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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

Clothes On the Floor, Your Eyes Are On Me

“Wait Vic, no,” I said and turned around. “Baby relax,” he said back and caught me before I could run off.
“Kellin, stop worrying,” he soothed and brushed my cheek. “He’ll love you, I promise,” I nodded and kissed him before he went to open the door to his apartment.
His brother was already there, sitting on the couch with a cigarette between his fingers. “Hey,” he said and put it out on the pack on the table.
“You know, that’s really not fair,” Vic said and glared at him. “Yeah well you should quit anyways,” his brother said. “Uh huh, we’ll see. Anyway, this is my boyfriend Kellin,”
He pulled me into the apartment, and then looked back at his brother. “Kellin, this is Mike,” he said and smiled at me. “Hi,” Mike stood up and smiled at me.
“Hi,” I said nervously and smiled back. “So…” Vic sighed and looked between the two of us.
“You two are ridiculous,” he said and went to get a drink. “You shouldn’t be drinking,” Mike and I said at the same time.
“Jesus,” the two of us laughed. “One drink is not going to hurt me,” he said and took a swallow of it.
I walked over and took the glass from his fingers. He glared at me as I drank a bit of it. “Not fair,” he said, making his brother laugh.
“I like him,” Mike said, laughing at Vic. “Because he doesn’t let me drink either?” he teased and reached for the drink on my hand.
I moved it out of his reach and then drank some more before finally finishing it. “So, how did you guys meet?” Mike asked. “Um, remember that night the four of us went to the bar on sixth?” Vic asked. His brother nodded.
“Well Kellin was there and I went home with him,” Mike made a little ‘oh’ face and nodded.
“So you hooked up?” he said playfully, grinning at Vic. “Yes and it was fantastic for your information,”
Mike cringed. “I really didn’t need to know that. Um, anyway…I’m glad you’re alright Kellin. Vic was pretty freaked,” I nodded, knowing what he meant. I had scared the hell out of Vic, and I honestly regretted it.
“Thanks,” I said softly. “Mhm. So where do you work?” I cringed, making Vic chuckle softly. “He’s not gonna care,” he said, even as I escaped to the kitchen.
“Care about what?” Mike asked. I poured myself another drink, and glanced between the two of them. “You know that strip club you and Austin always insist we go to?” Mike nodded and then looked at me.
“Seriously?” I nodded and sipped my drink, enjoying the subtle burn as it slid down my throat.
“Hm. Are you any good?” he asked. I laughed, kind of loudly. “I would like to think so. I mean, I’ve been working there for a while,” Mike nodded, kind of impressed.
“You could show us,” he offered, playing again. “Hey, mine,” Vic said, narrowing his eyes at his brother.
“What? I may not be gay, but I can appreciate an attractive boy,” I flushed at the compliment, making Vic glare. “You are not dancing for him,” he scolded.
“Oh, so he’s danced for you then,” We both turned pink, Mike laughing at us. “Guess I’ve discovered how kinky you two are. So, what’s it like? Being a stripper?” I shrugged.
“I don’t know, it’s kind of annoying some times. Especially when there are loads of irritating guys hitting on me,”
I saw the jealous look on Vic’s face as I mentioned it. “Relax, I told you I don’t want any of them. Besides, most of them are creeps.”
He came around the bar to wrap his arms around my waist and nuzzle my neck. “You had better not want any of them,” he said playfully.
“I don’t,” Vic laughed and kissed my jaw. “You two are sickeningly sweet,” Mike said, shaking his head slightly. “So what? I’m happy,”
Mike nodded. “Yeah, I know you are. Which is why I approve of you,” He said and then smiled at me.
I smiled back, and then Vic was kissing me. I laughed as I heard Mike ‘ew’ at us. “Gross Vic. I don’t wanna watch you make out,” He sounded just like a little brother would, and it was hilarious.
“Well I mean, I could always start talking about sex,” Vic offered. “Ew, no, no, no,” I laughed and swatted at Vic’s shoulder. “Don’t you dare,” I said.
“Yeah, he probably wouldn’t want to hear about all the kinky stuff we do,”
Mike cringed, his nose wrinkling. “Okay, now I need a drink,” he said and walked around to get himself one. Vic and I both laughed this time.
Vic continued kissing me, his tongue flicking against my mouth. “Bleh,” I pulled away from Vic then and just loosely wrapped my arms around his neck.
Vic nipped at my lips gently, making me giggle. “Cutie,” he said quietly.
“Yeah, I’ve definitely had enough cuteness for today,” Vic flicked him off and started kissing me again, pouting when I barely kissed back.
My cheeks were pink as he pulled back. “You’re denying me kisses?” he asked, actually sounding offended.
“You can have them later,” ~

Vic grinned at me and moved to cage me against his washing machine. “You know I’ve never fucked in here,” he said, a wicked grin on his face.
“Oh really?” He nodded and rubbed his hands up and down my thighs. “We could,” he said seductively and nipped the shell of my ear.
He leant his body against mine, his hands sliding around my legs to grab at my ass. I grinned and dipped my hand down to teasingly push his shirt up.
I felt Vic smile against my neck before ghosting his lips down the length of it. I shuddered and then gasped as his teeth lightly bit into my skin.
One of his legs pushed mine apart so that he could slip his thigh between them and rock his hips against me.
I gasped as he created friction against my slowly hardening dick and held onto him tighter.
“You’re so fucking sexy Kellin,” he purred and then licked my neck. I shivered again and pulled him to kiss me.
Vic ground into my harder this time, sliding his tongue past my lips when I moaned.
I loved that he knew exactly how to rile me up, and how to control me at the same time.
I hooked one of my legs over Vic’s and grinded back, earning an unexpected moan.
He pulled away to kiss down my jaw and throat to my collar, biting at the sensitive skin there. “Ungh,”
I felt him smile, his rough hands sliding to undo my jeans. He pushed them down and kneaded my ass, making me moan loudly into his ear. “Mm, so hot baby,” Vic muttered and sucked a bruise into my skin.
I pushed him back a bit to pull his shirt off and discard it to the floor. My hands roamed over his warm, tanned skin, lightly dragging my nails down his back to tease him.
They settled against the waist of his jeans before I dipped them in to grope him.
Vic groaned in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I kissed his neck then, smirking as he tipped his head back for me.
I felt him shiver as I sucked gently before biting him and soothing the mark with my tongue.
I secretly loved giving him hickies; they were like a warning to anyone else who was interested in him: Mine.
Vic’s pushed my shirt up and pulled it off before finally grinding against me again.
We both moaned, the sounds mixing together wonderfully. He rocked his hips forward, moving in little filthy circles and driving me insane. I needed him.
I moved my hands to undo his jeans and shove them down roughly. He kicked them off and then pulled mine down further to let me do the same.
“Fuck me,” I pleaded. “So hard I scream,” Vic growled and crushed me against the washer again. His lips attacked mine, our tongues swirling together in each other’s mouths.
I palmed him through his underwear, moving my hand slow enough to drive him mad.
“I want you so badly,” I said breathlessly and earning a groan. “Fuck,” I kissed his chest as he leant behind me and turned the washer on.
It started filling with water as Vic pushed my boxers to the floor. He wrapped his hand around me and stroked, watching me as I came undone.
“M-more please,” I begged as his hand slid slickly up and down my length. “Vic,” He smirked at the sound of his name and let go to push his own boxers off.
I bit my lip, my eyes falling downwards. “Naughty,” he scolded and caught my chin. He tipped my head back and then kissed down the length of my throat.
I slid my arms around his neck loosely, Vic lifting me off the floor. My legs went around him immediately, letting him sit me on top of the washer.
I moaned quietly as it started vibrating under me and leant forward to kiss him. He sloppily reached around for something, knocking over the bottles of detergent.
I laughed at him and moved my lips to his neck, Vic coming back with a bottle of lube.
I took it from him and poured a generous amount into my hand. He moaned, his head falling back as I coated it over his cock.
“Ung, f-fuck—Kellin,” I kept stroking, picking up speed as he writhed in front of me. “Oh—h, o-kay. St-stop,”
I did as he asked and laughed as he yanked me towards the edge of the washer. My legs tightened around him as I felt his tip against me. “Vic,” I scolded, too worked up to be teased. “Hm?” I groaned and then moaned as he started pushing into me. He stopped halfway and then slid back out; repeating it to make me squirm.
“Vic, please,” I begged and tried to push myself onto him. “Tell me what you want,” he teased and just pushed the tip into me again. “I want you to fuck me,” I said, irritated.
He slid in slowly and then right back out. “No. Please, please fuck me. I need it,” Vic rammed inside me then, smirking as I arched in pleasure/pain.
“Like that?” he taunted. “Y-yes, just like that,” I saw him grin and then he finally started moving, pushing in and out of me deeply. I moaned, loving how hard he was.
“More,” I urged, getting just what I wanted. He slammed into me harshly, groaning as he filled me over and over.
The washer started vibrating more beneath me, sending little shivers throughout my entire body. It mixed with the pleasure from Vic, making everything better.
He started teasing again, sliding in and out of me torturously slowly. “N-no,” I whined and writhed on the cool metal below me. “Please, more,” Vic ignored my little pleas and kept thrusting into me slowly, adding the heat building in the pit of my stomach. “Vic,” I grasped at nothing desperately, arching and rocking against him.
Vic was panting as he kept up his agonizing pace, and continued to tease me with it.
I whined again, gripping the top of the machine for something to hold onto. “V-Vic please,” I groaned. I was so close to coming, yet still needing something else. “Vic!”
He finally pushed in differently, adding pressure to the one spot that sent shockwaves of pleasure through me. I moaned loud enough for all of San Diego to hear, and held onto the washer tighter.
He thrusted quicker, slowly building up his pace, and pressed against my prostate every time. “F-fuck, Vic, ungh—h,”
The washer picked up again, changing to the most violent setting and driving me insane.
I was a moaning mess, and so, so close. “Ah, Vic, please. P-please touch me,”
He ignored me again, thrusting hard and quick to get himself off. “Vic,” I moaned and arched again as he hit my prostate dead on.
“Fuck,” He smirked a little, the look mixed in with the evident pleasure on his face. “Vic, please please please touch me,” I begged.
He nodded and finally started jerking me off quickly in time with his sloppy thrusts. “Vic!” I screamed and shot over his hand. My whole body shook, even more violently from the vibrations rocking through me.
My eyes scrunched shut, and I saw stars as I finally felt him still and finish too. “Oh g-god, Kellin,” he moaned.
I lay there panting, my vision kind of fuzzy as I came down. Vic fell onto his elbows above me, his breathing just as labored as mine was.
“Holy hell,” he breathed and rested his head on my chest. I nodded my agreement and just lay there.
We stayed like that for a minute before Vic pulled out and helped me off the washing machine. I stood on shaky legs, leaning most of my weight on him.
“I’m exhausted,” I said, totally blissed out. “Mhm…” Vic pulled me out of the washroom and towards his bedroom, both of us falling onto it.
I heard the little click and started laughing. “Your laundry is done,” I said. “Fuck that,” I laughed again and curled up against him. “You already did,” ~
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