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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

Scream Until There's Nothing Left

“Shit,” I whispered to myself. I was a half hour late for work when I got there. “You’re late,” Alex called as soon as I walked in. “I know, I know. I’m sorry. How many people did I miss?” I asked, pulling Vic’s clothes off. “Only one, and he wasn’t a regular. Just be glad it wasn’t Austin, or he’s give you hell for it,” I nodded, laughing a little and wiggled into a pair of tight as fuck pants. “At least he tips good. You know he gave Alan double his usual fee. I think he likes him,” Alex laughed and nodded, handing me a straightener.
“So how come you’re late?” he asked, smirking t me. “I was busy,” I started straightening my hair, running my fingers through each part afterwards. “And why is that, huh? You already found a boyfriend?” I laughed and shook my head. “That will not be happening,” I said and straightened my fringe. “But I did find a really hot guy to fuck,” Alex made a surprised face at me and laughed. “Well good for you babe. Does he know?” I shook my head, hoping that he never would.
“Of course not; he’s not going to,” Alex shook his head at me. “What am I ever going to do with you?” he asked. “Oh, c’mon Alex. I just got out of a relationship. He wouldn’t want to date me if he knew anyways,” I said, kind sadly, and ran a brush through my hair.
“I should get out there now, before Andy fires me,” Alex rolled his eyes. “You know he won’t. He could never find another you,” I made a little ‘aw’ face at him and pulled on one of my cut, Anthem tank tops.
There were a bunch of guys seated, including Austin. “Hey you,” I said and smiled at him. “Hi. I’ve been waiting for you. Alan’s not working tonight,” he said.
“I’m your second choice?” I pouted. “Aus, I’m hurt,” He laughed and held a hand out for me, smirking a little as I straddled his lap. “Aw, you know that’s not true Kellin,” I smiled and rested my arms around his neck, our chests close together. “You know you’re not supposed to use my real name,” I said, not really caring. Austin would be the last person here to hurt me. “Like you really care,” he said.
“Anyway; what do you want me for?” I asked cheekily. “Hm, surprise me,” I smirked and started gyrating my hips, rolling them above him tauntingly. He watched as I stood up in front of him, swaying my body expertly and wiggled my hips in front of him. His hands moved to rest on my waist gently, and then he pulled me down to sit on his lap again. I grinded down onto him, pleased with the little gasp that escaped his lips.
“How are you?” he asked. He was one of the few clients of mine that actually gave a damn, and usually we would talk while I danced for him. I didn’t mind it with him.
“Okay. Justin and I broke up,” I said casually. “Aw, I’m sorry. What happened?” I liked that Austin actually cared enough to ask me things other than ‘when do you get off work?’ He knew a lot about me, even though it’s against the rules. “He ditched me on Thursday, and I cheated. So we broke it off,” I gripped his thighs and leaned forward, moving my ass close to his chest. “You cheated?” he asked, looking kind of shocked. I shrugged a bit and turned around in his lap, sliding my hand down my chest to where an inch of my skin was visible. “What about you? How’s your life?” I asked him and rolled my hips against his. He wasn’t hard, he never was, but I did it anyways. I didn’t really get why he came here, other than to see Alan. He definitely didn’t come to get off.
“Eh, okay, I guess. Nothing too exciting,” his answers were always vague. “And what about that pretty ginger you have a thing for?” I teased him. “What do you mean? I just like him,” Austin said defensively. “Oh, sure,”
He put his hands on my hips again, smiling at me as I rolled them against his chest. “What is that supposed to mean?” I grinned back and rubbed up against him again. “You know exactly what it means. Why don’t you just ask him out?” I asked. They so obviously liked each other. “I did, and he shut me down,” Austin said. “Probably because he’s afraid to get hurt,” I told him, “Strippers don’t get a whole lot of nice guys,”
Austin made a face, letting go of me as the song ended.
“Yeah, I figured. Here, you earned it hon,” I laughed and took the money from him, leaning close to his ear.
‘Don’t give up, okay? He really does like you,” Austin smiled when I pulled away, watching me walk off towards the bar.
“Hey Jack,” I smiled. He looked up and grinned, handing the drink he had just mixed to some creepy guy. “Hey baby. Alex said that Oli’s here for you. In the back,” I nodded and took a bottle of water from around the side, ignoring the guy who was checking me out from his stool.
Jack was right; Oli was sitting on one of the couches, scrolling through his phone, with his chin resting on his hand. “Hey Oli,” I said, catching his attention. He looked up and smiled at me, setting his phone down next to him. “Hiya cutie,” he said back. “What’re you here for baby?” I said, genuinely pleased to see him. “Anything you want to give me. This week sucked, and I wanted to see you,”
I smiled, flattered, and walked over, pecking his cheek. “Well, what do you want me to do first?” I asked him. “You could dance, I guess. Although you don’t have much on to begin with,” he said. I shrugged. Usually when people got the back room, they wanted a pole dance, a strip tease, and then a lap dance. But Oli always told me to just do whatever I was most comfortable with. He never asked me to get completely naked either.
“That’s okay,” I said and moved over to the pole, kicking my shoes off next to it. He watched me lift myself up onto it. I wrapped my legs around it and spun around until my feet hit the floor again. I strut around, doing different lifts for awhile and then slid upside down until my hands touched the ground. I flipped over slowly and went to lift myself up again, staring at Oli seductively. “Okay, come ‘ere,” he said, and watched me intently as I walked closer. I lifted the hem of my shirt up a bit and pushed my shorts down, revealing some of my hip, and the edge of my underwear. “You’re so hot,” he said and met my eyes. I didn’t say anything back, instead slowly turning around and pushing my shorts off seductively. I turned around and made an innocent face at him, stretching my shirt down over my crotch like I was embarrassed he had seen me. I walked over to him then, taking his hands and moving them to my hips and swaying in his hands. He watched as I tauntingly pulled my shirt up and off, dropping it to the floor next to me. My hand slid over my now bare torso, the other tangling into my hair as I arched my back dramatically. I inched my boxers down a bit, exposing a bit of my pale, hairless skin.
He chewed his lip and then looked up at me hungrily as I started dancing for him. I did the same thing I had done to Austin, resting my hands on his thighs, and rubbed my ass against him. I felt Oli’s hitch against my back, sending a shiver down my spine. I inched back until I was sitting on his lap and leaned back against his chest, tipping my head over his shoulder and moved his hands around my stomach. I continued to swivel my hips in little circles as I switched positions again, straddling his lap and circling my arms around his neck. “Enjoying yourself?” I teased him when I ground downwards, rubbing our crotches together. I could feel him through his tight jeans, kind of pleased with myself for turning him on. “Mhm, you’re quite sexy,” he said in that cute accent of his. I smiled and rolled down again, a little gasp leaving his lips. “Did you want me to stop?” I asked. He shook his head before I could offer to let him go to the white room—we called it that for a reason. “No, I’m alright,” he said, so I just kept ‘dancing’….

“I’m exhausted,” I said and fell onto the couch in our changing room. “Aw, poor baby,” I flicked off Alex, who had been serving all fucking night. “Please, you have no idea how difficult it is to hold yourself up on a pole all night,” I complained. “No, I don’t and I don’t want to. That’s why I’m not a stripper babe,”
I whined at the thought of having to walk home. “You want a ride?” he asked. “Jack won’t mind,” I shook my head, not wanting to put them out. They drove me home all the time, and I lived about a half hour from where they did.
“No thanks, I’ll be fine. Can I steal your jacket though? I don’t have mine.” I had actually lost it at Vic’s, but he didn’t need to know that. “Sure. Are those your lover’s clothes?” he teased, “’cause those definitely aren’t yours.” I laughed and nodded, desperately wanting to go home and change. I had performed about a half an hour ago, and it was hell trying to get back into Vic’s tiny jeans afterwards. He really had no ass what-so-ever. “Here,” Alex said and handed me his hoodie. It was huge on me, but it was freezing outside. “Thanks. I should get going anyways. Before Andy kicks all the creeps out,” Alex laughed and waved goodbye to me as went out the faculty only door to the back alley.
My phone vibrated then, an unknown number coming across the screen. “Hello?” I asked and started walking towards my apartment. “Hey, it’s Vic. Can you come over, I’m bored.” He said. “Vic, it’s two o’ clock in the morning,” I said incredulously. Why was he even awake? “I know that. Can you come over?” I sighed and crossed the street, walking on the sidewalk towards my complex. “No, I don’t have a ride,” I wasn’t lying; if I could go over there, I would.
“Well, what if I go to yours? It’d be easier than picking you up.” I laughed at his eagerness to sleep with me. “Alright, sure, why not?” He made a pleased noise and hung up. Idiot, he didn’t know my address.
Vic: wait, I don’t know where you live
I laughed to myself and rounded the corner, typing it back to him. He replied with a little face and then said he would be there in twenty minutes….

Vic ~
“Kellin?” I called after walking into his apartment. I had knocked twice before deciding to just go in, assuming he hadn’t heard me. I looked around his apartment, admiring the case full of movies and cds before heading down a hallway.
It led to his bedroom and en suite where I could hear the shower running.
I walked into his bathroom, seeing his walk-in shower, the glass steamed up and blurring most of his body. “Hey,” I said, loud enough for him to hear me over the water.
Kellin whipped around, clutching his hand to his chest. “Fucking hell Vic,” he said, breathing kind of heavily, “Don’t scare me like that,” I laughed and started stripping my clothes off, fully planning to join him.
Kellin watched and then opened the shower door for me, looking up my body as I did the same to him. He looked really fucking sexy, all pale and wet. His hair was sticking to him in pretty little half-curls and framing his face perfectly.
“You look great,” I said, still checking him out. “Thanks. Get over here,” He pulled me close to him, under the spray. I smiled and put both of my hands on the tile behind him, caging him in. My lips moved to his throat hungrily, nipping at it. “This is consensual, right? You want this?” I asked him. He nodded and put his hands on my hips, pulling my lower half closer to him. “I wouldn’t have invited you over if I didn’t,” he said and kissed my shoulder.
“Okay. I was just checking,” I kissed the spot just under his ear and pressed my body to his. “Thank you,” Kellin said quietly. I smiled and nodded a little, kissing his jawline. Kellin tipped his head back against the wall for me, letting me move my lips to his throat and then down to his collar bones.
His hands slid from my hips to my ass, squeezing it, and making me jump a bit. He grinned at me when I looked back at him, completely unashamed. “What?” he asked innocently and leaned to kiss my lips. I didn’t have to ask him to part his lips, Kellin instantly opening his mouth for me and kissing passionately as my tongue glided with his. I ran my hand down his wet body and curled it around his thigh, hitching it up over my hip. He kept it there for a second before putting both of his arms around my neck and let me lift him off the shower floor, both of his legs wrapping around my waist tightly.
“Better?” he asked and reconnected our lips, water pouring down on us as we kissed. I kissed back fervently and started grinding against him. Kellin gasped into my mouth, his fingers pulling on my hair.
He did the same then, rubbing his hips in sync with mine. I used the wall to hold him up mostly and reached down between us to stroke both of our cocks together. “Oh,” Kellin moaned and arched into my touch. “F-fuck,” We were both gasping for air as I continued, moving my mouth back to his neck.
Kellin’s legs tightened around me as I sucked a bruise into his milky skin, flicking my wrist quickly. “St-stop, Vic. I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop,” he said breathlessly.
“I don’t have a condom,” I said, having forgotten to grab one. I looked back at him, not sure if he’d want to go without one. “I’m clean,” he said. “Me too…are you sure?” He nodded and kissed me once before I lifted him up higher, using the wall to support most of his weight while I pushed into him. I hoped that the water was enough; I didn’t want to hurt him. “Okay?” I asked, fighting the urge to thrust up into him roughly. He was just so fucking warm and tight, he felt incredible. “Y-yeah…um, you can move now,” he said after a moment. I kissed him as I started to roll my hips upwards, thrusting into him shallowly.
“More,” Kellin ordered and wiggled a bit to get more comfortable. I did as he asked and pushed in with more force, moaning at the feeling. “Oh, Kells,” He arched his back on purpose, changing the angle I was pushing in at, and making me hit that spot inside of him. “Fuck yes,” he moaned and squeezed his thighs around me. “Just like that,” I smirked and snapped my hips upwards, fucking him roughly. He grinded back filthily as I thrusted, rubbing my dick inside of him. “K-Kellin,” I moaned, my movements getting sloppier as I felt my climax building.
“Ugh, keep doing that,” I choked and slammed into him faster. Kellin started stroking himself, little moans and groans leaving his lips. I knew he was close, and held onto him tightly as I thrusted, wanting him to come first. “Ugh,” I moved his hand and started jerking his dick for him in time with my thrusts, my dick slamming into his prostate over and over again until he was screaming. His head tipped back as he shot over my hand, his body tightening around me perfectly and drawing my orgasm out of me. I moaned with him, shooting inside of him. I watched Kellin as we both came down from our highs, the only sounds were the water running and our heavy pants.
Kellin rested his forehead against mine as we tried to catch our breath, looking into my eyes. “Can you--?” he asked, looking down between us. I nodded and as gently as I could, pulled out of him, resting him on the floor again.
“Are you staying?” Kellin asked and leaned against me. “If you want me to,” I didn’t know if I should, but I kind of wanted to. “Mhm. Then I can do you tomorrow,” I laughed and moved out from under the water, watching as Kellin cleaned himself up. “Are you tired?” I asked him, kissing along his neck as he washed. “Mhm, I’m exhausted. I had just gotten off work when you called,” he said and lathered himself up with soap. “Where do you work?” I asked him. Not many places were open at two am. “A bar,” That made more sense.
I just watched him get cleaned, intervening a bit to run my fingers through his soapy hair.
“Get out,” Kellin ordered and turned the water off. I grinned and did as he said, stepping out onto the little shag rug in front of the door. “Towel?” I asked. Kellin pointed to a little linen closet in adjacent to the door and waited for me to get them.
His towels were pink and blue, earning a little smirk in his direction. “Really Kells? Pink towels?” He grinned and nodded, wrapping the plushy fabric around himself. “They’re a pretty shade and I like them,” he said cutely and walked out of the bathroom.
I shamelessly watched him dry off and then crawl into bed, completely naked. “You sleep naked?” I asked and started drying myself. “Not usually, no. I just don’t feel like putting clothes on. Besides, I cuddle when I sleep, and I have every intention to cuddle naked with you,”
I laughed and tipped over to dry my hair, abandoning it on the floor after. “Who said I wanted to cuddle?” I teased, honestly not caring. I was an affectionate person. “Me. You can cuddle or sleep on the couch,” I laughed again as he got comfortable, sliding into bed with him.
“Well then it’s a good thing I don’t mind,” I said and relaxed into his mattress. The sheets were really soft and warm. “Mhm,” he mumbled and closed his eyes. He didn’t actually cuddle me until after he was asleep; I guess he was right. ~
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