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Turn off the Lights, Scream My Name

Won't You Give Me More?

I rolled my eyes at Mike and then went to steal my coffee back from him. “Hey, st—now look what you did,” he said as it spilled across my shirt.
“Ugh, Mikey, why couldn’t you just buy your own coffee?” I complained and walked across the living room, pulling my shirt off as I went. I didn’t bother to unbutton it, instead just ripping it over my head and dropped it to the floor.
“Jesus Vic. How hard you fuckin’ him?” Jaime asked from behind me. “What?” I turned around and gave him a questioning look. “Here, wait,” Mike said and moved behind me. I felt his hands on my skin briefly, a shock of pain shooting though my back.
“He got you good, huh?” Jaime asked, grinning at me. I thought back to earlier today, remembering how he had drug nails down my skin and how good it had felt.
“Apparently,” I said, grinning a little. “He likes it hard,” Jaime laughed as Mike made a disgusted face.
“I love you Vic, but I really don’t wanna know how hard you’re fucking some guy,” I laughed too, rolling my eyes at him as I went to grab a shirt.
“But he’s so cute Mike,” I called and pulled a light blue graphic tee over my head. “I really don’t care! Even if he’s cute,”
I chuckled and walked back out to them, shooting a cocky smirk at him. “You should hear him Mikey, he’s a screamer,” Mike fake gagged, bending over and holding his stomach dramatically.
“Those marks are crazy though Vic, you didn’t break him did you?” Tony asked, laughing quietly.
“Nope, put him to sleep though,” I said. Kellin was always exhausted after we had sex and to be honest, I was too. “Ew, that’s so gross Vic. Stop,” I laughed again and sat down on my couch, smiling at my horrified little brother.
“So, did you actually want to talk to me about something, or are we just going to talk about mine and Kellin’s sex life all day?” I asked.
“So that’s his name?” Tony asked back and looked at me invasively. “Yes, that’s his name, and that’s enough. You three don’t really need to know the details,” Jaime pouted a little.
“Aw, fine. We’re worried about Derek. Do you think he’s using?” he asked.
“No, not necessarily. Have someone tail him. I think he may be planning to leave, but if he is using, don’t confront him. I’ll deal with it.”
All three of them nodded and then that was the end of it. “So, now we can talk about your sex life again?”
I groaned and fell back against the couch. “Do you…like him?” Mike asked, grinning now.
“Of course I like him. Why would I sleep with him if I didn’t like him?” Tony’s eyes rolled. “He meant, do like him? Not like, physical attraction, but like, you think he’s cute and want to hold and kiss him?” I rolled my eyes this time.
“Yeah, yeah, I like him. I knew what you meant, and I…I like him, okay? But drop it,” Tony held his hands up in surrender.
“Whatever you say Victor,” ~

Kellin ~
“Hey Kellybear,” Alex teased and grinned at me. “Hey,” I said back and started stripping out of my clothes. He didn’t mind as I wiggled my tight briefs up over my ass, and then a skimpy tank top on. He was used to it.
“Well don’t you look cute,” he said and handed me a brush. I combed it through my hair a few times and then set it down on the counter.
“Andy should be in his office. Think he wants to see you,” Alex said cryptically and left.
I sighed and followed him out of the locker room. Alex was right; Andy was sitting in his office with his feet up on the edge of his desk and his laptop sitting on his thighs.
“Hey Kells,” he said and looked up at me, closing his laptop. “Hi Andy,” I said back and crossed my arms, leaning my weight to one side
“What did you want me to do?” I asked, knowing it was something. He laughed sheepishly and smiled. “Um, heh, heh. There’s a guy in the back room for you. He booked you for two hours,” I blinked, horribly surprised.
“Two hours…? I’m gonna have to get him off then?” Andy grimaced slightly. “Sorry Kellin. But he paid for the whole thing in advance, there’s nothing I can do,”
I sighed and glared at him. “Fine, but you owe me,” I said before walking out of his office. I dreaded having to spend the next two hours watching some creep jerk off while danced.
I took a deep breath before walking into the back room.
“Hey baby,” I laughed shook my head at him.
“What are you doing here?” I asked Vic and walked up to the couch he was sitting on.
“Waiting for you. And by the way, you’re very expensive.” I laughed and nodded, imagining the price for two hours. “I’ll make it worth your money,”
Vic grinned and reached for me, pouting a little when I walked the other direction. “I thought you wanted me to dance for you?” I asked and smirked as I pulled myself up on the pole. Vic watched intently as I swirled around in front of him. “You’re such a tease,” Vic whined and tipped his head back against the couch.
“You paid me to be a tease. So it’s your own fault.” He made a little face at me and the got off of the couch. That was actually a surprise. Everyone complained about me not touching them, but none of them had ever gotten up to get me.
Vic, however, snatched me right off the metal pole and carried me back to the couch, situating me on his lap.
“No one’s ever down that,” I said, kind of pleasantly surprised. “What do you mean?” Vic asked. “No one’s ever gotten up before. They always just complain until I go over to them,” He rolled his eyes and moved to rest his hands on my hips, glaring when I caught them and shook my head. “I have a no-touch rule,” I lied.
“Bullshit, I know you,” he said and grabbed my hips. I giggled a little and crawled off of him. Vic watched me, a smirk on his lips as I swayed my hips back and forth in his hands, my eyes meeting his. “Are we allowed to have sex in here?” Vic asked and cocked an eyebrow at me.
“No, it’s against the rules. But I break the rules all the time,” I admitted. “Oh really? And who exactly are you breaking the rules with?” Vic asked.
I grinned at him. “Austin and Oli; my regulars. They call me Kellin, and I let them touch me. Why, are you jealous?” I asked tauntingly. “Yes. And you mean Austin Carlile?” I nodded, a confused look on my face.
“You know him?” He nodded and pulled me closer to the couch. “He works for me. Although I only recently found out that you dance for him though,”
I laughed a little. “Don’t be jealous of Austin. He’s already in love with Alan. And Oli’s really nice. He’s just a friend.” Vic nodded slowly and leaned forward to reach me.
His warm hands slid my shirt up as he nipped at my hips. I watched him, still swaying in front of him. I touched his cheek to move him back a little and then spun around slowly to wiggle my ass in his face.
I tried not to giggle as he bit me gently. He turned me around, smirking up at me playfully. “Come here,” he ordered and tried to pull me onto his lap again.
I giggled and turned around again before sitting down on him. My ass gyrated down on him, a little smirk forming on my lips as I felt his obvious hard-on.
I made sure to rub against it, a little gasp leaving Vic’s lips. “Kellin, stop fucking teasing me.” I grinned and finally turned around to straddle his lap, my hips barely faltering as I continued to grind on top of him.
I tried not to get hard as I rubbed against Vic; a problem I had never had before. I had never been…I had never fucked any of my clients, and I certainly wasn’t attracted to them the way I was attracted to Vic.
“Enjoying yourself?” I teased him and dipped forward to kiss his neck. “Mhm…I’m sure you know,” I did; his dick was rock hard through his jeans, rubbing against my thigh with every movement. “Kellin, please,” Vic breathed, surprising me.
He never begged.
“What do you want?” I asked tauntingly and moved my lips close to his. “You fucking know what I want,” I grinned and relented, pressing my parted lips against his in a soft kiss. He turned it filthy though, his tongue quickly gliding into my mouth.
I moaned and moved one hand from his shoulder to his hair, burying my fingers into it. “Mhm,” he groaned and let me pull away. I rolled my hips down harder and then moved off of him to situate between his legs.
Vic watched me as I rubbed his thighs before moving my hands to undo his jeans.
He lifted off the cushion to let me tug them down his legs and then pull him out of his boxers. I motioned to the small table next to the couch, smirking as Vic as he found the bottle of flavored lube there.
“Are yo serious?” he asked incredulously. “Mhm, here,” He handed it to me, his snarky look disappearing the second I started stroking him.
My hand slid easily up and down his cock, a moan escaping him. I grinned, pleased with myself and brushed his tip teasingly. Vic bucked into my hand, his mouth falling open as I moved closer and kissed along his shaft.
My tongue swished over him, tasting the fruity lube on his dick. “Oh,” he breathed and tangled his fingers into my hair. I smirked and then licked the head, collecting the pre-cum leaking from it.
I knew he was getting antsy, squirming around on the couch as I teased him, licking and kissing and sucking all over him. I licked his from his base up to his tip and then finally close my lips around it.
Vic moaned and fought to stay still as I sucked him, my tongue swirling around his head.
“K-Kellin,” Vic pleaded, desperate for more. I gave it to him, sucking down his fruit punch flavored cock and hollowed my cheeks around him. “Fuck,” he breathed and pushed my head down a little further.
I let his tip hit the back of my throat before taking him another few inches and swallowing. He moaned loudly at the feeling of my throat tightening around him and accidentally snapped his hips up.
I gagged and pulled off of him with a glare. “S-sorry, Kellin,” he said breathlessly and stroked my cheek.
I took a deep breath and then bent my head down to suck him again. “I’m g-getting really close, Kells,” he said and pulled on my hair lightly.
I reveled in the feeling and sucked harder as he writhed beneath me. “Kellin,” he warned, even though I knew how close he was. I bobbed my head again, hollowing my cheeks as he reached his climax.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Kellin. Fuck—oh, Kellin,” He finished, moaning loudly as his cum pooled on my tongue. I continued to suck him, drawing out every last drop and then swallowed all of it before I pulled off.
“Kellin,” Vic panted and cupped my cheek with his hand. I got off the floor and tucked him back into his jeans before leaning in to kiss him.
“That’s an interesting taste,” he remarked, laughing breathlessly. I grinned. “Not a fan of fruit punch and jizz?” I teased, knowing I probably tasted really gross.
“Not really. How much longer do I have?” I glanced at the clock, just as Andy walked into the room.
“Kellin, what the hell?” he asked, a half-confused, half-horrified look on his face.
“You do know that there’s cameras in here, right?” I laughed and nodded, a blush coating my cheeks as I remembered that. “Yeah, um…I forgot.” He was still looking at me funny. “You know you didn’t actually have to get him off right?”
I laughed and nodded. “Yeah, Andy this is my…uh, lover? Whatever, this is Vic. We’ve been sleeping together for a while so….” He nodded a little and then leant against the wall.
“Okay then. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t doing anything against your will,”
I laughed and nodded again. “Sorry, I probably should have mentioned that…. Um, did you watch all of that?” He shook his head and then shivered unpleasantly.
“No, I really didn’t need to see you blow him. And I know you used the lube. That’s not for you,” he scolded.
I shrugged nonchalantly. “Have you ever had a dry handjob?” I asked, knowing what he would say.
“Whatever, just…don’t get any STDs,” he said and walked out of the room, shaking his head.
Vic started laughing and pulled me onto his lap. “He totally watched you suck me off,” he said. “Ew, Vic, no he didn’t. Why would he want to watch that?” I whined and hid my face.
“Because it’s basically live porn. For all you know, he got off to it; I mean, if he was so afraid you were being taken advantage of, wouldn’t he have stopped you before you started? Plus, you’re cute as hell and really sexy.”
I blushed, trying to ignore the picture of Andy jerking off forming in my head. “How much longer do you have to work?” he asked and kissed my neck.
“Um…two hours after I’m done with you…unless no one wants me; then I can go whenever,” he nodded and kissed my hair. “Then how about I wait for you and then we go back to my place and have sex until you can’t walk straight tomorrow?” I laughed and kissed him.
“Okay, sounds great,” ~
♠ ♠ ♠
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more sex. And Andy like wat?

title- "Déjà Vu" Sleeping With Sirens