lip, soothing it with his tongue afterwards.
I moaned this time and rolled my hips against him. Little waves of pleasure rippled through me, and it felt incredible.
I broke away to breathe, Vic’s lips immediately finding their way to my throat.
“Mm, Vic,” I gasped. His hips rocked into mine, making both of us moan.
“Shit,” I pushed him off to turn the water down and put the ravioli into it. “Get back here,” Vic muttered and grabbed my waist from behind.
He dipped his face down to suck a bruise into my neck while his hands roamed over my bare skin. One kept massaging my thigh while the other palmed me through my briefs.
“Fuck,” I moaned and arched into his hand. I felt him grin and then bite down harshly.
“Vic,” He kept moving his hand in small circles, driving me insane. I was gasping and bucking my hips into his hand. “M-more please,” I begged.
His hand dipped into my boxers and started stroking me. “F-fuck,” he kept licking and kissing my neck as his hand pumped my cock, bringing me closer.
“Ungh, V-Vic,” I gasped and tipped my head back over his shoulder. He started stroking faster, running his thumb over my tip. “Vic,” He kept rubbing me as I panted, so close to coming.
“Vic,” I moaned and shot over his hand. He kept stroking until I was completely finished and then grinned.
“You’re so hot,” he said quietly and slid his hand out of my briefs. I just stood there, trying to settle my breathing. “You r-ruined my boxers,” I accused him.
“Yeah well you got cum all over my hand,” I blushed and watched him go to rinse the sticky mess off his fingers. “Shouldn’t those be done by now?” he asked and nodded towards the ravioli.
Vic walked over and kissed my lips. “You go clean up and I’ll get our lunch,” he said. I nodded, Vic smacking my ass as I walked off.
“Rude,” I called, even though I liked it. “Shut up,” I laughed and shucked my boxers off before walking into the bathroom.
I cleaned myself off quickly before pulling on a new pair and heading out to my kitchen.
“Here,” he said and handed me a bowl. “Thank you,” I pushed up on my toes to kiss him quickly before grabbing a fork.
He watched me spear one of them, and pop it into my mouth. “Mhm,” Vic laughed at me and ate one too.
They really were delicious, especially for store-bought. “What’s your brother like?” I asked and bit one of my ravioli in half.
“Um, he’s a lot like me, I guess, except more…outgoing? He likes the same things, except he could drink me under a table, and he smokes. Oh, and he’s like a foot taller than me,” he said, making me laugh.
“Shorty,” I teased, earning a glare. “Like you’re any taller than I am,” he said. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” He laughed at me then. “So, he’s nice?” I asked skeptically. “Yes Kellin, and he’ll like you,” Vic reassured.
“Okay, I just don’t want him to hate me,” Vic sighed and walked over to me, setting his bowl down.
“He’ll like you,” he said and cupped my face with his hands. “Besides, how could anybody not like you? You’re so cute and sweet and loving,” He enunciated each word with a kiss on my face.
“Okay,” I said softly and giggled as he kissed my nose. “I love you,” I grinned and kissed him then. “I love you too,” ~
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