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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

The Balcony Scene

“Oh, f-fuck, Vic, yes,” I moaned, arching as he pounded into me. “Ah, I’m gonna—oh,” He gripped my hips tightly, coming as I tightened around him with my orgasm.
“Fuck, Kellin…so good,” He pulled out, falling onto the bed next to me, and tossed the condom into the trash. “You’re fucking incredible,” he breathed, running a hand though his sweaty curls.
“Y-you too,” I mumbled and cleaned the mess off my stomach with a few tissues. “I’m exhausted,” I nodded my agreement and closed my eyes, trying to regulate my breathing. “Are you staying?” Vic asked sleepily, already shifting to get comfortable. “Okay,”
I was too tired to do anything other than fall asleep….

I woke up alone, looking around the room drowsily. It took me a minute to realize where I was, and then to realize that I was alone.
I crawled out of bed, searching around for some clothes to put on. I wiggled into a pair of boxers—hopefully they were mine, and then looked for my shirt. It was nowhere to be found though, so pulled on Vic’s button-down, doing up a few of the buttons.
I didn’t know if I should just leave, so I went out into his living room, finding him out on the balcony, cool air coming in from the french doorway. “Hey,” I said quietly, still kind of asleep, and touched his side. “Mm, ah, hey,” he said and smiled at me softly. “I thought you were asleep,” I nodded, noticing the cigarette between his fingers. “I was. But I woke up,”
Vic smiled at me. “Obviously,” he said sassily. “I wanted to ask you something,” he started, and waited for me to nod. “Okay, well, the sex is incredible, and I was wondering if you’d want to keep doing it? Like, no relationship, no feelings, just sex,” I blinked silently, his proposal surprising me.
“Like friends with benefits?” He nodded and took a hit off his cigarette. “Kind of. We can still like, kiss or spend time together, or something, but yeah. Mainly just sex,” I nodded, liking the idea. It really was phenomenal sex.
“Okay. Why not? You're kinda good in bed,” I teased, wrinkling my nose and smiling at him. “Alright you little shit. You’re kinda good too,” I laughed and took the cigarette from his fingers, bringing it to my lips, and sucking in the toxic smoke.
“You smoke?” Vic asked incredulously. “No,” I said and blew the smoke out, “but I don’t mind it.” I handed it back to a slightly impressed looking Vic and grinned at him.
“Did you wanna set some rules for this?” I asked. “Yeah, sure. How about…no dates?” I shrugged and nodded. “Are you into anything like, weird?” Vic laughed and looked at me funny. “What do you mean by weird? BDSM?” he asked. “Mhm. What are your kinks Victor?”
He laughed at my tone and the faux-sultry look I gave him. “Um, I don’t know. I’ve never been with any really adventurous people. What about you? Your not into the really creepy torture, pain stuff are you?” I shook my head, grinning at the relieved look on his face.
“No, that whole thing freaks me out. I don’t even like spanking,” I admitted, feeling the blush on my cheeks. Justin had tried that once, and literally, I cried. “Aw, you don’t like to be spanked?” he teased me. “No, I do not, so don’t do it. I don’t mind being tied up though,” He quirked an eyebrow at me, a little smirk playing at his lips.
“Only my hands though. That thing where people get their whole bodies tied up until they can’t move; that scares me,” I added. I really didn’t want to do that much. “Okay, so you don’t want to be completely helpless. Noted,” I smiled a little and nodded. “Another rule…how about, we both have to get off. Like, you can’t just leave the other hanging,”
I agreed to that; Justin had done that a few times, claiming to be too tired to help me finish. “Deal. And we can do it anytime we’re free. Like, not just meeting at a bar on Saturday nights, but whenever one of us is horny,”
Vic grinned and took another breath off the cigarette. “Okay, and if one of us doesn’t want to, or doesn’t feel comfortable, then we stop,” he suggested.
“Mhm. Do you have your phone with you?” I asked. Vic shook his head and left me to go get it, the wind blowing harshly and making me shiver. “How are you not freezing?” I asked when he returned, holding his unlocked phone out to me.
“I’m just naturally warm,” he answered. All he had on was a pair of skimpy black boxer briefs. “Well I’m not,” I whined and moved closer to him. He pulled me against his chest, his arms sliding around my body. He was right; I could feel his warmth radiating off of him. “See?” he teased as I typed my number into his phone. I shivered again, and Vic leaned in to nuzzle my neck playfully.
“You look hot in my clothes,” he said sexily and nipped my ear. “You cannot honestly want to already,” He laughed and kissed my jaw, his lips traveling down my neck. “Mhm, kind of. You really do look sexy. Couldn’t you find your clothes?” Vic teased. “No, and—unf, I—stop that. I thought these were mine,” I mumbled, becoming very distracted with the way he was kissing me.
“Don’t they feel funny? You have more of ass than I do, so they must be tight,” Fuck, he was right, I had trouble getting them on. “Um, k-kind of,” My head tipped to the side of its own will, giving Vic perfect access to my neck. “You could let me take them off,” he whispered, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine.
“Hm…’kay,” I felt him smirk against my skin, and then he pulled me off towards his bedroom. I guess I should get used to having sex all the time.

“So,” he started, “What are you in the mood for?” I tipped my head back and laughed at him form my place on the bed. I was lying down on my back with one knee bent up, propped up my elbows, and Vic was standing above me at the end of the bed. “We’re having sex Vic, not ordering food,” His mouth twitched a little as he fought off a smile and glared at me playfully.
“I’m trying to be considerate. What do you wanna do?” he asked.
I had to admit, it was sweet the way he had asked me first. “I don’t know. You pick,” He grinned devilishly. “Well I could always tie you up,” he suggested. “Already to the kinky stuff then, huh?” I teased him. I got a wicked grin in response as he went over to his closet, pulling out a long tie. “Up,” he ordered, suddenly in sex mode.
I obediently scooted up his bed, grinning at him and laid back on the pillows.
He crawled on top of me, situating himself on my hips, and took one of my wrists in his hands.
I let him tie it, a little tightly, and the take the other and tie them together. He knotted them around two of the slats in his headboard and then looked down and smiled at me. “Okay?” he asked and kissed me. I tugged on them a little, kind of enjoying the way the silky fabric of his tie felt on my skin. “Mhm,” Vic smiled and then moved to lie on top of me, our bodies pressing together. “Shit,” he mumbled. “I forgot to take this off,”
He pulled on my shirt, making a face at the fabric covering my skin. “Hm…” Vic sat up briefly, leaning his perfect body over mine, and took the shirt in his hands. I couldn’t help staring at the muscles flexing in his arms as he ripped it, tossing the torn fabric from my body and onto the floor. “Didn’t you want to wear that again?”
He shrugged, moving over me again. “I have a lot of those,” he said and kissed my chest. “Well okay. That was really fucking hot by the way,” Vic looked up at me and grinned. “Maybe I forgot on purpose so I could show off,” he suggested and started kissing along my chest again.
“You didn’t,” I accused, trying not to lose myself in how good his kisses felt. “You’ll never know,” I grinned to myself. “Come up here,” I kind of ordered, wanting to kiss him. He must’ve realized that, because he did as I said and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue immediately invaded my mouth, turning the kiss filthy. “Mm,” I groaned, already a little hard with anticipation. I felt him smirk against my mouth, and then his hands were roaming my bare torso. I licked his tongue, wanting to run my finger through his hair, and yanked on the restraint when I realized I couldn’t. “Struggling already?” he teased and moved his lips to my neck.
“I want to touch you,” I complained. “Sorry,” he muttered carelessly. His lips kissed over my collar bones, sucking a few marks here and there. He bit one of my sweet spots, grinning in triumph when I moaned.
“There’s one,” he mumbled and kissed lower, down to my waist. His hands rested on my sides, and then he started kissing and sucking and biting my skin. I squirmed under him, loving the attention, but also hating the way he drew everything out. “Vic,” I whined and then moaned when he bit just under the waistband of the briefs I had on. “There’s two,” I glared at him as he completely ignored my mostly hard dick and moved to my legs.
He placed little kisses all over my inner thigh, and then did the same to the other. It felt incredible, the way he would bite down on my skin, suck on that spot, and then soothe it over with his tongue. I was going to be covered in marks. “Oh,”
He sucked on the space where my leg connected to my hip, right beside my dick. “Mm, three,” he mumbled.
I pushed my hips towards him, wanting him to touch me. “St-stop that,” I whined and squirmed around under him. Vic grinned evilly and finally moved to touch me, palming me through my boxers. I moaned, shamelessly arching up into his hand. “Oh, Vic,” He grinned and leaned down to press hot kisses against the fabric. “More,” I pleaded.
Vic actually did as I asked, and finally slid my (his) boxers off of me. He took a hold of me and brought his lips down, kissing my tip and then licking at it. I moaned again, pushing my hips up and forced myself between his parted lips.
He sucked, swirling his tongue around the head and then took me down until my tip hit the back of his throat. I pulled against the tie around my wrists helplessly, craving something to hold onto. He pulled off and smirked at me.
“What’s the matter baby?” he asked and stroked me torturously slow. “Stop teasing me,” I whimpered. He licked his lips in the sexiest way and kissed my tip again.
He finally moved off of the bed then, getting the stuff from his bedside table, and tossed them onto the bed. Vic pushed one side of his briefs off of his hip, showing off more of his perfect skin tone. “Hurry up,” I ordered as he continued to just barely inch his underwear off, and then shoved them down quickly.
I stared intently at him as he crawled back onto the bed, situating himself on his knees.
He ripped the condom open with his teeth, his eyes on mine the whole time. I watched him roll it on, biting my lip in anticipation. “Someone’s eager,” he said and clicked the lube open, spreading it onto himself.
“Come on,” I whined. “Okay, relax,” Vic lined himself up and then grinned and rammed into me. My back arched in a mixture of pain and pleasure, a moan leaving my lips. “You okay?” I nodded and waited for him to move, gasping when he did. “Fuck, Kells. I will never get over how tight you are,” Vic groaned and started thrusting in and out of me quickly. My body jerked forward a bit with every thrust, little ‘uh’s leaving my lips as he fucked me.
I moaned loudly as he hit that spot that had me screaming. “Fuck, there,” He grinned and tipped his hips, snapping them forward roughly.
He smirked when he saw me tugging on the tie again. “Harder,” I pleaded, and started gyrating my hips on him.
“Fuck, K-Kellin,” he moaned and leaned in to kiss me. I could feel myself getting closer as Vic continued to slam into me.
“C-close,” I moaned and rocked upwards. Vic stroked me, his thrusts getting sloppier as he got closer too. “Oh,” I gasped, arching my back. My eyes squeezed shut as I came, a loud cry of his name leaving my lips. “Ugh, fuck, Kells,” Vic moaned, his mouth falling open.
“Fuck,” We both just lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch our breath. Vic looked at me, a tired smile on his face. “I could totally get used to that,” he said and leaned over to untie my hands. I stretched my arms, flexing the stiff muscles. “You’re a tease,” I accused him and rolled onto my side.
“Don’t pretend you don’t love it,” he said, making me laugh. “Mhm,” I pressed my lips to his, sliding my tongue over his bottom lip.
His phone rang then, interrupting our kiss. I watched him lean over the bed and toss the condom into the trash, before answering. “What?” he asked, a slightly irritated tone to his voice. “Ugh, can’t it wait? I’m busy,” I slid out of his bed and cleaned the mess off of my chest, before searching around for my clothes. “Why can’t you just take care of it yourself?” Vic asked. Where the fuck had my clothes gotten to? “Alright, fine. Give me twenty minutes,” Vic sighed and hung up. He must’ve noticed me trying to find my clothes, because he laughed. “Do you wanna borrow something to wear?” he asked, smirking, and looking over my naked body. “Please?” He nodded and got out of bed, handing some clothes to me out of his closet.
We both dressed, and then I followed Vic out to the living room again.
“I guess I’ll call you then, huh?” I laughed and kissed him before leaving.
I wonder why he had to leave so fast….
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so that happened...i feel dirty

title- "The Balcony Scene" Pierce the Veil