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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

Just When I Think That We're Through, You Make Me Come Right Back

Vic ~
I knocked on Kellin’s door until he opened it, wiping at his eyes. He had obviously been crying, his eyes puffy and his little nose all red. “Hi,” he mumbled and moved out of the doorway. He had on a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and a loose blue shirt, the sleeves falling off the opposite shoulder every time he tried to pull it up.
“Hi,” I said back. He was hugging his arms around himself again and staring off at nothing. “I’m so sorry Kellin,” He shrugged a tiny bit.
“S’okay, ‘m used to it,” he sniffled and rubbed his eyes again. “No it isn’t. I really hurt you, and I’m sorry. Could you please forgive me?” He nodded slightly.
I pulled him into my arms, Kellin resting his head on my shoulder. “You don’t care that I’m a slut?” he asked in the most derogatory tone.
“You’re not a slut. Honestly Kells, how many people have you slept with?” He looked at me, biting his lip. “Four…and you,” I nodded. “You’re not a slut,” he didn’t look like he really believed me.
“Okay,” I kissed his hair, squeezing him tighter. “Wanna have make-up sex?” he asked. “I thought you were mad at me?” He shrugged and pulled me down to kiss him. “Mff—kay,” I mumbled into his mouth as he pulled me to his bedroom. Kellin pushed me onto his bed, straddling my waist immediately after. I held his hips as he kissed me roughly, his tongue sliding into my mouth. He grinded down, his hips rubbing against me perfectly as his fingers knotted into my hair. I moaned as he forced me back on the bed, his small hands resting on my chest.
“Taking charge?” I asked and smirked at him. “Mhm, for now,” he said and kissed me again. I smiled into his mouth, his tongue flicking into my mouth.
I let him dominate me for a little, his slinky hips rolling against mine. I moaned and dipped my fingers under his shirt, roaming them over his soft skin.
Kellin moved away from me then and pulled his shirt off for me, tossing it onto the floor after. He motioned for me to do the same then, waiting at the end of the bed until I did.
“Come here,” I said and pulled him back onto the bed with me. He smirked and forced me down against the mattress again, his lips kissing from my jaw to my collar bones to my chest. I pulled him back up, kissing his mouth and undoing the little tie on his sweatpants.
“You first,” he mumbled against my lips and started undoing my jeans. I let him have his way, long, thin fingers ripping my jeans from my legs.
He tossed them behind him carelessly, making me laugh. I got a smirk in return before he was kissing me again, his hand palming me through my boxers.
I flipped him over quickly, pressing his small body into the mattress.
He looked up at me in surprise and then made a face. “You didn’t think I was going to let you dominate me did you?” I smiled at his pout, and bent down to kiss it away.
His tongue slid along my bottom lip teasingly, and then he pulled away, his large eyes staring up at me lustfully. “Not nice Kells,” I mumbled and moved to take his pants off, his hips lifting helpfully as I pulled them off. “Cute,” I said, seeing his little polka-dotted briefs.
“I’ll get you some,” he teased back, giggling as I rolled my eyes. His hand moved to the back of my neck, pulling me down to kiss him playfully, his tongue teasing at my mouth again. “How do you want it?” I teased and pressed our bodies together. “Mm…hard,”
I smirked and moved my lips to his neck, biting little marks into his skin as I pushed his underwear down his legs. Kellin did the same to me, roughly yanking my boxers down my thighs to stroke me.
I moaned at the touch as his soft hand slid up and down torturously. “F-fuck,” I muttered and bucked my hips into his hand. Kellin stopped his movements and let me fuck into his hand. “You look hot,” he said, watching me intently.
“Mm, do I?” He nodded and then moved his hand away, grinning wickedly. I made a noise of displeasure and moved to take my underwear off, along with Kellin’s.
He watched me as I got the lube and a condom out of his bedside table and then got back on the bed. “Turn over,” I ordered.
He made a skeptic face at me and then did as I said, rolling onto his stomach. I ripped the condom open and rolled it onto myself, biting back a moan from how good it felt.
“Do you want me to prep you?” I didn’t want to hurt him, whether he wanted it hard or not.
“No, just hurry up,” he whined. I rolled my eyes, smiling to myself as I flicked the lube open and poured a generous amount onto my dick.
I stroked it onto myself, Kellin getting impatient with me. “Stop touching yourself and get in me,” he demanded and looked back at me. “Someone’s got their bossy pants on today,” He glared at that and pushed his ass back towards me.
“Okay, okay, relax,” He watched me until I started to push in, his body tensing up and his head falling to the mattress. “Relax,” I breathed and rubbed his hips soothingly as I fought the urge to ram myself into him.
He nodded after a minute and then gasped as I started sliding in and out of him. I moaned and gradually picked up my pace, Kellin squirming as I filled him.
He pushed back on me, angling his hips so that I brushed against that spot inside of him. “Oh,” he moaned and pushed back harder. I smirked and took a hold of his hips again, forcing him to stay where he was.
I teased him, only thrusting in halfway every time. “Vic,” he scolded and tried to wiggle back against me. “What? What’s wrong honey?”
He made an irritated little noise in response. “Deeper,” I smirked and snapped my hips forward, earning a long moan from him.
“Like that?” He nodded quickly and fisted his hands into the sheets while I fucked into him, my hips smacking against his ass with every thrust.
I angled my hips a little as I slammed into him, hitting that bundle of nerves inside of him. “Ugh, r-right there,” he pleaded. I continued to thrust into him roughly as Kellin begged and whined from the bed.
“M-more, please—ugh,” he gasped. I moved his hips with mine, yanking him back to meet me every time I thrust forward. “Fuck, Vic,” he cried and moved to touch himself. “Uh, uh,” I let go of his hips as I fucked him, reaching to cover his hands with mine.
“P-please, Vic,” he whined and rolled his hips back to meet mine, my dick rubbing against his prostate with every thrust. “Please Vic, ugh; I’m s-so close,”
I shook my head and continued to fuck him harshly, fighting my own orgasm as I taunted him. “T-touch me,” he begged. “Nope. You’re gonna come untouched,”
Kellin moaned and held onto the sheets tighter as he got close. “Ah, f-fuck,” Kellin whined and rubbed his hips against the sheets to try and get friction on his neglected cock.
“Naughty Kellin,” I scolded and let go of his hands, only to pull him off of the bed.
His back was against my chest as I snapped my hips into him harshly. “Ugh,” I wrapped one arm around his waist; Kellin’s head tipping back to rest on my shoulder.
“Fuck, ah—Vic!” he screamed and came, his body shaking as he finished. I moaned as he tightened around me and finished too, spilling into the condom.
Kellin was gasping as I let go of him, his body falling to the bed. I slid out of him and threw the condom out before collapsing onto the bed with him.
“Holy fuck, you’re incredible,” Kellin breathed and slowly turned to look at me.
“Mm…you’re kinda good too,” He glared at me, too tired to move anymore.
“You’re also mean…and a massive tease,” I laughed and nodded, moving close to him for a kiss. “Usually I wouldn’t mind sleeping in the bed we just fucked in, but you did cum on the sheets,” I said.
Kellin glanced between us at the mess he had made, the liquid easily distinguishable on his navy sheets. “That was your fault,” he mumbled.
“Probably. But get up so we can shower.” Kellin whined and lay there for a minute before finally getting up. “I’m too tired to shower,” he complained, even as he headed towards the bathroom.
“We could take a bath,” I had kind of wanted to for a while. “You start it,” he whined. I rolled my eyes at his laziness, but walked over to the bathtub to start the water running.
“Come here,” I said and held a hand out to him, laughing as he slowly walked over to me.
“Why are you always so sleepy after you orgasm?” I asked and kissed his cheek. “I don’t know. Maybe because you tease me relentlessly?” he said sassily.
“Hm, that could be why,” I said back, humoring him. “Now get in,” Kellin did as I asked and sat down in the quickly filling bathtub, looking up at me. “There’s bubbles under the sink,” I laughed a little and got a bottle of bubble bath out from under the sink, dumping it into the bath with him.
“Why do you have this?” I asked. “Because, who the hell takes a bath without bubbles?” he said and leaned back against the tub. “I can’t even remember the last time I had a bath and you expect me to have bubbles in it?”
He nodded simply. “Okay then, bubbles it is,” Kellin laughed and moved his hands around, smiling a little as the bath quickly foamed up with soap.
“You’re silly,” I said, even as I got in with him. “So? Silly’s fun,” I smiled and slid him close to me, pulling his back against my chest in the water. “Enjoying yourself?” he teased and looked back at me.
“Mhm,” He rolled his eyes and then rested his head on my shoulder. “This position seems familiar….” Kellin laughed cutely. “I wonder why that is,” We both grinned at that. “You know, I’ve never had sex in here,” he said.
“Jesus Kell, give me fifteen minutes,” Kellin giggled and then moved between my legs so that he was leaning against my thigh with a clear view of me.
“Why? Afraid you can’t get it up for me?” I glared and flicked a few bubbles at him.
“No, but I would at least like to last for you,” Kellin grinned at me. “How sweet of you,” he teased me. “Kellin, you do realize that you would have to do all the work right? Unless you want half of the water on your floor,”
He made a face and then sighed. “You could at least help. I mean, it’s not as fun if you just lie there,” I laughed at him. “What did you want me to do?” Kellin just rolled his eyes and leaned forward to kiss me.
“Oh, by the way, you suck. Every time we have sex you leave hickies all over me and they’re a bitch to cover up,” I laughed and tipped my head back.
“So sorry Kells, I’ll refrain from marking you….” I lied. We both knew that there would be more.
“So, you gonna ride me?” Kellin made a little face, like he was accepting a challenge.
“Yes I am. And you’re gonna cum really hard,” I raised one eyebrow at him. “Oh, am I?” he nodded and then reached between us to stroke my dick slowly.
I smirked, determined to tease him, even as he was touching me, and pretended as if he had no effect on me. He cocked his head, watching my face as I slowly got harder in his hand. “Does that feel nice?” he asked and slid his hand over me quicker.
I shrugged nonchalantly, even though the water made his hand glide smoothly over my cock. “Really?”
Kellin slid his thumb over my tip, pouting when he got no reaction from me.
“Hm….” He let go of me and then moved to the other side of the tub, pushing a few bottles out of the way until he found the one he wanted.
“You keep lube in here?” I asked, very surprised. “Not usually, but I thought this might happen.” I quirked an eyebrow at him. He just smirked and then flicked the cap open, pouring it into his hand before touching me again.
I bit my lip, choking back the little noise that tried to escape my lips. “How about now?” Kellin teased and flicked his wrist quickly. My hips twitched as he touched my tip again and then dipped his thumb into my slit.
“Ah,” I silently cursed myself for giving in. “I knew it,” Kellin said and then moved his hand away. I nearly whined at the loss, but I new he what he would do.
Or at least I thought I did.
Kellin moved onto his knees, making about half of his dick visible above the water and started stroking himself.
I watched in awe as he ran his fingers through his hair, little noises leaving his lips as he touched himself. “Ah, Vic,” he whined and arched his back towards me.
He knew exactly what he was doing as he kept pumping his dick, getting both of us fully hard.
“Get the fuck over here,” I growled and grabbed him by his waist, yanking his little body into my lap.
Kellin laughed a little and steadied himself on my shoulders. “Eager, huh?” he teased, mocking me. “Kind of, so get on with it.” He grinned at that and then moved to line me up before sinking down onto me.
We both moaned, Kellin tipping his head back as I filled him. “Fuck, Kell, you feel so good,” I breathed and took a hold of his hips. “Uh…ugh,” Kellin lifted himself up a little in the water and then sank back down, his ass hitting my thighs.
“Fuck,” I kissed Kellin’s chest and neck, peppering little kisses over his skin as he made a pace for himself.
It felt so good in the water as he moved up and down, my dick sliding in and out of him slickly.
“Unf, Kellin,” I moaned and started rocking his hips as he moved. He made little uh sounds as he fucked himself, angling his hips to hit every spot in side of him.
“Ah-uh, ah, Vic,” Kellin gasped and sped up, bouncing up and down on top of me.
I moaned again and yanked him down with each thrust, Kellin moaning as I filled him up over and over again. “F-feels so goo-ood, Vic, ungh, ah,”
I tipped my hips forward as Kellin sank down hastily, his body faltering and a moan leaving his lips as my tip hit his prostate. “Vic,” he whined and shakily lifted himself up again.
I moved with him this time, thrusting my hips up as he slammed down. “Oh, ju-just like that,” Kellin moaned. I grinned and repeated it as he bounced up and down again, our heavy pants mingling as we fucked.
I could feel the heat pooling in my stomach as I got closer, and then Kellin just stopped, smirking at me as I whined and desperately rolled my hips.
“Nope, you t-teased me. ‘S your turn,” I glared, but let him torture me. He moved his hips agonizingly slowly, just moving my dick teasingly. “Ugh, come on,” I growled.
He gyrated on top of me, massaging my dick inside of himself and moaned as I brushed his spot. I watched him do it over and over again, bringing himself closer while I just let him tease me.
“Kellin,” I reprimanded and snapped my hips up. “Fine,” he said and started moving a little faster, although nowhere near fast enough.
I pushed upwards as he did, trying to make him go quicker. “Beg,” he ordered and smirked at me.
“No,” Kellin shrugged and stopped moving again, apparently enjoying my misery. “Kellin,”
He shook his head, grinning. “Beg for it. I know you’re close,” he taunted. “Please,”
Kellin lifted up once and then fell back down harshly, earning a long moan as my head tipped back. “P-please, Kellin, I need it. Please fuck me-e,” I begged, desperate for him to move.
He started bouncing again, our skin slapping together and sloshing the water around us.
His hips moved to hit his spot with every thrust down while I moved up to meet him. He stroked himself, moaning as he got close too.
“F-fuck, Kellin, I—ah,” I moaned, arching under him. He slammed down onto me again, Kellin's moans mixing with mine as I came into him.
“Oh,” he breathed and with finished as I filled him. He shot onto my chest, his breaths short. “Fuck,”
He fell onto me, his head resting against my shoulder as we came down from our highs….
“You know…we didn’t really get clean at all,” I said breathlessly. Kellin looked up at me and glared, absolutely exhausted. “I don’t care. I’m going to bed as soon as I get up.” I laughed quietly and wrapped my arms around him. “So you think,” I teased.
I was tired too, but definitely not against a round three. “We could still shower,” I offered. “I can’t,” Kellin whined and hid his face in my chest.
“I could make you,” Kellin bit my nipple harshly, reprimanding me. “No. I’m going to pass out in my bed. I don’t care if the sheets are dirty either,” he said stubbornly.
“Yes you do. Come on Kells, do you really want to sleep on sheets you came on?” I asked. I knew he didn’t. He was just being a nudge.
He sighed and then mumbled a little ‘no’. “Then get a shower with me. I’ll change the sheets,” He frowned at me and got out of the bath, dripping wet.
“Hurry up,” he ordered and crossed his arms adorably. I suppressed a grin and let the water drain as I got out, Kellin walking over to the shower.
He left a trail of water behind him as he stepped into the clear stall and turned the shower head on.
“How are you grouchy after sex?” I asked and followed him, shutting the door behind me.
“How are you not tired?” I shrugged. “I am; just not as tired as you,” I said and pulled him under the spray with me.
Kellin stood there until I started washing his hair for him, his eyes falling shut, and his head leaning into my hands.
“You’re cute,” I said and kissed the tip of his nose. He peeked an eye open to look at me, his nose wrinkling.
“I am not cute. I refuse to be cute,” he said. “Well too bad, cause what you just did; cute,” I received a little glare for that, Kellin pulling on a strand of my hair.
“Move under the water again,” I instructed and started rinsing the soap from his black locks. He let me run conditioner through it then, his body relaxing against mine as I kissed his shoulders.
“Rinse,” I said and let go of him to wash his body. Kellin giggled as I kissed all over him before I washed each part. I dropped to my knees in front of him and then smirked up at him.
“I wonder if I could get you hard again…,” I mumbled and kissed his thigh. He gave me a warning look, which I ignored. “Come on. Don’t you think you could get it up for me?” I mocked, earning another glare.
I stared up at him and continued to wash his legs and then his feet before looking at his dick again. Kellin was a tiny bit hard and watching me as I kissed his tip.
“Want me to?” I asked and smirked up at him. He chewed his lip, staring down at me nervously. “I want to,” I whispered, meeting his eyes as I kissed him again.
He squirmed a little and then looked away from me, taking the bottle of shampoo. I watched curiously and then smiled as he reached down to lather it through my hair.
“Okay. You can wash my hair and I’ll suck your dick,” Kellin blushed a little, but continued to work the soap into my curls. I took a hold of him and licked up his entire length before licking the tip.
He was getting hard, despite what he thought, and after a few licks and kisses, he had a semi.
“See? I told you,” I said and sucked him into my mouth. Kellin moaned and leant back against the shower wall for support. I swirled my tongue around his shaft and sucked lightly, Kellin growing harder in my mouth.
He washed my hair slower than before, his hands moving the slightest bit as I sucked him.
I flattened my tongue along the underside of his dick and licked until he slid out of my mouth, giving me enough time to breathe deeply before I sucked him in again.
I felt his quickly getting bigger in my mouth while I licked a vein, causing a little moan to leave his lips.
“V-Vic,” he gasped, his hips inching forward a bit. I grinned to myself and sucked on the head, swirling my tongue around it and licking his slit.
His hands stilled as I bobbed my head, licking along his shaft and sucking with the perfect amount of pressure. My cheeks hollowed around him, earning a long moan from him.
I took him deeper then, sucking his until his tip hit the back of my throat, inching down a little.
I stopped to breathe deeply before swallowing around him, Kellin moaning loudly at the tightness and tugging on my hair. I knew he was getting closer; he definitely wouldn’t last long after coming twice already.
I moved back and sucked half of him deeply while stroking the other half. His hands had stopped completely, having abandoned his job while I blew him. “V-Vic, I’m…really clos-se,” he whimpered.
I swished my tongue around him again and then sucked him deeply, before swallowing again. Kellin moaned, his fingers twisting into my hair again as I bobbed my head.
I licked his tip again, Kellin coming; spilling into my mouth while his thighs struggled to hold him up.
I swallowed everything and then pulled off, standing to hold him up. Kellin looked blissed out, but exhausted, so I hurriedly washed next to him.
“Hurry up,” he whined, still leaning against the wall for support. I smirked and lathered my body up before rinsing quickly. “Okay, relax, I’ll go make the bed,” He nodded tiredly and got out of the shower with me.
I wrapped my waist in one of his stupid pink towels before going to strip the bed.
Kellin watched me from the bathroom door as I tried to re-make his bed as quickly as possible. He really did look beat, and to be honest, I was tired too.
Kellin barely dried off before he dropped his towel and curled into bed, completely naked, waiting for me. “Get over here,” he ordered and watched as I dried myself off.
“Just wait. I literally just changed the sheets, I don’t want to get them all wet,” He sighed and pulled the blankets up higher. “I’m done now,” I said, making a big deal out of it as I got into bed with him.
Kellin immediately glued himself to my side, his head resting on my chest. “I never said you could cuddle me,” I teased, not caring at all. I actually liked it.
“I never asked,” he mumbled back and pushed his wet hair off his face. I grinned and lay back against the pillows, letting sleep take me. ~
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