Status: ATTENTION: March 22, 2019. Chapter 3 has been rewritten and Chapters 1 & 2 will be rewritten soon. I have 87 pages of this fic written out so far with many more to come. There's also a sequel already in the making. So stay tuned for very regular updates. Don't give up! Let me know if you're reading.

Judge's Daughter

August 1989

It was the beginning of an era: shitty music, endless booze, fuck-ups, soon-to-be-dropouts, and a girl who would dip her hand in and change it all.

Enter Roselain Nightingale, daughter of the prominent town judge.
Foot-in-mouth, social reject with a 1970's film camera around her neck and a chip on her shoulder.
New blood in a pool of stagnant, washed-out teenagers.

They say once you've had a taste of new blood, there's no turning back.
And Billie Joe Armstrong wanted far more than just one taste.