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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

You Left Your Mark, Dragged Down My Back

I woke up with Kellin tucked into my side, his hair splayed across the pillow. I could hear the muffled vibrating of my phone in Kellin’s bathroom, but didn’t want to wake him by getting up. Whoever it was would just have to wait.
He looked cute when he slept; so peaceful and breathing out of his barely parted lips. Kellin really was gorgeous. He had these pretty, bright green eyes that looked blue sometimes, and thick eyelashes that made them look even bigger than they already were. His hair was kind of straight, but also kind of curly, and was felt so soft when you ran your fingers through it. Not to mention, he was a phenomenal fuck.
He made a little noise, shifting around on the bed, and snuggling into me, his face hidden n my side. His nose was cold against my side, contrasting with the warm breath leaving his lips peacefully.
I smiled and put an arm under my head to prop myself up a bit. The tips of my fingers slid up and down his pale side, drawing feather-light patterns on his skin. “Mmf,” he mumbled and shivered under my touch. My phone was ringing again, and I should definitely go check it. “Kellin,”
He just sniffled adorably and squirmed around again. Maybe he was dreaming. He made another little sound, kind of whining a bit in his sleep.
It was alluring how he could be so sexy one minute and then so incredibly cute the next. “Kellin, wake up,” I said quietly and combed my fingers through his silky hair. Nothing….
I decided to get up, carefully moving and trying not to shift the bed as I got out of it. He was still sleeping soundly, so I went into the bathroom completely naked, and got my phone out of my jeans.
2 missed calls from Jaime. I groaned quietly and dialed his number. “Hey, why didn’t you answer me?” I asked. “’Cause I was in bed Hime, you woke me up,” I said, wanting to get to why he had.
“Well sorry. Tony said you didn’t come home last night and no one had heard from you. I wanted to make sure you weren’t dead,” he said worriedly. “I’m sorry Jaime. I didn’t mean to scare everybody. I’m with someone,” I explained, purposely leaving out with whom.
“Okay, sorry then. At least you got laid,” I laughed and looked back out to the bedroom. Kellin was still asleep. “Mhm,” I mumbled. “Was he any good?” Jaime asked. He was such a gossip queen. “Yes, he’s fantastic. Probably my best,” I admitted to him. “Seriously?” I made a little noise and watched as Kellin started to stir. “I have to go. Is that all you needed?” I asked. “Yeah, bye,” He hung up before I could respond.
“Vic?” Kellin asked sleepily. I smiled and got onto the bed, hovering over his small body.
“Hm…I thought you left,” he mumbled, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “I wouldn’t. I don’t like that,” I said. It was just cheap to sneak out on someone like that.
Kellin smiled and propped himself up on his elbows and tipped his face upwards to kiss me. It was gentle, unlike most of our other kisses. “Are you hungry?” he asked, still pecking my lips over and over.
“Mm, not really. Are you?” Kellin shook his head and lay back down, stretching underneath me. His stomach pressed up against me as his back arched. “You’re warm,” he said and smiled, resting against the mattress again.
“I’m always warm,” I teased, knowing that I was. “Apparently. Did you want to borrow my clothes?” he asked. “Am I going to need clothes for something?”
Kellin laughed and wiggled out from under me, walking over to his dresser. I stared at him as he pulled a pair of boxers out of the drawer, stepped into them, and let them rest on low on his hips.
“That’s enough clothing for you,” I said, grinning at him. Kellin laughed and tossed me a pair, watching as I slid off his bed. “You’re hot,” he said, and walked over to me. I smirked at him and let him rest his hands on the small of my back, one of his fingers drawing circles on my skin.
“Get dressed,” he said then and walked out of the room. I rolled my eyes and pulled his boxers on, even though they were a little loose.
Kellin was making tea, leaning against the counter while he waited for the kettle to boil. “Don’t you have any coffee?” I asked him, looking around his kitchen for a coffee maker. “Ew, you drink coffee?”
I rolled my eyes at him. “Yes, Kellin, I drink coffee,” He pointed to one of the cabinets under the counter and lifted himself up onto it. There was a coffee maker on the little shelf. Kellin fixed up his tea, taking a sip as I searched around for the stuff I needed to make it.
“Do actually have any coffee? Or filters?” I asked. Kellin laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know. Justin was the only one drank it,” I shook my head at him, walking up to him and moving in between his knees. My hips pressed against the countertop, my hands resting on his thighs. Kellin giggled at the face I made. “You’re hopeless,” he grinned and kissed me, putting his arms around my neck. The tip of his tongue brushed across my bottom lip tauntingly, asking for entrance.
I granted it to him, parting my lips and gliding my tongue against his. “Wanna go back to bed?” he asked playfully, his lips brushing mine as he spoke. “Mm, what did you have in mind?” I asked him.
“Hm…could I be on top?” I quirked an eyebrow at him. “You are not topping me,” Kellin grinned and kissed me, pulling my lower lip between his teeth. “I never said anything about topping,” I grinned and pulled him off of the counter top, heading back towards his bedroom.

I fell onto Kellin’s bed, kissing his neck, and running my hands over his gorgeous body. His leg hooked over my hip, pulling me down against him as he ground upwards. I rubbed against him, going to take his boxers off when he caught my hands. “Lie down,” he ordered and waited for me to do so.
His lips were on my skin as soon as I lay down, kissing my stomach. I propped up on my elbows and watched as he kissed closer and closer to my dick.
He kissed it through my boxers, breathing hotly and sending shivers through me. “What do you want me to do?” he asked teasingly and kissed my tip through the fabric.
“Come on Vic. What do you want?” I glared and tipped my hips up against his shoulder.
He smirked and put his cold hands on my hips, slowly dragging my underwear off. I watched him lick just next to my dick—the little shit- and then he kissed my tip, sliding his pink tongue over it. “Fuck,” I breathed and reached down to tangle my fingers in his hair.
His hand moved over mine, holding it in the side of his soft hair as he licked and kissed, teasing me endlessly. “K-Kellin,” I moaned, wanting him to get started.
Surprisingly, he sucked the tip past his lips and then sank down until it hit the back of his throat, drawing a loud moan from my lips. I fought the urge to roll my hips up, afraid I that would choke him, and fisted the sheets, swearing profusely. He bobbed his head, swirling his tongue around me and hollowing his cheeks as he sucked.
I moaned like a fucking porn star, Kellin pulling off and smirking at me. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked sexily, staring up at me. “Fuck you,” I mumbled back breathlessly. “Please,” Kellin mumbled back and dipped his head down again.
I moaned loudly as Kellin sucked, staring up at me with wide, innocent eyes. Fuck. “Kellin…K-Kellin, stop,” I moaned, my hips twitching.
He pulled off and smiled at me, getting off of the bed, and left me there panting. I watched him go to his bedside table and pull out a condom and a small bottle of pink lube.
“Really?” He grinned and crawled between my legs again. “What?” he asked and opened the condom, rolling it onto me. “You have pink lube?”
Kellin nodded and handed it to me, grinning. “Seriously?” I asked in monotone, shooting him a look. There was a little strawberry on the front sticker, just above the word ‘flavored’. “Mhm,” he mumbled and took it back, clicking it open.
He poured it straight onto me, stroking my dick afterwards and eliciting a moan. “Fuck,” Kellin leant down then and sucked on the tip. “Now I know why you like fl-flavored,” I choked, and caught his chin.
“But this isn’t gonna last long if you keep doing that.” Kellin smirked, obviously pleased with himself and straddled my hips. “Want some help?” I asked, lining myself up for him. He didn’t answer, instead leaning forward and putting his sticky hands on my stomach as he sank down onto me.
We both moaned, Kellin’s head tipping back. “You are so tight,” He smirked at that and then slowly lifted himself up before sinking down again.
It felt incredible as Kellin moved up and down, still adjusting. “Fuck,” he breathed and then moved at this torturously slow pace. I groaned, Kellin holding my hips down and leisurely fucking himself on top of me. “Kellin…more, please,” I begged. He just grinned evilly and stopped moving, instead gyrating his hips sensually, massaging my dick inside of himself.
I moaned and arched under him, lost in how good he felt. He leaned forward more, pressing most of his weight onto me, and then started up a quicker pace, bouncing up and down on me.
I held his hips, moaning in pleasure and angled my own hips to hit that spot inside him.
Kellin gasped at the sudden pleasure, his body quivering a little. “F-fuck, Vic,” His breathing labored as he continued to thrust himself onto me, returning to that horridly slow pace. “No,” I growled and slung an arm around him to flip us over.
Kellin looked up at me, surprised, but wrapped his legs around me and curled one of his hands into my hair, the other squeezing my shoulder.
I started fucking into him harshly, his small body bouncing forward with each rough thrust. “Oh, V-Vic, yes,” he moaned and started rolling his hips up to meet mine.
I slammed into him as hard and fast as I could, Kellin raking his nails down my back as I did. I didn’t mind the slight pain it caused, too buried in pleasure to care.
“Ugh, t-touch me,” he moaned, arching upwards. I did as he asked, flicking my wrist quickly, and slamming into his spot over and over again.
Kellin screamed my name, throwing his head back against the pillows as he came. His body tightened around me and after a few more sloppy thrusts, I spilled into the condom.
“Fucking hell,” I said breathlessly and collapsed onto him. We were both panting, just holding each other for a minute….
I pulled out of him, Kellin releasing his hold on me so that I could toss the condom away.
“Get back here,” he ordered, having pulled the blankets up to his waist. I smirked and was going to do so when someone started knocking loudly. “Were you expecting someone?” I asked and went to pull on Kellin’s boxers again. He shook his head, sliding out of bed too, and put his underwear on, along with a tank top as I went to answer the door.
There was an angry looking brunette girl standing there with her arms crossed and an irritated look on her face. “Are you Vic?” she asked, irritated.
“Yeah, who are you?” She glared at me, confusing me even more. I had never seen her before. “I live next door and I’m trying to study. So could you and your girlfriend keep it down?” she asked and stalked off.
I closed the door and the turned to look at Kellin before I busted up laughing. “Oh my god, she said you were my girlf-fr-friend,” Kellin glared at me, clearly annoyed. “Oh my god,” I said again, reigning in my laughter.
“Well, I guess now all your neighbors know you’re a screamer,” I teased. “Shut up, no I’m not,” he whined.
“Kellin, that girl knew my name,” He pouted and crossed his arms, an adorably hurt look on his face. “Come here,” I said, still smiling and pulled him to my chest. “I happen to think it’s hot. I mean, how could you be embarrassed that you’re loud in bed, when you made me cum that fucking hard?” I asked, my lips at his ear.
“You’re ridiculous. And I’m never going to get my mail ever again,” I laughed and let go of him, falling onto his couch. “So, what do you wanna do?” ~
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