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A Brontide Lullaby

Not only is Allison Lancaster at the top of the high school social pyramid but you can also find her at the top of the cheer pyramid with a grin that could out shine the sun and a natural, blonde mane that girls would kill over. Allison, or Ali as her friends call her, is your stereotypical cheerleader; girls who claim to hate her secretly want to be her, and the opposite sex start rumors about sleeping with the notorious Allison Lancaster in hopes she might actually take an interest in them. Allison has perfected a cold hearted, bitchy persona over years of carefully hiding a twisted, demeaning secret behind a shell camouflaged in designer clothing and fake eyelashes.

Her mother, Olive Malcom, had worried about Allison's shockingly low grades her freshman year and began having suspensions regarding Allison's secret which had been snuggled right beneath everyone's noses. Much to her husbands uncertainty(Allison's step-father) Olive decided to send Allison to a highly praised boarding school in Australia for the rest of her high school years.

This provided Allison the new start she needed and the escape she desperately wanted.

Due to the PE's teacher retiring the summer before Allison's senior year Breckenridge Academy had an open position that was basically calling Niklaus' name. New to Australia Niklaus' was filled with glee to find a teaching job so quickly, his girlfriend just as joyful as he. Niklaus' girlfriend came from a family even wealthier than Allison's which, in her mind, made her responsible for all the bills and other large payments. Niklaus saw this as a chance to show her her fortune was nothing but training wheels till they could get their feet firmly on the ground.

Author's Note: I haven't written in awhile so I might be a bit rusty so forgive me. This summary kinda sucks because it's more of Allison's background but this story is going to be a student/teacher romance story. Their relationship will probably be slow because I want this to be as realistic as possible. As of right now the rating for this story will remain R but I do plan to put some smut in this story ;) I own none of the actors I use to portray the characters in this story.